The Sweet Song of Sacrifice

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    This RP's violence level will be rated R for violence, death, and language. The romance in this RP will be rated PG/PG13 for romance but no sexual content.

    { NOTE }

    Yes I realise there is a lot of information here, but not all of it is important right away. I just put it all down for those who don't know much about Final Fantasy X. As the story progresses in the IC, I will post the most pertinent information as a reminder.

    If anyone has any questions, requests or anything at all, let me know!


    (Use the find application (CTRL+F) in browser on the numbers to find what you need!)​

    NAVIGATION (open)
    { I }
    { II }
    Races of Spira
    { III }
    Places of Spira
    { IV
    { V }
    { VI }
    { VII }
    { VIII }
    Sin Spawn
    { IX }

    { I }​

    Set one hundred years before Yuna and her Guardians defeat Sin and bring about the Great Calm, The Sweet Song of Sacrifice tells of the courageous journey of another Summoner and her Guardians. They head out on a brave journey to defeat Sin and bring about another Calm to world of Spira. The party must travel the world they are trying to protect to gather the strength of the Aeons by communing with the Fayth in each Temple. What will the brave group have to face, what obstacles will they have to overcome to bring about a new Calm to Spirians everywhere? From Kilika to Zanarkand, let the pilgrimage begin.

    { II }​

    There are a great many types of people that call Spira their home. Below is a list of the different species and information about them.

    RACES OF SPIRA (open)
    SPIRIANS (open)

    { SPIRIANS }
    Spirians are identical in appearance to humans. They make up the majority of Spira’s population. They have the ability to harvest magical abilities to a certain extent. They are loyal to Yevon and have been for almost one thousand years.

    AL BHED (open)

    { AL BHED }
    The Al Bhed are similar in appearance to humans. Their only physical difference is their swirly eyes. They make up about ten percent of Spira’s population. Often times they are looked down upon because of their dislike of the pilgrimage and their affinity with technology. They are amazing technologist who mostly live in their dessert city hidden in Bikanel. They believe that the use of Summoners to defeat Sin is wrong and fight to protect the Summoners in their own way. They have their own language. Some speak English, to a varying degree, along with their own tongue. They are not liked or recognized by Yevon.


    GUADO (open)

    { GUADO }
    The Guado are a very secretive race of tree folk. They mostly live in and around Guadosalam and are very close to the farplane. All the Guado have pointed ears and hair that seems like branches coming out of their head. Some seem to have bark that covers parts of their skin. All Guados have elongated limbs and large hands and feet. They are a very tall race and also very quick. They are not currently recognized as part of Yevon.

    RONSO (open)

    { RONSO }
    The Ronso are a race of large cat like warriors. They inhabit the sacred mountains of Gagazet and judge who may and may not pass on their way to Zanarkand. They are a very spiritual people. All Ronsos have blue fur of varying shades. The colour of their manes vary from white blond to black brown. All male Ronso’s have a horn that protrudes from their forehead, the females do not. To lose one’s horn is a great dishonor. Most Ronso’s have troubles with Spirian’s and Al Bhed’s speech. They often refer to themselves in the third person. They are not currently recognized as part of Yevon.

    HYPELLO (open)

    { HYPELLO }
    A race of amphibian creatures. They have a thick accent when they speak. They are very agile in the water, but not so much on land. They don’t really participate in competitive or recreational past times such as blitzball, but have the ability to be great at it. They are mostly seen operating the Shoopuf that crosses Moonflow.

    HALF BREEDS (open)

    Being a half breed is very rare. There is a lot of dislike for half breeds of any kind, it is looked down upon. There are no half Ronso breeds. Half breeds only occur between Spirians, Al Bhed and Guados.

    { III }​

    The world of Spira is massive and diverse. Below is a map of Spira.​

    MAP OF SPIRA (open)


    PLACES OF SPIRA (open)
    KILIKA (open)

    { KILIKA }


    Kilika is an island of the southern coast of Spira. The island consists of a small port and village, a large jungle and a Temple of Yevon. It is famous for being the home of High Summoner Ohalland and the Kilika Beasts, the local blitzball team.Kilika Temple is located on the far side of the forest north of the village. It is built atop a fire mountain and the Fire-elemental aeon Ifrit can be obtained here. The fire of the temple changes color depending on whether there is a summoner praying inside, or if the temple is being visited by priests and Yevonites. The fayth of this temple is a former Crusader.

    BESAID (open)

    { BESAID }


    It is a small island at the southernmost point of the world of Spira. The island features a large beach and seaport, a small village surrounded by forests and waterfalls, and Besaid Temple.The only populated area on Besaid Island, the village is a small settlement which is famous for the fabrics and clothes it produces. Once long ago, it was a Machina City that was destroyed by Sin; the ruins of this city can be seen throughout the island.Besaid is the home base of the Besaid Aurochs, one of the six Blitzball teams of Spira. The Crusaders also have a presence in the village; it is they who are charged with guarding the Temple.

    LUCA (open)

    { LUCA }


    Luca is a port at the southern tip of Spira's main continen. Luca houses Spira's only blitzball stadium, and is the home of the Luca Goers, one of the best teams in the league. It is the second largest city in Spira, after Bevelle.




    Mi'ihen Highroad is a road between the city of Luca and Mushroom Rock.The road was named for Lord Mi'ihen, the founder of the Crusaders, then called the Crimson Blades, who walked down the old path on his way to Bevelle to answer the challenge that his group was a threat to Yevon. It is called a Highroad because of both its altitude in relation to Luca, and the fact that Mi'ihen walked the "Highroad" when he decided to face the maesters of Yevon instead of antagonizing them.




