The Swords of Weathers (Signups)

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  2. Name:
    Your name. Hardest part of the sheet.

    How old are you? As in years you've been alive; don't get smart on me.

    Pretty obvious.

    What non-human freak of nature do you want to be?
    Ask in there interest check if you want to play a race we haven't discussed yet.

    What's your job in the expedition? Assaulter, Defender, Arcanist, Medic, General Worker.
    The really cool guys go with general worker.

    If you use an image, don't use anything overly anime or cartoony.
    I want details, lines for mouths are not details. Also, in addition to an image, write a bit about anything we may not see in the image.
    Doesn't have to be long, just something you might want to add that we can't see. It's not required, but it helps.
    We'll describe armor IC.

    Short summary of your character's life and personality. Doesn't have to be insanely detailed, but you can if you want.
    We just need an idea of your character. Please try to keep the sob stories down.
    I don't like roleplays where everyone is an orphan and has shitty brutal lives. A little tragedy is fine, but don't make them a suicide waiting to happen.
    Seriously. Don't do it.
    I don't like hearing about characters who were raped and beaten by ninjas who murdered their parents, who were then murdered by a new murderer until your character murdered the murderer right back, but felt guilty because they lost their innocence in murdering a murderer who murdered murderers that murdered their parents.
    I already watched Batman Begins.

    What are they good at? Stabbing stuff, burning stuff, healing stuff, fixing stuff. Whatever they do to stuff, write it down here. Also, if you have too many skills, we may ask you to tone it down. No magic spec ops cyborg demons from the future, please. Actually, that would be kind of cool in an over-the-top Army of Darkness/Quentin Tarantino kind of way, but this isn't that kind of roleplay. (Although secretly, I wish it was.)
    If you're using magic, write down the spell and what it does. We'll tell you how difficult it is to cast and how many times you can do it per whatever time frame we choose. That way you aren't spamming house sized fireballs.

    Once you're done with all that, include this at the end of your sheet:

    By submitting this Character Sheet, I agree that Shade_XY and Sir Pinkleton III Esquire cannot be held responsible for the fate of my character. I agree to accept the consequences that come from my actions and/or inaction. I am fully aware that my character may experience injury including, but not limited to sever burns, blunt force trauma, dismemberment, death, undeath, etc.

    Keep this at the end. If you don't, we'll add it in the most painful, hard-to-read color with the most Comic Sans looking font we can find.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Beast folk - Mustelidae, weasel kin.​


    Conroy Weaselhoffer.



    Alchemist, doctor, & part time treasure hunter.

    The color of Conroy's fur changes according to the seasons. In winter, his fur turns white. In summer his fur is brownish with a mask like pattern around his round, dark as night pair of eyes. He has a long furry tail and stands at the height of three quarters compared to the usual human height. Doctor Weaselhoffer is considered the smaller kind of weasel folk as there are many of his kind. He usually wears a scarf around his neck and uses it to cover his mouth and pink nose from dusts and noxious smells. He doesn't wear the same cloths every day. Most of the cloths he uses are made out of comfortable cotton. In the front pocket of his vest is a gold pocket watch which he uses to tell the time. For a weasel kin, he usually wears open shoes such as sandals to prevent his sharp toes from tearing his shoes as well as preventing his toes from hurting. Covering all of his inner wear is his fancy cloak, crimson in color, the same color as his fancy top hat. In his hand is a cane he uses as a walking stick. Secretly, the cane contains a bullet and gunpowder. With a flick of a hidden switch, the bullet will be shot out of the cane's tip.

    Conroy is a man of few words. He isn't one who enjoys talking with strangers. He has few friends, but the ones that are, are very dear to him. Conroy had done experiments with chemicals and poisons many times that he succeeded in making myriads concoctions of cures and vaccines. He is a medicinal doctor and not a surgeon. Although he is a quiet person, Conroy is very bold. He does not think twice in testing his own concoction. In the past, he had poisoned himself multiple times just to see whether the cure he made would work on sapient creatures. Some poisons still remains in his body. Although the poison isn't harmful to him, his bodily fluid is still harmful to others. He cannot have sexual intercourse without poisoning his partner.

    One unknown flaw of Conroy is that he is addicted to Ether. He had done experiments with Ether and was unlucky enough to become addicted to the liquid spiritual energy. Until today, he could not cure his addiction. Strong will is the cure for addiction problems but Conroy's will is not strong enough to fight the addiction. Without taking ether in long period of time, his withdrawal will occur and his temper will turn foul.

    Although he is forty seven years old, Conroy is still agile in his movements and thoughts. His stamina is high but his strength is low. Conroy has very little mass of muscles but is light in weight. He can climb trees easily with his natural weasel scimitar like claws. His body is flexible that he could fit through any hole that fits his head. He knows many types of herbs for healing and curing as well as harming and injuring.

    Other than poisons and cures, Conroy is also interested in ancient artifacts. When he is not concocting cures and poisons, he is raiding and researching dungeons and ancient temples. As a treasure hunter, Conroy knows a few things on reading ancient writings. Most of the ancient words

    Although I am the roleplay manager, I will still keep the end part of the character sheet.

    By submitting this Character Sheet, I agree that Shade_XY and Sir Pinkleton III Esquire cannot be held responsible for the fate of my character. I agree to accept the consequences that come from my actions and/or inaction. I am fully aware that my character may experience injury including, but not limited to sever burns, blunt force trauma, dismemberment, death, undeath, etc.
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  4. Name:
    Alun Hallows




    Alun stands at just under six feet tall, his dark brown hair worn short. He has hazel eyes, though he wears glasses to counteract nearsightedness earned through long hours hunched over thick tomes. Fair of skin, Alun was blessed with the almost-straight teeth popularized by the nobles of Grufford. His build is very slight, and despite the steady hands necessary of a surgeon, Alun is otherwise lanky and long-limbed. Typically dressed in duller browns, the only notable aspect of his clothing is the tabard worn over his shirt, bearing the symbol of Uirmyd; a dark green plant stem with four pale blue bulbs attached to its tip.

