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  1. human testing on slaves. Lately the slaves have been found to have special powers, and the upper class wants to find out how they got them, so they seek answers through science. Our characters are slaves who meet in the testing labs. They may have powers, or they may have been falsely accused and sent there to be tested on anyway. The tests are cruel and torturous, and many times the staff enjoys their job far too much. No matter if you're a Talented or not, you don't leave The Center. At least, not while you're still breathing.

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  2. Hailey was seated in the middle of a huge room, surrounded by other people. Their feelings of anxiety and fear were making her sick to her stomach. They'd all heard rumors about what happened in The Center; it was the horror stories women told their children. She wrapped her thin arms tighter around her as the men in lab coats made their way around the room. She watched as they took the others around her, one by one, into the connected room. It was a long wait until they reached her, and that left her plenty of time to make up horror story scenarios of what they were doing in there.

    When it came to her turn, she was shaking so hard she could hardly stand. The man in the lab coat tugged her roughly to her feet and pushed her ahead of him into the tiny room. She was pushed down into a chair and her arm was held down on the table. "What are you doing?" She asked shakily, but they ignored her. The brought around a needle and began tattooing her arm. She winced and looked away, and before long they'd finished and pushed her into another small room. They stripped her of her belongings and clothes before handing her a grey uniform. She quickly pulled it on and she was brought to yet another door. On the other side was row after row of doors. Though most were tiny cells. There was a huge cafeteria looking building and another empty room.

    "That's the waiting room where you'll wait to be seen each day by the doctors." Said the emotionless lab coat that was leading her. "Your ID number is everything. It's your name, it's your cell number. If you're not in the waiting room or cafeteria, you're in your room until you're let out with your block for physical education." He stopped outside the door of a tiny cell. "Welcome to D block, this is your home now. You do everything with your block." He said something into his walkie talkie and the doors popped open on the cells. Hailey looked around anxiously as the hall slowly filled with people wearing the same uniform as her. "D block is going to the waiting room. There you will see the doctor. Welcome to The Center." With that the man left, and she was surrounded by these people, just like her.
  3. "Hey," a young man motioned towards Hailey. "You the same as us? Or a human?"

    After some silence, he realized his question.

    "Ah, don't matter. You've got a code, right?" Hunter questioned, looking at the tattoo on her arm.

    "We got ours too. I was the first one up here."

    Hunter rolled up one of his sleeves to reveal his tattoo. "The bastards made it hurt like hell on purpose."

    Hunter smiled. "You seem way too shy. Look, I know we're locked up in here, but come on, look on the bright side. You won't be seen as a public freak show anymore."
  4. Hailey was in the beginnings of a full blown panic attack when a young man stepped forward to speak to her. At first she had a little trouble focusing on his words, but she forced herself to pay attention. If she could focus on something, maybe she wouldn't freak out. "I-I'm a Talent." She whispered. She nodded when he asked about her code and when he said something about looking on the bright side she frowned. "Is there a bright side to this place?" She asked. The group of people were moving towards the waiting room, and the feelings that swirled around the group were making her head spin. Not fear, just resignation and anxiety and depression. It made her want to cry. It was like they'd all given up. She stepped a little closer to the kind young man who was talking to her. "Are the doctors as cruel as the stories say?" She asked hesitantly. The stories talked of sadistic doctors and torturous experiments.
  5. 01 walked into the room with a black face and nothing more. she was wearing a sundress that was white and no shoes. she notice some people looking at her and started to sing. she made them see that she was gone. she never wants people to see her. but sometimes the darkness of her gets the better of her. she looked around to see what the test was today. this was just like a t.v show she seen one of the staff watching what was it called oh yeah. Deadman Wonderland. it looked fun minus the blood and killing part.
  6. Hunter closed his eyes, trying to get some memories. "My dad was a Talent, too. He somehow escaped; I don't know how the hell he did. Anyway, he told me they're just going to be big shots or something." Hunter shivered at the thought. "He even told me sometimes they're gonna force you down to a chair, check your blood pressure. It lasts up to an hour, and there's pain with it. That's the worst of it, though." Hunter gave a warm smile to the young girl. He secretly was very afraid inside, but still, he wanted people to be optimistic. "I'm sure, with me in here, we'll find a way out."
  7. She nodded and when they reached the waiting room she slid down against the wall and wrapped her arms around her knees. "And you?" She asked quietly. "Are you a talent?" The two doors on the other side of the room from here opened and the doctors started bringing people into the labs one by one. Her hands tightened on her knees and she started to breath faster. don't panic, Hailey. Panic will get you hurt. Surprisingly, there was no panic from the others around her. They had all been here awhile, so they knew what was going to happen to them.
  8. Hunter silently nodded. "Yea, I guess you could say I am. If you mean breaking the sound barrier on ground, then yea."