    Mushroom Rock a road and mountain formation between Djose and Mi'ihen Highroad.

    DJOSE (open)

    { DJOSE }


    Djose is a region of the main continent of Spira. It is primarily a highroad running between the area of Mushroom Rock and the Moonflow. At the junction before entering the Moonflow road, a short path leads the way to Djose Temple, the only notable feature in the area.

    MOONFLOW (open)

    { MOONFLOW }


    The Moonflow is a large river that dissects Spira's main continent into Southern and Northern halves. The primary method of crossing is on shoopuf, an elephant-like creature that can swim across the expansive river. Moonlilies grow on the Moonflow's banks and pyreflies gather on its surface at night, making the water glow and sparkle.

    In Final Fantasy X there are many merchants operating from each of the banks.

    GUADOSALAM (open)



    Guadosalam is the city of the Guado, and gateway to the Farplane. The city sits on the path from the north bank of the Moonflow and the southern trail of the Thunder Plains. It comprises three levels with the exits at the bottom most points, the path to the Farplane on the upper level, and the Palace, residence of the current leader, at the center.




    The Thunder Plains also known as the Gandof Thunder Plains, is a long open barren landscape connecting Guadosalam to Macalania Woods. It is constantly bombarded by lightning and thunder.Long ago, the plains were a traveler's nightmare, until an Al Bhed named Bilghen set up several towers to serve as lightning rods. Ironically, he was in the process of setting up the final tower when he was struck by lightning and killed. The plains are still treacherous, but the towers draw most of the lightning away.

    MACALANIA (open)



    Macalania is a geographical area of Spira. Macalania is comprised of a vast forest filled with beautiful springs and campsites; a frozen Lake a magnificent ice palace: Macalania Temple which sits atop the frozen waters.The ancestral protectors of Macalania are the three races of Musicians: a tall, blue-colored bird-like race with harps, a short race with saxophone-like instruments, and a rotund race with drums.The Macalania Woods are a junction point for several other locations. It is connected to the Thunder Plains at the southern end, to Bevelle in the west, and to the Calm Lands in the east.

    BIKANEL (open)

    { BIKANEL }


    Bikane is an island to the west of the Spira mainland. It is primarily a large, arid desert with an oasis, featuring palm trees and a drinkable water source. Many ruins and sand-swept camp sites dot the landscape.The Sanubia Sands is the home of the Al Bhed and the cactuar species. Bikanel Island had hosted at least one large city in former times, most likely in the time around the Machina War. As the signs on the ruins are all in the Al Bhed language, it seems the former city of Bikanel was already an Al Bhed city, that city was destroyed by Sin, which is why the Al Bhed were scattered throughout Spira.

    BEVELLE (open)

    { BEVELLE }


    The capital of Spira's dogmatic society, it is initially the home of the Yevon religion.One thousand years before the events of Final Fantasy X, escalating hostilities between the city-states of Bevelle and Zanarkand eventually led to a terrible and ravaging war that tore across Spira. Due to its technological advantage over Zanarkand, Bevelle clearly held the advantage.However, no true end to the conflict came about; Yu Yevon, the city's most powerful summoner, gathered the survivors of his devastated home and used them to conjure up a dream world parallel of Zanarkand at its height of glory. To shield himself and his creation, Yu Yevon clad himself in armor formed from pyreflies, becoming the creature known as Sin; it is suspected that Sin destroyed the original Zanarkand. To safeguard itself from attack, Bevelle treated with Yu Yevon to preach his teachings, which would become the foundation of the Yevonite religion.After the final destruction of Sin and the banishment of the remnants of Yu Yevon's spirit, Bevelle entered a state of chaos and turmoil. The Yevonite priesthood, ruined by the calamitous revelations of its origins, hypocrisy and lies, disbanded in the face of the complete breakdown of the theocratic society Spira had existed as for nearly a thousand years.In the wake of this cultural upheaval rose a man named Trema, who would found the New Yevon organization with the aim to help those either unwilling or unable to cope with the changes rippling throughout civilization. Following Trema's surprising and sudden disappearance, Baralai (once a candidate for Yevon's elite Crimson Squad) would emerge at the forefront of the fledgling organization seeking to continue Trema's philosophy of gradual adjustment to the new order of the world.Bevelle, once a machina wonder surpassing even the majestic glories of Zanarkand, hid behind its pious veneer ancient and sorcerous technology, including the mobilesuper-weapon Vegnagun.

    THE CALM LANDS (open)



    The Calm Lands fall between Macalania Woods and Mt. Gagazet on the summoner's pilgrimage to Zanarkand. The Calm Lands, an expanse of wide plains, are notable for being the location where the final battle with Sin was once fought, causing destruction and the formation of a huge rift to its north.




    The Cavern of the Stolen Fayth also known as the Sunken, is located in a gorge to the north of the Calm Lands, near the entrance to Mt. Gagaze. The cave hides a fayth that legend says was stolen long ago to prevent summoners from completing their pilgrimage, possibly by the Al Bhed.

    OMEGA RUINS (open)



    At the end of the cave, two deadly bosses await anyone who would disturb them. A traitor to Yevon, Omega, was banished to these ruins, and during the long years he was imprisoned, his hatred grew and turned him into the fiendish Omega Weapon. His hatred for Yevon was so strong, he also spawned a lesser Weapon: Ultima.