    Alun Hallows was born the third son of Aeron and Briallen Hallows. Born into nobility, Alun was kept close to home until his eldest brother reached the age of majority, at which point Alun was shunted off to the nearby Uirmyd monastery. His father, of course, had made this arrangement as soon as he was born, the two eldest sons already old and healthy enough that it could be planned upon for them to survive. Raised in a noble home, Alun had been taught from a very young age that it would be expected of him to go on to become a member of one of the various spiritual orders throughout the city in order to strengthen his family’s political position – but as a child he was unable to fully understand what, exactly, this duty would entail. It wasn’t until he arrived at the temple that Alun realized he was being given up to a group of random old people that he had never met before, and was expected to just sit down and deal with it.

    Fortunately, Alun did remarkably well in a scholastic environment once he had gotten over his homesickness; by the time he became an apprentice two years later he had already begun to lose his resentment over having been seemingly abandoned. As his training progressed, and the years fell away ever more rapidly, Alun came to understand why he had been given over to the Order of Uirmyd; there simply wasn’t anything for him to inherit had he remained home, and he would have been left to his own devices, with a limited education and without the build for military service. This realization culminated in a brief journey home, where Alun apologized to his family for his bitterness over the preceding years, before he returned to the temple to complete his training.

    Finally earning the rank of journeyman at the age of twenty-one, Alun began to serve as a healer in the various hospitals that had been set up around the city to accommodate the growing civilian population, and their never ending list of ailments. Times, as always, were hard for the lower classes, and as ready employment dwindled, so too did the amount of income provided to the Uirmydian Order through donations. Several years later, the monetary situation of the Order was sufficiently poor that it became necessary for journeymen and able-bodied members to seek external employment for an honest wage to bring back, ultimately leading to a young cleric standing in front of a notice board, reading an application form penned by a Dr. Weaselhoffer. . .

    Surgery, Triage, First Aid, Herbalism, Literacy, Religious History and Local History.

    Uirmyd Aingid – A minor sorcery which protects an individual from the onset of infection or common disease.

    Uirmyd For-T-Gella – A lesser healing spell which accelerates the natural regeneration rate of an individual, cutting recovery time roughly in half, more dramatically for minor injuries, less effective on major wounds.

    Uirmyd Soith Suithe – A lesser healing spell which purges natural toxins from an individual’s body, curing such things as mundane poisons and venom.

    By submitting this Character Sheet, I agree that Shade_XY and Sir Pinkleton III Esquire cannot be held responsible for the fate of my character. I agree to accept the consequences that come from my actions and/or inaction. I am fully aware that my character may experience injury including, but not limited to severe burns, blunt force trauma, dismemberment, death, undeath, etc.

    Above may be reworked if original character concept needs to be redesigned.
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  5. (To keep it going)

    The interviewer nodded and lowered her clipboard to smile at the half-orc before her. "You're hired." She told him gleefully before flipping a page and continuing. "Just a few more questions, now." She said and readied her pen.

    "What is your name, please?"
    "Belros Urthadar, ma'am."

    "And how old are you in years, Belros?"
    "I am 30 years of age."

    "No offense, but, what is your gender?"
    "None taken, miss. I am male."

    "And what race are you?"
    "My mother was human and my father orc, so that makes me a half-orc."

    "And what is your profession?"
    "As stated before, I will take the role of defender."

    The woman nodded as she expertly noted down anything the man told her. Then she fell silent and looked him down from head to toe as she switched her pen for a pencil and began sketching the man.
    Picture (open)

    "Any notable features I should add?"
    "I stand at 7ft and weigh 300lbs. I have tusks and crooked, pointy ears as most half-orcs do and unlike full-blooded humans, my skin turns green from extended exposure to the sun, instead of brown. My paleness helps me pass as human to those unaware of my heritage and more often than not it's for the better. I also have several scars here and there, but nothing really worth mentioning."

    "Very well." She said and exchanged the pencil for her pen again. "Tell me about yourself. What is your life's story?"
    "Well. I do not know anything about my father, but whatever he did really impressed my mother as she only spoke words of praise about him and orcs everywhere unlike the rest of town, who mocked me and pitied mother for having birthed me. The other children left me alone, however. Even as a child I was strong, too strong for them to get on my bad side. They did avoid me, however, leaving me alone for most of my childhood. I only ever had one friend, Darrel.

    Darrel was a fragile, little boy and got bullied because of this. The first time I saw him, the other kids were throwing rocks at him and pushing him around, so I charged those little pests and knocked three of them unconscious before the rest hurried away to their homes. I'll never forget that thankful expression on his teary face. I don't think he was completely human, but I never asked him about his parentage.

    When I was twelve and me and Darrel were outside playing catch. Darrel got a little close to the main street and I watched him get trampled by horses... I'm sorry." Belros paused to wipe his tears and calm down. The memory still hurt. "I fell into a depression after that, rarely leaving home despite my mother's attempts to get me to go out. Two whole years I spent inside, until my mother fell ill. With her bedridden, I had to go out and earn money to pay for medication and food. My skin had gotten pale and my hair long enough to hide my orcish features, so people were less wary of me. I took any job I could, most of them involved heavy labor, so I could care for my mother.

