The Sword of Weathers. (OOC)

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  1. The IC

    The character sheets

    Assaulter - Sir Pinkleton
    Defender - Majem
    Medic - Einws
    Arcane Artist - Lucius Cypher & Cody
    General Worker - Majem

    In ancient times, there was only one language spoken. The meaning absolute and their words are power. The power of the writings of runes are no different. Words when spoken and pentagrams when drawn with intent, reality as well as ethereal matter would bend. But to speak even a word, spirit and soul is consumed. Talking is taxing, even life threatening. Without soul, a person dies. Accidents occurs constantly and chaos follows. Out of fear, some chose silence over speech. Thus, other symbols and languages that does not require soul to speak are created. As time passes, many of the words and symbols of power are forgotten. Whatever words that survived the passing of time is presently considered spells, curse, and enchantments.

    In ancient times, a smith lived with passion for swords. To him, swords are pieces of art, beautiful to his eyes, attractive to his soul. He crafted swords with the constant changing weather as his inspirations. He spoke to them as he crafts them. He gave each swords names in the ancient words and wrote on them runes of power for every kind of weathers. His love and attention slowly gave the swords soul as well as amazing abilities. Each swords have different names. No one knows the real numbers of swords the smith created. In the present day, the story of the smith and his swords are considered only to be a myth and legend. In reality, the smith did exist. His swords; The Swords of Weathers, are scattered throughout the world.


    In the present day, the planet is filled with dangerous animals. The seasons are ever changing. Mysterious magics are abundance. Steam powered machinery are used in daily lives. Nonetheless, the planet have sights to be admired.

    In Grufford, a city with towering buildings, stood a guild where combat efficient warriors and arcane artists come to acquire jobs.

    In the main lobby where people linger, on the guild board, amongs many other papers, a flier advertising jobs with great payment was posted. It was an escort , aid, and protect quest. The destination is an area out of the kingdom's borders reach and back. The position of defender, assaulter, medic, arcane artist, and general worker is open. The client was one Doctor Weaselhoffer.

    Doctor Weaselhoffer is a well known person with the title of noble and lord bestowed on him by the king of the kingdom of Telmark for the deed of the creation of cures for multiple types of diseases and poisons. He owns a massive estate in the inner city and is knowledged in medicine as well as alchemy. He is also known for his solitary behavior and is rarely seen out of his mansion. Although he was a doctor, his quest in pursuit of knowledge is never ending.

    A while ago, Doctor Weaselhoffer secretly managed to gain an old map marking an ancient temple. With the map was a letter enlightening the reader of one of the Swords of Weathers; a sword capable of bending the atmosphere according to the element of the swords. Unfortunately, the location marked was highly dangerous, rumored to be filled with colossal carnivores of many kinds. He needed strong and skilled men for this job, but the party needs to be small.


    Since there are many ideas and varieties of magic thought up by people of the world. I would like for only one type of magic logic to be used.

    The Science of Magic (open)

    Spells are casted through spoken words of power or written runes of power which are derived from lost ancient forgotten language and symbols. Intelligence is needed in learning and understanding these words and runes. These Words and runes needed to be memorized. Sentences needed to be created and sigils needed to be drawn. The more powerful the spell, the more words and runes is needed. But by simply chanting and drawing the spell would not work. Will is needed in guiding the spells. The meaning of the words must be known or else the spell will not happen.

    What power spells of sorcerers are not muscles or stamina or even chi, but spiritual energy. There are flows of spiritual energy in ones veins, the amount of spiritual energy an individual can carry varies for each person. Overexertion of the body's spiritual energy may lead to death as spiritual energy is a person's life force. Decrement of the body's spiritual energy does not tire the body, but a person will feel it depleting similar to the feeling of an emptiness or thrist in one's soul. Usually, a person will lose consciousness before his spiritual energy runs dry, but in some rare cases, individuals are left with a dead lifeless body. That is the reason why some sorcerers store spiritual energies in gems. Unlike other materials, the spiritual energy stored in a gem will not seep out. The spiritual energy inside a gem can also be used directly without any side effects. Gems can be crushed and made into body tattoos, to make it easier for sorcerers to move around.

