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    The rain beats down on the roof as Anders makes his way inside, grumbling to himself as he shakes the water from his coat. His leather coat is hung on a notch behind the bar. The water drips onto the wood creating a soft constant sound that he finds strangely pleasant as he lights the lanterns hung in the different corners of the room. The red oil burns with a steady flame, the scent is sweet as it fills his nostrils. It's fairly early, his eyes are still itchy with sleep, but the smell of the lamps brings him to a certain level of sobriety.

    Anders takes more pleasure in these basic tasks than one would assume, the process of sweeping and wiping down tables feels more like a slow dance than a chore. The constant dripping on water on the floor serves as his music, the oil from the lantern providing the perfume of a beautiful woman. He finds peace in his isolation, the few people that come by are not exactly conversationalists. He knows why they come, he needs not pry. Why upset the status quo?


    As dawn breaks, the people sleeping upstairs for the night have begun to trickle down like the rain. Their footsteps a heavy drop on the slowly rotting wood of this Inn. The creaking is the worst part, it feels as if the Inn is crying out for help and he can do nothing but listen and watch. The day drags on and the rain doesn't stop, each passerby trailing a river as they find their spots to sit. Not many people talk anymore, there's not much to discuss these days. Wars are a thing of the past, the everchanging world has found a settling point.

    Lenore comes in from the rain, complaining about everything as she always has. Her attitude, in his opinion, is the closest thing to a war he'll ever have to experience. Every screech is an explosion, startling all around her as she moves through the Inn oblivious to the perceptions. Her hair is long and beautiful, auburn in color with her cute ears poking from underneath. She caught him staring today and gave him a glare that made him immediately blush and look away. He didn't exactly consider himself a "catch", per se. He was balding, as their father had, but his hair was graying so much earlier than he felt it should have.

    He served drinks and she served food, this is how it has always been.
  2. Adrian's feet ached from his journey, he lost count of how many miles he walked, of how many faces he's seen and yet his journey was still yet to be done. This land he found himself in was...odd for him to say the least he had come from a land where men chose to rip into each other over the simplest and most basic reasons but a common factor was always religion. *Adrian almost unconsciously rubbed his fingers over a small star pedant that seemed worn from time and looked much to small for an adult to have.* He finally saw refuge in a tavern where he could escape this damn rain that only served to perpetuate his weary state.

    He entered the tavern and was met by both the comforting warmth and sent that came with places like this, his feet creaked the boards his armor adding the extra weight that pushed the boards deeper than they sounded willing to. He took a seat at the main bar setting the shield that was once resting on his back down next to him as it leaned against said bar while his bastard sword remained at his side, even in this land of peace Adrian still felt the underlying tension in this land. Once the bar tender had come to him he set a few of his gold coins on the counter. "A water please, just a water." Adrian asked in his soft baritone voice.
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    LEECIA MORANAway from the castle was not easy at all. The luxuries she had back home were spoiling Leecia so much, making her harder to adapt with new surrounding. Yet, she wasn't going to give up that easy. No matter what, Leecia had made an oath that she wouldn't go back until she was strong and skillful enough to be The Grand Master, the highest rank of knight. She couldn't sharpen her skills if she didn't jump into real battles, that's why she needed to walk away from her comfort zone.

    Having nowhere to go, Leecia walked aimlessly in the first small town she reached. The town was not so crowded and very different from her former home. Her town was big and had a lot of tall buildings surrounded it, creating barriers to make the town looked stronger and sturdier. A lot of merchants from around the world came to buy and sell things, also the best fighters showed up to prove their strength in her family's monthly arena. Her town was never sleep through the day and night. So, seeing how modest this town was, Leecia felt a little bit uneasy and edgy.

    What if someone suddenly comes out and tries to mug me?
    What if suddenly I am kidnapped and mutilated into pieces?
    Are people here a cannibal?

    Leecia shook her head to brush away those negativity. She had her sword in hand, why should she worried about things like that? She would totally bring them down. Feeling confident enough, Leecia marched her way to the small inn. Night would soon come, so she better found some place to sleep.

