The Sylan: Appropriate Materials for Anatomy?

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  1. Hello!

    So, I was developing this world some few aeons ago and developed a race for it that is made of completely synthetic materials. They, anatomically, were humanoid with extremely scaled hips and legs. Feet were slightly less so, but still not excluded. They also gained 'sustenance' by inhaling vapors from cylindrical containers that were about the size of a cigarette. The containers were just like cigarettes, but instead of addiction(depending), they gained nourishment from the vaporized material inside the container. Not sure how relevant that information is, but it leads up to what I was looking to find out:

    What materials that are man-made would be suitable for the general 'flesh' and 'bones', along with some organs, that would allow for a nigh perfect replica of human exterior characteristics?
  2. I hope this isn't too late, but here's my idea.

    What you appear to be describing is an Android that almost perfectly models the functions of an organic being, and so here's what popped up in my mind; partially inspired by the Synthetic Humans in the Aliens franchise.

    -Skin would be a latex or silicon replica of living human skin.
    -Muscles would be elastic fibers that can stretch or contract on demand.
    -Bones would be any light-yet sturdy substance. Perhaps metal or some sort of carbon structure.
    -Various tubes throughout the body could pump a liquid that allows quick travel for nano-machines to repair damage. The liquid in question would be comparable to blood, and could possibly double as coolant.
    -Organs could essentially be miniaturized power-plants and factories, supplying energy to the machine, and providing raw materials for the Nano-machines to work with. With a mix of fuel and raw materials being supplied by the vapors. Additionally, cooling mechanisms to prevent overheating could resemble a respiratory system.
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  3. Thank you so much.