    REMIEM TEMPLE (open)



    Remiem is an abandoned temple on the eastern side of the Calm Lands. The path to the temple is located near the entrance to Macalania, but can only be accessed by riding a chocobo. It is the only remaining sign of a prewar city in the Calm Lands. No living people in Spira continue to visit the temple, and the only inhabitants are the unsent summoner Belgemine and the fayth of the aeon Magus Sisters. The temple is a large and ornate structure, which was once bustling, but became forgotten after Sin tore the earth asunder with the last of its strength while combating High Summoner Gandof. Remiem Temple is surrounded by the same mountain range that Mt. Gagazet belongs to.There is no Cloister of Trials as is typical to the other Temples of Yevon. The temple itself is merely a large room with the entrance to the fayth at the far end. This is where the Magus Sisters can be found.

    MT. GAGAZET (open)

    { MT. GAGAZET }


    Mt. Gagazet is the home of the Ronso and gateway to the Holy City of Zanarkand in the world of Spira.The snow-covered, towering Mt. Gagazet is considered sacred land by all races of Spira. Before the Eternal Calm only summoners and their guardians are permitted to pass beyond the mountain gate as it is the final test of the summoner's resolve before entering the Zanarkand Ruins.

    ZANARKAND (open)



    Zanarkand is a former metropolis which lies at Spira's northernmost edge. Zanarkand was annihilated by Sin at the end of the Machina War against Bevelle 900 years ago.The original Zanarkand was a more utopian city state where the people wished to enhance their lives using a mix of magic imbued within machina. The city state of Bevelle was more militarized and focused completely on machina. Bevelle believed Zanarkand was planning a war against them, and so Bevelle struck first, starting the Machina War.During the war Yu Yevon, the leader of Zanarkand, and his citizens, used summoning as their weapon to fight off the armies of Bevelle. They were unable to stop Bevelle's armies, and Yu Yevon sacrificed the people of Zanarkand in order to preserve the metropolis in a dream state at the height of its power, and to also summon a creature of unspeakable power to defend it, otherwise known as Sin.Yu Yevon only gave the creature two objectives, defend Dream Zanarkand and destroy any large cities or cities that relied heavily on machina. Unable to control Sin's power Yu Yevon's mind became consumed. Due to this the newly summoned Sin turned on Zanarkand itself, following its instincts, destroying the metropolis creating the Zanarkand Ruins.

    { IV }​

    The people of Spira follow the Teachings of Yevon. The faith is named after Yu Yevon, a summoner who lived in Zanarkand around the time when Sin first appeared. Nearly all the peoples of Spira follow the teachings of Yevon, including the Ronso and some of the Guado. The Al Bhed are an exception and are viewed as heretics by the autocracy for their use of machina, a practice strictly forbidden by the church.

    YEVON (open)

    The majority of the people of Spira follow the teachings of Yevon. The faith is named after Yu Yevon, the once leader of Zanarkand and the creator of Sin. The Al Bhed are the exception, they don’t follow the teachings of Yevon, they are viewed as heretics because of use of machina. Those that follow the teachings of Yevon believe that Sin is their punishment for relying too much on machines and technology.


    At the top of the Church of Yevon’s hierarchy is the position of Grand Maester. Currently the position is being held by a man by the name of Krei Mika. Below the Grand Maester are three positions that hold the title Maester. One usually addresses Maester as either ‘Maester’ or ‘Your Grace’. Maesters are the ones who make the laws, presiding over Yevon’s High Court and overseeing the church’s civil, military and spiritual affairs. The next step down from Maester is the Priest’s of Yevon. They attend to the Temples and surrounding lands. Each temple has a High Priest who presides over the temple and it’s staff. Many Priests are Summoners or former Summoners who quit their pilgrimage. Priests tend to wear mutlicoloured robbes of white, green and orange. Below the Priests are Summoners. Summoners are charged with the greatest responsibility of all. They must journey to Zanarkand on a pilgrimage to defeat Sin. On the way, Summoners perform Sendings where they send the souls of the deceased to the Farplane. The title of High Summoner refers to a Summoner who has defeated Sin (That last High Summoner was Lord Crayness, he defeated Sin a little over a decade ago). Lastly, the church has a number of acolytes. They work throughout Spira performing various tasks for the Church.


    The Church itself has a strong military that they sent out to combat Sin and protect the citizens of Spira as best they can. Warrior Monks serve as protectors to the Maesters and the temples. They are mostly seen in Bevelle. Guardians are a Summoner’s personal body guard. They are not directly related to the church. A Summoner chooses their own guardians and can choose non-Yevonites if they wish (doing so is very rare and looked down upon though). They are expected to put their lives on the line for their Summoner. The Crimson Blade (also known as The Crusaders) is a closely knit army that dedicates themselves to protecting the people, towns and temples from Sin. They are directly connected to the Church, no non-Yevonites may join The Crimson Blade. There are unofficial chapters of The Crimson Blade that are made up of those who have been excommunicated by the Church.


    Prayers to Yevon are conducted with a gesticulation that starts with the hands out to either side before bringing them into the chest, as though holding a sphere, and bowing. This evolved from a blitzball ritual. Additionally, summoners are obligated to perform the Sending for the deceased. This is a ritual dance that sends the pyreflies of the deceased on their way to the Farplane, preventing the pyreflies from coalescing into a fiend.

