The Tail of Two Kitties (Isho13)

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  1. "You can't do this to her dad, you just can't!" There was yelling, screaming, and angry shouts thrown here and there, and then, suddenly, she was picked up by the scruff of her neck and thrown into the carrier that she normally stayed in when ever she had to go visit the vet. A anxious wave of nerves ran through the cat as the thought passed through her mind; was she being taken to the vet? But for what reason? She had only gone a month ago, and she had been perfectly fine, so why again? A loud yowl came from her as she pawed at the cage door that separated her from the man that held onto the carrier and the fifteen year old girl who had tears streaking down her face. "She won't survive out there, and you know she won't. You can't just throw her out like this! She didn't mean to do it!"

    Throw her out? Wait, what?

    "I don't care Lauren," the father's voice rang out, the gruffness and obvious frustration sounded in his tone as he turned his body to face the door, the carrier swaying in his grasp. Mosi's legs trembled as she tried to keep her footing, the hairs on her body standing with ease as she ducked her head and listened to the words that were spoken. "Do you see what that damn cat has done? She's been destroying the house, scratching at everything, and she even attacked your little brother. She's a danger to us all, and you need to realize that!" The voices were loud in clear in Mosi's ears. She could hear the quiet sniffles that came from Lauren, the heavy breathing from the irked Mike, and then the quiet wails that came from above the stairs in the house. She listened intently to the words that were being spoken, growing all the more angry with the man. He never wanted a cat in the house, and he sure as hell never liked her, or at least that was what she believed. Why else would he always kick her out of his room, why would he not allow her on top of his desk while he worked on work from home? The nicest people in the house had been Lauren and Emily, the mother, up until they brought that little human into the house.

    With his loud wails that rang out through the entire night and all through the day, with his constant pleas for attention... How was she supposed to compete with that? No longer had she been allowed, after that baby had come into the picture, to lay in Emily's lap and curl around her legs to sleep as she had her back stroked as well as her ears. No longer had she been able to play with the woman like she had with a few of her toys and no longer had she been allowed to sleep on the couch when ever she would please. All she had left was Lauren, and while she loved the girl's attention and the love she would give, Mosi missed what she used to have. But even now things were different with the girl. She had more friends that she brought to the house and while they would give her attention, eventually they would leave her be after a few moments, though that had become less of an occurrence since that baby had come. Emily's temperament seemed worse then before now. Oh, how tired the woman looked, as well as Mike, the father, though he was less of a concern to the cat.

    "She's not dangerous, dad. Andrew pulled her tail and ears and that's why she attacked him, and she's only been destroying things because we haven't been-"

    "I don't care, Lauren. She is not allowed back in this house, and that's that. No cat is to be around our baby and I refuse for something like this to happen again." Without so much as another word being spoken, Mike walked the necessary steps towards the door before opening it, snatching his arm away from Lauren as she grasped onto this sleeve, and then closed the door behind him quickly. Instantly it was opened back up, however, as Lauren had run out the house, her sobs still in her voice as she continued to try and convince her father to not take Mosi.

    "Something is going to kill her out there." She listed off. "She doesn't know how to survive out on her own. Please dad!" But apparently her words had gone unnoticed. Roughly the carrier was thrown into the backseat of the car, Mosi's body being thrown around before she was able to get her footing back. Her tail flicked, her head swiveled as she started pacing around, mewing all the while. "Shut up!" She flinched as Mike yelled at her, the momentum from the car beginning to move throwing her off balance for a second.

    She couldn't say how long they had been driving for, and Mosi couldn't even say in which direction they were heading, but all she did know was that they weren't heading to the vet. She was without her things and her collar had been stripped from her before she had been thrown into the carrier back at the house. She yowled again as panic started to rise in her. Had she really made a mistake? Had her constant scratches among the couches been too much? Her consistent pawing at any closed doors so that she could be allowed in there been too much? Had drawing blood from that baby been too much? More than likely, yes. But how could she be blamed for this? Now that the baby was mobile he was even more of a bother. While the previous months of him just being docile and always being cradled within the gasp of Mike and Emily had become accustomed to Mosi, she could not take it when he started to crawl. When he had the opportunity to, he followed her. When given the opportunity to, he would pull at her fur and yank on her tail. His mouth would go around her ear and the others would do no such thing to even stop him, well except for Lauren of course. Emily called it cute while Mike would scoff and make a comment about him not wanting the baby around the animal. But it had become too much for her. The weight of the baby had changed, and after he toppled over on her earlier that day, his hand grabbing at her tail when he rolled off her, she couldn't take it anymore. She hissed, growled, and then took a swipe at the baby's face, her claws scratching against his forehead. Blood had been drawn, and that was when all hell broke loose.

    The car had finally pulled to a stop, the surrounding area dark in her eyes. Suddenly the sound of Mike getting out the car was heard in her ears, but just as suddenly the door to the back of the car had been opened and the carrier was picked back up. "This will show you..." The carrier was placed on the ground in the alley as he opened the door up, walked away, and then got back into the car.

