The Teacher and Protege

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Hey look, a wild storyline appeared:

He was a serial killer, to most he seemed heartless and cruel. But, as did all killers, he had a few fans. One of them was smart enough to find him before the police even had an inkling of who he was. Impressed with the young man's ability that he offered to teach him, for him to be his protege. As a few years passed with the young man learning from this killer the killer had killed a total of 79 and on his 80th kill he was caught. He was sent to prison for five years, they were unable to put him in for a life sentence due to insufficient evidence. He played out the years, occasionally poisoning the food or putting powdered glass in it just to see people squirm. When he got out he had to find a sponsor for his probation. Who better than his student who had become the head of an important company?
There was a problem though. His protege felt that he was now better than his teacher and wanted to make his own career as a killer, to do that he would have to break the teacher student relationship between them. In the last year of the killer's prison time he had spent uncountable hours thinking of how he should do it when finally he had an idea. He would prove that he's ready by dominating the most dominating man he had ever seen, his teacher.

I would prefer to be the serial killer but I can be either. This will be a sort of dominance fight between two dangerous men and may very well include displays of superiority through violent means, whether that be to others or the other character. So, that is your warning on that level if you didn't catch the tags.

Also, this is an original storyline so for if any reason you want to use it I want to be asked before-hand.
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