    TEMPLES (open)

    { TEMPLES }
    Temples of Yevon are found throughout Spira. At the heart of the temples there is the Chamber of the Fayth, a room that contains a Fayth. A statue houses the willingly-given human soul. The Summoners commune with those souls and can be granted the power of an Aeon. There are five official temples of Yevon throughout Spira; Bevelle (Home of Bahamut), Macalania (Home of Shiva), Djose (Home of Ixion), Kilika (Home of Iftit) and Besaid (Home of Valefor). There are two lost temples of Yevon; Remien (Home of the Magus Sisters/Found in the Calm lands) and Baaj (Home of Anima/Baaj is the submerged ruins). Finally there is also the Cavern of the Stollen Fayth (Home of Yojimbo/Found in the Calm lands).


    When a Summoner completes their pilgrimage and obtains the Aeons the face Sin in Zanarkand. Zanarkand is the home of Yunalesca, the first Summoner to defeat Sin. When the Summoner defeats Yunalesca they obtain the final Aeon.

    { V }

    Blitzball is one of the very few ways that the people of Spira spend time in a recreational manner. It is a game that is played in a giant orb of water. There are two teams, each with an offense and defense. The goal is to get more points than the other team by the end of the game. To score points you must get the ball in the net.​

    { VI }

    Aeons are obtained by completing each Cloister of Trials at each of Spira's temples. An Aeon is the physical manifestation of the Fayth's dreams. A Fayth communicates with summoners who pray to them within the Chamber of the Fayth, and this can establish a link between the Fayth and the Summoner. Using the link, a Fayth gives their dream a physical form, an Aeom. Aeons are powerful creatures only a summoner can use in battle. Most Aeons resemble their respective Fayth, so it can be assumed that the Aeom takes on aspects of the person whose soul is seal within the Fayth Statue.

    AEONS (open)
    IFRIT (open)
    { IFRIT }
    Special Attack: Meteorstrike
    Effect: Inflicts normal damage even with Protect
    Overdrive: Hellfire
    Element: Fire
    Location Found: Kilika Temple

    VALEFOR (open)
    { VALEFOR }
    Special Attack: Sonic Wings
    Effect: Delays target's next turn
    Overdrive: Energy Ray, Energy Blast
    Element: None
    Location Found: Besaid Temple

    IXION (open)
    { IXION }
    Special Attack: Aerospark
    Effect: Dispels positive status effects
    Overdrive: Thor's Hammer
    Element: Lightning
    Location Found: Djose Temple

    SHIVA (open)
    { SHIVA }
    Special Attack: Heavenly Strike
    Effect: Inflicts Threaten status on target
    Overdrive: Diamond Dust
    Element: Ice
    Location Found: Macalania Temple

    BAHAMUT (open)
    { BAHAMUT }

    Special Attack: Impulse
    Effect: -
    Overdrive: Mega Flare
    Element: None
    Location Found: Bevelle Temple

    YOJIMBO (open)
    { YOJIMBO }
    Special Attack: Daigoro, Kozuka, Wakizashi, Zanmoto
    Effect: Random
    Overdrive: *not specific* (Random)
    Element: None
    Location Found: Cavern of the Stolen Fayth/The Calm Lands

    ANIMA (open)
    { ANIMA }
    Special Attack: Nightmare
    Effect: Inflicts Doom Status on Target
    Overdrive: Imprisonment
    Element: None
    Location Found: Baaj Temple/Submerged Ruins

    MAGUS SISTERS (open)
    (Cindy, Sandy and Mindy)
    Special Attack: Camisade, Razzia, Passado
    Effect: -
    Overdrive: Delta Attack
    Element: None
    Location Found: Remiem Temple/Calm Lands
    Note you must have both Anima and Yojimbo before getting the sisters.

    THE FINAL AEON (open)
    The final Aeon is created from someone who shared a deep bond with the Summoner. The Aeon is intended to be used only once, during the final battle with Sin, in the ritual called The Final Summoning. The Aeon has enough power to pierce Sin’s hard shell and defeat Sin. Once this happens Yu Yevon emerges from Sin and takes control of the Final Aeon to kill the Summoner. Yu Yevon uses this Aeon to rebuild Sin. The time it takes to rebuild is known as the Calm.

    { VII }​

    SIN (open)

    Sightings: None yet

    { VIII }​

    Sin Spawn are the monsters of Spira that show up when Sin is around.​

    { NONE YET }​

    { IX }

    Please make sure to read and follow all rules detailed in the spoiler below. If you have any questions, concerns or ideas about them or anything else in the RP, please let me know.

    RULES (open)
    { ONE }
    Follow all site rules, all of them!!!!

    { TWO }
    Do not control or kill any characters without their permission.

    { THREE }
    NPCs are to be played by all characters, just please run it by me first.

    { FOUR }
    Your characters are mortal and like in most stories start off weaker. Please RP as such, over time your characters will gain access to new skills and abilities allowing them to become stronger.

    { FIVE }
    If you are planning to have a relationship between characters, please allow it to blossom naturally and not just burst into life out of the blue. Also, please make sure to okay it with the player of the other character first.

    { SIX }
    Make sure that you've read over the info that I've gathered for the rp. In it you can find some interesting and very useful tidbits... Like in the races, I put in a site that will automatically translate Al Bhed for you. I'll point out and post up in the IC the specific areas that are currently important, just make sure to read them. Along with that, if you are confused please ask questions here in the OOC, I don't mind answering.

