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~Inn of the Kneeling Man~

IC : The Tavern |

You're in a country of great rolling plains and mountains creating the walls of your world. You feel safe here, as if danger itself would stop at your mountain ranges and tiptoe through to it's final destination. Knights train for years for battles they'll never fight. Mages and Scholars study long extinct creatures and past wars as if to prevent future destruction. Hunters and gatherers have an almost druidic relationship to the environment, where animals will willingly sacrifice themselves and fruits of the earth grow in multitudes. The problem, it would seem, is the nature of intelligent beings to be wary of what grows in the shadows. This fear has caused the utopian society to grow xenophobic to all outsiders, especially the ones that come from the pits of darkness.
You are in this world, whether it be by finding a way into the city and attempting to blend in or by having grown up in this town. You will begin in the tavern as an Elf or a Human, a Diplomat or a Knight of the Queen. Maybe you were cast down long ago, and must rely on the gold or offerings of others as a beggar. Maybe you entered this town with dark intentions or just hoped that a utopian society would make a good bragging right.
No matter your choices, you will be in the Inn of the Kneeling Man for the reasons you choose. This is where our story will begin, and I anxiously await the newest patrons!​

Character Sheet & Rules

1. No God-modding or perfect characters.
2. Interact with each other, in one way or another. Even if it's because your characters don't get along, the more your build this story together the better it will be.
3. If you get your feelings hurt by someone in the game, please respect them enough to either message them about it or send me a PM and I can discuss it.
4. Have fun! I'm hosting this because I enjoy writing a story and having the people involved be as much a part of that process as I am. I set the stage, I give the props, but we develop the dialogue and performance ourselves (and frankly, pretty swords and environment mean nothing if the characters and story aren't interesting).​

Character Sheet

Name: [No real rules here, try to avoid titles and nicknames. Develop those In-Game]
Age: [Completely up to you, if you want to play a little kid or a man who is about to die, go for it]
Race: [Elf or Human, personal preference and apply stereotypes if you wish]
Sex: [No, preferably. This isn't a Libertine]
Personality: [Brief description, I'd like for the players to learn about the other party members organically]
Background: [Why are you in the Inn of the Kneeling King?]
Appearance: [Picture please, but a physical description would be nice as well]
Items: [If you're weapon savvy, if you're a spellcaster then a staff or spellbook maybe? Completely up to you, just make it reasonable. It doesn't make sense in this realm for everyone to be wearing a large pack to carry everything they'd ever need, for example.]

@Dakota K5 - Adrian Harlow - Knight - Human
@ZellaKitty - Venna Seren - Bard - Elf
@Azula - Leecia Moran - Princess - Human
@CynderTheDragoness - Rowan Shadowmoon - Rider - Elf
@NewKingofDrangleic - Xavier Dimitriaski - Spellsword - Elf
@Saint Allison - Roger - Ruff Rider - Dog

Signups are currently closed, but that doesn't mean I will never accept characters. We are in an everchanging world, and should one of the current players decide to leave then we will have more room for new people.

I want you to play what you want to play and I will build the story to fit the group of people available, let's write our story!

In-Character Thread is officially LIVE. This means the enactment of a few new rules. I don't want anyone to feel left behind in this story, the worst thing to me would be to be left behind and I don't want anyone to feel that way. For this first week, at least, I want no more than one post per character per day. This allows the people who may not being on the same time-schedule as others (such as myself, who gets online approx. 4am CST) to be a part of the storytelling process without being left behind. This also allows you as players to not feel pressured to write so much constantly. You've got a full day to come up with a response, but if you feel as players that you need more time, we'll figure something out.

If you would rather have a set cycle as to the order of people or events, I'm open to it, but bear in mind that it may increase the pressure on you to create something if it's your turn. I wrote the first post, setting the stage. You can place yourself inside already or enter as you will. You can be one of the people staying in the Inn itself if you choose. You have the freedom to enter this world however you want, so please enjoy it.

Thank you again, I'm excited to go on this journey with you.
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Name: Adrian Harlow
Age: 28

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Personality: Quiet and intelligent, slow to anger but it is an intense anger.

Background: Adrian was a holy knight that has became disillusioned with his god and those that claim to speak for him, his home is not this country but he has found his way here to this tiny little tavern in this land of peace either by fate or accident but either way he is out of place, a relic of war in a land of peace.


Items: 1x bastard sword. 1x shield. 1x set of plate armor (Reference pic above for what his armor looks like). 1x small travel sack for money and small misc items.
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I'm in love, I can't wait to see his story pan out.
Venna Seren

Elves age much slower, but as far as aesthetics go, she looks around twenty three to humans.


No, and Female.