    When I was 18, and my mother had gotten better thanks to Doctor Weaselhoffer's cures, I caught a thief red-handed. The local guards were rather impressed with that and offered me a position. I took the offer and served my hometown for 7 years, until the day some soldiers from a bigger city were stationed in our town. They harassed us up until the point where we got into a fight. It went worse than I thought it would, even though I won, which opened my eyes to the fact my skills lacked. I might've been able to take anyone in town, but apparently there were a lot stronger people outside town, so I left home to hone my skills. And now I'm here"

    "I know I've asked this before, but. What skills do you have?"
    "Since my father was an orc, I am stronger than the average human, but even for one of my kind I am rather tall. I've also noticed my skin is far tougher than most, even other half-orcs. I guess I was made for fighting.

    As a guard, I have received training for pretty much any weapon there is, though my preference lies with the longsword and shield. I'm not as good with other weapons, but I can still use them fairly decent. My fighting style is more of the defensive kind, taking control of a fight and disarming or disabling opponents with the least amount of injury possible. So, yes, while I may appear to be brutish, I am intrinsically careful and precise.

    Another notable thing about me is that people are easily intimidated by me. Which is fair, I guess. I've never been very talkative, and since I tower over most, I often put people on edge. It's not good for making friends, or being diplomatic, but I can use it to scare people if I have to.

    What else? Hmm. People say I can be overprotective and I can kind of see that."


    "Right, well." The interviewer sighed as she flipped a page on her clipboard. "I guess we'll take you."
    "I knew you would, babe."

    "Alright, let's get this over with. What is your name?"
    "The name's Leo Miltall, but enough about me, what's YOUR name, gorgeous?"
    "I can always unhire you, you know?"
    "Right, right, next question then."

    "How old are you, Leo?"
    "25 years, but you look no older than 20."
    "Right. Sorry."

    "Is it Mr. or Ms. Miltall?"
    "Wha-? Hey now, come on! Can't you see the pure, unadulterated manliness flowing through these veins?"

    "I suppose you're human?"

    "Whatever you say, Mr. Miltall. Are you sure such a manly man wouldn't want to take the fight up front and apply for defender?"
    "Rawr, I like the attitude. But I'm afraid no. I'm a man with a brain, too. I'll leave the fights for the bigger ones, like that freakishly large guy out there with the shield. What's up with that? Geeze, looks like a caveman. No, I'll stay with general worker, thank you."

    "I'm going to ask you to stand still, so I can make a quick drawing of you."
    "Hold on, lemme flex first."
    "There's no need for that, Mr. Miltall."
    Picture (open)

    "Are there any features I should add?"
    "I'm 6'3 and down there I'm.."
    "Ok, enough about features!"

    "Tell me what shaped you into the.. charismatic.. man you are today."
    "Ah, backstory time! Well, my father was a smith who was pretty well off. Business wasn't great, but it wasn't bad, either, we got by fairly well. That is, until I turned twelve and dad forced me to work for him. His addiction to alcohol really came to light more and more, and it intervened in our business' well-being. We earned less AND spent more because of that drunken fool, so I had no choice but to help out. The first year was hard, but after that I had surpassed the drunk's skill and most of our earnings came from my handiwork while that bastard spent it on booze, most of which didn't even stay inside of him. It was revolting to see him be like that, so I started putting money aside until I had enough to just go.

    Me and mom left him behind and lived on our own for a while. She was extremely happy, but I couldn't live staying in one place and keep doing what I was doing, I had to leave again. Lucky for me, mom found a job herself, so she could manage without me. I received her blessing to go out and explore the world, which is what I did and how I ended up here. Funny how fate can bring two people together, wouldn't you agree?"

    "Fate. Sure. Tell me what skills you have, again, Mr. Miltall."
    "Aside from being totally amazing, I have the survival skills necessary to stay alive in whatever conditions. Sure, it might not be the most comfortable experience, but there's no way you're going down on my watch. I'll set up traps around camp and keep guard all night, so you can sleep with the knowledge that nothing can sneak up on you.

    Then there's the thing with my father. As a smith, we've gotten requests for all kinds of thingamajigs. Nothing is too crazy for people with money, I tell yah. I can make whatever needs making, and I can fix whatever needs fixing. Hell, give me a blueprint, I'll make it a reality.

    As for using those things. Of course I test everything I make, so I've gotten the feel for every weapon, and since I made them myself, I know exactly where the weight of a weapon lies and how it performs best, but I've never actually used any weapon at all. That's not to say I can't fight. I'm decent enough with a spear, I just haven't gotten to really mastering it."

    By submitting this Character Sheet, I agree that Shade_XY and Sir Pinkleton III Esquire cannot be held responsible for the fate of my character. I agree to accept the consequences that come from my actions and/or inaction. I am fully aware that my character may experience injury including, but not limited to sever burns, blunt force trauma, dismemberment, death, undeath, etc.
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  6. Name:
    Casden Sedar






    Hi there, I'm Casden, I'll be narrating my own bio, thank you very much. It's not that I don't trust the writer, it's just that he might not give my story the justice it deserves. Also, have you seen that picture up there? Handsome mug, isn't it? Anywho, let's get started.