    { SEVEN }
    Your characters should be versatile and interesting. Please don't make them boring with no flaws to their personality. On that note, please try not to make them cliche either. I don't mind a little boring and cliche here and there, but let's not have it overwhelmingly everywhere.

    { EIGHT }
    At the top of each IC post, please Post your character's name.

    { NINE }
    As per the RP rating: This RP's violence level will be rated R for violence, death, and language. The romance in this RP will be rated PG/PG13 for romance but no sexual content.

    { TEN }
    Have fun and enjoy!

  2. [​IMG]

    THE CS (open)

    [img]url for appearance picture here[/img]
    Any written description for appearance here.
    [b] { NAME }
    { AGE }
    { GENDER }
    { RACE }
    { ABILITIES }[/b]
    White magic/Black magic/summoner/other... etc...
    Please list the abilities you can have (up to four) in the order you acquire them.
    [b] { WEAPON NAME }[/b]
    Type of weapon (sword, axe, polearm... etc...} used by your character.
    [img]Weapon Appearance Image[/img]
    Description of Weapon. (optional)
    [b] { WEAPON BOOSTS } [/b]
    Your character starts out with one stat boosters (unless you come into the RP late, in which case PM me) and can have up to four by the end of the game. Please list the four you can have, in the order you will get them.
    [b] { SPECIAL ARMOUR NAME } [/b]
    Ring, bracer, necklace, shield, arm guard, armlet, bangle, earrings, targes, etc...  Your character's special piece of armour can be enchanted.
    [img]Special Armour Appearance Image[/img]
    Description of Special Armour. (optional)
    Your character starts out with one stat boosters (unless you come into the RP late, in which case PM me) and can have up to four by the end of the game. Please list the four you can have, in the order you will get them.
    [b] { OVERDRIVE } [/b]
    Please describe your overdrive ability here.  Every once in a while through battle your overdrive will become available to you.  I'll let you know when it is available for use. You don't have to use it right away in battle, you can save it for another time.
    [b] { PERSONALITY }[b]
    Personality Here.
    { HISTORY } [/b]
    History Here.[/center]
    { NOTES }
    Pick your weapon and armour piece wisely. Unlike the game, this will be your only one. As the game progresses you may have up to 4 stat boosters attached to each.
    When creating abilities and boosts, think rp logic instead of video game logic. Thanks!


    { Rina Fae - Played by ClumsyCalamity }


    { Ryle Gerrant - Played by Gaz }
    { Drake Leradine - Played by neobullseye }
    { Touma - Played by 8 Bit Hero }
    { (not done)Misty Escaflon - Played by Vibrant Kisses }


    O'AKA XX (open)

    { O’AKA XX }
    { MALE }
    { INFO }

    He is a traveling merchant who conveniently appears in places at useful times.
    You can sell as well as buy items from O’aka. PM me for sell prices if you are curious. His prices are quite steep at the moment, but later on, when he is more loyal to our cause(Spot him some gil), his prices will lower.
    Total Amount of Gil Donated: 0
    Wares : Price (Gil)
    Potion : 200
    Phoenix Down: 700
    Antidote: 500
    Note: Prices will change, as will the types of items he sells. I will keep it updated as time goes on. I’ll let you all know when it changes.
    None Yet


    Our group inventory is as follows. Keep an eye on it, it will change as the game goes on.
    inventory (open)

    { Nothing Yet... }
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  3. [​IMG]

    Ryle is a fairly handsome young man, with a lean and athletic build, with a toned body perfectly adapted to climbing, running and jumping. He is deft, agile and nimble, capable of quite acrobatic feats. His hair is greyish brown, and rather messy and unkempt, and his keen eyes are almost yellowish in hue. Rarely is he seen without his "trademark" blue headband, he is hardly ever seen without it on, even when sleeping. Height wise, he stands roughly 5ft 9 and weighs 145 lbs.

    { NAME } Ryle Gerrant
    { AGE } 19
    { GENDER } Male
    { RACE } Spiran

    1. Steal - With deft, skilled hands, Ryle can steal items and objects from foes even in the heat of battle.
    2. Aero - Ryle can summon up green, swirling winds that can either damage enemies, or propel him upwards at great speed.
    3. Haste - Using Time Magic, Ryle can greatly speed up either himself or an ally, making them much faster in relation to everything else.
    4. Delay Buster - This powerful, quick sword slash leaves victims momentarily stunned as well as injured, resulting in them unable to react as quickly for a short period of time.

    { Falcon Edge }
    A design often used by sailors and pirates that sail the Spiran seas, this particular blade was taken from the body of a notorious brigand captain who attacked Kilika temple two years ago. With his home threatened, Ryle jumped to the aid of the monks and Crusaders, and helped to fight off the raiders. With a skillful throw of a knife, he managed to bring down the fierce captain himself, causing his followers to scatter and flee. As a reward for his efforts, Ryle was allowed to keep the captain's sword. The blade seems to have innate Wind magical power, but only a skilled Black Mage would be able to detect it's energy, Ryle is currently oblivious.


    1. Swift Breeze - An innate air spell activates, causing not only the blade to be swung faster, but it also deals Wind elemental damage.
    2. Razor Wind - The blade becomes sharper and more deadly, dealing more damage to whoever it strikes.
    3. Deadly Gale - The sword becomes even more deadlier than it seems, giving it innate armour piercing properties, and increasing the chances of dealing a critical blow.
    4. Oncoming Storm - The Falcon Edge's full potential is now unlocked. With every swing of the sword, Ryle has a chance to also automatically inflict Slow on the target.