    With widened eyes and with her tail tucked in between her legs, Mosi scurried her way out of the carrier before turning in the direction where she knew the car had been parked. Never mind how she didn't know this place. Never mind that odd smells were coursing through her nose in that moment, but, as soon as the lights from the car beamed in her eyes, she panicked. The car backed away from it's spot and eventually left the cat's sight. She tried to follow it. She ran down the sidewalk, her paws scraping against the concrete, before she could no longer keep up. Her breath came out in pants as she stopped. He left her. He was gone... She swiveled her head back and forth, cars passing on the road beside her, causing her to flinch back and move over towards the brick wall of a building. There weren't to many people walking around, though the sounds around here were enough to scare her. Where was she? How could he leave her like that?
  2. The stench of the trash can he had just jumped on was hard to stand, but there was still some chance of finding something edible inside of it. Blizzard's food sources were varied. Sometimes he'd hunt a small animal, an innocent bird at the park, or a mouse that couldn't see him soon enough to escape. Sometimes he'd play nice, and show up at a restaurant's back door, purring and rubbing his head on the restaurant's staff's legs, so they would give him some food out of pity. But tonight he seemed to be out of luck, so retorted to his last resource: trash.

    It took him three tries, but in the end, Blizzard managed to knock down the trash can by jumping against it. He didn't make much of a mess, since all the bags were carefully closed, and he scratched them until he could rip them open to take a look at its contents. The stench making his hunger recede a bit, he sniffed the different things he found in the trash, using his paw to move things out on the way, until he found something that resembled the leftovers of lunch. Trying to not breathe through his nose so he didn't have nausea, he started eating, happy for finally having something to eat that day.

    He didn't pay much attention to the cars and people passing by, already used to the city's varied noises. He was starting to feel satiated, when a car that parked a few meters ahead of him caught his attention. A man came out of the car, taking a pet carrier with him. He left the carrier open on the ground, and went away in the car. A cat with reddish brown fur that seemed well taken care of, came out of the carrier and attempted to chase after the car, but failed inevitably.

    Blizzard let out a sigh, and shook his head in disapproval. He knew that humans abandoning his pets was something that happened with surprising frequency, but witnessing the abandonment act itself was rare. He started walking towards the cat, who was now closer to the brick wall next to them, apparently afraid of the cars that passed by.

    'You've been abandoned, kid?' his deep voice was loud enough to reach the other cat's ears. His big size, his long, dirty fur making him seem even bigger, and the frown ever present on his face, made him look quite menacing for a cat.
  3. How could he just leave her out here like this? How could he have just abandoned her in such a way? What was Lauren feeling at the moment? Had this been the reason as to why she had seemed to be in so much pain back at the house? Because she knew what her father was going to do and she had been unable to stop it? Her anger for the man had only increased, toppled over the level of anger that she held within her body, though her growing pity and worry for the Lauren continued to increase. Lauren was the only one that had cared. She was the only one that tried to stop him. Emily had done nothing. No, she was so fixated with the baby... She should have attacked one of them, namely Mike. Maybe then she wouldn't have been stuck in this situation, or maybe she would have.

    Her body trembled as she stood in her place, her eyes watching the cars that passed down the street. What if he was going to come back for her? All she had to do was wait, right? Mosi pushed herself against the wall even more as a pair of feet walked passed her, her eyes looking up at the person to see if they would pay attention to her. Nothing. The woman continued to talk on her phone as her heels clicked against the concrete. Nobody cared that she was there. The stench that filled her nose indicated that there were others there, or at the very least that other animals had walked across this ground at some point within the last few hours at least, but that worried her. She could not fend for herself should someone want to fight. She had never had to deal with the troubles of other animals because as long as she could remember she had been alone, only in a house full of humans. But that was what she preferred. It was what she liked and what she was used to. This was not what she was used to!

    The hairs on the back of her nape stood as a voice rang out to her, her tail puffing out as she turned in the direction to look at the voice that had spoken to her, the sight of a burly, dirty cat coming into her view. He looked upset, more than likely upset to have her here. She flattened her ears on her head as she took a couple steps back. "W-Who are you?" She questioned, avoiding the question that her presented to her. No, she hadn't been abandoned. She didn't want to admit to that. No, of course not. He just... Forgot her. He would be back; he had to come back for her. "Just leave, okay? I'm not here to pick a fight." She snorted lightly. "I'm just waiting for someone, so go back to what ever hole you crawled out of."
  4. Looking for entertainment, Blizzard liked to peer into people's houses, and to be more specific, their living rooms every once in a while. Despite what humans would think, animals could understand their language well enough, even if they couldn't pronounce their words out loud. This allowed him to enjoy the same movies and TV series humans liked to watch. The cat before him... Her voice reminded him of the female protagonists from silly movies for women, who were delicate and feminine; their voices high-pitched and sweet, but a bit irritating.

