The Syndicate of Global Malice

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    You have what it takes to spread terror and widespread fear. And it has been recognized by the organized criminal society known in the circles of hoodlums as the SGM: The Syndicate Of Global Malice!

    It is your solemn duty as a fiend, outcasted by the world to take glorious revenge upon it by committing acts of terror and wanton violence!

    But what of this so-called 'Mega-Club?' How their branches all over the world, especially in the United States seem to defy us? Like you and I, they are nerds and geeks. But what sets us apart is the fact that we are brutal, and we are efficient! Hand picked to be the greatest of masterminds and war-mongers.

    And together, on an episodic adventure, all will learn to fear the Syndicate! NO EXCEPTIONS!








    Fun Facts:
    Theme Song:


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  2. Name: Kyler Newman

    Alias/Nicknames: Doppelganger

    Species: Shapeshifter

    Gender: Female

    Age: 28

    Personality: Kyler is very strong willed woman. She is very independent and often refuses help from others. Also Kyler has very little interests in the affairs of politics or power. Most of the time she uses her powers for either for personal gain or just pure fun. She cares only for herself and finds others to be inferior. Kyler is not very smart when it comes to math or history, but she is very resourceful. Kyler is not afraid to kill those how get in the way of her enjoyment.
    Appearance: This is the form she takes the most often

    History: Kyler is originally from the underworld though she is not quite a demon. She is just a simple shapeshifter. Kyler escaped the underworld after twelve years. On the surface she acquired a taste for material goods. She began to use her shapeshifting ability to steal, but that soon became boring as well. She went on a killing spree to entertain herself. Often she would transform into a lover and seduce her victims before the kill. Klyer always traveled to a new city before local authorities could even speculate what was going on. Free to do as she pleased Kyler went on a rampage across America. Police could never trace her. They couldn't even put a image on her for it was forever changing. This continued on for many years until Kyler recieved notice SGM. They wanted her membership. At first the thought of joining such an organization deterred her, but the fact they were able to track her on multiple occasions gave her a great interest. Finally she agreed to meet with a representative from SGM to see how the organization would suit her. With the promise of extensive pay and mass destruction Kyler agreed to join.

    Items/Weaponry: Kyler's weapon of choice is a knife. She has several hidden on her body at all times.

    Skills: Kyler is skilled with hand to hand combat, but is advanced or limited by the body she is in. Kyler is also a very good impersonator. She can impersonate anyone on the planet if needed be.

    Powers/Abilities: Kyler can shapeshift into any human form she desires. To do so she must have a taste of their blood. One drop is enough for her to change. However the blood she consumes the longer she is able to stay in the desired form. Upon transforming into someone else she gains their memories and emotions. This is a gradual process in which the victim must remain alive. Once the body she transformed into dies she loses the connection and can no longer access their thoughts. For this reason Kyler often resorts to torture, which draws out decent amounts of blood but keeps the host alive.

    Quote(s): "Where's the fun in being me when I can be whoever I want?"

    Fun Facts: Kyler has no reflection, no matter what form she is in. So mirrors and shiny objects often give away her true identity.

    Theme Song: Four Seconds by Barenaked Ladies

    It shows her lack of cares and how she goes about life somewhat.

    Extra: She can die from injuries, but the sure fire way to kill her is with a silver bullet to the heart.
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  3. Name: Alexander Tranvonski
    Alias/Nicknames: Harbinger of Fear
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35
    Personality: he tends to be more anti-social and disregards any human life he deems unnecessary. With a IQ of over 200 Alexander is extremely efficient and can easily out smart and 'hero' that comes his way.
    Appearance: During his regular day to day appearance he wears dress clothing and has slick black hair and soft grey eyes. When he goes on rampages of villianary he dresses in his suit. A scarecrow like mask which conceals his breathing mask and microphones for listening then several rags that cover his chest and wrists concealing his light weight bullet proof armor and the two devices on his wrist that spew out fear toxin.

