The Tale of Forsworn Heroes

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  1. T h e - T a l e s - o f - F o r s w o r n - H e r o e s

    B e t h - x - T a r o t


  2. Ƥ i g e o n

    Teal strands were pushed out of the way as the teen, who was previously asleep, awoke. Pea green eyes popped open with her immense energy she magically had within her. Pushing off the little cover she had, for her siblings were cover hogs, she awoke to the dark sky just before there was daylight. There was no shower, they were on a wagon caravan and they were lucky if they stopped at water sources because water sources were where beasts and creatures could be caught and the wagon caravan had minimal protection. Sitting on the side of her parents' caravan the girl started fixing her lower-back-length hair into little pigtails before admiring the look in a handheld mirror. She had been called "pigeon" by this massive humanoid that she found out was a half orc, which she had never seen before. Loralynn found it fun to joke around with the lumbering woman, and found her reactions even better. She could not help herself, her kind, gnomes, were natural pranksters and didn't know when to leave things alone. Though Loralynn found that she was adapting to her orc friend because she was doing more than joking with her now, she was leaving her things that Loralynn thought she would like. Most of them were small things like animal carcasses, food, once she left a sword which may have been stolen from the town her family was previously from. It was an interesting dynamic those the orc and her.

    Getting up changing into black, form-fitting pants and long-sleeved shirt, Loralynn equipped her seven daggers, her one tiny sword, and an assortment of tools that she could possibly need. The woman, Shama, she believed she was called -they were not on a name basis ... yet-, was usually up before her and that was something that Loralynn admired because that took a lot of energy and willpower to get up before six am. Climbing down off the caravan Loralynn landed on the ground gracefully and looked around. Not many of the other people in the caravan were awake so this was the perfect time to practice sneaking around.

    Loralynn made it to a merchant's caravan and took three apples from his stock after double checking that he was asleep as he laid there snoring like a boar. Biting into one of the apples she felt the juice fall into her mouth and some dripped out. Rubbing her face and taking another bite, then another, Loralynn finished the first two apples in no time at all and she had finally made it to Shama's area of the caravan trail. Peeking from under the caravan she spotted the woman, she fidgeted to the side of the wheel, drew back her hand and threw the apple. Her target was right in front of the woman, but she was not the best when it came to throwing.



  3. Shama never could understand why people would sleep in when there was so much to do. Tents needed to be packed, horses needed tending, people needed feeding, and the sooner all this could be done, the sooner the caravan could be moving on to new sights. Despite this, she was well aware that most of the camp wouldn't be up and stirring for another hour or so. Which was fine. It gave her time to herself, a little bit of peace before the caravan's chaotic hustle and bustle. Besides, the sun was coming up over a new place, a view she'd never seen and might not ever see again. She wanted to savor it.
    She took a second to scoop some of the porridge she'd started into a bowl before leaning against one of the wagons to watch the colors in the sky shift and brighten. She brought the bowl up to her mouth for a slurp and-
    Shama wiped porridge from her face and glared at the apple in her food. It was possible a freak wind had blown the offending fruit off its tree before dropping it onto her head and into her bowl. It was possible. But she knew very well who was responsible and the little muffled giggles floating over from the other side of the wagon only confirmed it.
    That annoying little bird was at it again.
    She stomped over to the laughing gnome and glowered. Shama was not a small woman and most would, if forced to describe her as something complementary, call her handsome entirely out of fear of causing offence. So this was a glower that was capable of sending grown men scampering to their mothers.
    Pigeon laughed harder.
    She tried looming.
    That didn't work either.
    By this point she was more exasperated than angry and when a clump of porridge slid off her chin and splatted right between Pigeon's eyes, she couldnt help but smile back. But only a little.
    She let out a sigh that wasn't fond at all (Really) before plucking up the tiny girl and placing her on her shoulder.
    "Help me pack the tent, little bird."

  4. Ƥ i g e o n

    It was not a huge surprise that Loralynn missed her target, in fact, this time she threw a little too hard hitting the orc in the head and after the apple fell into her bowl of mush that she had made. Covering her face she could help but giggle, but she began to do it a little too loudly. She couldn't help it, the look on the orc's face was just too perfect. She knew her cover was blown when the woman stood before her and she made a disgusted face and at first she snickered but then she went to howling out her laughter. At this rate she would wake up the entire caravan. She honestly did not know why Shama scared people so much, she was just so darn funny and it was not apparent but she had a gentle nature as well.

    In the midst of her laughter she felt a splat on her forehead and she stopped and touched it with her finger. She then proceeded to lick her finger and wobbled her head. It was kind of bland but it was not bad. Then there was a moment where Loralynn was suspended in the air. Shama had picked her up and placed her on her shoulder. It was like she was on a gallant steed and a big smile formed on Loralynn's face.

    "Okay!" she pipped in agreement to packing up the tent. "Where are we heading to this time? Is there going to be big monsters and silk-clad babes for us to save?" Pigeon asked getting excited for the adventure that was before them, that had been before them for over a month. Her mother was an alchemist and her father a blacksmith. They were following the mercantile trade to the south in order to secure a better life for their children. "I'll protect you most of all Shama."


  5. "Where are we headed this time? Is there going to be big monsters and silk clad babes for us to save?"
    Shama blinked. Once. Twice. She wasn't entirely sure what to make of the question. What did it matter if the infants were swaddled in silk or not?
    "South. If we see any babes who need rescuing, we'll rescue them. Any monsters need fighting, we'll fight them."
    She set the girl down by the flap of the door and turned to arrange things in the baskets along the walls.
    "Pick something, pack it."
    "I'll protect you most of all, Shama."
    Shama paused before continuing her work. This gnome was so strange.
    "You are so strange."
    Why would she say that when there were others who needed protecting more? And what could a little pigeon do to protect her anyways?
    The tent was small and this was a woman who traveled lightly, so despite Pigeon's attempts at mischief, everything was packed and loaded onto Shama's horse before the sun was fully risen.
    Other people were beginning to shuffle around and chatter was beginning to fill the air. From the other side of the camp a man called for Loralynn.
    "Thank you. Go help your family."
    Maybe now she'd get a moment's peace.
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