    "Inn of The Kneeling Man... Strange name for an inn. Is that mean I can't go inside because I'm not a man? They really should change its name to attract more guests."

    Leecia huffed and walked inside. The smell was not so nice, Leecia frowned her forehead as she tried to handle the smell. Looking around, the ex-princess tried to find a place to rest her legs. Her eyes stopped at the main bar and took a seat beside an older man who looked like a knight. When the bartender came to take the man's order, Leecia raised her hand to get his attention.

    "I want milk please, a hot chocolate milk if you have. Thank you."
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  4. All of the bustling from downstairs, while obnoxious to most, was music to a bard's ears, especially the pointed ones of Venna Seren, a charming blonde with a lute, a voice, and a way with words on and off paper. A soft melodical hum flooded the room which she stayed in as the small framed woman happily danced around her room, waist length hair a saying this way and that with her seemingly choreographed motions. There wasn't a moment of silence when with this bard in particular, as was the case with most. She hummed, danced and sang her way through her morning routine before hastily unlocking the mechanism that gave her room a small amount of extra security for an added cost, then rather ecstatically threw open the door with a destination in mind. With that, the calm colored boots that hugged and protected the feet of the eccentric muse gracefully made their way to, then down the stairs that led to the open bar.

    A charming smile was flashed at the two workers she has met the night prior and explained her intentions to before purchasing a home for a night. The soft humming emitted once again from her nose, swaying a little bit as she made her way over to the counter. She ended up just beside a girl and a man, one nicely dressed and young, the other armor clad and older. With another smile she leaned up over the counter and cast a friendly wave at the owner and pointed to the old wooden stage, a simple gesture that stated she was preparing to set up. Once it was clear her point was made, she uttered a quick but friendly greeting to the two before making her way to the stage, placing her bag down on it.

    First she removed a bright, silk cloth to be placed on an unused stool for whenever she decided to play her flute or the harp, which lay dusty and untouched to the side. Then she pulled a pouch of matching colors and material to be opened widely and placed down for tips. And then, she was finished! When one travels around the world giving gifts of songs and stories, a lesson is learned of light traveling. If you need more than one good sized backpack, you've too much.

    A satisfied smile stretched its way across delicate lips, and the elf nodded with pride before running over to the harp to pick it up and bring it beside the stool, gently placing it on the ground. The woman gently danced her fingers across the strings in order to get accustomed to its personal sound. From each string came a small cloud of dust that it had gathered as it patiently waited for the next time it could feel the soft strokes of the gentle hands of a performer. A soft sigh ended the soft humming as she took her place on her stool, and began to play a soft tune on the harp. One of adventure, of love, of loss, of joy, and of sadness, all bundled into one enchanting melody which hauntingly pervaded the air of the inn.
  5. Rowen Shadowmoon spurred her swift white steed through the pounding rain. The Elven woman, relatively young by Elven standards, had been hard on the road for a day and a half already when the soft light emanating from the windows of a tavern. The white mare was tired by thier travels, and the dark haired Elf could feel it. Hoping there was somewhere she could keep her mount to rest and wait out the storm, Rowen guided the mare towards the tavern.

    She dismounted and pulled on soft white gloves. She did not want anyone to see the mark on her palm for she did not know how the people of this land would react to it. Back home, it was a common sight, and the maker of the silver mark on her palm was missing, stolen from her in the night. Or wandered off. She intended to find it before someone else did.

    She entered the tavern and approached the bar. Several people were already seated. Thr only one making any sort of noise was a light haired Elven girl who held an instrument of music. Seeing that there was an Elf in the room, Rowen lowred hood of her white cloak, revealing her own Elven features. She got the attention to bar attendant. "A water, please." She said in a light, beautiful voice. She placed a few coins on thd counter.
  6. Xavier Dimitriaski pulled his hood up and walked through the town, the spellsword was for lack of a better term, disgruntled by the rain and how his last quest ended he was walking to the inn. Inside he made his way to the counter, he still wore the armor of the order he had been apart of, the sun nestled behind the all seeing eye of a member of the elvish royal guard. However his was marred by a magical brand, the brand of a traitor to the elvish realm. As he moved towards his usual spot at the end of the bar he dropped a few gold pieces for the bard as was his custom, he moved and sat at the edge of the bar and waved the bartender over, a hushed yet powerful tenor saying "glass of whiskey barkeep."

