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  1. The basic idea behind The Talented is that there is human testing on slaves. Lately the slaves have been found to have special powers, and the upper class wants to find out how they got them, so they seek answers through science. Our characters are slaves who meet in the testing labs. They may have powers, or they may have been falsely accused and sent there to be tested on anyway. The tests are cruel and torturous, and many times the staff enjoys their job far too much. No matter if you're a Talented or not, you don't leave The Center. At least, not while you're still breathing.

    So the plot of the story is that our characters would be trying to find a way to escape the center before they're killed. I've already been talking to Nana Akuma about her character, but I was interested in making this a group roleplay instead of a one on one. Would anyone be interested?
  2. I would be interested it sounds great.
  3. Cool. :) So, you could play a Talented, a normal human who was falsely accused, or a staff member. The ID number can be anything between one and two thousand; with one being the very first arrival and two thousand being the Talents that just arrived.
    ID Number:

    ID Number:

    Favorite Test Subject (optional):

    I'll go ahead and post my character and I'll have Nana post hers when she comes back.

    Name: Hailey
    ID number: 1798
    Age: sixteen
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Talent: empathy (She can sense people's emotions and sometimes tell if they're lying.)
    Background: She was working for a woman and her daughter for a long time. She was sent here when she was accused of the ability of mind control.
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  4. Name: Kian DeLacy
    ID number: 23
    Age: 22
    Talent: Can shift into a wolf (still has a good sense of smell and hearing in human form)
    BackGround: Kian was a thief and a criminal but when he was robbing a house late at night the police caught him and he turned into a wolf to try to scare them off, It did not work and they took him to a lab.
  5. He looks good. Hopefully a couple more people join, but if not I'll make the thread for it tonight.
  6. this is scary but cool join Alyssa-Chan
  7. Considering on joining, but just one quick question: Are there any sort of limitation as to what talents we may place on our characters?
  8. oh wait i want to be to make illusions
  9. Name: Dominic Redarch
    ID Number: 2299 (Fallout 4 Reference)
    Looks: <--------------
    Age: 19
    Talent: Speed
    Background: He was training for his race against the fastest man alive, but was caught. At first the police thought he was using steroids, but after seeing him run, they locked him.
  10. Eh, might as well get a character bio up and get it over with. Hit me up if I need to change anything on it.

    Name: Scarlet Syriax
    ID Number: 0002
    Age: 12

    Talent: Shadow Dominion - She can control the form of her shadow, allowing her to transform it to any shape that she can imagine (usually a large claw as she lacks any creative influence). The shadow also acts as her secondary hub of eyes, as years of testing had led her own pair to become deteriorated and start bleeding upon opening.

    Background: Adopted by one of the Center's founders since she was a baby, she had been placed under the custody and control ever since, which lead to the further development of her talent as part of a military-funded research of creating super-humans. She has never once stepped out in the outside world and has been led to believe that the words of the staff member are the law.
  11. No limitations on character talents as long as they stay balanced. I like the new characters, but I have a question about yours, DoS. The shadow can change shape, but it can't manipulate physical objects? Just a bit of confusion on that subject. I'll make the thread in just a few minutes.
  12. The shadow usually takes physical form and interacts with its surroundings acordingly.
  13. Alright, that makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  14. No prob. I'll check back later and join the RP then. Gotta run somewhere.
  15. Alright, that's fine.
  16. [​IMG]

    Name: 01
    ID Number: 01
    Age: 11
    Talent: Illusions (can lose control of it and she use it by singing)
    Background: She does not have a background. not really. only that she been there since she was a little girl and did everything they asked her to do.
    Other: she has a number tattoo on her left shoulder with the number 01. and she does not reall talk.
  17. I love that character, Chi-chan. ^_^ Feel free to post at any time.
  18. well thank you Alyssa-Chan
  19. Hey guys, i'm not ignoring your posts in The Talented, I'm just waiting so everyone can get in and post. :)
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