    "2299, you're up next!" A doctor had called down.

    Hunter bit his lower lip, looked to the doctor, then to Hailey.

    "I'll be right back." He said. He silently walked towards the doctor.
  9. She watched him anxiously as the doctor led him into the room. He said he'd been here for a long time, so he should at least know what was going to happen.

    The doctor sat him down in a chair, and before long he was strapped down. "We're going to try something new today." He said calmly as he began to hook something up to Hunter's head. "Electro-shock therapy. It may help us learn the source of your Talent. We'll start at the lowest setting first, just to see how you react to it. Then we'll raise the level." he was speaking calmly, as if he was talking about coffee and not torture. He gave Hunter a sinister smile. It was clear this man liked his job too much.
  10. Hunter opened his eyes wide when he heard that. He gulped, not wanting to testify, since there would be consequences. He only gulped.

    He first felt the shock. He flinched a little, but not much.
  11. White… Everything is… white.

    From the ceiling, the walls, the flooring, even the chair in the middle where she’s sitting on, everything was white as her shadow could see.

    Although she could hear a multitude of faint noises coming from the adjoining rooms, she was completely isolated. There was no one else around; no one to talk to, no one to watch. Just her solitary self sitting in the center of a lonely room dyed in white.

    “02, do you know the reason why we brought you here?”

    A loud voice, most likely belonging to one of the older male staff members of this place, suddenly blared over in the speaker that is placed at the top part of the back wall. Scarlet, however, remained unfazed as she sought to give the most probably answer she could think of.

    “… Testing?”

    A cold, hollow laugh echoed across the room in reply to her guess. It seems that she had given an incorrect response.

    “No, not today. We’ve decided to give you a breather from testing for today.”

    There was a slight pause, as if the person speaking to her was waiting for some kind of reaction from her. When she didn’t show any, it decided to continue.

    “But, in return, we would like you to do something for us.”

    Scarlet grew confused as she heard this. Or perhaps it is her curiosity that she is mistaking for confusion. Whatever the case may be, it was certain that her interest had been piqued by this point.

    “… Something?”

    The voice grunted, as if in affirmation of her question. “Yes. You see, we recently got a new batch of… people to be with us here. And, as you know, these newbies tend to get a little… ‘wild’ during their first couple of weeks staying here.”

    Another pause, and then…

    “We want you to make sure nothing of the sort happens. Understand?”

    There was no way she wouldn’t comprehend the underlying meaning behind those words. This is, after all, what she was good for: Her only worth.

    “I… understand.” She answered slowly, her voice resounding across the room in the same somber manner.
  12. Kian sat in the far corner of the room to avoid catching anyone's eye his legs were crossed and he looked almost asleep but he was not he heard every conversation that went on he could smell the blood from those that had just been tested.

    He opened one of his eyes to look at each person in the room trying to guess if they were humans or talented like him. The sleeves of his grey uniform were rolled up so you could see his ID number and the other tattoos he had on his arm. That was the only fun he got around her trying to pick out the talented ones and he had grown quite good at it.