    He yawned, unimpressed with the cat's try to be menacing, and didn't bother answering right away. Taking slow steps, he walked in a semicircle to the opposite side of the cat, always looking at her. 'I'm not here to pick a fight either. But you don't seem to have someone to wait for. You were kicked out, how pathetic.' He sat down, and seemed to be relaxing, except for the point of his tail that was moving back and forth, showing he was ready to attack if she tried to get violent. 'And asking for a cat's name without giving yours first is something only a cat with very bad manners would do. But... The name's Blizzard.'
  5. With her back hunched as her eyes continued to stay on the male, the sudden spike of irritated started within the cat as she listened to his words. Ill mannered and pathetic? What seemed like a little bit of a growl came from Mosi's lips as she pushed her butt against the back of the brick wall, the stone material scratching against her backside, however that was the least of her concerns at the moment. Her eyes flicked down to look at the male's tail that twitched back and forth, letting her know that should she do anything he would be ready to strike. And while the thought worried her greatly, at least, she figured, he wasn't just out right attacking her like she thought he would. Wasn't that how all street cats were supposed to act? Feral and without a sane mind? Territorial, for their own right, and down right rude?

    "You know nothing of me," she spoke back to him finally. Had she ever seen a street cat in her life? Not that she could remember, though it would be a lie to say that she had really ever seen another cat for that matter unless it was stuck in the box of the tv. The only time she had been around other cats, besides the time she spent with her own, original, family with her three brother and two sister and her mother, had been when she would go to the vet, however she was less inclined to count those animals. After all, she had always been stuck in her kennel before she would be taken to one of the back rooms. "So how dare you call me pathetic and ill mannered, and how dare you even begin to say that I was kicked out. I was not! He'll be back, and I know he will." Blizzard, he had mentioned his name being. He didn't seem like a blizzard in her eyes, however she let the thought be. Maybe the white patches of his fur used to be as white as a blizzard would look, however she had a hard time believing that. "I'm not like you. I have a home and I have a place to stay and I am not a dirty street cat who knows no better." She narrowed her eyes a bit, not willing to give up her name. "Just go back to your trash can; I don't need you here."
  6. Getting up from the ground, Blizzard looked away from the cat in front of him. She was irritated because he was supposing things, but her own words were full with prejudice too. And she was getting so worked up over so few words... It was clear she grew up too pampered, and wasn't used to some verbal teasing nor being criticized. He started walking back to the trash can he had been eating from before. His walking lacked the elegance that was usually attributed to cats, and he looked far from majestic. Instead, his walking seemed rough and heavy, even if his paws were as silent as a cat's could be.

    'And you go back to your place then, since you weren't kicked out. I heard a storm is coming this way; it'll probably rain later this night.' He said in a grunt, not bothering looking at her. By the time he got back to the trash can, he realized he wasn't hungry any more. Laziness taking over his body, he curled up about a meter away from the trash can, and lied down to take a nap. Naps were mandatory after food. But it'd have to be a short one. He wasn't lying when he mentioned the storm, and soon he'd have to look for a place to stay during the night.
  7. Mosi's body stiffened all the more as Blizzard got up, her first thought being that he was about to strike, however when he instead turned and started walking away from her, she couldn't help but let out a little sigh. Though her body had not relaxed, at least he was no longer going to bother her, or so she thought anyway. His words rang through her ears, and again she did not want to admit that she had been kicked out an abandoned by the people that she had been living with for five years now. They wouldn't do that to her. They were smarter than that, and, eventually, they would begin to miss her. This was just some sort of punishment for her because of swiping at the baby. Everything would go back to normal soon, right?

    Without so much as muttering another word to the male, she watched as he walked off, her eyes bouncing with the steps he took with his odd gait. It seemed as if he was uncomfortable from the way he walked, but Mosi quickly pushed the thought aside and looked back and forth on the sidewalk. Patience. That was what she needed now. Eventually Mike or Emily would come back to get her, and then that would be that.

    When she was left by her lonesome, she could not say how long she had stood there for, watching as the cars would pass by as well as the people that would walk passed her. She would cry and yowl to try and get their attention, however only a few people had even given her a little glance though not caring in the least bit. These were not like the people she had seen walking on the sidewalks of the neighborhood that her family lived in. Children would often run through the yards and streets, nice cars would pass by, and people were generally friendly with one another both young and old. There were no odd smells like this, herself only knowing that because every so often, especially during the summer, Emily would raise the windows to let a bit of fresh air into the house. To be honest, Mosi loved days like those. When she could just sit in the window sill and have the breeze run through the screen on the window and blow through her fur. She could watch birds sit on the bird feeder that had been placed in front of her favorite window, and often times she would hear Emily and Lauren chuckle to themselves as they would watch her, always saying something about the birds being 'cat tv' for her.