    My story begins about 29 years and 9 months ago with a hunter and newly-wed husband named Geltren Sedar, who spent too much time in the woods and found himself with quite the stiffy when he got back home. Fast forward a bit, and the village healer delivers a little blonde baby Casden. And I was adorable, by the way. I was the only child to a couple who were pretty much broke, but at least we weren't starving because pa was good at killing the local wildlife. I'd say I was a relatively happy kid, all things considered. I didn't mind being broke 'cause I grew up in a little village called Riverfen where everyone was broke! We lived off dead deer and milk, what can I say, it was a simple childhood. Soon as I was old enough to walk and talk, pa pretty much decided that I'd follow in his footsteps cause if I didn't, mother would starve to death once he was inevitably killed by a bear or something. So he taught me to shoot with a bow, catch animals, stuff like that. Turns out, however, I didn't actually need it because three years after I'd started hunting with him, a new road was built that passed straight through our little village. Merchants began to move in, jobs were made, boring economic things happened, and we became one of the many boom towns that were popping up at the time. So, my pa started selling his extra kills and we started buying food instead of burning it over a fire. After a while, he didn't even need to hunt because there was so much food around, he ended up getting another, safer, job. To be honest, I think he was disappointed. I think he kind of wanted to get killed by a bear or something, I don't know. Maybe so he could go down providing or something fruity and poetic like that. Instead, he died of old age at 60 a couple of years ago. Terrible way to go, he had to lie in bed and do nothing all day while people made him comfortable. He hated it. Back to my story though.

    After the town was successfully secured by trade and my parents would no longer starve to death once I left... I left. I wasn't going to live my entire life in a tiny village, come on. I traveled around for a while, met some interesting characters, learned some new tricks. I made it to Grufford in one piece and it was at that time that I realized I had no money left. I could've just gotten a job, gods know there's always work shoveling coal. I almost made the mistake of earning an honest living when I met a man who changed my life for better or for worse. His name was Tornick Herdtrunk, big tough northern dude and one of the ugliest people I've ever met in my life. And I've met orcs. He was the leader of a sort of thieve's den, the kind of a place where thieves helped each other out, planned raids, stuff like that. He showed me some neat tricks. Really neat tricks. Like how to get in and out of someone's house without them even knowing you were there; at least until they start looking for their coin purses. With Tornick, I got a lot better with my archery, learned how to use a sword, and learned how to make money without needing something useless like a job. I ran with them for several years, but nothing lasts forever.

    Eventually, the town guards got sick of us and started looking for the location of den. They actually found it rather quickly, I still wonder if using a local tavern basement was a good idea. It seemed pretty good at the time, and free drinks may have been a factor. They raided our headquarters and anyone who happened to be in there got arrested or killed. Thankfully, my life was saved by a shortage of milk. No joke. The pantry was out of bottled milk and I drew the short straw, so I had to go buy it. I came back with arms full of milk, saw a bunch of guards at the entrance to the den, turned around, whistled as inconspicuously as I could, and went home. I was there for Tornick's execution though. The guards hung him in the city square. Not pretty. Really glad it wasn't me, but I was gonna miss that ugly mug.

    After that, I mostly made money on my own here and there. Got into some trouble though. I met some other people over time, borrowed some money which I still mean to repay eventually, and I may or may not have slept with a gang boss's wife; needless to say, I've gotten myself into a lot of trouble over the years. But I always find a way to make it work. Mostly. Okay, so I owe a lot of money to a lot of people, have a reputation for being untrustworthy, and yes, I slept with his wife, but only because she insisted. It didn't end well. He caught me on my second visit there and chased me up to the roof of his house. I sort of, maybe, might have killed him. It's not what you think! He was threatening to skin me with a kitchen knife, so I punched him in the face and fell off the roof and he lived in one of those buildings in Grufford that's kinda stacked on top of another building, so it was a long way down. I was only trying to knock him out, not over knock him off the building! Now his boys want me dead, and I can only evade them for so long. Not only that, but the Drulock twins are starting to ask for their money back, the town guards know me as "that guy who keeps stealing shit and shot Jervis in the knee", and Maritha won't return my letters because I killed her husband. That last one really bums me, she had quite the rear end.

    Now I've decided to get a job ferrying some doctor around a beach or something. It looks easy enough, and gods know I need the money.


    Arrows Hurt - Casden is surprisingly skilled with a bow. His marksmanship is excellent, but don't ask him to shoot anything while drunk because he will try it, and you might end up with an accidental puncture wound. In combat, he uses a form of close quartered archery, moving around a lot and firing arrows into aggressors at nearly point-blank range; a technique developed by the thieves of Grufford. Fights in the city tend to happen in cramped alleyways and indoors, so many of them adapted archery to work in close combat, making smaller bows that require less torque and can be drawn back faster while moving around. While his long range marksmanship is pretty good, he excels at the odd technique of pointing an arrow at something's face and letting it fly the whole four inches home. He also carries a sword around, but he's about average when it comes to swordsmanship. He just keeps it cause it looks nice.

    Keep an Eye on Those Coin Pouches - Casden's got an eye for gold, so keep an eye on your stash. He's quite capable of sneaking into places without being detected, and he can stuff more than you'd think into those pockets. Sneaking in, sneaking out, or just plain hiding. If it's staying out of sight and nicking something pricey, count on him. Between you and me, he's even tailored most of his own trousers and added deeper pockets so he can stuff more into them. Believe me, he has one pair in particular that has pockets that go down to his knees.

    I Ever Tell You About the Time... - Casden talks too much. But that can be a good thing! I think. He can spin up quite the story, and the only reason most people think Casden is untrustworthy is because they've known him for at least more than a week. That's usually how long it takes to realize you've been duped, unless it's immediately apparent. Casden can be very convincing towards those that don't already know he's a con, and even those people fall for it again anyway (then they usually get angry and say they knew they shouldn't have believed him). He's charismatic, although often times it only serves to get him in trouble when he goes on for too long. So... if you need someone suckered, Casden's a good choice. Just don't expect them to fall for it twice. Sometimes it happens, but usually they want to beat you up and take their money back.

