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  1. Within the world of Alesh, there were many different race's all of which had their own kingdom,Yet there was a Kingdom within the world that all the races went too.The reason?why the Tavern it boasted of course.
    The 8 tailed Tavern, was a Tavern run by a Kitsune called Tyrian, the Tavern, stood at least 3 stories high and had no metal within its building frame,showing it was an old styled Tavern, rather than one of the newer Taverns that was build in a kingdom such as the Dwarf kingdom.
    The reason that this tavern was so popular was due to the fact that it was within the Kitsune kingdom, which was the only race that seemed to be neutral and passive towards violence.So races from all over came to the tavern to drink as there was no fighting allowed within the Tavern's walls, between the different races which allowed for a more civilized place.
    Tyrian huffed at himself when he realized the Tavern was out of Mead"great"sending one of his staff members to go get a supply of the stuff from the stock at the other end of the town. Tyrian stood at 5"9' and was somewhat muscular for a kitsune, after all most kitsunes were known for being quite lean.His hair was a white colour, that seemed to borderline the colour grey.This also was the case with his 8 tails.He noticed one of his staff members sleeping on the job and walked over, hitting them somewhat on the head."OI Michael, no sleeping on the job till its your break" after all he knew exactly when the breaks of all his staff members were and Michael's wasn't for another 3 hours.
    Michael growled to himself before mumbling under his breath."mm i heard that yah know."pointing at his fox ears."suppa duppa hearing"Tyrian put on a childish act for a few seconds, to annoy Michael.then Michael merely shrugged before returning back to work.
  2. A stranger was skateboarding up and down the Kitsune kingdom looking for the eight tailed tavern. The weather was bad outside with heavy rain pouring down the stranger but he didn’t mind although he was just wearing a Grim reaper T-shirt, torn tight jeans and a skater baseball cap.

    The stranger did ask for directions a few times to find the place but always got sidetracked because he found some decent places to skate. When it started to rain he thought he knew where to go but he didn’t.

    The stranger didn’t want to be soaked but never expected the rain to be this bad, eventually he found the tavern with a sigh of relief but as he did so the sun started to blaze through. The Stranger picked his skateboard up and looked up to the sky “Really?” he grumbled. "Bloody murphy"

    His Chalky very light green skin dried up quickly it never held onto water but as for his clothes they were soaked to his skin. The Stranger checked himself over and made sure he looked the best he could and walked into the Tavern.

    As he entered the Tavern he glanced around to get his surroundings checked and quickly found the bar, he knew he would stand out but he was used to it. He was 6 foot 10, very skinny and looked human but with a different shade of skin. His eyes are a very deep red and it looks like he has no hair under his cap. Plus the fact his clothes were dripping wet probably didn't help either.

    The Stranger walked to the bar and waited to be served.
  3. Tyrian had noticed the stranger walk into the Tavern, yet he couldn't quite pick out what race he was.His skin made him look goblin, after all they had green skin and looked human.Yet he was tall, really tall.

    He was intrigued with the stranger and walked over to the bar"what can i get you today, stranger?"taking a quick glance at him before getting a ale mug, ready to fill up with the strangers orders.

    He noticed that the strangers eyes were red and raised an eyebrow.'yep definitely not a goblin' he thought to himself.Whilst he stood there awaiting the strangers reply, he felt all eight of the tails that sprouted from his tail bone, move independently almost as if they wanted free from his body to be a single being.Which he laughed internally at.There was no way his tails were going anywhere, he was proud of them. three of them showed his age, whilst the other five showed his strength.Yet no one knew that due to Kitsune's Passiveness.

    The staff member, Ileen, had come back from the stock house at the other end of the village and with her she had 10 barrels of Mead."oh Ileen, i do love your enthusiasm, go stick them where they belong whilst i serve this customer and then i'll sort them out for you.
  4. The doors were opened quickly and two individuals tumbled inside, one was a tall thin boy clad in a black spiked dog collar with baggy black jeans with a chain on his hip and a black t-shirt. His eyes were a blood red and instead of the whites of his eyeballs they were black.

    The other was a wolf with a muscular build, he had chains around each of his paws and a chain around his neck.