    As he sat and waited for his drink he closed his cloak around the armor, as he saw two other elves inside of the bar, few outside of the elven kingdom knew of the mark upon his chest and he didn't feel like getting into any sort of fuss here. Under his hood was a pale face, boasting high cheekbones and two different color eyes, one a pale icy blue and the other a deep emerald green, they both almost glowed from within the hood as he looked over the other patrons. Taking his drink he sips the strong liquor. He then set a few more gold pieces down for the barkeep "A room too good sir." The elf says and pulls his hood back finally, as long as no one either recognized him from his previous life, or saw and knew what that mark inside the eye meant he was fine.
  7. It had been a long time since a soldier had come into this place, and from the looks of him it seemed that it'd been a long time since he'd had peace enough to rest. He pushed the money he placed on the counter back to the knight and grabbed the water he requested. No sooner had he placed the wooden cup on the bar, he noticed a woman who looked much too nice for a place like this.

    "I want milk please, a hot chocolate milk if you have. Thank you."
    "Sorry princess," he said with a mocking bow, "it would seem all we have to serve is water and alcohol." He reached behind him and grabbed a bottle of an expensive cream liquor, catching the radiant bard as she bounded down the stairs. She gave him a wave and he smiled back as if to confirm that it was alright for her to set up. Grabbing a smaller cup, he poured some of the liquor into it and slid it towards the young girl, "Try this."

    It was very strange to see people he hadn't seen before, this town wasn't exactly a main road stop. Looking up from the girl at the bar, he noticed that another elf had entered with her cloak around her shoulders. She placed a few coins on the counter and asked for a water, but everyone here knew that water was free. Who were these outsiders? First the bard bringing music and joviality this town hasn't seen in ages, the next day we're visited by an old knight, a little girl who is definitely in the wrong place, and now this glove-wearing elf!

    "It's just water," He stated plainly, "Where are you people from? What secrets do you bring with you? I can tell you right now that we want no part of it." He huffed, now flustered and slightly nervous, looking over at Lenore for support. She was off in her own world, making a stew of rabbit and vegetables, and could care less who was here. He sighed and turned his attention to yet another strange person who entered, one that simply made him nervous. He entered with his hood up, but Anders could see the pale skin and off-colored eyes. He asked for a cup of whiskey and a room, placing gold pieces on the bar and pulling his hood back.

    "Absolutely not. We've got no room for traitors such as yourself," Anders said, attempting to stand his ground, "I know that mark, I know what you are. You will leave this place, you are not welcome here."
  8. Adrian put the gold back into his pouch and looked at the others that had arrived, each one had something that made them stand out. The girl that sat next to him was armed but was to relaxed to have seen actual combat and she seemed nervous, she was definitely not from this town her clothes were

    The female bard was a pleasant surprise, it had been long since he had heard the sweet sounds of music but all the same it seemed to be an oddity for the patrons of this place for music to fill it's halls and since she was an elf that would bring him to the next person. She was a female elf, it was odd seeing an elf let alone two as his homeland was very homogeneous when it came to races with human's making up 99% of the population but that was besides the point, she seemed tired another weary journeyer like himself but she seemed to have a goal at least. Another elf a male this time *First time out of my nation and low and behold elves* Adrian thought to himself, he heard the words of the bartender naming the male elf a traitor and his suspension of himself and the other three.

