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  1. Winter was always cold and gloomy. The daylight disappeared too soon, throwing everyone into darkness. Earlier that day, she ran through the town, to buy some more medicine for her father, nearly getting run over by some high and mighty on a horse but with a short apology and an even shorter curtsy just so she could get going, she left without a second glance back. The incident disappearing from her mind the moment she entered the shop and was welcomed with the soothing aroma of herbs. Little did the young woman know her life would take turn from cold winter darkness to flames of misery.

    The quiet night was set into chaos as flames licked the stone and everything that was confined within the walls, screams piercing the air. She only heard the butcher's wife franticly shouting down from her window at the street for anyone to gather water and, run and help to put out the fire in the Porter's house. She was shocked, frozen in place just like her hot breath in front of her. Fire in her home? How? Only when the man next to her pulled on her hand to get her moving, she ran. She ran as fast as she could but she was not fast enough. By the time she arrived, the glass has all burst outwards from the heat, the painful shrieks of the people inside long gone, brave men have ventured in, trying to save whoever was still alive. The boy she has met by the church, for late night, secret almost innocent fondling, young love that would not last, had to hold her strongly in his arms as tragedy hit home and she collapsed into the snow, praying to the one God everyone survived. Alas, it was not so. The brave men were only able to save her father already weak from the illness he was battling for months now. In one night, she was robbed of the house she grew up in, her life and everything she knew. Her father and the girl were immediately transported to the Bassets' house who owned the herbal shop. She used to help there in summer, collecting plants they needed in the fields, or taking care of their garden at the back. Also, mister Basset was as close to rural doctor as one could get.

    "Rose," said the wife of mister Basset on the night of the fourth day. "Your father might not last long." She spoke straightforwardly but kindly. "We don't have the necessary medicine nor the finance and I know this will sound harsh but...I am not sure we will be able to have you around anymore." Genuine regret showed on the elder woman's face. She emphasized with the young woman more than anyone could know. She was a dear girl, intelligent and so caring. Her father was a worthy man, having accomplished so much in the town. "I understand, misses Basset." Rose replied, looking at her folded hands that rested on her lap. She could not rely on one family's good will for eternity, even if she slaved away in the house. "Child, trust me. I wish you could stay but with three children of our own..." "Do not worry, misses Basset." Rose quickly reassured the only friend she has found after the tragedy, cold hand reaching to join with her current patron. Gentle, yet tired smile settling on Rose's features. "I only ask you keep my father. I will go and seek the funds you need." She added, knowing there was one option she had left. The boy she was thinking she fell in love with has not come to see her since that night. He was of lower birth and now she understood what her mama meant when she said that the boy was with her only for the fortune her family had. Just the memory of her mother stabbed at her heart strongly, eyes quickly filling with tears as she averted her gaze. She cried so much over the past few days it was a wonder how she could still have any tears left.

    The next day, dressed in an old black dress from her patron, the other dress safely stored in a luggage also given to her out of charity, Rose bid goodbye to the good people of the Basset family as she went to sit on the front of the butcher's cart. He had a delivery to make for the nobles of this town. "A new maid is always needed there as far as I've heard." The man said as they bumped along the road towards the large mansion still a way away. Rose only nodded and offered a gentle smile. Not that many people in the town knew the story. Rose's beauty and somewhat aristocratic feature were always attributed to her mother's genes and their crystallization to perfection in Rose but she always believed some of the blue blood her mother had was passed down onto her. Yes, her grandmother has once had an affair with the previous head of the house of this noble family. That man went into great lengths to help her family along which was the reason why they were gradually lifted to middle class, able to afford two servants, to cement their status. Truth was, however, that Rose has never spoken to anyone from there. Even though money did not stop coming, only in smaller amounts, when the noble man got older, they were never visited nor did they visit them. Bastard children and their bloodlines were still largely ignored and sometimes still even shunned in the society so Rose's family took anything it received from their secret patrons.