    By submitting this Character Sheet, I agree that Shade_XY and I, Sir Pinkleton III Esquire cannot be held responsible for the fate of my character. I agree to accept the consequences that come from my actions and/or inaction. I am fully aware that my character may experience injury including, but not limited to sever burns, blunt force trauma, dismemberment, death, undeath, etc.
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  7. Name:


    Female (Formerly male, hence forth shall now be refereed to as female)

    Orc (Gorgon/Ogre mix)

    Once a student, currently a mercenary.


    Some people are born for a great destiny. To have talent. Or simply be lucky enough to be born under someone great. Yama had none of that. She didn't even have a name. Yama was a bastard child between a few orcish characters, neither of whom felt particularly dedicated to her upbringing. It was a common fate for many, and for those who survive such an upbringing, most became dredges of society. Thugs, bandits, vagabonds. Yama would have become one if she didn't simply lucked out. She was but a lonely orphan on the streets when a human noble, in an attempt to earn favor with the press by feigning generosity, offered Yama a new chance at life. Yama took this chance, seeing it as her big break. But sure enough once the fame for helping the poor orphaned orc died down, so did the noble's support. But Yama wouldn't stop there.

    She seized as much from the human as she could carry and began to carve out her own future. She failed many times: her first attempt just got her arrested, but after serving her time (shorten by stirring a new media uproar when she announced her affiliations with the noble who neglected her which got him to drop charges) and working beyond her ability, Yama managed to create a name for herself. Yama itself came from the words she used often back when she lived with the noble, "Yeah ma", in responds to the nagging old lady who was to be Yama's caretaker. Despite being a strict old prude, Yama respects her. And when he was capable of escaping the clutches of the arrogant noble, Yama hired the same nanny for himself.

    Yama earned her glory thanks to her studies in magic. She had that "Underdog" reputation that quite frankly she wanted to shake off. She was an underdog because she lacked all of the support others had, their wealth and their talents. She would have simply been written off as a lost cause if she did not achieve success in the field of Magic Crafts, creating just one of her life's most greatest works: The Sundered Echo. A device that made it easier for beast-like creatures to properly pronunciation the magical incantations of spells, increasing the availability of magic. With the success of The Sundered Echo earning her the fame she needed, Yama dedicated the rest of her life to more magical study, to improve the skill she used to make her fame.

    Her time at the Academy of the Arcane was not without it's share of shenanigans. She was formerly a male orc, but an experiment turned her into a woman. The process to reverse the effects were both faulty and expensive, so Yama simply chose to accept her new life as a female orc. She didn't feel that it changed much about her.

    Yama's time at the Academy was wonderful at first, getting to learn about magic and the power it had. But Yama's interest in magic and it's power made even her professors clearly dislike her. They called her a fool for her lust in power, and it was only because she was still paying tuition and hadn't killed anyone that she was still allowed to attend. Yama did her best to ignore it, but she could not; the idea that she had made enemies for her desires drove her mad. On top of being a social outcast, Yama's Sundered Echo began to malfunction. While far from it's perfect. there was still flaws that she needed to work out. Some of the issues simply came from the materials used, but many more simply occurred for reasons that Yama could not explain.

    But then came another harsh truth; her funding had been cut. With the malfunction of the Sundered Echo her former sponsors withdrew their support, not only effectively putting any further development on the Sundered Echo to a halt, but it also cut into what was left of Yama's Scholarship funds. She tried to divert some money into repairing the Sundered Echo, but soon she came to a financial crisis: If she continued to try to repair the Sundered Echo she would have to withdraw from the Academy. Of course even if she did stay with the Academy, she would have one, maybe two years at the academy assuming she didn't get caught in an accident. With her funding coming close to drying, she needed to find a way to make more money so that she could both perfect the Sundered Echo, but also continue her education.

    And that brings us to now. Yama had began to research about a powerful object known as "The Sword of Weather", created by a mysterious and unknown Smith from ancient times. Most would dismiss the Sword of Weather to fantasy, a weapon meant for storybook heroes rather than an actual object. And even if it did exist, it's powers likely would have waned or even be incorrect to the lore made for it. But for Yama, it was the break she needed. Alienated from the academy and anyone who could have helped her, Yama knew that she would have to take what remained of her funding for one last desperate attempt find a fortune. Yama began to pour what was left of her scholarship funding to searching the Sword of Wearther, and that's when she discovered Dr. Weaselhoffer. Yama's own sources lead her to the fact that the good doctor was looking for the legendary sword, and given his resource could very well find it. So that's when Yama devised a plan: She would offer her services to the doctor to help him find the sword, and should they succeed, she would take the weapon for herself. The influence and power she would get if she were to take the sword back would be enough to continue her schooling at the Academy, and maybe even earn her the respect she so desperately desired from others. It was, in her eyes, her only chance to fix this mess she was in. If she had failed, there wouldn't have been much left for her to go back to anyways.


    Versatile Artificer - There's very little that Yama doesn't know how to make or repair. And if there is, it's only a matter of time before she can figure it out. Yama prides herself on her craftsmanship, and she isn't limited to just one of any kind. That being said, her ability as a Artificer comes to the fact she's very good at recreating what others might have already made, perhaps better than theirs, but still she has difficulty creating things original if she can simply create a better version of someone else. Combined with her magical abilities, she can also create objects with magic powers, The Sundered Echo being one of her masterpieces.

    Steady Hands - Yama's time in the pursuit of magic left her very little time to exercise her body. While her magic helps alleviate the worse of it for a few moments, it is a pricy alternative. To that end when it comes to self-defense, Yama relies on a calm mind, a steady hand, and a gun. While she is no master marksman, as long as the bullet lands into her enemy, she gets by when trouble rears it's head.