    Spiritual energy is like oxygen in the air but it is thin as a thread, which makes it difficult to be used directly. The spiritual energy in the air is inhaled through the pores of the skin, slowly replenishing ones spiritual energy in time. It can also be condensed into liquid form called ether, a blue glowing substance. Consuming ether can instantly replenish ones spiritual energy in a large amount. A person can get addicted to ether as is also a kind of drug which can cause halusinations and fluctuations of emotion if taken in a heavy dose. Withdrawal of ether is similar to other drug addiction withdrawal.

    Staves and wands are a sorcerer's catalyst. It is easier to guide a spell with them. But an experienced sorcerer can still cast and guide spells without the use of catalysts, only not as easy.

    One might wonder why a sorcerer don't simply light a person on fire from the inside or simply chant a person to die instantly. The answer is simply because they can't. A living thing cannot effect another living thing directly. To effect a living creature directly is impossible without knowing the true name of the creature. It is the mysterious law of the words and runes of power. This means that you cannot use the spiritual energy of another person's living body.

    You cannot heal another person directly as the law of the arcane art does not allow it. To heal a someone, a person will have to enchant his tools to have healing properties. The person can also enchant the air around his patient with healing properties. The tools and the air will heal the patient instead of him healing his patient directly.

    Other than the body of a living creature, belongings of the living creature cannot be effected directly as well because it is considered claimed and a part of the living creature. Whatever items that belongs to a living creature, that item cannot be taken or effected with the use of direct magic. It could be taken with indirect magic such as raising the earth to move the item towards you.

    You don't need to yell out jibberish words or sentences to create spells in the roleplay. I agree that it sounds silly. You don't need to create words for the spells. Just write that your character created a spell by joining the words of power into sentences. Just mind the time it takes for your character to create the sentences. You won't create a fireball by just saying "hadoken" or "kame hame ha". A spell is casted by joining words like poetry. You don't say "fire appear" and a fire would simply appear. You would have to create a proper sentence such as "let a ball of fire appear upon me, fed by the oxygen in the air that surrounds us. Let it not harm me but anything else."

    Any enchantments done will have a chemical reaction to the matter enchanted. If a person enchants the air, the air will become visible. If a person enchants his armor, the armor may change in color or it may glow, depends on the kind of spell. Therefore, if air or light is enchanted with harmful or healing properties, another person may notice the difference in the color of the air and will have the chance to avoid it.

    The amount of spiritual energy used will be based on how powerful your spell is, how massive is the area of effect, and how far the distance of the spell from your body.

    Elemental spell is okay in my book. Just pay attention to the strength, size, and distance of your spell. A fist size fireball from your hands won't cost much spiritual energy, but a house sized fireball will ofcourse cost you more. Hurling or moving the fireball with magic will also cost spiritual energy. The distance of the spell from your body should also be taken into account. Creating it close to your palm would not cost you much spiritual energy, but if you make it appear behind an enemy who is a meter away from you, it will cost you more.

    As for ice and water spells. It would cost you a lot to create water and ice out of nothing. But if you simply move a puddle with a spell and turning it into ice, it will cost you less. But if you try to create a stream of river out of nothing, you will die, unless you have massive stored spiritual energy in gems.

    Moving and stopping matters with magic is a very useful spell. You can create varias barriers with that simple spell. I would enchant my clothing with a spell that would stop fast solids from hitting me. It would cost me lots of spiritual energy as well as time chanting ancient words on the clothing to create the enchantment. But after taking lots of hits, the spiritual energy I spent on the clothing would deplete, thus the enchantment will break. If the clothing doesn't take any hits, without maintenance, the enchantment will also break in time because spiritual energy will gradually seep out of the clothing.

    Teleportation and summoning are spell are impossible for the sapient of the world. in my opinion, teleportation and summoning spell is a type of spell where you bend the dimension, time, and space of reality. Think of the massive space you're manipulating. The amount of spiritual energy in any sapient body will not be enough to handle those sort of spells. Those sort of spells will use up all of your spiritual energy and kill you and will still fail in the process.