    "Last time I'm letting you into the Fairy Kingdom, you have to be the worst Kitsune!" Spat the wolf creature.

    "Shush! You're just a bully Kunto!" Growled the boy.

    "And drop the transformation, we're safe here. You should know that better than anyone aside from the owner of this cozy little tavern, Goth."

    Goth nods and suddenly explodes into a plume of smoke and blue flames, when both flames and smoke clears, there is a small black fox with long ears and four tails.
  5. Tyrian chuckled at the two characters that walked into his Tavern.Looking over at Michael who was now flirting with a elf who had walked in."mm excuse me, a moment stranger."he said to the person who was at the bar already.Instantly Tyrian had moved to be beside Michael and looked down at the elf woman, who he knew all to well."is this idiot bothering you ma'am?" he asked, with which the woman looked up at him and Michael looked away slightly embarrassed.
    "I didn't realize he was a friend of your's Tyrian.."
    "oh trust me, he isn't no friend of mine, i just employed him, a few days ago infact.He's a good working lad with a few problem's, if you need anything Ezula, just ask him and he'll get you it, or help "
    With that Michael huffed and walked away."oh you always have such a way with your employee's" Ezula laughed at him before Tyrian shrugged and laughed it off, whilst walking to the two new comers he had spotted earlier.
    "SO!, what can i get yah lads?" he noted the small kitsune and knelt down"definitely no adult drinks for you" he teased with a smile before looking at the wolf creature.
  6. The Stranger dipped into his back pocket and pulled a few gold coins out “Surprise me please friend” he asked as he put the gold coins onto the counter. He watched the Kitsune tails move around for a second but was soon was interrupted by someone else entering the building. The Stranger spun round to glance round at who it was.

    He noted who they were and soon the Kitsune left him at the bar. The Stranger watched as he told off an employee which brought a smile to the Strangers face and then the Kitsune greeted the two new creatures who had just entered the bar.

    The Stranger just leaned against the bar hoping the Kitsune was right, thinking the wolf is not going to have an adult drink. The Stranger thought this could end badly but with no fighting rule, he wasn’t too sure how this would play out. The Stranger was sure he heard something about transformation.
  7. Goth lowered his ears "But!" he said about to argue "You heard him! You know better to argue with Kitsune with EIGHT tails." Kunto teased.

    Goth puffed out his cheeks and took a seat next to the Stranger. His blood red eyes flicked to him and he smiled "Hi! I'm Goth!"

    Kunto gave Tyrian a sympathetic look "Sorry, for the commotion...we just came from the Fairy Kingdom. My partner is bloody crazy about them."
  8. Tyrian smiled softly at them both before letting out a small chuckle"so i guess, tap water for the young one and hmm..Ale for the other one and welp now for the stranger's drink..Hmm"he took his time pondering over the thought before walking himself back to the bar.

    Whilst the whole conversation was going on Ileen had started to moved the barrels down into the basement, where all the stock for the day and usually the next day was kept.

    Tyrian then shrugged, "eh screw it yah can have a whiskey"with that he got a whiskey bottle and a scotch glass and filled it half full."ice or no ice?" preferably, he was hoping he said no ice, as ice spoiled whiskey."and whats yah name may i ask? Don't wanna keep calling you stranger now do i"he laughed again.

    "hmm the fairy kingdom..sounds like a bucket loads of fun" Looking at goth with a smile"although don't annoy a dark one, those fairy;s are scary and eh don't worry about it Kunto, i get alot of weird people in this tavern"he laughed to himself.
  9. “Hey up Goth, I’m…..” The Stranger got interrupt by the Kitsune asking about the whiskey, the stranger licked his lips at the mention of it. “As it comes please friend”. The Stranger really could do with a drink and was eager to get one down his neck. He thought about just taking the glass and downing it but he would wait till he was offered the glass. There was no need to be rude.