    { Kilikan Reinforced Armguard }
    A lightweight, well crafted piece of protection for the lower arm, this can help soften blows without weighing down the wearer too much. They are quite commonly made on Kilika as the materials are readily available.


    1. Sightguard - Ryle cannot be inflicted by the Blind status.
    Auto-Haste - Once a battle, Ryle is automatically granted the Haste status.
    3. Fluid - The armguard can now protect Ryle from the Slow status.
    4. Auto-Shell - Grants Shell status once per battle.

    Hurricane Rush - Letting out a yell, Ryle becomes engulfed with the raw power of the wind, sending a mighty gale out in all directions. Hovering for a moment, he then charges right into one enemy with the force of a hurricane, dealing a large amount of damage and lowering their defenses for a time if they survive.

    At first glance, Ryle can seem a bit lazy, laid back, easy going. He never does well academically, and never seems to apply himself either. He's not amazingly devout to Yevon but does love reading the old stories and legends about summoners, guardians and Crusaders. An inquisitive soul, he loves exploring and finding new places...but often gets himself or others in trouble by doing so. Rather optimistic, he is quick to cheer up those who are feeling down with a smile or a joke.
    Ryle is fiercely protective of his friends and loved ones, and once those he cares about are threatened he becomes an almost different man. He is quick to rush in danger to help those in need, often without thinking for his own safety. He thinks with his heart, rather than his head, and rarely thinks things through. As he is quick to react to situations without really thinking carefully, he often causes trouble for themselves and others.
    Brought up as an orphan, he has a habit to occasionally be morally...loose when it comes to stealing, but he has matured somewhat in recent years.
    All in all, though, Ryle is a good soul...he just sometimes needs someone a bit more sensible to set him straight.
    An embarrassing quirk of his is he cannot swim at all, which can be awkward for a young man living on an island.

    { HISTORY }
    Ryle was born one of many orphans on the tough streets of Luca. He has no idea who his parents were, whether they were killed by one of many Sin attacks or they just abandoned him as a baby, it remains a mystery to him. Frankly, he's never cared too much and never let it get him down. Raised in a small orphanage on the poorer side of the city, Ryle and other street rats had a reputation for stealing fruit from markets and pickpocketing wealthy tourists from Bevelle. He would often sneak into the grand Blitzball stadium to watch games, but was often caught and chased out by guards.
    One fateful day when he was eight, a gang of older boys dared him to stowaway on a cargo ship heading south. Not one to turn down a dare, Ryle agreed without really thinking it through.
    As he played in the cargo hold, helping himself to food, a great storm rocked the seas. Unnatural for that time of year, it turned out to have been caused by Sin attacking the nearby island of Kilika. The storm sent the ship crashing into nearby rocks. As the crew quickly manned the lifeboats to safety, the young Ryle found himself on a rapidly sinking ship. Unable to swim, he panicked, and fell into the stormy waters.
    By some miracle, he washed up on the beaches of Kilika, found by some children his age. Barely alive, the monks were called to help him. From there on out, for the next decade or so he had a new life in Kilika, brought up in and around the temple. The friendly and cheeky young Ryle quickly made friends in the village.
    As he grew older, he became obsessed with reading about Guardians and Summoners of old, and it didn't take long for him to volunteer to protect the village's Apprentice Summoner. Not only because she was a close friend of his, but also to help him finally realise his goal of exploring the world for himself.
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  4. Let me know if that's okay. Not sure if the boosts and stuff were allowed, so let me know :)
  5. So, can I reserve a slot for a Black Mage?
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  6. @ Gaz, The CS looks awesome to me!

    @ neobullseye, Sure I'll save you a spot!
  7. Thanks! Looking forward to this =)
  8. Hey cutie save me a spot I will make either a warrior or a dark knight (I mean some other kind of warrior...). ^^
  9. I will save you a spot.... evil.... and later I'll throw a potato at you....
  10. Careful, potatoes are dangerous weapons!

  11. [​IMG]
    Rina has a petite build and stands at 5'3" with silvery grey hair and blue eyes. She is usually dressed in her formal summoner clothing, a yellow and orange kimono with a white headdress. Every once in a while, when she decides to take a day off of studies she wears faded brown pants and simple orange tank top.

    { Rina Fae }
    { 19 }
    { FEMALE }
    { SPIRIAN }

    1. Summon - Can Summon Aeons.
    2. Cure - Heals target.
    3. Life - Resurects fallen targets.
    4. Holy - Casts a ball of pure holy energy at the target

    { MEMORIAE }


    Memoriae was given to her by the staff of Kilika's Temple when she first decided to start on a path to become a Summoner at the age of 15.


    1. Firestrike - Attacks with added fire damage.
    2. Silencestrike - Has a chance of silencing the target with a physical attack.
    3. Darktouch - Has a chance of blinding the target with a physical attack.
    4. Slowtouch - Has a chance of casting slow on target with a physical attack.

    { SPERO }



    1. Fire Ward - Takes only 50% fire damage.
    2. Silence Ward - Has only 50% chance of being affected by silence.
    3. Auto Regen - Automatically casts regen on self (once per battle).
    4. Auto Protect - Automatically casts protect on self (once per battle).


    { Retribution of the Fallen }
    This overdrive changes with the aeons that Elnora has obtained throughout her pilgrimage. With each new aeon another attack hits the target. Elnora prays to Yevon and the aeons for help. A bright light surrounds her and shoots into the sky. The sky opens up and releases a powerful attack.