    "What we four are here for barkeep should be no concern to you nor is our place of origin we all seem to have ended up here at random. If it eases your paranoia then know I am a solider from a distant land who has came here seeking rest not the suspicion of an aging barkeep." Adrian said to the keeper of this place.
  9. Xavier looked down and shook his head, taking his money off the counter he pockets it and continues sitting. "Water then." He says in an even voice, the elf wasn't going to back down, despite wearing the brand it was another thing to be called out on wearing it. He felt like his already cracked and decayed honor was being bashed in even more by this lowly barkeep, he was a royal guardsman tasked with leading a small unit to guard a noble of elvish society. To a soldier like him, he was on top of the world then, and now to be cast so low that innkeepers and barmen look down at him, the elf would feel depressed if it wasn't so humorous, a smile played on his lips as he looked the barman dead in the eye "If I was a traitor wouldn't I have discarded my armor immediately, the sign does burn down to your skin, but don't you think I would still have dropped it somewhere, or sold it to some lowlife who would not know what the symbols branded on the armor meant." He shrugs and looks over at Adrian as he tries to put the bartender in his place, hopefully it works...Xavier would really like his whiskey. He nods to the other soldier and looks around...he knew that if too much more of a raucous was caused he'd be in trouble with just about everyone. And no amount of smooth, diplomatic talking would keep him here if the other patrons wanted him out too.
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    LEECIA MORAN"No chocolate milk? What kind of place is this?"
    Leecia pouted and rested her head on both of her hands. The bartender grabbed unfamiliar bottle and poured it in a smaller cup for Leecia, "Try this," She smelled the cup carefully while giving a slight glimpse to the bartender, He is not trying to poison me, right? Does he know that I bring a lot of money?

    The drink smelt to high heaven, a little bit musty and bitter. She furrowed her brows as she kept smelling it, it seemed familiar though. Didn't want to take any risk, Leecia put down the cup and gave back the mysterious liquid, "I think I'll take water. This one doesn't suit me well."

    As she was waiting patiently, the brunette watched a scene between the bartender and an elf. He seemed nice to Leecia which made her wondering why the bartender labeled him as traitor. The princess was itching to stand up and speak up for the elf, but then she heard a baritone voice right from her side. The knight she saw before was already say something. Leecia nodded in agreement, but she still wanted to say something, "You should put his image in big red cross at the door if you don't want him here. Seeing no sign nor notice that say he isn't allowed here, I think he has right to stay here just like the rest of people here."

    She stood up and continues her speech, "If you wanna treat someone based on their status or whatever they do, then you should treat me well and even more than these people," Leecia took her sword from its leather sheath and showed it to the bartender, "Do you know this symbol? This is the symbol of Elmirish Castle, the royal family of Moran. I am indeed a princess. Where is your courtesy, Sir?"

    Walking with her nose in the air, Leecia passed another elven girl and the bard that had been playing a soothing melody with her harp. Her feet stopped close to the 'traitor' elf, "My father used to tell me that I can't judge someone from their past nor their appearance," she placed a lot of gold at the bar, "I wanna rent two rooms, one for me and one for this gentleman."

    Exposing her status was not a wise decision, but Leecia had no time thinking about that. For now, all that she knew that she won over the bartender, "Oh, one more thing, please give me the nicest room you have."
  11. "Eka malabra ono né haina." Rowen said. She repeated her words in the human language. "I mean you no harm." She placed the coins that were given back to her in the bard's pouch. "I pass through on my search forsomething important that I lost. I come from a land far from here, one still recovering from war and a tyrant." The Elf said. She took off her ivory gloves, revealing the swirling, silver mark on her right palm. "Have you ever seen anyone, human or Elf, bare a mark such as this?"
  12. Anders was dumbstruck, every word he attempted to say was stuck in his throat and he couldn't speak. He could feel the sweat going down his face as the assumed princess drew her weapon, his passing title obviously not found with the humor he expected. The elf shoving her hand with a strange symbol on it and the aging soldier standing and speaking for the group. Just as he was about to finally say something, a strange sound echoed in his ears. It began with one woman near the back, then followed with a couple men at a table. Within moments laughter filled the hall and drinks were raised with mocking praise. A tall bearded man stood out of his chair and raised his mug above his head, smiling with a mouthful of rotten teeth.