Venna, as is typical for a bard, can come off as very eccentric to most, friendly, though perhaps a nuisance to some. Although for a character so bubbly, she's actually quite modest for being a talented musician and moderately known writer for her tales and songs of adventures (well, not so much /her/ adventures, but more so the adventures of groups she's tagged along in, she herself actually hasn't done anything all too impressive other than write a few stories.)

Why this inn you ask? Simple: it's got the word 'inn' at the end, doesn't it? For one, the definition of 'inn' to a bard is 'a performance space that offers decent money'. For two, to adventurers, the definition is 'adventure/job board'. When you've been alongside great warriors and mages alike and not done anything worthy enough to put in books that YOU wrote, you tend to get a decent case of glorylust. And also, she needs food, food costs money, and this is the closest in to where she happens to be currently.

Elflady.jpg(Best picture I could find, excuse the cleavage, place head on body, physical description in the works.)

- A Performer's Outfit (With Plenty Of Pouches And Hooks For Tips And Instruments)
- Leather Armor (She Wears Under Just In Case)
- A Medium Cloth Backpack
- A Crossbow
- Daggers
- A Lute (Hangs On Her Back With Her Crossbow)
- A Pan Flute (Hangs From Her Hip With Her Daggers And Pouches)
- Journals Full Of Songs And Tales, Published And Otherwise
- A Large Stack Of Papers
- Several Pieces Of Charcoal
- Ink Vials & Quills
- A Few Rings
- A Smile (Always)
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I understand you'll edit as you get time, if you don't have a picture then a full visual description would be nice.

Following Dakota's example would be good, as his CS is exactly what I'd like to see. Just enough information to understand his archetype, but individual enough to not be just a carbon-copy character. As I said, I'm not looking for paragraphs in this part. I want to get a basic understanding of who you are or who you wish to be, so when we write the story we're all learning at the same time.
I'm working on finding a reference picture for you, love~
Usually when I find one I like, I can better see my character so I can get into and make them~ ^^
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Is it just me or is it a pain in the freaking bum to find fantasy female art where they're fully dressed?~
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That's a true fact, my wife has the same problem when she's creating a character. I feel for you, Zella xD
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Used to be, frankly I've been lurking for the last... 5 years? Finally decided to start writing again.
(This is an account I'd created a couple years after I left the site)
I'll have my character up when I reach my computer ^^
Well this is is going to be interesting.


"I'm not staying behind those walls, the wind will take me to wherever my feet wish."
[fieldbox="BRIEF INFORMATION, goldenrod, dashed, 10, Georgia"]AGE



Leecia is a cold and arrogant princess. People around her sometimes considered her as a spoiled brat. Though she might not be the maturest person you ever met, her swordplay and fighting skill is not something to be laughed about.

Living and growing up in a big mansion as the only daughter of king and queen, Leecia referred herself as princess which actually she was. Her interest in sword and fighting emerged when she was only 5, forcing her father to teach her how to wield a sword. Born as prodigy, Leecia could learn swordplay in no time. However, she never had a chance to jump in real battle. Sparring with her father's best knights was never enough. How could a king let her only daughter, the princess, go to battlefield anyway? He would never risk her life not matter how much she begged.

Flared up, Leecia decided to run away from home. Using all she could to avoid the knights and managed to slip away from the castle. With gold she brought from home, Leecia went to other place, making great distances from her hometown. Having nowhere to go nor where to start, Leecia found herself stumbling at the Inn of the Kneeling Man.

Royal Sword

(Not in her bag, she carries it herself)​
Two Big Pouches of Gold
Bottle of Water
Two Potions
Her Favorite Rabbit Doll, Sir Leonile The Third


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I hope I don't get too carried away when making her >.< Just tell me if I need to fix here and there ^^
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A *princess*! I never thought I'd actually be dealing with royalty!

This will be fun, indeed. Only thing I'm going to say is that either here or in the game itself, please describe in full your bag/outfit/weapon so that other players can visualize it along with you.
I was thinking about making an elf, but then it struck me, why not I made a princess? :3

Ah I see, I'm thinking about her weapon and outfit are just like her appearance, it suits her well. About the bag, I'll find a nice looking bag ^^

Battle Armor:

Name: Rowan Shadowmoon
Age: 325, appears in her twenties
Race: Elf
Sex: Female
Personality: Rowan is calm and cool. Her deeper personality will be revealed through the RP.
Background: A Rider of a far away land, a forest. Riders are keepers of peace. Rowen was separated from her newly-hatched Dragon and is searching for it before and harm or misfortune befalls it. (If it is found, I've decided it to be a female called Osthato. (Sage in the Ancient Language.))

Sword: Celöbra (Honor)
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