The Tales of Iben the Wanderer

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  1. A cheerful hello to the users and staff of this wonderful forum, I am Iben, and style myself as a traveler of sorts. I have come seeking an oasis in a desert of half-living RP forums and a place to write something clever.

    In brief, to give some pertinent information about myself:

    I have a respectable amount of experience with forum based RPs and I would humbly consider myself to be something of an old hand at this game. I favor group roleplays and in general it will be hard sell to convince me to participate in anything else.

    In regards to genres that hold my interest I prefer Fantasy(low fantasy or at least something a bit grim), Scifi (I absolutely adore Cypberpunk), Modern (although nothing to do with teens, please) and I can on occasion be drawn to something a bit Historical in nature.

    Speaking of standards of posting, I find myself most content in anything intermediate or above (I do require a bit of talent and good writing from my fellow RPers to enjoy myself).

  2. Oasis? oh, You flatter us, friend. Welcome to Iwaku, dear traveler. Enjoy your stay, grow with us, Join our cult, and enjoy Playing the heck out of some roles.
  3. Ohooo quite an interesting setup, welcome to Iwaku Iben! I think you're very creative ^ ^
  4. Greetings Iben! Enjoy your stay here.
  5. Hi there Iben, welcome to Us! ^o^