    "Aye, all praise the princess and the warriors of virtue! May you find the answers you seek in a tavern where someone gives a shit!" He emptied his mug on the floor and sat back down, "Lenore, can I get another? This one is empty."

    A voice from across the room responded with a huff, "On the floor? Really, Frederick, you know Anders works so hard to keep this place clean. Slurp it off the floor if you're still thirsty."

    Frederick frowned bitterly and looked over at Anders, "I apologize mate, I meant no ill-will."

    With a sudden feeling of self-confidence Anders took a deep breath and smiled at Frederick, offering him a nod that said the apology was accepted. "No harm done," he said with a light chuckle, "but you're staying tonight and cleaning the floorboards tonight, I don't care if you've got to have a bucket with water and a bucket for puking."

    Lenore finally stepped out from behind the counter and approached the group, hand on her hip and offering a grimace. "I'm not gonna have this nonsense where you all talk at the same damn time. You want to have a conversation like a normal person, then do so. But I'm not going to allow you to badger my brother like this," she points to a couple tables with nobody sitting in them, "Have a seat if you wish, otherwise you're free to leave."
  13. Adrian laughed dryly, what wonder alcohol did for a man's confidence. Choosing to ignore both the barkeeper, the woman who spoke on his behalf and the random drunk in the corner and while Adrian didn't really care if he was kicked out since it was their business that would suffer especially if the girl next to him was really royalty well... (To the barkeeper) "For your sake and your business's I'd really hope the girly next to me isn't royalty because if so well you might find yourself with ashes in place of your inn."

    Adrian really couldn't care about what the bartender, the drunk or the woman did, if they attacked them they were stupid since all four of them seemed to be armed in some way and they really couldn't force them out unless this small town had a local militia or some form of guard regiment and if that was the case then he would leave this town, it's not like he hadn't traveled many miles already

    (To Xavier) "So Elf, first what's your name and why do they call you a traitor?"
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    LEECIA MORAN"Barbarian..." Leecia snorted seeing the ugly drunken man talked nonsense and spilled his drink to the floor. Her dark grey eyes shifted to new woman that spoke up for her brother, the bartender, she assumed, "Did you not hear what I say before, Mam? I'm the princess and I want a nice bedroom for tonight. Two rooms. Can I have it or not?" Leecia sheathed her sword back to its place and leaned her body to the bar with both of her elbows on it. Now the whole guests knew that she was a princess, though she didn't think they would believe her right away. At least she managed to show them that she was strong enough to handle things even though she was just a girl.

    Leecia's focus was on the lady in front of her, but her ears were still stealing the conversation beside her, between the knight and the 'traitor' elf. She was curious too about the reason behind his traitor image. So, this conversation might fulfill her curiosity.
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  15. The bard continued her gentle playing as the scene unfolded, a regular occurrence in a tavern such as this with wanderers and locals coming in and out, some bringing songs and tales such as herself, or money for a simple drink and a home for a night, while some simply brought themselves and a laugh for the others with drunken shenanigans. A few regulars tossed a few extra coins from their pouch to hers, along with a man with peculiar features, and a symbol that was warned of and rejected in most places she had traveled. She nodded to the man in thanks as she continued on. Then there was the confrontation. Whereas the music never stopped, the bickering and bantering caught the elf's attention. A traitor, a princess, a knight, and a marked elf maiden. Oh what tales! A small grin of amusement tugged at the woman's lips at the thought. They all seemed to seek one thing or another, and perhaps they could all find those things together. This would certainly be an idea to entertain at the very least.

    The final notes of the song echoed through the air as she finished, a soft thud and a strange note from the harp reverberated for a moment when it was placed down. It wasn't long before the stage she had so lovingly prepared was just as quickly returned to its previous state, space for a few clean spots amidst the layer of dust that time and neglect had placed on the rarely used performance space. With a soft hum she closed her coin pouch, tossed it into her pack, then slung it over her shoulders, keeping a few coins from her earnings in hand. The small elf gracefully kept from the stage and made her way over to the bar. Once seated in a stool, she placed the small handful of coins onto the counter and awaited the keeper to approach for her request.