    History: Alexander was raised by a billionaire family and sent out to private educational schools. This is where they first noticed his high level intelligence which further developed into pure genius. Instead of shipping himself of to the best colleges world wide he instead joined the military and was trained for special ops mission. It didn't take long for him to find a way out by the age of 22 he had moved into japan where he was taught several types of martial arts but he didn't few it as enough so he moved to Europe and trained even more. It took 9 years for him to finish his training. When he arrived he found that all the humans beneath him were degenerate and a complete waste of his time. He has moved up political chain trying to better his own goals for a world wide dominance. But he soon discovered that the best way to extract data was with fear. He used some money to create a chemical toxin which induced extreme panic attacks and hallucinations but would cease after an hour or two. He was then visited by a stranger who never said his name and trained him to use his mind to instill great fear on his enemies but it had a side effect the power would then put a strain on his mind and he could lose consciousness if he used it for prolonged times. Although he preferred using the toxin compared to his own mind. When his training was complete he set out to rule the world first starting with the United States.
    • A small handgun
    • Military grade knife (6)
    • Fear toxin
    • grenades (2)

    Skills:He is trained in several martial arts including:
    • Dambe
    • Musangwe
    • Moraingy
    • Freestyle fighting
    • S.C.A.R.S. military training
    • And more

    Powers/Abilities: He has only one ability in his arsenal trained by a psychic.
    • Instill Fear - Which allows him to look into the minds of the weak and harness their greatest fear.
    Quote(s): "You will know fear after this night. For soon the sun will rise and you'll crumble beneath my feet like the maggot you are."
    Fun Facts:No fun facts here just evil
    Theme Song:The Alleged Paradigm by Epica
    Extra: Being human he can easily die from any wound.
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  4. Name: Dr. Miles Edwin Versat
    Alias/Nicknames: Doctor Hostile
    Species: Cyborg, formerly human
    Gender: Male
    Age: N/A
    Personality: A veteran of the Syndicate, Doctor Hostile is a hardened criminal mastermind. A vicious, spiteful man with a short temper. Disgusted by small animals and loathing of successful people, Doctor Hostile wages a campaign of mad science against the world. Doctor Hostile is also addicted to any sort of substance he can allow into his jar to get himself high.

    Appearance: To put it simply, Doctor Hostile is a brain in a jar. The jar typically carries a green fluid he refers to as the 'Hate juices of the Aggravarian Bastard Mammal,' a rare and difficult to defeat animal. As such, he relies on various cybernetic bodies to mingle amongst the Syndicate's ranks. His most commonly used body being a standard grey steel body and fiendish purple cape.

    History: Miles Edwin Versat was destined for crime. His mother was the daughter of a mob boss, and his father a lowly street thug. Miles was born within a prison complex, that coupled with good behavior allowing her to raise him on her own. Together Miles and his mother would struggle to survive as they were, his mother working multiple low wage jobs and himself studying his heart out. Years later, following the death of both parents, Miles would claim all the money they possessed, and gained loans from associates of his father's. After college, he was credited with several scientific discoveries, and for a time lived in relative comfort. Things changed however, when some of his work was disproven by his rivals.

    Eventually his developments began to peer into forbidden territories of practice, labeling him a mockery of his once successful self. In retaliation, he would lash out at his former colleagues and eventually be reported dead after a stunt gone wrong. Little did the world know however, that he would be saved by young admirers who utilized his prototypes and notes to revive him, and together form the terrorist cell known as 'Mobius.'


    - Cyber-Bodies- Doctor Hostile is in possession of a number of cybernetic bodies all equipped with various features depending on the work at hand.

    - Quad-Barrel Handheld VAP Launcher- Doctor Hostile's preferred firearm. A large square block placed onto a handle with a trigger and several buttons and whatnot. But let not the appearance fool you, as the VAP launcher is equipped to fire off specially constructed plasma grenades. All Cyborg Bodies are capable of carrying the weapon.


    - Omni-Disciplinary- Doctor Hostile's knowledge of the sciences extends to numerous fields.

    Powers/Abilities: Though dependent on the type of Cyborg body, Doctor Hostile's regular bi-ped humanoid shell possesses these traits

    - Enhanced Durability capable of standing up to small arms fire

    - Telescopic Vision Cameras


    "I have an army of fairly competent henchmen at my beck and call. What in Blue Ballyhoo Blazes could you possibly be worth me as a slave?"


    Theme Song:
  5. @Duckie and Sigfried: Your characters are accepted.
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