    Arcane Adept - Yama has dedicated much of her life mastering all that is arcane, despite being better build for more physical things. To that end she has mastered or at least gained a strong ability to use various schools of magic, her favored being Necromancy, Transmutation, Enchantments, Evocation, each which will be described below with their associated spells.

    • Transmutation: The school of magic that revolves around the transformation of objects and people, or in the changing of one of their attributes. Also known as Alteration, with Enhancement as a subschools of Transmutation. Yama's favorite school of magic, as it allows her to bolster her own physical ability with magic.
      • Yiksahd Ykemedo Yht Tinypemedo - This spell increases Yama's physical abilities to monstrous levels, namely her agility and durability. It lasts indefinitely and constantly drains her of energy, at least until Yama cancels the spell. A personal spell. 10 point cost per minute.
      • Lryhka Eh Cewa - This spell allows Yama to change the size of something by intervals of 2 (x2). She can either make something larger or smaller. She can use this spell on herself or other objects, and the effects can stack. A touch spell. 10 point cost.
      • Nacdunydeuh - This spell allows Yama to fully repair a non-magical non-living physical object instantly. A touch spell. 20 point cost.
      • Damagehadel Syhebimydeuh - A spell that allows Yama to control objects telepathically, as though she was physically trying to manipulate the object herself. A ranged spell. 10 point cost per minute.
    • Enchantment: The magic of giving people or object magical properties and power. Yama's second favorite school of magic, as she has used this magic to create many powerful devices and tools to use for her adventures. But Enchantments can both empower and debilitate her targets. Enchantment also covers magical runes and potions, other things which Yama has great skills in.
      • Vmysehk Raynd - This spell gives the target Flaming properties. It also illuminates the darkness. A touch spell. 25 point cost.
      • Ynsat Fedr Fehkc - This spell gives an object or Yama the ability of flight. Things that are already capable of flight by non-magical means will become more agile and capable of greater aerial maneuvers. Those who are enchanted with this spell must make the conscience effort to fly, as they will fall if they lack concentration or suddenly become incapable of focus. Drains Yama of energy for as long as it is active. A personal spell. 10 point cost per minute.
      • Sykelym Ynsun - This enchantment gives an object or person a magical barrier around their skin which helps deflect objects coming towards them. The barrier itself can take the damage the target normally would if there is no way to deflect the momentum of the object, though it can only take a certain amount of damage before being destroyed. This barrier can also be used to ward against magic the same way it can physical damage. A ranged spell. Can be cast on anyone, including yourself. 45 point cost. Can take three direct hits before dissipating.
      • Rayjo Pintah - This enchantment increases the weight of an object or person tenfold without any supplementary increase to to their physical ability. A ranged spell. 10 point cost per minute.
    • Evocation: The magic that deals with the creation and manipulation of raw, magical energy, often for a destructive end. How this takes form varies from caster to caster; some chose elemental chaos, others prefer more unbridled arcane force. Yama herself has chosen to use her Evocation magic to for protection or utility, such as barriers and other para-physical objects.
      • Bnuzaldema Cbamm - This spell allows Yama to gather a bit of her magical energy and launch it as a fist-sized orb of force. A ranged spell. 15 point cost.
      • Nyf Sykelym Cryba - This spell conjures a physical mass of magical energy that Yama can turn into certain shapes. The more she focuses on it the more detailed she can make it. A ranged spell. 20 point cost. Cost increases with complexity of the shape by increments of 5 points.
      • Ihnamahdehk Vunla - A simple but powerful spell where Yama unleashes an explosive force around her, typically capable of sending others flying or at least off their feet. Yama can also use this spell to launch himself into the air if he so desires. The blast occurs in an area around herself, with a larger blaster radius if she uses more power. 20 point cost.
      • Puto uv dra Seht - An advance level spell where Yama's body is surrounded by her own magical energy. This energy can take on a more definite form, such as a suit of armor or even extra sets of limbs and appendages. Yama can also control it to make the limbs do whatever she requires them to, or give them commands to follow while she is occupied doing something else. A personal spell. 20 point cost per minute.
    By submitting this Character Sheet, I agree that Shade_XY and Sir Pinkleton III Esquire cannot be held responsible for the fate of my character. I agree to accept the consequences that come from my actions and/or inaction. I am fully aware that my character may experience injury including, but not limited to sever burns, blunt force trauma, dismemberment, death, undeath, etc.
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  8. Name:
    Allana Flavel
    Goes under alias: Lak’Ir Flavel

    (Allana is a variation of the female Arabic name, Alla)


    Disguises as male

    Arcane Artist



    Allana wears robes similar to that above that cover her from head to toe. From the turban and mask she wears covering all but her deep brown eyes to the desert ready boots on her feet, Allana is prepared for travel. Her turn and robes carry a good portion of her body the her tunic and clothing underneath is orientated to exploration over anything else. She wears gloves similar to that of her tunic, thus making her eyes the only viable flesh. The clothing itself, as suited for the desert, is baggy and allows the user to keep cool. The turban is a white/grey color. The tunic, trousers and gloves are all a rather standard and worn brown. Underneath the clothing is padding that Allana used to keep her chest down for the guise of a male.

    Allana herself is a small woman. While not physically weak she is not the strongest, and holds a more agile and athletic frame than anything else. She is not a brute but also not a lanky weakling, just athletic. Under her robes she has short cut raven black hair. The hair only goes about mid length and has some ruffs that stick out from the turban. Allana is also rather tanned in skin tone and has a surprising charm of beauty to her. That being said, it'd be rare to see that charm.