    Necromancy or animating the dead will be a difficult class of spells because it require tremendous amount of spiritual energy. Plenty of gems stored with spiritual energy is needed. Although you can animate the dead, you cannot bring back their memories and their personality. You cannot read their past of their living lives as their past is no longer available.

    Please let it be known that most words and runes of power are lost and forgotten in time. It is an ancient language which would risk a person's life to learn. Muttering even a word or writing even a single rune would cost you spiritual energy, even if you didn't have intents to cast any spell. To date, only small amount of words and runes are known, therefore not a lot of spells are known. Even if powerful spells are able to be created, the amount of spiritual energy needed will have to be equal to the strength of the spell.

    Other than the ancient language and symbols, there are druids who uses a different kind of magic. Below are explanation for druids.
    Druids are classes that are associated with the nature. Nature is a living matter and it chooses their druid. Not everyone is capable of being a druid. Only one with devotion and sovereign love for nature are bestowed with the ability to bend nature. The flora and fauna moves to protect and aid their druid in battle. Druid powers are double edge blades that would protect nature as well as harming it as it consumes nature of its health and vitality. They draws power from the land around them. Overuse of these power can potentially kill the very thing they sought to protect.

    I hope this helps.


    We will be using this for how the races generally sees other races. Thank you @Majem for showing me the web page.

    Image by






    Beast folk (open)


    image by

    Unproved Lore:
    Centuries ago, three arcane portals opened on the corners of the world. These portals were gateway to the three moons in the heavens. From these portals came few sentient beasts of all kinds and all sizes. The sapient of the world react to them differently. Some paid them no attention, some attempted to force the beast folks to retreat back into their portals. The beast folks then scattered. Some dove into the seas, some climbed the mountains, some ran to the jungle, and some flew to the skies. Alas, the humans failed. The beast folks settled and became one of the sapient of the world.

    There are myriad kinds of sentient half beasts all over the planet. All of them have features of animals, furry and feathery, sharp teeth and claws, but they are indeed humanoids. Most of them walk on two legs. Some walk on all four. Some have more than four legs. Sapient such as the mermaids, lamias, and nagas, have no legs. They all vary in sizes. Some appear to be the same size of their animal counterpart, while others are massive giants. Unlike wild animals, beast folks wear cloths to conceal their naked body as well as for protection.

    There are varieties of sapient in the world. All have their own language. Beast folks have difficulties in speaking the language of the humans as their lips and tongues aren’t built the same way. It is difficult for beast folks to cast spells with their lips and tongues as well because of the animal criteria of their mouths. Unlike other sapient, beast folks usually cast spells and enchantments by writing runes and sigils on solid matter.

    Although not as secluded as the mysterious elves, most beast folks prefer to live far from human settlements. Beast folks have always been discriminated for their appearance and their cultures for as long as they have existed in the world. It wasn’t until decades ago that most of the races of the world attempted to eliminate racism and gave entrance for beast folks to enter the cities. Although beast folks were accepted and the rates of discrimination towards other races are not as high as it had been before, out of natural instinct, some humans still hated beast folks, and some beast folks still hated humans. Until today, settlements consisting only of beast folks still exist.

    Scientific fact:
    Two different kinds of beast folks cannot produce babies as their DNA will not mix. A bear kin and a fish kin will not have children together. A human cannot produce babies with any beast folk as well.


    Examples of the Beast Folk of The World.





    The reason being most elves are immortals, their strength in magic would be considered overpowered. Therefore, players are prohibited from choosing an elf as their character.

    Other than arcane artist, you can apply for the post of assaulter, defender, as well as medic. An arcane artist can also double as assaulter.

    If you have read up to this point and is interested in joining, have fun and write the interview of your character below.

    Your character is called for an interview. The place of the interview in a private office chamber of the guild. The interviewer was one fine looking woman dressed in office wear with hair rolled into a bun. He eyes are green and he makeup is splendid. In the seat, she sat with one leg places on top of the other. A smile creased her luscious lips in a friendly manner.

    "What job are you applying for?

    "Why did you apply for this job?"

