The Tale of a Lyrik: Gone in the Darkness

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So, a little about me:
To begin with, I am Marilyn Fae. I am mostly known as Fae, but feel free to call me Marilyn, Marilyn Fae, Mare, Dork, Weirdo, and so on. I'm sure I've been called worse! XD

Anyway, I am 19 years old! I have been role-playing for several years now, and I love it! Before I became a role-player, I always wrote smaller short stories; hence where I got this idea!

See, I started writing this book, but I never got inspired enough to finish it. I just kind of got a block! :( But I have been working on it, and I finally realized how good of a role-play it could be! I'll tell you more about that later if you choose to stay!:) (Which I hope you all do!!)

Anyway, I post at least once a day but unless it's a super busy day or I'm on a trip, I post several times a day. I am in school. Due to previous things that went on in my life, I missed my senior year last year, so I'm doing it this year along with my freshman year of college! So basically I will be VERY bust during the day. I usually am back on around 5 PM central time though and reply until late at night unless I say otherwise!

My Expectations:
I'm honestly not picky about this! Honestly, I know that no one is perfect! Everyone makes mistakes, so as long as your writing is readable and I don't have too much difficulty understanding it, I should be fine!

I do hope to at least get a few paragraphs, at least 2 per reply. I know sometimes that can be hard, and I have difficulty with it also, but as long as we try and we work together it should be fine!

I also love to communicate with my role-play buddies so we can keep in touch! If you have as problem with something I do or vise versa, we should be comfortable enough to talk to the other about it without it being awkward! Which it won't ever be with me!

I highly encourage you to tell me what I can improve on and with your permission I will do the same! It just helps us both become better writers is what I think!:)

In the world, there are two lands. One in which humans roam freely, and another where only certain creatures can see. It still lies within the human walls, but not any ordinary human can see it. Only the few chose ones left. The ones called the Lyriks.

In this world lives various creatures, both good and bad. Werewolves, vampires, witches, merpeople, and nymphs are only a few of the many creatures who roam the land in the city of Lyrimiks Fall.

A teenage girl who thinks that her mother was killed in a car accident finds one day that she had been kidnapped. Her brothers and siblings wake up to find the woman who was suppose to be dead, very alive in front of them.

When the girl is alerted that her father, Bruko, has found out she was still alive, it is up for her and a small group of new friends from the small city/camp to save the entire last races of these creatures hiding in Lyrimiks Fall.

While learning all these new things about herself, Muse A (female) meets Muse B (male) who helps her get through everything and helps her learn to control her powers and techniques. Due to her being one in a million Lyriks left in the world, she is the test 'lab rat' for the camp. She learns different skills she holds within her, and suddenly finds herself falling for the bad boy helping her learn.

Note: I know, I SUCK at explaining plots, but basically I want it to be kind of open so we can decide it together!

Lyrimiks Fall:
This is a small city which consists of various supernatural creatures. The city can only be seen by the eyes of the 'good' supernatural or those under a spell to see the 'other worlds', such as cities like this, the heavens, the underworld, and other places. Surrounding the city is blockaded walls, like a bubble shape. This allows the good in and the bad pass through it and into the next part of the human world. Inside the city, there are various workplaces or training areas. There are also various spots that the 'students' hang out and can have some down time. To your left as you entire Lyrimiks Fall is the dorm rooms. Each person is assigned a dorm with two other roommates, usually of the same sex. The city normally only contains creatures from the ages (human ages) of 7-21. While in the city, the 'students' take three, one and a half hour long classes a day. Training, war, and communication. The rest of the time is spent freely, but is encouraged to practice or take up more skills. There is also the town hall. It consists of the children's dorms, where any child younger than seven stays, the Rulers office, the Rulers bedroom, the cafeteria, and some of the classrooms for spell classes. Surrounding the city on one side is a forest, on another side is the sea, on another side is the high mountains, and the other side is the desert.

Note: If you are interested in this role-play, message me with a sample post of yours and I will send you the definition of a Lyrik and the rest of the information you will need to know.

Thanks! I really hope people like this! :)

Message me or reply here, but either way I'll just ask you to send me a PM! Haha:)
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