The Sword in The Stone (MxF, FxF)

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Romance, Science Fiction, Modern, Fantasy

Inspired by the Fate/Stay Series

There is a sword inside of you,
Firmly stuck and embedded,
Petrified into your heart,

Will you pull it out,
And seek your deepest desires?

Short Summary:

In a fantasy realm filled with swords and magic lies seven, powerful kingdoms of great renown. The seven kingdoms of man have waged war against each other for thousands of years, leading to the Gods cursing humanity for their selfish and warlike desires. In an act to end conflict between the kingdoms, the Gods created a legendary, wish granting device known as Excalibur. The Gods thrust the sword into the center of the seven Kingdoms, a land which has become cursed from thousands of years of warfare. The sword is capable of granting its wielder one, divine wish, leading each kingdom to covet such a device.

The corrupt Kings of Mankind attempted to march their armies into the Cursed Lands, only to find that a magical barrier prevented all from entering. Only a person with noble blood and a powerful resolve could enter through such a barrier, meaning that the Kings who waged war must be the ones to risk their lives if they want to claim Excalibur. The Gods' plan worked well. The foolish Kings would enter the Cursed Lands only to never return. However, the leaders of the Seven Kingdoms began to find loopholes in the Gods' punishment.

Instead of going themselves, the Kings would send their children into the breach, their divine blood allowing them to pass the barrier and into the Cursed Land. They also found that they could bring one person with them through the barrier, by holding their hand when they cross through the portal. Now, noble families send their children, each backed by the strongest warriors they can find to claim the divine weapon so that their families can each rule the world.

tl;dr - Lord of The Rings and The Hunger Games had a child.

Genre: Medieval Fantasy
Pairings: FxF or MxF
Characters: Princess (Female) x Bodyguard / Knight (Male or Female) [I will play either role.]
Looking For:

  • Detailed / advanced role players interested in heavy plot.
  • People who will contribute to the story.
  • People who can post twice a week.
  • 2 Paragraphs Minimum
  • Lovely, friendly and/or awesome people All of you fit this one, lesbereal.
  • PM me if interested!

The Plot:

The Kingdom of Ecclesia is one of the Seven Kingdoms that seeks the Holy Sword. The Kingdom is known for a beautiful landscape and an expansive economy, but is unfortunately plagued by a corrupt and violent King. The King was so outraged that his wife gave him three girls, that he had her assassinated so that he could remarry. With the race for the Divine Sword, daughters are seen as a liability rather than an asset, as princesses are considered less suitable for sending into the Cursed Lands.

However, the King of Ecclesia decides to send his eldest daughter, the Princess, into the Cursed Lands anyways, practically condemning the young woman to death. Without much of a choice, she is forced to travel into the Cursed Lands and seek out Excalibur, though secretly, she wishes to use the sword's wish granting powers for herself rather than use it for her evil father, whom she knows killed her mother when she was young. To take with her into the Cursed Lands, she selects a Knight which she has grown up with since she was a child, trusting the Knight with her life to keep her safe as the two of them venture out into danger.

You may either play as the Princess (Female) or the Knight (Male or Female). They are childhood friends that have secretly liked each other for years, but neither know the other likes them. They both realize that there is no way for the two of them to possibly be together, but perhaps a magic wish could change that?
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