    The Stranger chuckled “As Stranger is a nice name my real name is Dominic Edward Andirons Day but just call me Dom”. He was looking at Goth and the Kitsune as he said his name “and you are my eight tailed friend?” he asked

    Dom asked Goth “Guessing you don’t like the fairies then, do you?”
  10. The eight tailed kitsune nodded at the mention of wanting it straight and placed it down upon the counter in front of Dom. OneOne of Tyrian's tails wrapping around Tyr's stomach since he felt himself getting abit cold."Names Tyrian, owner of this fine establishment, you can call me Tyr if you want"he laughed and checked how much money Dom had placed on the counter earlier, before the two other's came in, taking only what was necessary for the drink and pushing towards Dom what he didn't need with a tail as he placed the money he took within the mug he used as the place to store the money on the top shelf of the bar counter. After all, even Tyrian couldn't reach up their hence he was using his ability over wind to shoot the money into the mug with accuracy.It was a past time of his to be honest.
  11. Madara walked down the neatly placed cobble stone street of the great Kitsune Kingdom. "The Basteon of Peace" the great establishment was called by those races other than Kitsune. For Madara, being Kitsune, the city was called home of course. The male had just got finished talking over the theories of magic with a friend and as always he wanted to think them over with a drink. The drink would also serve the purpose of quiting the many irrelevant thoughts and voices that patrolled through his mind. The four tails which sprouted from his back side moved very slowly and stifly, as if distracted as much as the owner was with his thoughts. Madara walked with his head down in thought and did not see the coming horse drawn carrage. Just before the group trample him Madara's body faded from a physical form and into that of a thick mist the same color as his tails and hair. Riding the air currents he entered the Tavern in this gaseous form and rematerialized at the bar. Just as he arrived Madara caught the mentioning of fairies and how someone didn't like them. Oh how the mention of the little fairy creatures brought back good memories and a smile to his face. "Who wouldn't like such jolly folk?" Madara asked with a smile and looking up at his kinsmen whom had white grayish fur. "Can I have a whiskey with ice please?" He asked while wagging one of his fours tail in greeting.

  12. Tyrian blinked as he noticed the newcomer"oh my..another kitsune" he knew alot of the kitsune's that came into the Tavern, yet this one was new.As if ordered by the newcomer,Tyrian instantly got Madara a glass of whiskey with ice within it.The detest upon his own action of putting ice within it, made him seem as if he was trying to pull back,refusing to do something his body was doing under someone else's control.
    "There yah go"he smiled at Madara as he placed the whiskey glass down and then stretched.then he looked over at Ileen 'GOD DAMMIT I KNEW I FORGOT TO DO SOMETHING!'he growled at himself within his mind before pardoning himself and letting Ileen take over at the bar,she like Tyrian had white tail's and hair yet she only had 2 tails.
    When he got down to the basement, to sort out the mead he thought about taking a few more whiskey bottles up stairs with him.Especially since the other kitsunes he had met, like him, had a high tolerance rate to drink.He gladly approved of the idea as he started moving the mead barrels into place with a smile, he liked doing physical labor sometimes, it helped him think.

    Ileen smiled at Madara"the drink The owner just gave you is 5 coins please"putting on her bravest smile, she knew from past experiences to never seem commanding to kitsunes with more tails.Even if they were passive, they don't mind putting their own kind in their place.Well except for Tyrian, he'd never done anything like that to her.the only reason she was working there was due to the fact he had seen her being beaten up by her father for telling him what he was doing was wrong and Tyrian noticed the whole thing.severing ties with the family he had been long time friends with.
  13. Goth looked up a Dom and grins "Nope, Fairies are bullies!"

    Kunto rolls his eyes a the small black fox and thanks Tyrain.
  14. Madara waited for his drink and as the clink of the glass cup sounded off he smiled a warm smile at is kinsmen. "Thank you kindly," the orange furred Kitsune said as he reached out and grabbed the cup. Lifting it to his lips Madara took in barely enough alcohol to fill a quarter of his gullet. After what was pretty much a sip of his drink Madara placed it back down on the table and chuckled a bit as the bar tender seemed preoccupied with something and walked off. His attention was brought to the couple next to him who still seem in the middle of talking about fairies. 'Nope, Fairies are bullies,' the Kitsune heard. He scoffed at this comment as he had never heard such an accusation against those of nature. "They make good bed mates," he said winking at the duo next to him. Suddenly another member of his race, this time a women, came to him and asked for payment. Madara apologized for not offering payment right away and fetched out the required amount of coin from a pouch on his side. He placed it on the table and observed the other people of the bar. His attention was brought back in front of him when the Kitsune who had ran off earlier came back but with extra bottles of alcohol. "I'll by an entire bottle please, it'll last me a month or two." A month or two? That was certainly a joke as most adults in the world would only be satisfied for one night with a single bottle. Madara was not a drinker unless he slipped up and actually drunk himself to being drunk. Not wanting to repeat his actions from before he pulled out some coin and placed it on the table, not quite sure how much a bottle costed but guessing.