    { Ifrit }
    Fiery meteors rain down from the sky.
    { Valefor }
    Gale force winds.
    { Ixion }
    Ball lightning.
    { Shiva }
    Giant hail falls from the sky.
    { Bahamut }
    A swarm of miniature dragons appear from the sky and claw at the target(s).
    { Yojimbo }
    Dozens of swords fall from the sky and slash at the target(s).
    { Anima }
    Darkness in the form of lightning strikes at the target(s).
    { Magus Sisters }
    Little glowing pink hearts drift slowly from the sky and stick to the target(s) and explode upon contact.

    One attack is chosen at random.


    Rina has spent most of her life in temple and it's libraries, and thus some people see her as naive and blind to the world around her. She will always try to bring out the positive in a situation (even if she is doubtful) because she wants to make people believe that, despite the current situation, something good can come of it. Along with always trying to get people to look on the bright side, she will always go out of her way to help others. Even complete strangers. This has gotten her in trouble a few times in the past.

    She tends to come off as a bit shy most of the time, but that is just because she is always worried about saying the wrong thing. That is unless she doesn't get enough sleep, then she gets extremely grumpy. She will speak her mind and usually regret it later. When she is alone, or when she thinks she is alone, she often talks to herself. On top of that she is very much afraid of heights.

    { HISTORY }

    Rina has spent her whole life in Kilika and hasn't seen any other places in Spira. Her parents raised her in a cozy hut near the temple. One night, when Rina was too young to remember, there was a Sin attack in the harbour and her father volunteered to help out. There were a lot of deaths that night, her father was one of them, and a summoner wasn't anywhere nearby to preform a sending. It was weeks before the dead were allowed to finally rest in the farplane. Her mother was never the same after that.

    From a young age, she spent most of her afternoons in the Temple's Library reading and studying. Afternoons turned into whole days and into late nights. There was no fixed point at which she decided to become a summoner, but a gradual learning. As soon as she was old enough she became a summoner's apprentice. She wanted to make a change in the world, make an impact. She wanted to stop Sin from hurting her loved ones. So she studied hard, often times missing meals and working through the night. She worked and studied hard to get to this one point, to be able to call herself a summoner and start her pilgrimage.
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  12. Looks awesome :D I made a few (minor) changes to Ryle as well.

  13. [​IMG]
    Standing at 5'6", He has brown spikey hair. He wears a white leather coat which serves as his armor. He has a strange bracelet that is actually an enchanted shield and wields his trusty sword.
    { Touma }
    { 19 }
    { Male }
    { Spearian }
    { Paladin }

    1.Shield Bash- Touma's first ability allows him to impugn his shield with magic so that he can send even the biggest enemies backwards away from his party. This skill can also daze the target every now and again, sort of like a 50% rate.

    2.Iron Will- Using magic Touma reinforces his body to be as strong as steel, this only lasts for a short period of time and drains quite a bit of mp. The skill also grants him great strength so that he might block even the biggest and heaviest of enemies attacks.

    3.Instant Impact- This skill allows Touma to near instantly appear in front of the enemy to take a hit before it hits one of his comrades.

    4.Atonement-This skill is Touma's final last ditch effort with out his over drive, its a single attack, Using a large sum of magic Touma reverses and send back at an enemy their own attack but 2 times the power.

    { Titan }
    Type of weapon (Magic Sword} used by your character.

    Your character starts out with one stat boosters (unless you come into the RP late, in which case PM me) and can have up to four by the end of the game. Please list the four you can have, in the order you will get them.
    1.Auto Provoke- The blade causes the user to let out an aura that makes enemies want to tear their face off. It's great for keeping an enemies hate...
    3.Quick hit
    4.Limit Break


    { Knights Round }


    1.This strange arm band actually forms a shield of light that can change size depending on how much magic is focused into it.
    2.Auto Regen
    3.Darkness Eater
    4.Auto mana Regen

    { OVERDRIVE(7 Virtues) }
    Touma's overdrive is a special one as it grants him a connection to forces outside his own world. Seven virtues causes 7 mystical swords to appear in the sky, each sword capable of high level damage, touma will charge forward with an attack of his own and for one time only all 7 of these might blades will do as he does, turning a single stab into a massacre of the target.

    Touma is the type that acts before he thinks. He can never just sit around upon seeing someone in a pinch and will go to great lengths to protect or help the person. This he does at great risk to himself. He is one who will follow what he believes regardless of what others try to convince him. Even though he is a well-mannered person, who is kind to people in general, Touma will not hesitate to strike female opponents who harm innocents or disrespect life. Despite his righteous and heroic personality Touma occasionally displays poor choice of words which results in him getting bitten by his chocobo fluffykins.

    { HISTORY }

    Touma grew up in Kilika and has known Rina since they were children. Ever since he heard that Rina had chosen to become the one to take the pilgrimage, He has sworn to learn as much as he could from his father who was a great knight, so that he may protect her. Touma was against her choice but he would respect her wishes. He and his pet chocobo which Rina dubbed Fluffykins long ago went off to train and are now back after 4 years of non stop training. Touma now feels ready to keep his friend safe on her journey. ​
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  14. Character Sheet –In Progress


    { NAME }
    Misty Escafon

    { AGE }


    { GENDER }


    { RACE }



    White Mage

    1. Regan -The HP of target ally is recovered a little each turn.

    2. Mug -Steals an item from target enemy while attacking.

    3. Gravity -Reduces 3/4 of enemy's HP.

    4. Triple Foul -Puts target enemy in "Sleep", "silence" and "Darkness" conditions for 3 turns.


    Nuru Kamaria

    Twin Daggers
    Show Spoiler



    Your character starts out with no stat boosters (unless you come into the RP late, in which case PM me) and can have up to four by the end of the game. Please list the four you can have, in the order you will get them.






