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  1. Has anyone else heard about The Fine Bros (or Swine Bros as a certain YouTuber likes to call them) trying to copyright the word react and basically trying to monopolize on react videos just because they don't like competition. They've already taken down numerous channels and videos and have now disabled comments on their videos. I've heard of greed but that's just ridiculous.
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  2. They screwed up and now they're paying for it. That's really all there is to it.

    I find it hilarious. But maybe that's just because I enjoy watching famous people suffer.
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  3. This week on entitled white people...
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  4. "BUT We're the premier users of the word React! No one else should use a word that's in a variety of fields! Because we're the primary users!"
  5. I don't think they were doing that at all. Their ultimate intention was to try to get people around the world to do React videos with their help so that they could start showing off new, untapped demographics, but the whole thing blew up in their face for a variety of reasons. They were trying to trademark their particular style and format of doing React videos (interesting demographics, multiple reactors, plus their thoughts and reflections at the end), but ended up explaining it in a god-awful way which made it seem like they would take down any other Reaction videos. In the current climate of the abuse of copyright claims and such, I think a lot of people just jumped onto the bandwagon. I REALLY don't think they deserve all this hate.
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  6. They're Jewish.


    @Grothnor Some people reported that small reaction YouTube channels were hit with C&Ds soon after this. Followed by (this is unsourced, just hearsay on my part) that they were doing the constant reporting themselves. Which is pretty scummy. But if these business practices offend people then hoooooly shit stay away from being in business.
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  7. You're a bit late on this topic. They backpedaled hard after seeing the massively negative reaction. They're not going to do that React World thing, they said they put in paperwork to retract the trademark request, and they said they're going to cancel all of the react-based Youtube Content ID copyright strikes.
  8. So, the Fine Bros were taking down videos? Wow. That's an incredibly stupid move....

  9. I watched a video from Jaltoid regarding the Fine Bros on the same day (or after) their update video. Apparently they copy pasted the same commission request message to a lot of YouTube animators and didn't want to pay them and expected free animations for their series or something.

    They took it down :c
  10. Watching a subscriber count go down in real time was fascinating
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  11. Can I get a link on that? Aside from them taking down both of their React World videos, I haven't seen any announcement from them about this.
  12. Hmm.

    While this is nice to know, I'm not sure why they wouldn't post a video about this as soon as possible. :/ Yeah, I noticed that they took down both of their React World videos, but, you'd think they'd want to get a statement like this out to the Youtube audience as soon as possible.

    Hard to blame people for not knowing that all this is (sort of) over now when the Finebros couldn't even make their own apology clearly heard. @_@
  13. Yep, I don't know why they wouldn't make a video about it either. If they wanted to do damage control, that would have been the most direct method.
  14. This.

    They're hemorrhaging subs. Active subs at that. Most of what will be left of their subscribers will probably be inactive accounts or people that don't care and just enjoy the videos.

    No subs. No views. No ad revenue. No channel.
  15. They put out a react video 2 days ago, which was the height of the anger and unsubbing.

    It already has nearly 2.4 million views.

    I'm pretty sure they're gonna be fine.
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  16. Becouse they have established that they are fucking worthless at conveying anything that isn't a straight PR disaster :D
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  17. This reminds me of that lady in Baltimore who tried to trademark the word "hon" (as in short for honey, i.e. "Can I get you some more tea, hon?"). She owned a restaurant called Cafe Hon. Sent out a bunch of C&Ds to local businesses using the word.

    The public skewered her. She got death threats, even. Her business tanked.

    It's just always a bad idea to try and trademark commonly used formulas and terms.
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