    Her tail flicked at the thought before a sort of depression sank through her. Hours had passed, or so it seemed, an no one had come back. Clouds had rolled through the sky, low rumbles of thunder going off in the distance. That cat had been right; there was going to be a storm soon. It could be smelled in the air even, though the fact only seemed to worry Mosi more, because where was she supposed to go? She had no roof over her head. She could not hide under the bed or curl into Lauren's lap when a storm would roll around because, in all honesty, it scared her. Even now her legs trembled, though for so many different reasons that swam through her body. She started pacing up and down the sidewalk, never venturing too far from the ally that her carrier had been set in because, she figured, if anyone would come back they would check there, right? The little pebbles that were on the ground were beginning to pinch at her paws, making her wince and grimace.

    Another sound of thunder as the sky darkened as the day wore on and as the clouds rolled in. They weren't coming back, were they? She gulped at the thought before her body started to tremble. Why was she ending up like this? The rain started to come shortly after, and after getting pelted with a few drops, Mosi quickly bolted into the ally with her head ducked and want into the carrier that was still in its same place. While there were holes lined on the sides of the carrier, at least the majority of it was covered. Hardly any rain came down on her, though some dropped through the holes on the side. She had to wait now, right? That was all she could do... Right? She curled herself into a ball and laid her head down as she looked at the outside.
  8. The sound of the first thunders that reached his ears woke Blizzard up from a dreamless slumber. His ears turning in the direction the thunders were coming from, he grumbled some swearing words and reluctantly got up. He needed to find a shelter soon, unless he wanted to spend the rest of the night with his fur dripping wet, and the wind sending cold waves over his body.

    The cat he had met before no longer present in his mind any more, he started walking towards a nearby house. In said house lived a man who wasn't exactly friendly. A chaotic divorce and the impossibility to see his children as a result from this, had left him bitter, resentful, and hateful at life in general. His only company was a medium sized, mixed breed dog, who unless he was called inside to play for a while, had to spend his time in his doghouse, in a small backyard. The man's bad character had brushed off on the dog. The first time Blizzard went into the backyard, wanting to explore, he had been attacked by that savage of a dog. But the dog and himself were almost the same size, and it didn't take long for Blizzard to tame the dog by force. Each time he came back, the dog attacked him again, and Blizzard would win and then do whatever he wanted, as he had earned it. Now they had some kind of mutual, but silent agreement. If Blizzard won, he had the right to sleep in the dog's doghouse, with our without him it didn't matter. The day Blizzard lost, was going to be the day the dog could kick him out of the backyard, and then he'd never return.

    Without much effort, as he was used to this, he climbed a tree, then walked down a branch, and jumped from there onto one of the backyard's walls. Then he jumped on a nearby pile of bricks, and then it was an easy walk to get to the ground. His eyes scanned the place briefly, until he locked gazes with the dog. Blizzard started walking towards him, already hearing some low growls leaving the doghouse. He was about to jump forward and strike, when he heard the house's back door being flung open. Both himself and the dog flinched in surprise. The splash of water that came towards him failed to hit him by mere centimetres, thanks to him quickly jumping back to get out of the way. The dog made little whining noises when a few water droplets landed on his face.

    'So you're the one always attacking my dog! Go away little piece of shit!' the owner of the house was shouting at the top of his lungs, standing in the doorway, holding a plastic bucket half full with water. Without any warning, he threw the remaining water trying to hit Blizzard, but the cat managed to get away, using the same way that he used for getting into the backyard.

    He walked without trying to get anywhere in particular. As soon as he got out from that place, rain started to pour over him, so now he wasn't in a hurry to find a shelter. He hated water, and thunders scared him a little, flinching every time one of those sounded loud up in the sky, but getting all worked up over it would only make it worse. If one got desperate, then things were destined to come out wrong. He went all the way back to the trash can where he had dinner without realizing it, and walked into a nearby alley. Seeing a strange object in front of him, he raised his gaze. It was the pet carrier he had seen before, and the cat he had met earlier was resting inside. "Oh, I had forgotten about her. Even in abandonment, her previous owners left her a carrier so she wouldn't have to suffer from wind and rain before someone else adopts her. Too bad this isn't a place where people usually do charity for stray animals." He thought, looking at her with sadness in his eyes.

    Looking to his right, he saw a weird metallic object popping out of a wall. He didn't know what it was exactly, but he knew it had something to do with the heating systems humans used for their houses. Or in this case, apartment in a building. He walked up to it and, after seeing it constantly let out a bit of warm air, he curled up and lied just under it. He was getting more and more wet as rain didn't stop, but at least his back was warm.
  9. Her back and tail twitched as periodic drops of rain would slip through the holes of the carrier and land on her back, causing a sort of irritation to run through her body. While Mosi didn't necessarily mind the rain or water for that matter, she could not deny how bothersome it was to think that the rain was wetting her fur. She thought about reaching around behind her to lap it up with her rough tongue, however she decided against the decision and stayed in her curled up state. It made her feel a little more protected, in a way. Made her think that if she stayed curled up as tightly as she could that the thunder would stop and soon she would be back in her home. Perhaps this was just a bad dream that she had yet to wake from. A very vivid dream, yes, and not like her normal dreams that consisted of her in her normal every day life. All she had to do was close her eyes and she would wake up.

