The Symphonic Enigma [Icicle and KlutzyKitten]

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  1. The heavy breathing and splashing of puddles resounded through the empty city street as a boy sprinted along the sidewalk, a look of terror across his face. He was wearing a black hoodie, with the hood pulled over his head, a wireless headset, which was set to its noise-cancelling setting, cargo shorts, and in his right hand was a short, stout metal pipe with a spattering of wet, red material on it.

    The boy hastily pulled his right sleeve up, still looking around, then quickly peeked down as he ran. "There's no way," he gasped. 1759 hours. "I'll never make it!"

    As he turned a corner, he noticed that the street up ahead was busy. "WHAT?" he gasped, fear and shock filling his chest, "HOW?"

    Before his very eyes, the city had…! The boy continued running, speeding up in his shock. "No, I can't stop! I have to..." he gasped, then he turned the corner, looking behind himself to make sure he wasn't followed, and immediately continued sprinting forwards.

    He noticed a blonde-looking girl right in front of himself and pulled his pipe back, raising his off-hand up to try to gently get her out of the way. He was unable to change his trajectory, having noticed her so late, so the result of his action was an excess force, pushing her instead of gently changing her position. His expression of fear was still plastered across his face as he passed by her, but he was too focused and out of breath to speak or apologize. He merely thought the words, "I have to run faster or I'll never get back to my home in time!" as he brushed past the girl, then immediately sped up, swinging his arms faster to balance his more aggressive pace. [Note: she hears a few words of his thoughts as he passes by]

    The boy ran down the street until he reached the cross signal, then turned the corner and continued sprinting once more. There were more pedestrians, but he was now paying more attention to them, having found out the hard way that they were worth avoiding. He continued sprinting along, hoping that he would be fast enough. After a few feet, he checked his watch again..."1759"

    -The Next Day-

    The boy woke up in a small room and looked around in surprise, slowly getting up as he did so. After a few seconds, he started to look around, remembering that he had to search for the charger for his headphones.

    After unearthing a few books, scattered clothes, and empty backpacks, the boy finally found his charger. He plugged it into the wall, but thoroughly searched the room for other people before taking his headset off again. "All clear," he commented, turning his headphones off. Immediately, he was assaulted with the sound of pounding on his door and loud, honking noises from outside. "S-Sorry, just a second!" he shouted, rushing over to plug his headset into the charger.

    After a few lectures from his landlady and a final, “I’ll give you TEN MINUTES to GET OUT before I CALL THE POLICE!”, the boy left the hallway and quickly rushed back into his room, locking the door behind him due to the terror which was the lady. He looked through the room for important things, like snacks, a suitable backpack, good clothes, tools, and anything else he thought he’d need.

    After partially filling a suitable backpack, he shoved the charger into the pack, put his headset around his neck, wore the backpack, and ran out of the room, bypassing the landlady entirely as he ran out of the building.

    Once he reached the sidewalk, he pulled a slip of paper out of his pocket. "I can't trust him…..I know I can't," the boy commented, staring intensely at the paper. He soon noticed a man standing still beside the entrance to the apartment standing along the side of the small flight of steps, as if waiting for the boy to get out of the way. Niko quickly apologized to the man before running off towards his destination.


    After a few minutes of wanderving around, he noticed a small building with a similar description to that on the paper. “The last instruvvction,” he thought, his gut telling him to turn back and escape whilst he was able. He ignored the feeling, took a deep breath, then made his way towards the building, stuffing the paper back into his pocket. “I’ll never learn the truth if I don’t,” he thought, cautiously holding one side of his headset, just in case.

    Once he reached the building, he walked in and looked around. Before he had the chance to make out the insides of the dimly lit room, a tall, Caucasian man with glasses, swept-back brown hair, and a professional smile greeted him, offering Niko welcome. Niko stared at the man for a few seconds in silence, expecting him to start am assault. The man did no such thing, instead he opened a door to a different room and encouraged Niko to join him in his office for a few minutes so that he could “Give you the rundown of Lincoln University, your new home!”

    Niko was then asked to sit, so his did. The man continued to talk on and on about Lincoln university, but he eventually released Niko after giving him a folder full of interesting papers, cards, and two keys. The boy looked through the papers after rushing out of the building, then pulled out a map.

    After looking over the map and the schedule of his classes he checked his watch. 11:32 Niko determined that it was time for lunch after checking the schedule again, so he walked around the campus, hoping to find people who were on their way to lunch. After standing outside of one of the buildings for two minutes, he noticed a girl with blonde hair, a girl who looked familiar to the one whom he saw the previous day, and he asked, “Excuse me, I’m new here….do you know where I can get lunch?”
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