    "What skills do you have?"

    "How long have you been what you are?"

    "Are you willing to risk your life for our client if we hire you?"

    "Why do you think we should hire you?"
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  2. In this fictional world, I will play as all the mundane pedestrians, shopkeepers, guards, bandits, prince, princesses, and dragons. I control everyone, except for you. I will also control parts of the environment. I will describe what you will see and twist the plot to surprise you. I will decide the outcome of your actions by what your have written. Not all of your actions will succeed. If you feel that you must control the NPC and automatically succeed in every action that your character does, this would not be a good roleplay for you.

    You need not wait for me long to post a response as I post multiple times daily. The path you choose is your own.

    You do not need to be a professional writer and have great knowledge in the use of English grammar, but your writing must be understandable. Pay attention to what is in your surroundings and pay attention to what is going on. Your post doesn't have to be long but it should be detailed. You are not stronger than everyone. You will have to use strategy to survive. I will not stand for Mary Sues and Gary Luis.

    If you are interested in this roleplay, know that in the future, I may have complains about your post. Some of it maybe hurtful and demanding, but I hope you could bare with me. Sometimes I find some people's post to be too overpowered or illogical, making it difficult for me to post for them. Therefore, I will PM you and ask for you to change or add to your post. Please refrain from making your character perfect. Flaws makes them interesting. Their struggle is also what entertains people.

    Thank You.
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  3. I wonder why this idea have no interests. <:-.

    Anyone, please say something. Ask something. Or just tell me if I suck! XO
  4. Haha, you don't suck xD
    I'm interested. ^^
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  5. Gasp. 8O you're an angel. What job are you applying for :P
  6. An angel? Hahaha.
    Mm.. The arcane artist seems interesting.
    Mind explaining more about it?
  7. Arcane artist can be scholars or apprentices, learning the trades of the arcane such as enchantments, spells, and symbols of power. Simply saying, they are magicians, sorcerers, or wizards with knowledge in magical matters.
  8. Since they are going to raid an ancient temple, knowledge on the ancient history and myth is needed, therefore Dr Weaselhoffer will need someone who is well knowledged in history and lore. :P or a know it all.
  9. I'm very interested
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  10. Sounds good. I'd be into an assaulter.
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  11. That is great! :D

    @Chapatrap , that kind of assaulter would you want to be?

    @Apollophage , what job are you looking to fill?
  12. Ah, I see.
    Based on what you have planned, I may or may not need to question you alot for the info?
    or will you handle that since it seems you'll be controlling our characters or something like that
    from the thread you posted there
  13. @bellator , I won't be controlling your character for most parts. I'll let you have your freedom. The lore is fuzzy so nothing is going to be accurate. Everything the characters is going to say about history will be based on their theory and not the solid fact. :P But at times, I will intervine and create some random things to spice things up.
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  14. oh okay. I see.
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  15. I could do defender or general worker.
  16. Cool, @Majem .

    All that is interested, let's make this fun. :P

    Please tell the tale of your character.

    Your character is called for an interview. The place of the interview in a private office chamber of the guild. The interviewer was one fine looking woman dressed in office wear with hair rolled into a bun. He eyes are green and he makeup is splendid. In the seat, she sat with one leg places on top of the other. A smile creased her luscious lips in a friendly manner.

    "What job are you applying for?

    "Why did you apply for this job?"

    "What skills do you have?"

    "How long have you been what you are?"

    "Are you willing to risk your life for our client if we hire you?"

    "Why do you think we should hire you?"

    Thank You :P
  17. Character interviews. Creative, but shouldn't that be in a sign-up thread instead of one that is meant to check interest of and discuss an RP?

    Anyway, before I decide a role I'd like. What is a general worker's purpose? The others are pretty straightforward, but what did you have in mind for that job?
  18. The general worker is the mule. :P he carries the doctor's baggage and does other tedeous work such as starting the fire and finding firewood. But someone has already claimed that position. Forgot to state that. Sorry.
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  19. Sign up threads? Perhaps I should do that. Maybe there will be more interests.
  20. So, what positions are still free?
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