    She had tried that thought of hers. She closed her eyes and willed the noises around her to go away, yet they did not. The consistent pattering of the rain as it pelted against her carrier could be heard, streaks of light lighting up the area as lightening would strike, and shortly after a clap of thunder would sound. When Mosi opened her eyes back up only to see that she was still in her same position, she couldn't help but let out a sigh, her breath quivering as her throat tightened a bit with emotions. What was she supposed to do? She had no survival instincts that she knew of because while she had learned to pounce and sneak on object and toys that her humans gave her, they were not real prey, nothing that she could really eat. She had no idea how to scavenge for food.. .Speaking of food, where would she even obtain any? All the while she had grown used to a schedule that her family had given her; eating one meal in the morning and then one in the evening with food that she had been given since she was a kitten. Though it had grown redundant, at least it was something and it wasn't terribly bad, especially when they would occasionally throw in a little bowl of tuna for her as a snack during the day. But that was no more.

    Another flinch came to her body when another sound of thunder passed back, causing Mosi to close her eyes once again. She just wanted to be back home. She just wanted to be safe again... When she opened her eyes back up, her eyes caught a sight of white that passed her line of vision. She narrowed her eyes a bit at the sight before she followed it, her eyes soon widening when she saw that it was the male, Blizzard, that she had come across earlier that day. With his hair sunken in and wet from the rain, she could still see how big he was in general, how dirty his fur still looked, however he did look more slim. How could he keep his size out on these streets? But there was a little bit of a pity that came to her when she looked at him curled up under some contraption in the rain. Surely he could become sick from that, right? But there seemed to be nothing else in the area, and she surely wasn't going to give up her own little piece of shelter from the rain, nor could both of their bodies fit into the thing least they be squished and cramped together. "Why are you out in the rain like that, Blizzard?" She finally spoke up a bit loudly, trying to compete with the rain as she raised her head a bit, her eyes peering at him continually. "Isn't there any other place for you to go, so that you won't be so wet?" She grimaced at her words. Why be concerned over him? Apparently he had been doing well enough for himself. "Unless, of course, you like the rain."
  10. Having nothing better to do, Blizzard tried his best to focus all his attention on the only nice thing about his current situation, the warmth on his back, and fall asleep. Much to his disappointment, he felt extremely uncomfortable with all his fur wet and sticking to his skin. Each wave of cold that came with the light wind, and the loud thunders that accompanied the storm, woke him up more every time they made themselves present. His body going against his will, he started shivering, knowing he'd feel a bit ill later. He was caught in his effort to sleep, when this time he was interrupted by a female voice that was speaking to him.

    He glanced to his side, his eyes barely open, but it was enough to see the female cat, talking to him from the carrier. Was that pity what he heard in her voice? Great... He sighed before speaking, raising his voice in order to be heard above the rain. "Of course I have another place to go. But sometimes I like to leave my warm manor, filled with beautiful women and pussies that obey my every command and cater all of my wishes, because I prefer spending my time out in the rain, dying a bit of cold, and with a rare but existent possibility of a lightening landing on my tail." Despite his obvious sarcasm, he sounded more like he was joking, rather than having malice present in his voice.

    He looked down to the ground, staring at the little pool of water forming under him from all the rain dripping down his wet fur. He sighed again, and spoke to himself, unable to know if the female cat could hear him now. "I hate rain..."
  11. Mosi's eyes narrowed as her tail twitched before she rolled her eyes and turned her head to look away. Why had she expected to get an actual response from the male, rather than the sarcastic answer that she had been greeted with? But his response only served to make her miss home all the more as he mentioned a manor with people catering to his every will. While she herself hadn't asked for much back at home, except the occasional time when she would demand the attention and affection that she sought out from her people, she could not deny the notion that she had been pampered and happy. And spoiled, if she wanted to be honest, because she did not have to deal with this. She had always been warm, had always been fed, and always had the company of others unless the humans would go off for a trip for a few days. But, at least, they always left her a good amount of food. And every time they would come back to the house they, or Emily and Lauren rather, would brush her, make sure she hadn't eaten too much of her food to make her throw up around the house somewhere, and then they would play with her until she was tuckered out.

    Despite his tone, however, she still wished in a little way that she could help him. It was more so out of pity, and even she knew that, however she also knew that there was nothing she could do. She was not willing to give up her carrier for a cat that she hardly knew, and, again, she reminded herself that there was no room for the two of them to cramp themselves into. Besides, if they tried to do that it would only serve no purpose because of the state that his fur was in at the moment. With sopping wet and drenching his body, she could only imagine the amount of water that would pool into the carrier, unable to escape. He would be no drier, however he would probably be no wetter, but it would only serve to get her wetter and she did not want that. The dampness of her fur was already bothersome enough.