    He had been here for a while but had never gotten used to the testing the longer you stay the worst it seemed to get well that was his case anyway.
  13. Hailey rested her head on her knees as she tried to keep her breathing even. She slowly lifted her head when a new emotion made it's way through the depression and anxiety that swirled around her from the others. Curiosity? She slowly looked from face to face trying to find the one whose emotional climate was standing out. Her talent was too weak for her to pinpoint where a specific emotion was coming from, but she was sure she'd be able to tell who it was by their face. She looked from person to person until she saw someone who was looking from person to person as well. Maybe he was wondering something about them? She wrinkled her brow as she tried to decipher him. It frustrated her sometimes that she could only sense emotions and not the motivations behind them.

    The doctor turned the flow of electricity up to the next level. The theory was that it might trigger their Talents, helping them figure out where theses Talents were originating from and what caused them. He watched Hunter for a long minute before turning up the level again.
  14. Kian continued to search the room until he caught the eye of someone he had never seen before but had heard her talking to Hunter. He could not work out if she was human or not then he came to the conclusion that she made a mental talent.

    He continued to look at her with his almost yellow eyes that looked like a wolves eyes as he looked at her he tried to block his mind as he hated the thought of people knowing what he was thinking, his mind was the only place he could tell the truth about what he really thought about people.

    "You new here" he said to her from across the room in a somewhat rugged yet calming voice
  15. She was a little startled when she saw his eyes. They were a yellowish color, almost like a wolf's eyes. A new emotion was threading through the others now, a strong dislike. Her eyes widened a bit. Did he not like her? Or did he not like her staring? She frowned as she tried to figure out the reason for this feeling of hate coming from him. She almost didn't hear his question. She nodded.

    "Yes." She whispered. "I'm new." She realized that he probably couldn't hear her with her speaking so quickly and cleared her throat. She repeated herself a little louder.
  16. He smirked slightly as she began to speak quietly then repeat what she had he did not want to seem rude so he said " I heard you the first time." Kian still sat in the shadows but you could still make out his face and clothing from anywhere in the room. There was a scar over his eye, one over his nose and a bunch down his arm.

    He looked up at her as he saw she looked almost shocked but he was not quite sure why she was like that was it because he finally decided to speak after the hours they had been in here or was it his eyes.
  17. Hunter felt another shock, causing pain to race up against his heart. He winced, and closed his eyes, but then made one open again to the doctor. He felt his heart racing, and his need to restore his energy.
  18. She was a little surprised when he said he'd heard her the first time, then figured that he must not only have the eyes of a wolf. "What's your name?" She asked. "How long have you been here?" She glanced towards the doors again with a wince and a gasp. A wave of sudden pain flashed from the room and swamped over her. It wasn't horribly intense pain, just startling because she hadn't been expecting it. When her breathing was a little more under control she glanced back at the boy. "What are they doing in there?" It was strange, this pain. It was purely in her mind, so there was no physical source. It was really a small part of someone else's pain she was feeling, and there was no physical cause for it, at least on her end.

    The doctor frowned at the dial he was using. "Hm, still not the response we wanted." He said. "Maybe a higher level will be the trigger." He looked at Hunter with a dry smile. "I'm sure you won't mind, hm?" He was about to change the setting when a lab assistant spoke up. "Perhaps it would affect a mental Talent. This boy's Talent is physical."
  19. He looked up hearing her speaking again but his time she was firing loads of questions at him one after the other. Finally taking it all in he answered "Names Kian and I have lost track of the years I have been here" he said as he looked down at the tattoo of his code: 23. He waited for a while before answering the last question how do you say someone is being tortured without making someone panic he thought to himself over and over then finally said "They are testing his physical and mental abilities it's probably to much for him" there was a sad tone in his voice as he knew he would have to get tested next.
  20. Hailey nodded. "I'd say it's nice to meet you, but considering the circumstances..." She gave a dry chuckle. She frowned as a sudden feeling of anger spiked through the emotions around her, and then two boys were on their feet. One shoved the other and she jumped to her feet to get out of the way. "You're going to get in trouble!" She said to them anxiously, but they ignored her. They were shoving and hitting each other now, and she stepped back to avoid getting hurt herself.
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