The Sword Seekers (original, high fantasy, dice)

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    Welcome to Mesym!

    In this roleplay, you will play one of the Silver Strigines, eleven women (a few non-female characters are welcome) blessed by the goddess, Nane, who fought the ancient gods in the great War. With the help of the goddess, they forged eleven magical blades infused with powerful spirits and used them to force the ancient gods into the Rift, an expansive abyss that bars the entry to the afterlife. Once the war ended, the Strigines slowly faded into the background, and became little but a legend... But the king of the gods, Atysus, has finally awoken from his slumber in the Rift and has returned to terrorize Mesym once more. Nane is calling on eleven new people, man and woman, human and elf, to retrieve the blades in their resting places and to defeat the gods once more.

    In addition to playing a new Strigine, you can also play a companion character, whose job is to accompany the eleven Strigines (sort of like a squire) and help them on their quest in retrieving the blades from their resting places. Companions, too have a special connection to the swords used by the Silver Strigines, and have a special role to play in the eventual killing of gods.

    Characters will be either from human or elf origin (if there is popular demand, nymph/dryad races will also be opened for playing), and may be mages (only mages have magical ability). For the Strigines, there will be a limited number of male openings, but characters can also be agender, nonbinary, transgender, etcetera.

    This roleplay will involve the use of dice rolls and character stats in major combat encounters (boss fights), in puzzle solving, and in plot social situations. The system is still in the works, but I'm making it as simple as possible using Iwaku's built in dice feature. For the most part, there will be three tiers of stats (base stats, skill stats, and for Strigines, sword-related power stats), and the points assigned to each affect your success rate. Injuries are left up to player discretion on an honor-code system. Character death is a possibility (but I won't kill off your characters on purpose).

    If you're interested, let me know! I'm happy to answer any and all questions, and to read any comments, as well. For the most part, I have all of the information for a sign-ups/OOC thread ready to go with the exception of a map (in the works) and the stat system.
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  2. Interested!
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  3. I too am interested
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  4. Cool! If you have absolutely any questions at all, please ask.
  5. Fantasy, dice, and the chance to be a companion character~ I can't fully commit without knowing how the stat system would work, but this is definitely something that interested me.
    That said, will some of the Silver Strigines be GM-controlled NPCs? Eleven players can be rather hectic to organize, and that's not including those wanting to be companions to the Silver Strigines.
    How does magic work? A previous roleplay I participated in was a little stuck on how magic worked, and it complicated and stalled quite a few things.
  6. With as many character spaces available as there are, sign-ups will probably stay open for a long time. Even if we don't have enough players to fill the 11 Strigine slots now, people can join in later--since each of the weapons has to be recovered, there's plenty of time for people to jump-in. But if the spots can't be filled up, then they'll become GM NPCs, or players can have a second character. I'd rather a small group of dedicated players than having a ton of players that aren't as dedicated just to fill spaces, though.

    Magic is split into the four basic elements, alongside two primordial elements, light and dark (the use of light/dark can only come from the swords). Characters, human or elfen, that use magic must have been born with the talent to use magic--you're either born magic, or you aren't. Basic mages can only manipulate the elements. Then, you can learn how to create the elements from 'raw magic', or pure energy, with more practice. Very advanced mages can use raw magic to achieve fancier, more complex spells like teleportation/telekinesis (the 11 swords themselves also offer similar advanced magics powers to their users). The use of magic will be linked to the stats system; for the Strigines, their ability to use the magic that comes with their swords comes from stat points gained through IC practice with the magic, and for mages, their success rate at using elemental magic/advanced magics will also depend on stats and rolls. So for example, if you want to use a fire attack, you'll have a base stat, will, combined with a skill stat, fire magic, and the dexterity skill stat, aim, will be used to determine if you're successful in making the attack, and how well you aimed it at the enemy.

    The stat system should be finished in the next few days, maybe tomorrow.
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  8. So, I will be opening dryad/nymph classes for players. I'll have more information on that later. I'm currently test running the stats system.
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  9. These seems pretty interesting! I love epic fantasy adventures and I can already tell we have a few really amazing role players/writers who have shown some interest. Can't wait for the sign-ups!
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  10. Awesome! If you have any questions at all, ask away!
  11. The only thing I am curious about is your expectations as the gm of your players. It would be great to come back from a long hiatus and join a role play I am genuinely interested in, but I would hate to slow the role play down or the quality of my posts not to meet everyone's expectations! I've seen more then a couple groups fall apart because of it.
  12. I generally aim for a post of a few paragraphs (3-5, at least 3 sentences a paragraph) once a week. But as long as my players keep up some OOC chatter and let me know they're still around, I won't fuss if you've got a busy week and get your post up late. Except for combat situations, where posts will be infinitely shorter and quicker to allow for dice rolls in the midst of things, I'm rather relaxed about posting speed. I do ask that people end each post with something for others to respond to; it helps keep things rolling and helps encourage character interactions--oh, and that people just do a spelling check lol. That's about it. I'd so much rather genuinely interested players than a target audience of high speed novel writers (especially since I sometimes need to take a few extra days to get a post up myself when things get busy in life, too).
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  13. Yay! The stats system is just about done! I just need to test it, and make sure everything actually works. Lol.
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  14. Alright: is anyone interested in sampling the stats system? I've already done a few revisions on it to enhance readability, but my main test subject has been Kraken, who has also been helping me conjure the thing up, so there's a bias there. I basically need someone to read through it and make their own sample stats list, and then I'll look through it, see if there are errors, and talk with you and see why those errors happened, so I can figure out where I need to fix my wording and logic in the system.
  15. I can do it since I'm not too busy rn
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  16. Say it works, it's not like it's taken hours of tweaking to get this thing working

    Yes, extra eyes are always welcome!
  17. Thanks! I'll shoot you a PM with the information (it's quite a read... sorry about that) and set you loose on it.
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  18. Sorry this is taking so long, I'm having BBcode tantrums...
  19. no worries. going through the same thing
  20. I'll jump in on helping test the system as well, if I may~
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