The Tangible Timelord

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  1. ( K this RP is for me and Butterflywings. In the world of Doctor Who! I hope you don't mind but I used the same Timelord as I am for the other RP I am doing just to keep me sane, I think hes a good character though!. )

    Bio for my characer:

    Basic Statistics

    Name: Rhadel ( Goes by Benedict Jones. )
    Age: 114
    Nationality: Gallifrey
    Current Residence: His Tardis
    Occupation: Time Traveler
    Talents/Skills: *For the most part the same as the Doctors ( To keep it simple. )
    Siblings (describe relationship): -
    Spouse (describe relationship): -
    Children (describe relationship): -
    Grandparents (describe relationship): Deceased
    Grandchildren (describe relationship): Deceased
    Significant Others (describe relationship): That should be a suprise...
    Relationship skills: Just starting to socialize with people.

    Physical Characteristics:

    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 190
    Race: Time Lord
    Eye Color: Yellow
    Hair Color: Light brown
    Glasses or contact lenses? -
    Skin color: White
    Distinguishing features: Scar on the bottom of left chin, the cartilage at the top of his left ear is ripped.
    How does he/she dress? He wears an old black leather duster with brass buttons and a few silver symbols embroidered on the front. He also tends to wear a black fedora.
    Mannerisms: Mutters when he is thinking, taps tables, and tips his hat a lot.
    Habits: (smoking, drinking etc.) -
    Health: Good condition, quite fit.
    Favorite Sayings: "Well to put it this way..." "Listen with your eyes and tell me what you smell." "Onto glory."
    Disabilities: Not the best with conversation, tends to get lost in thought and he thinks he is invincible.
    Style (Elegant, shabby etc.): Nonchalant
    Greatest flaw: Can be un empathic during dire situations.
    Best quality: Always has a back up plan that is malleable to the situation.

    Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes

    Educational Background: Time Lord Schooling
    Intelligence Level: Highly intelligent.
    Learning Experiences: Has stared into the vortex.
    Character's short-term goals in life: To eat Ice Cream that didn't taste "off.", to get out of his state of depression.
    Character's long-term goals in life: To impact Reality and leave his mark, to reach enlightenment.
    How does Character see himself/herself? As a man trying his best to do good.
    How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others? The Trustworthy Stranger, someone you would give your bag while you went to the bathroom.
    How self-confident is the character? Socially, not confident. Almost any other situation, he does fine.
    What would most embarass this character? His clothes being made fun of or his style.

    Emotional Characteristics

    Strengths/Weaknesses: Good at figuring things out and improvising, horrible at communication.
    Introvert or Extrovert? Introvert
    How does the character deal with anger? Clenching his jaw, going somewhere beautiful or making threats to someone or something or hurting something and hurting it hard.
    With sadness? Sighing, keeping quiet, rejection or hurting something and hurting it hard.
    With conflict? Rubs his eyes, thinks and reasons or gets angry / sad
    With change? Tries to accept it, move on, try it again somehow or continue. Rubs his temples.
    With loss? Gets sad, angry, trys to live without it and forget.
    What does the character want out of life? To enjoy it while he has it.
    What would the character like to change in his/her life? To change some else's, to leave his mark on the universe.
    What motivates this character? How reality clicks together and reaching enlightenment.
    What frightens this character? When he doesn't know what to do, the dark and loss.
    What makes this character happy? An unforgettable experience, a thrill and a walking in sunshine.
    Is the character judgmental of others? Only those who do bad things without a good cause.
    Is the character generous or stingy? Generous when he can.
    Is the character generally polite or rude? Tends to be polite.

