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  1. Contains scenes of horror, language and violence.

    This roleplay is based on real experiences some personal and whether you chose to believe them is up to you I simply ask that you ask any questions about my experience via PM, I am more than happy to explain them.

    We watch horror films knowing they will scare us but we blank it out after the third time watching it because we know it is just fiction and then we call our selves paranoid when things start to happen two weeks later. We get called superstitious when we start seeing things in the night, when dreams become real. You tend to agree reassuring yourself that it's just stress. Until you wake up with fifteen flies in the room, all centeredness around one thing. A note you never wrote and a picture of a friend who has been threatening to commit suicide on the other end of the country.


    Blue Sea Academy, a national leader in the education of children and young people with disabilities largly visual impairments. Safe and secure this residential establishment prides itself on making those who are less confident as independent as anyone in the outside world. For a few friends life is good but as the academic year draws to a close its not just exam stress that brings you to breaking point...
  2. so what is this about i would love to join just dont know whats it about