  15. Ileen smiled down at the gold and only took the required coins before returning back the money that was not required for the bottle, before placing a bottle of whiskey down on the counter for him."there you go sir"smiling ever so softly at him before noticing Tyrian come back"Tyrian, i did it i helped a customer with out being scared."her voice was chippy and her body language was all over the place with excitement.
    "good girl."ruffling her hair up with his free hand as within his other was a bottle of whiskey and also following behind him , within the air, was a bottle of juice in case the young kitsune called goth, decided he wanted a glass of the liquid. When he finished ruffling Ileen's hair up he pointed at the fire place which was within the corner"you wouldn't mind filling that up now would you Ileen?" smiling at her, as she nodded and ran off."oh its so fun having people working with you that you trust"he laughed to himself before starting to walk towards the counter again, this time noticing Michael had suddenly started pouring a drink for the elf that was friends with Tyrian.Tyrian smirked somewhat and placed the bottle of whiskey under the counter and placed the juice within a spare place upon one of the shelves on the counter.He grabbed Michael's collar to stop him in his tracks, as he noticed the new employed dwarf walking towards the elf.
    "get of me"he grumbled as he stopped and looked behind him to see who it was that was grabbing his collar.Then he noticed it was Tyrian."oh come on Tyrian, she asked for it "he huffed before Tyrian merely smiled at her and got some ice to put within the drink.
    "she always takes ice"Tyrian told him before letting him go and Michael huffed before taking the drink to the elf.
  16. Dom thanked Tyrain for his change and noticed where he put the money. He thought it was a great place to stash it, no normal creature couldn't get that. Dom had a quick thought that he could reach it with his abilities but that's all that it was. Dom wouldn't steal of anyone who hasn't ticked him off.

    Soon enough another Kitsune appeared from nowhere and out of surprise he stepped back a bit and nearly dropped his skateboard, he knew he couldn't do that trick. For a moment he just listened to everyone and for the newcomer to get his drink. Dom wanted to say something about the fairy comment but he can bide his time. When the newcomer asked for a bottle it distracted him and he wanted a bottle. He put the change back onto the table and added a few more coins back on the table and waited for someone to get back behind the bar.

    While he waited he come out to say "Fairies are bullies, but not all of them but saying that I can say that with all creatures." Dom took a deep breath and contemplated for a moment if he should say what's he wanted to say next . He gripped his skateboard hard "To be fair....." he started "Most creatures are, they all don't like different". Dom decided to leave it there but then quickly added "Different scares them".

    Dom needed a drink and leaned fully on the bar while playing with one of the coins from the bar waiting to be served, his thirst was getting the best of him and thinking of the past didn't help.
  17. Tyrian heard Dom as he returned to the bar and somewhat laughed."yup that's true, different does scare most creatures.Hence there is war.War comes out of someone wanting power,showing they are going to change things.Whilst the kingdoms defending against them are defending for their lives due to the fact the things the invading kingdom, or kingdoms want are different to what is already in place and they are scared of the outcome that may come from new changes that may take place." he piped up, noticing the coins and how much there was" a bottle i take it?" placing the bottle he had just brougnt up from the basement upon the counter top.
    Tyrian had noted there was a newcomer who was another kitsune and smiled, this was most probably the customer that Ileen had just served.He noticed the four tails and started to take away from the coins Dom had placed upon the table the correct amount for the bottle.Hoping he was right in the deduction due to the fact he had noted the newcomer had a bottle and usually, other people ordered a bottle once someone else had.So he somewhat hoped that the answer to the question he asked a few seconds ago was replied with a yes of some sort.
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