    "It was only a simple question," she muttered, just barely loud enough to be heard over the rain and thunder that rattled. She stiffened her form a bit as she curled herself once again, resting her hand against her paws as she tried her best to trap in any amount of heat that she could. "Become sopping wet with rain if you must; it's not my problem anyway." There was obvious frustration in her voice, however she knew that it was unfair to place the emotion to the male when he had done nothing to her. She just found, now, that sorrow turning into anger and there was no one and nothing else for her to spring it upon other than him. Her ears pointed back as the thoughts continued to seep with her mind. Maybe tomorrow her people would come back and find her. After seeing the storm that was billowing through the town, maybe they would feel bad enough to come after her and then she would be able to leave this hell hole. That thought was enough to relax her into a state that allowed her to close her eyes and let a little bit of sleep overcome her, however not enough to put her into a deep sleep that she so wished to have.
  12. Blizzard spent the next couple of hours damning his luck, and getting startled by every thunder that roared across the sky. Finally, the exhaustion he felt from not being able to sleep, made him numb enough to the cold that he felt down to his bones, and to the noises surrounding him, and he fell into a deep slumber. The wet feel on his skin, and the noise of the rain that, even when asleep, reached his ears, brought painful memories to the surface, and his sleep was filled with nightmares.

    He woke up at sunrise, his whole body shaking, but unable to tell if this was because of the cold or his night terrors. He came out of his sleep with his ears standing still and his claws scratching the ground under him, feeling alarmed. When he remembered where he was, he relaxed a bit, and groaned when he felt every muscle in his body aching. Having spent the whole night in tension, now his body was tired as if he had spent all of those hours running a marathon. He looked around, and was satisfied to see there were no clouds trying to hide the fact that the sun was claiming his place in the sky, and it wasn't raining any more. If it wasn't for the unpleasant sensation left on his fur by the water, he'd think the rain had been part of his nightmares too.

    Nature had forced a bath on him, and as much as he hated it, he would take as much advantage of it as he could. The water had washed off the stench from looking for food in the trash, and with some dedicated attention to his fur, he could look almost decent. With this in mind, he began licking his fur, brushing it with his tongue. After all, cute cats were the ones that could easily receive food from people at restaurants, and he wouldn't mind getting to eat something nice today.

    After a while, he noticed by the side of his eye, the carrier that was left in the alley the day before. Remembering the female cat, and part because of pity, part because of curiosity, he walked up to the carrier and took a look inside, to see if she was okay.
  13. There had been a few times when she had woken up in the middle of the night. Whether it had been from a loud thunder that would seem to shake the ground, or even if it was just a sudden gust of wind that threaded through her fur enough to cause a shiver, and droplets of rain, to run though and over her body. It hadn't been a good night. And add on her consistent worry over her family and over her own life in general she was turning into a mess, or a wreck more like it. Her family hadn't come back to get her. Her carrier hadn't been carried away to a car to be brought back home, and still her collar was no longer wrapped around her neck loosely to show that she had a family. There was a part of her that knew it was safe to say that all hope was lost in them finding her, and that she had royally screwed everything up for herself, but there was an even bigger part of her that didn't want to admit it. She didn't want to admit that she had been the one to do something wrong.

    By the time the rain had stopped the sun had begun to rise over the horizon, but, funny enough, that was the time when Mosi had come to terms with herself and let real sleep consume her body again. This time there was at least no rain or thunder or even lightening to rouse her from her sleep. Just the light that was slowly beginning to break through the clouds as the morning was soon coming to day, however she could ignore that. The sun may even be a bit welcomed, if it would provide her any warmth that was.

    Her head was tucked under one of her paws and her tail was curled around her body as she kept herself at the back of the carrier as best as she could. The little bed that she had been provided that didn't leave the confinement of the carrier had grown slightly damp from the moisture in the air, as well as from the rain that had slipped into her confinement. But, generally, the spot she had lain in was kept dry from her body keeping cover over to the spot. But as the sun had finally made itself visible and made itself known to the world, something roused Mosi from her sleep and it wasn't from the brightness that the rays dropped down on her. The sound of cars shooting their way down the street to their destination could be heard and the scuffling of feet from people walking about could also be heard in her ears as they flickered this way and that. But there was a sound in front of her made her open her eyes, her sight blurry for a few seconds. A mound of white and orange appeared in her vision until it had cleared away and her mind had lost the fog of sleep. Blizzard. He was still there.

    But his presence still shocked her nevertheless, causing her to rise suddenly from the position that she laid in. The sudden movement had been too quick for her to realize that the carrier wasn't that tall, causing her to bump her head against the top of it before she quickly ducked her head down, grimacing as a pain started to form there. "What do you want? Could you not see that I was sleeping?" The hairs on her back stood as she pointed her eyes to the male. "And you say that I have no manners." She shook her head, snorting to herself lightly.
  14. As soon as Blizzard peered inside the carrier, the female cat woke up startled. He had to look away, over his shoulder, and force his mouth shut so he wouldn't laugh out loud at her clumsiness. He turned around again, to look at her in the eye as he spoke. Now that the rain and bad dreams had passed, and since at that very moment he wasn't hungry, he seemed more relaxed than last night. His facial expression still made him look grumpy though. 'I couldn't see that because I didn't spend the whole night spying on you. Since I do have manners, I just came over a second ago to check out if you were fine alright after that storm. Animals who grew up sheltered by humans tend to be fearful of storms.'