    A curious glance was shot over to the mysterious symbol in the palm if the girl she chose a seat just nearby to, a symbol that seemed to tease her memory. An even more curious ear was kept aware of the conversations that took place around her, a hand remained subtly cautious at her hip. In the meantime, the elf turned about on her stool and softly greeted a few that passed by close enough to her for her to have an excuse to interact until the barkeep was aware of and acted upon her presence at the counter.
  16. Nobody knew Roger's name, and sadly, nobody ever would. His identity was something people he met simply made up on the spot for themselves, usually owing to the level of dirt in his fur or how many teeth he was showing. Yet he still remembered his Madeline's voice and how she had called him his name as she held him as a puppy. Her hands were strong, gentle, and warm. He was safe, he was happy...

    A violent flash of afternoon lightning tore it's way across the sky, daring to challenge the sun's dominance as it faded to the west. A raindrop fell in his ear, and the cold discomfort tore him away from his memory. He snorted into the mud as he tried to differentiate between scents of dirt, horse manure, and rotting hay. It was all very much the same. He was glad for the rain though, because while he enjoyed a nice coat of grease to ward off the morning dew, the dirt attracted fleas and he hated the constant itching.

    He caught a warm brown scent amonsgt the swirling moist mass of muddy-street. Rabbit! He loved rabbit! He'd been lucky enought to catch a few before in the woods, but they were so fast and so small he never felt full afterwards. Yet oh my, that flavor was delicious! He wasn't chilled from the rain, but he'd been in it long enough now he was ready for a break. Most of the porches in the daytime were taken up by shop dogs or picky people who would swing a broom at your face or shoot you a glare no matter how friendly or considerate you tried to be. He winced at the memory of yesterday when a shopkeeper yelled at him... he really hated to be yelled at. He just couldn't stand so much aggresion when he kept so closely to what Madeline had told him about humans and being polite. He couldn't help his fur was mottled brown and he looked dirty even when he was clean... he'd tried to apolgize with a grin even but he guessed it looked more like a growl... He shook his head realizing his thoughts trailed off once again. "At least she loves me" he told himself with his eyes closed for the briefest of moments.

    Back on the scent, he came to the door of an Inn. He'd seen this one before, having been in town for about a month, but fate had never lead him so close to it's doorstep until tonight. He hesitated as he saw the door had been left open with a crack. He heard raised voices inside... and it sparked the ingrained fear in him of times he'd tried to enter such spaces and been beaten out with only a few hateful curses for his earnest effort. There wasn't much of a choice, however, and after a quick shake he lowered his nose and pried the door ajar just enough for his body to slide through.

    He had to ignore his nose as he felt the softly worn planks beneath him, and operate soley on his vision, for he needed somewhere to hide to assess the situation. He saw an empty booth to the immediate right off the end of the bar and he slunk underneath quickly. Sitting upright with his tail wrapped across his still damp paws he rejoiced internally for the uninterupted banter and distraction of the people around him, and he opened his nose once again in conjuction with his ears to try and discern if he should stay, all the while staying as still as he possibly could.
  17. Rowen expanded her consciousness to her surroundings. It was a skill almost every Elf of her land knew. She gently probed into the minds of her present company. Within the mind of the male Elf, the one who was called a Traitor, Rowen witnessed no such actions worthy of such acusation within the memories she accessed. There was much music in the Bard's mind. As well as the sense of familiarity of the silver mark of a Shur'tugal, a Dragon Rider. But neither one provoked her attention. It was the mind of an animal behind her. She turned to see it under a table.

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  18. Xavier smiled wryly at the drunk pouring the drink onto the ground. "Waste of good alcohol." He says and looks towards the two who were defending him, the other knight in particular had turned his steady gaze towards Xavier. He sighed "It's seldom a tale anyone truly believes save for myself and my younger sister. But alright, I was a part of a retinue of royal guardsman within the elven capital, a freshly minted captain of the guard." He stops for a second, and pulls his cloak off, showing the more ornate symbols on his armor. "I, and my unit were tasked with keeping the twenty third cousin of the elven king under our protection, at first all I thought of him was that he was a shrewd, and brilliant man. He erred on the side of caution and did what he had to for the what he thought was best for king and country. But it all started to change when, at first the king's other cousins died of sickness, but then it turned after the deaths stopped and the plague was put under control and exterminated."