    Allana grew up within the far off desert lands. Her people, like most from these lands, are those of nomads and travelers who spent their time shifting with the sands in search of water and rest. There were some towns across the desert, where some sort of established hospitality could be set up, but those were few and far in between. The people knew the desert is dangerous yet profitable. Many nomads, including Allana, took the role of hunting treasure within the desert lands for any reason imaginable. Allana has not dwelled in treasure hunting other than learning about it. Many would die and pass off, but the people of the desert have a saying, “As sand shifts, so do we,” this phrase is how the people moved along as they adapted to the dangers of the world. Allana grew up as normally as a nomad girl can. Her family traveled together with the rest of the tribe and lived as all nomads do.

    The first time interest in the world around Allana was peaked, was with the tribes “Star Gazer,” who took maps of the stars each night, and the land each day. As a young girl, Allana took to learning from this woman and began her studies about the world. She’d read constantly and engage in studies for just about anything the world had to offer. This included old lore, magic, tomes and books, rumors and myths, whatever is possible for her to learn. When the nomadic tribe stumbled across a town, the first thing Allana did was invest in the material able to be studied there. The Star Gazer also took to teaching Allana how to make maps during this time, but that came behind studies of the world and magic. Allana began studies on magic and dwelling into it, eventually learning to harness the wind and use it to great force to aid her tribe.

    When Allana was 16, she took off to travel alone with a family friend, Maj’in. The two had known each other for some time and got along well enough. Allana’s departure was the result of wanting to see more in the land and learn more of the world. Since it is too dangerous for a young woman, or anyone for that matter, to travel alone, Maj’in was invited along. The pair traveled from town to town, far across the desert lands, in search of places outside of the desert. And it was during this time when Allana noticed advances from Maj’in. She’d reject him, seeing the man as nothing more but a family friend, but he became more forceful over time. Allana began to feel that the man sent to protect her was becoming the biggest threat. She’d plan to ditch him soon for her own safety. But she was too hesitant. Maj’in took onto more aggression than
    usual one night, and assaulted Allana. Knowing of his crimes, Maj’in fled to never be seen again.

    Betrayed, Allana could not gather proper emotions. However, she was a strong woman of the desert and would always do her best to move on. “As sand shifts, so do we.” As strong as she is, Allana did change quite a bit. She became more bitter and cold to others around her. Her blunt responses were seen as rather rude and not very lady-like, and she failed to really find trust in others. How could she be blamed? The change in Allana also took her down to other methods of acquiring knowledge of the world. Rather than work herself, she decided to simply take what she wanted. While she was no trained thief, it is not hard to steal small trinkets and scrolls while none are looking. This proved more profitable than paying for or searching for books and tomes herself. Months went by, and the change was complete. Flirtatious remarks from men seemed hostile and to avoid such, Allana took on a disguise. She cut her hair short and wore her robes differently with a new name. All of this is to avoid attention so she can go on without harm. Many years have traveled since then and Allana now arrives here for a new exploration. “As sand shifts, so do we.”


    Literacy: Reading and writing

    Knowledge: Allana has a understanding of these things, but has not seen enough of the world to have too much extensive knowledge of it all yet. She still has a lot of study and experience to gather from the world.
    Religious History, Local History, World History and knowledge of artifacts.

    Map making: She can make maps of the stars and landscapes.

    Athleticism: Allana is well traveled and athletic. She's light and can avoid attacks if the opponent gets close and can move without tiring.

    Knife Combat: Allana knows some knife combat skills, but is rather limited as she prefers to use her magic. This is a last resort weapon. Her skill in this is practically moot.


    Allana’s magical prestige is in wind magic. Wind magic is a very light magic that has many advantages. TELL ME IF THESE ARE OKAY BALANCE AND LORE WISE.

    Strengths include:

    -The ability to be used many times, as wind is not very tolling and air is all around us.

    -Being fast and hard to avoid as wind gusts are incredibly swift

    -Having versatility. Wind magic and be used wherever air is, and controlled effectively for a variety of uses.

    Weaknesses include:

    -Being weak. While wind magic is fast and easy to use, it cannot move heavy objects or cut through armor

    -Requires more energy to be powerful than other spells. While simple wind magic is able to be swiftly and effectively cast, the greater wind magic needs more work to be as large and powerful as greater fire spells, for example. Wind is not a strong element and in order to create larger damage, the user must put in more energy for greater spells than for another element.

    -Becomes less viable if there is no open space

    Akira Wishun (Control Wind): This spell allows the used to control a small and concentrated gust of wind in any direction the user desires. Because the user can control this gust any way her or she wants, this is the most versatile wind spell. Wind is a fairly light magic and is fairly light, making Akira Wishun easy to cast and able to be cast many times. The wind can be powerful enough to move some objects, disrupt projectiles, and even push over one not ready for the sudden gust. The spell is not strong enough to move heavy objects, shove over larger people, or cause direct physical harm. The spell can also be concentrated to lift small particles, like dirt of sand, as a means of moving the particles for what the user desires.

    Akira Wishun Kath’Ra (Control Cutting Wind): This is a variant of the Control Wind spell, and allows the user to direct the wind into an incredibly narrow funnel that can physically cut flesh. It cannot slice armor and the spell is not as effective at deflecting projectiles or shoving people as Control Wind. This is a light spell and can be used many times in combat, but not as much as Control Wind.