    He glanced at both of his sides, and saw that the two were still alone, and the people passing by, out of the alley, payed them no mind. Tilting his head, he spoke again. He didn't want to put the obvious to words, but maybe it'd help the cat to come to terms with it. 'I see no one came back looking for you. Still hoping they'll come to pick you up, or are you ready to accept you belong to the streets now?'
  15. Mosi felt as if she should feel some type of gratitude towards the male because of the little bit of concern, or at least so she thought, over her. At least he had the decency to see if she was alright after the storm because, to be honest, she couldn't say if she would do the same. However she also knew that she would not be the same cat had she lived on the streets like this male obviously has, though his actions still made her question his character. While he looked grumpy and upset at everything he did not act as such, something that surprised Mosi if only because she thought street cats held a sort of disdain towards any and everything because their life was so unfair. Because they were never pampered like cats who had homes and people to take care of them. But this male seemed well enough. He did not seem to be starving nor to be going mad with anger. She almost felt as if she should admire Blizzard for that fact, however she didn't allow herself to feel such a way. It was a pointless feeling because she never wanted to have to experience the things that he more than likely has had to deal with throughout his life.

    Unfortunately, though, it only seemed as if she would be subject to his ways of life. Because his words were right, as much as she did not want to admit them. Her people were not coming to look for her, and she should stop hoping for such. "I don't belong to these streets," she stated adamantly as she shook her head. "I, apparently, don't belong to anyone anymore." She set her eyes down to the bottom of her carrier as she spoke those words softly, her ears flicking again as she laid back down. "I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I don't know how to survive out here. I am not a street cat like you; I'm a house cat, and that's how I was supposed to spend my entire life as." She finally turned to look at Blizzard again. She still did hope that her people would come back, but that was only wishful thinking. "I don't know why I'm saying any of this to you, because I doubt if you really care. You have your own life to worry about."
  16. Blizzard listened to the cat paying close attention, feeling another wave of pity hit his gut. He lied down, so he didn't look as intimidating as usual, and waited until she was done talking. Seeing how she had always been defensive and alerted from the very first moment, he thought maybe she had what it took to make the transition from house cat to street cat. She only needed some education. "I think you're telling me this because you need to vent. And that's alright, helps relieve some tension."

    As a bit of worry crept to his voice, his ears lowered against his head, and his face softened a little bit. "I care. And I want to help. I kn--" He was about to say something else, but stopped himself in his tracks. In his attempt to win her trust, he almost told her a bit of personal information she didn't need to know. She knew his name, and that was enough. Taking in a breath, he continued. "I don't like seeing pets abandoned by humans, whatever the reason for the abandonment was. If the pet in question did something bad, he'd be considered dangerous and put down. Pets who are abandoned are more often than not kicked out because of minor mistakes, or in a human's whim. That's unfair."

    Blizzard took a good look at her, with his intense gaze trying to determine the cat's age. She seemed to be an adult, yet younger than himself. "I was thinking I could take you to a bitch who takes care of some abandoned pets, but I think you're too old for the age range that she accepts. No offence meant."
  17. "None taken," Mosi spoke, giving him a shrug of her shoulders to his off handed words. "But, I don't think I could have someone else take care of me, regardless of whether or not my family will come back for me. I just seems... Wrong." Almost as if she was betraying her own family by having someone else take her in. But why should she feel bad about that, given what they had done to her? They left her in the streets to fend for herself, even after the pampered life she had grown used to. Did they honestly believe that she would be able to get attuned to her natural 'instincts' by being by her lonesome. She shook her head at the thought and turned to look back at the male, catching the still intense gaze that he was giving her, as well as the fact that he had now laid down. His other words bounced around in her head, him having mentioned that he hated to see animals abandoned for usually no good reason. It was still hard for her to discern whether or not her reason for being kicked out was good.

    She continued to stay in her laid down position, her head resting against her paws as she started to listen to the other sounds that were going on around them. "How do you survive out here?" She finally asked after moments of pondering in her own thoughts and staying silent for the time being. "Obviously, and I don't mean offense by this," because, she figured, she had no right to be rude to him when he hadn't done anything wrong to her during the moments that they had spoken, "you have been a street cat for a while and I can tell that just from your appearance. Except you aren't as scrawny or weak and I assumed most were. Apparently you are doing something right, and you are still alive and seeming to be well. Do you stay around this area, or do you travel around, not from here but you've just found your way to this place in your... Travels?"
  18. Tilting his head, Blizzard replied "I don't understand, but I can respect that." when she said making someone else take care of her would feel wrong. Sensing her distress, he stayed in respectful silence, giving her space and time to meditate over her thoughts. While his gaze lingered on her, without realizing it he got distracted and just kept waiting for her to speak up, looking in her general direction. When he finally heard her voice again, his whole body tensed up in alarm, but soon relaxed. "This girl puts way too much time into thinking. She'll have to learn how to think quicker and react faster." He thought to himself.