    Jumping down from the front of the cart onto the slippery ground, Rose carefully walked around and approached the butler who was overseeing the delivery. "Sir, could I ask to see his lordship?" She asked as politely as she could not losing her refined and confident demeanour even though it was weathered by the recent hardship she has been through. "And why would the lord want to talk to you?" The butler asked with only a distant hint of curiosity as well as annoyance at being disrupted.. Why? That was a very worthy question. But her grandmother reassured Rose, whilst she was still alive, that whenever she'd need help, she could always go to these people and just say her name and they would know. After all, her surname was the taboo that represented her family, but of course she never said that to her grandmother. "My name is Charlotte Rose Porter and I am seeking refuge. My family is in dire need of his lordship's help." She said with a quiver at the end of her words, that she tried to hide in order not to appear weak, in order not to fall apart in front of a stranger. But as a magical spell, the butler flinched at first in just as hardly masked shock, measuring the young woman up thoughtfully before asking her to come inside with him and wait in the hall while he'd go and find out if his lordship would be willing to speak with her.
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  2. [BCOLOR=transparent]It was yet another frigid day. The cold temperature causing small wisps of breath to dance to death in the air, only to be replaced by another doomed to die again. It was weather like this that put people in a slump, the only salvation for today was the illusion of clarity. The pale blue giving a free view of most important star in the sky, too bad its rays were too far away to give out the heat that everyone surely craved. It was a relief for James when he walked through the door. He had just returned from a trip out to the stable where he had been checking on a few of his favorite steeds. It had been quite chilly out there and he eagerly welcomed the warmth of his home. He had just begun to remove his coat when the butler came to him. He couldn’t help but let a frown touch at the corner of his lips. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I will see her.” He agreed when the man finished explaining the odd situation placed upon them. In all honesty, James felt a bit annoyed with this inconvenience thrown at him. This sounded more like something for his father to handle, but the man was currently away and wouldn’t be back for some time yet. Despite his reluctance to take on this matter, he couldn't just have some girl wandering around in his home unaddressed. Hell, with any luck he would be able to easily dismiss her and be rid of the problem altogether, but that could be too much to ask for. By the sound of it all, this wasn’t going to be some quick discussion. After all, he had never heard of this girl before who was suddenly claiming to be relative to his family. That alone was reason enough to see her. Though, it was the whole needing their help thing that made him question her and her motive. What help could she possibly need, and why now? Well, he supposed the obvious answer to that would be money. When it came to anybody asking anything of his family that was typically what it all boiled down to now wasn’t it? A twinge of agitation flared in him, but he swallowed it back as he followed the butler out of the room. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Along with his agreement to see her, he had instructed the man to bring the girl, and some hot tea to the study. It would be a comfortable place for them to sit and have a relatively decent discussion, provided this woman even seemed to be worth the time. He would give her at least long enough to explain herself, depending on her story would decide how much more he’d choose to hear. He was almost head of this house now, he supposed he could make a few decisions on his own without the need of his father's approval. If that meant turning away a stranger who only wanted a hand in their pot, than perhaps it was better if he did. He sat now in the study in one of the two armchairs, a coffee table the only barrier between the chairs and the elegant couch. He’d never been a fan of the furniture in this room, their color popping out a bit too much for his liking in the darker contrast of the room. Not to mention they didn’t provide the utmost of comfort, but it could be worse.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]After the few moments passed, the light tread of footsteps could be heard returning in the young woman's direction. The butler cleared his throat to attract the girls attention. After a brief explanation of the Lord's inability to hold an audience with her, he informed that James, the Lord's son has agreed to speak with her in his stead. The man then gestured for her to follow his lead. If she agreed, it would only be a few hallways before he would take her through the necessary door, but not without announcing her entrance accordingly. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]She had been given entrance to an elegant room. It was quite resembling of a small library with the way books lined the walls, the only light given to the room through three large, beautiful arch windows, each reaching taller than she stood. The dark wood of the shelves and furniture gave the room a cozy ambiance. Toward the center of the room sat a bright set of furniture. The ivory cloth looked brilliant against the wooden arms and legs, but stood out greatly in such a dark set room. In one of the chairs is where James was sitting, moments after her entry he stood and gave her a look over. The expression he wore was not particularly pleasant or defined in any dramatic sort of way. It almost appeared indifferent at her arrival. He looked at her, with his calculative blue eyes, lips pressed together just a slight as he forced a smile to his face.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent](( Lordly Rocks ))[/BCOLOR]
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  3. Who knew how long she stood there in the hall, thawing from the biting cold that feasted on the exposed skin of her face as she rode with the butcher. She was dressed warmly in clothes given to her by Mrs. Basset - an older dress that was slightly bigger on her figure but still hugged her relatively nicely; a longer, dark woolen coat with elegant pair of gloves - her eyes skirted around the decor. It was...beautiful. So much grander than the house she grew up in. The house she no longer had... A trembling breath pushed past her lips as she held her small luggage somewhat tighter in her slender hand.

    Thankfully, the butler returned soon, dispelling her venturing thoughts that would threaten with tears if she were left alone much longer. He was bearing a message much appreciated. The son of the head of the house was granting her some time to plead her case. Perhaps, she would have preferred to speak directly to the man responsible for supporting her family instead of his son who might be only acting as a mediator, but beggars couldn't be choosers. Hence, she compliantly followed, eyes only occasionally stopping on a painting here and there before they arrived at a door and what laid behind seemed as a private library. A space that seemed somewhat intimate due to the contrasting adornments.

    "Lord James." Charlotte spoke as she curtsied in front of him, eyes dropping to the floor for a moment just so it could not be said that she was staring. The door behind her clicked shut, signaling it was now just the two of them and with the prospect of her request, the dark tones of this room suddenly felt imposing like a trap. Her hand tightened around the handle of her only possession some more as she worked her courage up in the momentary silence. "I apologize for coming here so suddenly, I am sure you have better things to do. But I come with urgent plea for your father's help." Just her voice spoke of the significance and underlying desperation she kept underneath the surface but that laced her words nonetheless and she prayed in her mind that this young man was as kind and wise as the man with whom her grandmother fell in love and about whom she heard so many stories.
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