    He sighed again, he really needed a drink now. "Many within the nobility started dying again, to cover the poisonings up he would poison any who came into contact with the other nobles, as well as later using his men...and three out of the twenty of mine to carry out poisonings throughout the towns connected to the castle. Being... I am trying to think of the right words so you could understand, being that he ranked as a viscount within your type of monarchical system, he had one of the larger forces, as well as a large retinue of servants who wished to see their master on the throne. As soon as I learned of the treachery I told my unit that we were heading for the capital, I did not know about the three within my guardsmen who were traitors. A foolish rookie mistake, one I shouldn't have made, now I wander after being cast out and betrayed by the lord and land I served. I wander, fight beasts and monsters, drink, and sleep. As a fellow knight you know the feeling, that moment when everything was clicking together perfectly..." Xavier stopped and looked down, he was talking overly much and pulled his hand off the bar, letting his cloak cover his armor again, the glowing mark upon his chest fading behind the garment. He looked Over at Adrian and shook his head "That is my story, my tale of treachery and dishonor." He didn't know where to look, he didn't know what to say now. "I'll take that shot of whiskey." He said to the bar he was looking down at.
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  19. Staring at this prissy little girl with a smirk, Lenore nodded and went behind the bar and reached underneath. She pulled a couple keys out with planks of wood etched with numbers, placing them on the bar and staring hard at Leecia.

    "You'd do well to keep expectations low," she hissed, "that'll be 5 Gold for the both of you."

    The laughter had dissipated and the general behavior of the inn had begun to return to normal. The elf requested a drink and Anders hesitantly placed it on the counter in front of him, not caring if he paid or not at this point. This was not a place of conflict and curses, this was a place of reprieve and he felt extremely uncomfortable with this new scenario. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught the bubbly bard placing a handful of coins on the bar and he went to see what it was she wanted. He silently prayed that it was just whiskey, he'd had enough of conflict this evening.

    Frederick snarled at the dog that came in, fur drenched from the rain. "That little shit decides to shake its water on me, I'll break it's feckin' neck," he grumbled as he grabbed his friend's mug and took a long drink. The alcohol ran into his beard and dripped onto his patchy shirt. He wiped his mouth and placed it back on the table, ignoring the complaints of his seatmate. He noticed the singer stop playing and make her way to the bar, moreso noticing her figure as she seemed to glide across the room. He secretly wished he had the skip in her step she appeared to flaunt, his days of youth and bounce we long gone save for the bounce of his stomach when he sat down. He scratched his beard thoughtfully and leaned into his chair, watching the discussions occur between the strangers and keeping his eyes on the princess. He wondered if he could get some money by bringing her home, though he knew he'd sooner get a sword through his chest from her.

    Outside the rain had begun to stop, the downpour transitioning to sparse drops and the setting sun painting the sky a purple/pink hue. Thunder still rumbled far off in the distance, but it was not coming from the sky. The earth itself shook as the heavy footsteps of the Marching Thousand made their journey towards the Kingdom of Hilaal.
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  20. Adrian listened to the elf's story. "One man's betrayal another man's honor or in your case elf's" He said offhand seeing what the elf did as a good thing and while he didn't know the elf that well he did now respect him for willing to do the right thing. He drank his water and relaxed seeing the situation in the inn was calmer now.

    A dog walked into the inn, Adrian found that odd since he hadn't seen any dogs like this one on his way here. (To Roger the dog) Adrian held his hand out and motioned for the dog to get closer to him, hopefully it wasn't frightened by him and would allow him to pet it.

    So far they had an old solider, a disgraced elf, a princess, a bard and an elf looking for something plus the dog that just came in, this was a set up for a bad joke or something.
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