    "My appearance? Well, sorry for not being the sensual Puss in Boots with Antonio Bandera's voice." he joked with a small laugh. Maybe he couldn't put the voice to a 3D animated cat hero, but his deep and harsh voice seemed ideal for a movie's villain. "You're assuming bad. Many street animals like me are doing just fine out there. Seeing I can't take you to this bitch I told you about before, I guess I should at least give you an introduction class to living on the streets. But if I'm going to have a student... At least I'd like to know her name." He didn't like the fact that she knew his name but it wasn't the case the other way around. He didn't want to make her close herself to contact again by calling her rude, but he still thought not introducing herself was bad manners.
  19. Despite herself, when he compared himself to the Puss in Boots that she had remembered seeing a few times on the television, Mosi couldn't help but snort out a hint of a laugh. Just one of those nights when she stayed cuddled with Lauren on her bed while the girl watched the movie, more than likely her having been a little under the weather and she just wanted to relax and get well, had she seen the animated cat try and twiddle his way out and through trouble. But that was only an assumption on Mosi's part. After all, the girl didn't generally just sit around, or at least now, unless she had just got done with some homework or wasn't feeling that well. Her tail flicked at the thought of her family again, and while she wished to push their overbearing thoughts out of her mind, she was still unable to. But nevertheless she perked her ears to the words that Blizzard spoke. So he would help her, or teach her rather, so that she wouldn't die on the first full day out on these streets? It was a tempting offer, one that she would probably be a fool to turn down given her situation, yet there was still this apprehension about the ordeal.

    But, at this point, what all did she really have to lose other than her life? And he may be the one able to help her keep it. "Sorry for assuming that all street animals are vile creatures, but it's something that has been embedded into my head for a while now." Or, rather, it had just been her own personal thought. Occasionally she remembered seeing stray dogs walk through the neighborhood that she used to live in, however from the vantage point of her favorite window she had also noticed that people with nets and ropes would come around periodically and capture those dogs, or even just animals, that had no tags and no home. Too many people had complained about them, something she had heard in a conversation with Emily and Mike. Something about those animals being unsanitary, coming from Mike, and that they could be a danger to people, especially the kids, that would play and run around. "Your kind isn't very well liked where I'm from."

    She finally stood from her positioned and stretched her body before she shook her head and turned her eyes back to Blizzard, her head hunched down and her back slightly bent in order to still stand, awkwardly at best, in the carrier. There was a bit of a hesitance before she finally decided to speak up again. "I'm Mosi." Nodding her head for just that one second, she took a breath. "So you'll really help me with this? Or at least teach me a little of what it's like to live in the streets? I'm afraid that I have little to no knowledge at all about it. I'm afraid to say, but I think my 'natural instincts' of a cat have dwindled down into nothing."
  20. Blizzard only nodded in reply, acknowledging and accepting the female's apology for her prejudices. He kept staring at her, analysing her. Not only was her fur and body in impeccable state, she also mentioned stray animals aren't liked in the place she came from. Telling from his experience, in most of the city, one couldn't generalize if people appreciated or despised the animals that lived on the streets. It was something that depended on the person. If the hate towards the animals was installed in all the place as a whole... Then she was from one of those fairly fancy neighbourhoods, who could afford to spare enough resources to clear the streets from unwanted animals... and sometimes humans too.

    'Mosi? Sounds like the kind of name humans tend to give us. Humans most of the time insist on calling me 'Fluffy'. Unnerving.' He commented after finally getting to know her name, which just added more fuel to his previous thoughts. Too pampered for his liking. If she said her natural instincts had faded as a whole, he better believed her, because it was the most plausible result from spending a life like that. He sighed in his thoughts, trying not to let his face adopt a tired expression. He hoped at least she was intelligent or had a decent amount of wits, otherwise making her adapt to life out on the streets was going to be extremely complicated, unless...

    'Yeees, I could help you with this...' he started talking, not sure of how to continue without his words making an impact in the wrong direction. '...but first, I have a small suggestion. You don't have to accept if you don't want to. You're a cat who's accustomed to living in a house with a human family, I'm guessing you have good manners among them. You're relatively young, healthy, and cute. I bet many humans would love to adopt you.'

    Blizzard threw the suggestion out there, not really feeling the need to voice "Do you want to look for a new family?". He hoped Mosi wouldn't consider the facts he just stated as compliments for trying to get to convince her by flattering. 'Of course, if you don't want to replace your old family, I understand.'
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