The Tale of Little Red Riding Hood

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  1. So I've been wanting to 'redo' this tall tale for some time now. As this was my favorite childhood story, and also because it has potential., so I've been looking for a plot, and also a partner.

    So let me go over what I have so far, plot wise.

    Four years before the Dark Curse

    Once upon a time, deep in the forests of Zin was the kingdom of Karnith, the most luxurious hold of the lands that ever was. Protected by large wooden walls that towered far past the tallest tower, the city was invincible, and for this reason it flourished. Millions filled the city,one of which held great power. Ellyn, the queen of Zin gave birth to her first born, the future princess of the kingdon, and all the lands that fell before it. As the news of the birth spread throughout the city, a dark and evil magic awakened.

    A slight twist right? Well instead if going off to grannies house, id figure that the city would be destroyed by wolves, a creature which had been feared, and outcast for many years up until now. Spiraled into great poverty, the princess grows up.

    Now in this rolepaly, the wolves are 'shapeshifters' being able to change into humans and live among the humans, just keep that in mind.

    While the princess grows, the queen dies, and weird things start to happen with the princess. As it turns out, the princess has the power of the 'Light and Dark' which was passed along her family for many years. As she grows older, the princess must learn from the Elders which remain in the city, how to use them, but she is warned of the power she posses is unlike anything in the land, and many are out to capture it for themselves.

    Now where the roleplay comes into place is here.

    The princess is about to have her 18th birthday,which she must choose a prince... I'm clueless up to this point as of now, so if anyone is interested please please message me.

    My goals of this, is to be a fantasy romance, so a male would be needed. I expect it to be a twisted, action-packed plot, so I want dramatic, but not to dramatic. Also this roleplay, could have a chance to turn mature, keep that in mind also.
  2. Message me! :) So interested.
  3. Is this strictly a 1x1, or can others join?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.