    Ring, bracer, necklace, shield, arm guard, armlet, bangle, earrings, targes, etc... Your character's special piece of armour can be enchanted.

    Description of Special Armour. (optional)


    Your character starts out with one stat boosters (unless you come into the RP late, in which case PM me) and can have up to four by the end of the game. Please list the four you can have, in the order you will get them.






    Please describe your overdrive ability here. Every once in a while through battle your overdrive will become available to you. I'll let you know when it is available for use. You don't have to use it right away in battle, you can save it for another time.


    She has a child-like innocence, and is very curious about others. She is understanding and compassionate to her party members(friends). She tries to always have a bright positive attitude. Stubborn as well. She tends to try and take all blame when something she was a part of goes wrong. If she is unable to help, or is considered useless she gets

    deeply depressed, and throws temper tantrums.

    { HISTORY }

    Misty was born and raised on the Island of Besaid. Her parents are a part of the Crusaders who are in charge of guarding the temple. Though she had both her parents she only got to see them if she went to their posts. Misty was taken care of in turns by the village elders.

    There wasn’t much to do on the island besides play Blitzball. Though she became an excellent player she often found herself relaxing in the sun, and diving into the blue lagoons. At night she would stare off into the sea wondering about the lives of other creatures in Spira.

    A week before her 20th birthday, her village temple told her she had to go on an adventure and help the Summoner. Misty was excited to go but at first her parents objected saying she wasn’t ready for the world. They tried to talk her out of it but they knew that they could not change her mind. She boarded a ship and found her herself in Kilika where she is to meet the Summoner.

    I know it’s not finished but I wanted to get some of it out there.

  15. Hi!! I'll save you a spot ^^
    8 Bit your character is accepted.
  16. So, I had two different ideas for Overdrives. One would be very mch like Lulu's spamcast OD, hitting several random targets (or one target over and over if there's only one) for less damage than normal (albeit not quite as weak as the original.)
    The other is essentially a hypercharged version of a spell, dealing far more damage than normal, but only affecting a single target. Both would, obviously enough, still obey elemental resistances/weakness, if applicable.

    Which one sounds more interesting to you guys/girls? Note that these are just basic explanations: The final version would be a lot more detailed. Alternatively, I might end up having a third, completely unrelated idea.

    Also, @ClumsyCalamity: The 'xx'-Ward abilities half the effectiveness of whatever 'xx' is. Full immunity is granted by -Proof abilities, barring a couple of exceptionally potent attacks. Similiarly, the -Touch weapon abilities have a 50% chance of working, while the -Strike abilities have a 100% of working, assuming the enemy isn't resistant. Just saying ^_^
  17. Another idea would be a spell that does slightly more damage than normal, and has an "Area of Effect" so it can hit multiple targets based on where you aim it. I don't think there are many abilities at all in FFX that directly target multiple enemies, so yeah :)
  18. @ neobullseye, thanks I fixed it. Personally , I like the second idea better of the two.
  19. I know this is freeform, but will there still be "stats" or a way to compare characters? Like, do we all do roughly the same "damage" with physical attacks, or will there be a way to define what our strengths and weaknesses are?
  20. Ooh, here's an idea! [Character] charges ups several spell charges (starting at 3, develops throughout the RP) at the same time. Then, depending on the situation, these can be spread out or focused with the following effects.
    1 charge - half normal damage.
    2 charges - normal effectiveness.
    3 charges - about 1.5* normal damage.
    4 Charges - 2* normal damage, does minor splash damage (about 1-0.5 normal damage, depending on vicinity)
    5 Charges - Pierces Magic Defense (but not Shell), hitting all targets in the AoE (see below) They essentially become their own unique spells.

    AoE type:
    Blizzard - A fan-like pattern of ice spears starting from [Character]. It ignores allies, but hits all enemies caught in the stream. Damage is dependant on things like proximity, time caught in the stream etc.
    Fire - A large fireball is hurled at the targed, causing a large explosion on impact and hitting every enemy in a sphere-shaped area for about 3* normal damage.
    Thunder - A hail of thunderbolts is spread in a circular area, centered on [Character], each hit doing 1* normal damage. These can theoretically hit a target more than once, but they can also miss entirely. In addition, since the AoE is centered on [Character], that means he needs to get into close quarters to make the best use of it, generally not a good thing for a mage.
    Water - A large wave of water is shot at the enemies. It's similiar to Blizzard, but hits a wider area and is ground-based. Fliers might avoid this attack entirely.

    Only charges of the same spell can be combined; For example, using a Fire Charge and a Blizzard Charge on the same enemy counts as two 1-Charge attacks. In other words, the only way to use the most powerful attacks is to pool all charges into one element, which can be risky if the target's weakness/resistance is still unknown. Also, although it might be obvious, anything not in the AoE will not be affected at all.

    Also, two questions:
    1: Will tiered spells eventually upgrade to their higher versions? For example, Fire becoming Fira, then finally upgrading again into Firaga.
    2: Due to the way Black Magic works, am I allowed to start out with more than one elemental spell? Of course, it will still be the basic version, but that's not the point.
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