    By submitting this Character Sheet, I agree that Shade_XY and Sir Pinkleton III Esquire cannot be held responsible for the fate of my character. I agree to accept the consequences that come from my actions and/or inaction. I am fully aware that my character may experience injury including, but not limited to sever burns, blunt force trauma, dismemberment, death, undeath, etc.
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  9. Name:
    Alton Philpot




    General Worker


    Dearest Tristor,

    The new butler arrived a few weeks ago and you were right. Mr. Philpot is uncannily efficient. Only yesterday, young Maybrule knocked over the tea cups set up on a table next to her. Before she could finish yelping in surprise, Mr. Philpot caught them mid fall. Not a single drop spilled either. Not only that, but Regelio asked him to fence with him a few days before that. You know Regelio, he likes easy opponents so he orders a servant to stand there in protective gear and try to block his hits for a while. Most of them don't even use the rapier. The boy has an ego larger than the manor we live in. Yet, I digress. When Mr. Philpot agreed, he was treated to the usual flurry of blows; yet he maintained his ground and parried expertly. Not a single one of Regelio's lunges or strikes was successful except for the last winning blow. Regelio may have won, but under my watchful eye it was obvious that Mr. Philpot let him win. The man moved like a master swordsman and if he had wished, he could have overpowered Regelio's simple skills within the first two moves. He even congratulated Regelio on his skillful swordsmanship. The man truly is a professional.

    For a man his age, his reflexes are a razor's edge. I spoke to him about his past, as I do with all those I employ. He said he was born here in Grufford and that he lived his early life with his father, a cobbler After that, he recounted leaving to travel the world. He lived abroad for most of his life, never quite staying in one place. After this, he recounted that he eventually made his way back to Grufford, leaving behind his traveling life to work as a simple servant. I found it odd that a man with such an adventurous past would wish to live his days tending to noble folk. When a man has tasted adventure, he is seldom likely to relinquish it. Let alone leave it to care for wealthy lords and their children. Of course, I asked where in his travels he acquired the skill and precision that I see in his deft movements. However, he was evasive at best. He smiled and said that in his youth he had sought not adventure, but cause; and he found it. All he would say was that he had been a member of a unit of men who had possessed with many skills. Curiosity overpowered me and I asked if he had been an assassin or something of similar nature. He simply replied with, "Only when the situation regrettably demanded it." He assured me that he and his men had worked under the kingdom's banner, but they were not the sort of thing the kingdom would admit to employing. He must have sensed the rather uneasy mood the interview was taking, because reassured me yet again that the only thing from his youth that he had brought with him were the skills he'd learned.

    I was uneasy about employing him at first, but Mr. Philpot sets the table on time and his cooking is exquisite; and he's helped with our little 'problem'. Therefore I see no reason to cease his employment. He is pleasant with Little Maybrule, friendly towards guests, and he has the unnatural ability to withstand Regelio's ranting ego. Not only this, but he isn't afraid to accompany me into Lower Grufford when I deal with that Fegris character. In fact, Mr. Philpot did not seem the least bit intimidated to learn that I was in debt to the city's biggest smuggling ring. We all make mistakes of course, but Mr. Philpot seems like the solution we've been waiting for. Again, I thank you, dearest Tristor. I do not know where you dug him up, but he'd have to be from the depths of the underworld for me to consider firing him.

    Yelgan Gilpress II


    Shaken, Not Stirred - Alton Philpot knows his way around any kitchen like it was his own. He can prepare of 2,500 dishes and mix over 5,500 different drinks assuming the ingredients are available. His skill in culinary navigation extends beyond the kitchen and indeed he can make the most of the meager supplies one can expect in the wilds. In fact, with only the dried ingredients found in most trail ration, he can arrange a dish one can come to expect from a small restaurant; and that's just with dried meat and berries. While there may not be much of a need for a bartender in the wilds, it may still be nice to know that he familiar with virtually any kind of liquor, no matter if it is common or a of the most refined taste.

    Architecture Simulates Fashion - This minor skill may not come into play, but Alton is as skilled with scissors and thread as he is with a blade. Not only this, but he also has an eye for the aesthetics that please. Go to him and he can point you the right way to dress like a proper gentleman with whatever accent you desire. Aside from looking at clothes, he can tailor them as well. Whether it's a hole in a sail or a suit to be tailored, Alton can sew, cut, and stitch it.

    Wait, Who's Round is It? - Alton is incredibly skilled in combat. His technique with a blade is reminiscent of a fencer's; poised and precise, leaving no room for flashiness or antics but instead operating with skill and accuracy. Unlike the average adventurer and bandit, Alton's swordsmanship makes every strike count, never lunging or swinging unless he knows he can score a successful hit. Even so, he may not even need a blade. He may have one or two martial arts tucked away under his sleeve. In his old field of work, hand-to-hand was a necessary thing. and reversals and grappled were second nature. One on one is easy for him. Two on one, still easy. Three on one, interesting, but no problem. Four on one, maybe he'll give you a little ground before he thins your numbers. However, he doesn't plan to use these skills in the trip. He trusts that the real fighters have it covered. He didn't even bring a sword.

    Home on the Range - Alton lived a large chunk of his life on the move. He is well-versed in survival tactic. Simply put, he knows what to eat and what not to eat; where to sleep and where to avoid; what you can catch and what will probably try to kill you. He can start a fire (something surprisingly difficult for a novice) and if you need to set a trap, he can do that too.

    Been There, Done That - Simply put, Alton has seen a lot. In his life he's traveled around and seen the most beautiful sights and the most monstrous. His worldly experience is deep and useful. Whether it's knowledge on something practical or personal advice for the soul; Alton will know what to say.

    By submitting this Character Sheet, I agree that Shade_XY and Sir Pinkleton III Esquire cannot be held responsible for the fate of my character. I agree to accept the consequences that come from my actions and/or inaction. I am fully aware that my character may experience injury including, but not limited to sever burns, blunt force trauma, dismemberment, death, undeath, etc.
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