The System

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The System
[/GLOW]The Vampires:
Strong, fast, elusive. Their coven lies deep within the woodland, hidden from human view. The only humans to set foot in their castle are feeders, used for their blood only. But, recently, something happened. An overthrow of previous leaders, now taken over by Xalia, a cruel mistress who will stop at nothing to get the power she feels she deserves.
The Werwolves:
Beaten down for long enough, they finally emerged into their true glory a century ago. Now, they murder those who enslaved them on sight, the Vampires. Mortal enemies for longer than anyone could remember, the reason far since forgotten. Slowly though, a new fondness for the love of a human has been weakening their forces as more and more of them run away to find love.
The Shifters:
Tricky creatures. Clever, they can change into anything they please, always taking on the shape that benefits them most. Shifters have always remained hidden, out of the war between Vampires and Werewolves. But, soon, their time will come. When they have gathered a strong enough force, soon, they will take over in their true place. The rulers of the world.
The System.
Everything known, is about to change.
In need of active members!