    Spiritual Characteristics

    Does the character believe in God? No.
    What are the character's spiritual beliefs? That the universe has a system of Karma that it keeps logged and that it is generous to good.
    Episode 1: A Momentary Scream

    It was late that night. It was if the city was more alive at night than at day. Honest people were in their apartments and others were out in the night.
    Honest people don't keep secrets, don't have pasts they don't reveal. Thats why Benedict Jones was outside that night. He stepped out of the old Rolls Royce 1940s Rolls Royce which was actually his TARDIS. He stretched and then began to walk into the night.
    No one had any idea that in the morning of April 32 2013, that they would all awaken with no recollection of the past three years, all except for one. One very special girl. ( You. )
  2. Elianna wakes up stretching rubbing her blue eyes. Rolling over she looks at the clock. Seeing that it is 19:30 she rolls over and out of bed. Standing up she stretches and gets dressed. Pulling her red hair up out of her face into a ponytail. Snatching up her satchel pulls on her boots and leaves the door. Walking down the street she heads off to work at the local diner. "I just love having the graveyard shift." She mumbles to no one in particular. Stretching in the night air she spins around hoping to wake up a little more.

  3. Benedict had then bumped into the girl spilling the contents of her satchel, "Oh sorry miss!" He then proceded to pick up the things that had dropped from her bag.
  4. Bending down she starts to pick up her stuff with the help of the stranger placing her items back in her bag. Smiling at the oddly clothed man she asks curious, "You in a rush sir?"
  5. "Yes. There's always somewhere where I am needed. Just trying to find it." He stared off in the distance picking up the last item and handing to her. "Where are you going?"
  6. "I'm headed to work, at this lovely little diner called The Redhead." Smiling and giggles. "Yeah I know.. its totally a coincidence. I'm a redhead and I work at The Redhead." Taking the last item she puts it back into her bag. Smiling softly. "So What are you trying to find? Maybe I can help?"
  7. "I'm just looking for... out of ordinary things I guess. If you see anything find me. Hope you have fun at your job." He slips a piece of paper into her hand, smiles and then starts walking down the street. If she reads it, it says "Only if you need help, yell Help Me Rhadel!"
  8. Looking at the piece of paper she reads and shrugs. Tucking the piece of paper into her pocket she heads to work. Walking into the building she is confused. Several people who she has never met are working at the diner. Heading to the back room one of the new servers stops her saying it was for employees only. Telling the new lady that she was an employee she tries to side step to get to the back room but the woman stands her ground and wouldnt let her back. The woman states she has been working here for near 2 years and she hadnt been told of any new hires so she best be leaving. Shocked Elianna leaves the diner and sits on the bench out front trying to figure something out.
  9. Elianna saw a the big clock tower and then a shrill scream from everyone in the diner and people walking on the street and the clock seemed to zip forward two days the hands spinning rapidly, the experience was over within five seconds. The people inside looked confused, one of them was asking the other why they were here, it wasn't their shift. Everything seemed normal except for that.
  10. She looks about shocked. She even pinches herself to makes sure she was really awake. "Ok that was odd.. I dont understand this..." Putting her hands into her pocket she remembers the paper. Pulling it out she reads the note again. Shrugging she figures well it is very out of the ordinary. She yells, "Help me , Rhadel!" Feeling a little silly as she waits she just shakes her head, standing up she starts to walk back to her home.
  11. A 1940s Rolls Royce, surely a weird car for the place with tinted windows appeared by the side of the road, silently. The strange man stepped out and glanced over the street quickly till he saw you walking on the other side of the road.

    "Red head? You needed me?"
  12. Jumping surprised. "Y...yeah.. Um The clock went nuts.. and the people inside are crazy too.. They dont work here anymore. Havent for 3 years..." Wringing her hands she worrys that he will think she is crazy. "I dont know what to do.. but you said you were looking for weird.. so here is weird... Now how do we fix it!" Crossing her arms across her chest.
  13. "The clock went nuts. People going crazy, there are people working from three years ago. Weird? I would say so." He looked around. "How do we fix it? Oh well... I guess we. We... Find the source of the problem. So time time time. Aha! Time! Quick, lets go into the car!"

    He walked over and opened the passenger door waving her in. Once she enters she walks into a square room with two doors on the side, a large old computer console like one of the first computers taking up one side of the whole wall opposite of the door and four three seater couches facing the console. It was much bigger on the inside.