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  1. ((OOC/background info/profiles thread is ))At first it looks like two flares are shot from the line of trees. The resounding noise would probably have startled the contestants if they haven't already gotten their bearings. If they were to look closely, they would see that the two flares are connected by a large steel bar - the sunlight bounces off of it for everyone to see. As the flares go up into the air, a monstrous sound fills the air. It begins as a slow rumble and then as the noise peaks in volume, the contestants realize the sound is of thousands of people cheering. The flares hang suspended in the air for a second, the flames dying out. Suddenly, the flares bloom with life, becoming alive once more. The whole contraption hovers in the air and suddenly a hologram appears over the steel bar, almost like a flat screen television. A person appears, sitting against a black back drop and poor lighting. A giant golden pendant hanging from their neck catches the spotlight briefly. It is hard to distinguish whether it is a male or a female because the figure is so streamlined. The long white trousers, the white shirt, ,and the white jacket with coat tails adds a touch of class, along with the fedora hat (it has a bright purple feather on the side) and a long brown cane which the person holds in their hand. Not surprising the figure looks reminiscent of a pimp and hides their face with their hat by tipping their head down... It speaks to the contestants, the voice coming out modified. "Contestants, I have some bad news to give you. Unfortunately, my audience is becoming very impatient and now wish to be entertained. As I'm sure you know, from their excited cheering. So to make sure things will be sped up, and for my audience's entertainment, I going to... Heat things up for you." The earth moves beneath their feet and a whirring sound rings in their ears.... " Before we begin, I would like to give you some valuable information. I'm sure you know that it is currently fall and it's going to get a bit nippy once darkness hits. And by the by, it is now about 4 o'clock so you'd best find shelter soon and make some friends.I'm going to count to three, that's how long you have to get ready. Oh and please don't forget your care packages. I'm sure you're going to need them." The whirring noise becomes louder.... "...1"Suddenly circles in the earth open up, five in all. "...2"Large contraptions rise out from these circles. A rectangular pack sits on the platform it rises out of it, with a short tube running out of it which connects to a long, slender barrel. The entire weapon is supported by a bi-pod, the barrels pointing towards the tree line, the weapons resting near the feet of the contestants. "...3"A terrifying hiss and a jet of liquid is propelled from the barrel. Half a second later, the liquid is lit, and a pillar of flame erupts from the barrel, extending up to 10 feet in front. Five flamethrowers are in use, igniting whatever is in its path.
  2. Dyne stood up, feeling a bit groggy from the gas. He looked around, and saw 3 others around him, and remembered having seen them in the truck earlier. They had been chained up like him, which seemed to rule out the possibility of them being his kidnappers. As the announcer spoke, he listened intently, looking to the crate as it was mentioned. As the announcer continued speaking, Dyne started to look through the crate, and pulled out the M9 and the machete. He knew he was skilled with weapons, so without thinking about it, he figured he would be the best suited to carry them out of the 4. He wasn't entirely sure whether they intended to stick together, but for the moment, he simply assumed they did. If that proved to not be the case however, he was glad that he had the only gun.

    "Who's taking the backpack with the supplies?"

    He looked to the others as he spoke, waiting to see what they would take. As the flares went up and the announcer appeared on the screen and spoke again, he watched the monitor, trying to see if he would get a good look at the person's face. As the announcer started to count and the objects started to emerge from the ground near them, he knew that it was probably a good time to move. Realising that whatever was coming up was most likely not delicious cake, his eyes widened as he shouted out.


    And with that, he sprinted towards the forest line, entering it and running further in. He didn't look back to see what it was that came from the ground, but he assumed it was some kind of projectile, so he made sure to get a good distance away into the dense trees.

    (Alright, bit of a sloppy 1st post, but the rest should be better as it evens out)
  3. Upon waking up, Will glanced mainly to the Care package, and briefly at the others. Moving up to it, he began to look through it gingerly, but, letting the notably larger, older man take his pickings. He sighed some when all he took was weapons.

    Great, leave us to fight with sticks why don't you. He thought, looking back into the crate to notice the hatchet still, and food. Will was going for a snack, last he remembered, and realized he was still really hungry.

    Then the god-damn ground started to god-damn break and god-damn flamethrowers starting puking fire everywhere! When the ground began to rumble and he heard his new pimp, as he liked to think of it, begin to count, the others would hear him, dare we say, shriek? Sure. Shriek with fear, reaching into the crate with haste, his fingers grappling what he could before following the man with the god-damn gun to the trees.

    Looking down into his arms he had the flint and tinder, and about a fourth of the rations. He smiled some, but with obvious fear.

    "Say, uhm, whatever you're name is, since you got the killing stuff, and I have food and the fire-maker...thing, how about we stick together? I don't think I'm so bad at this sorta thing. Well, except for the god-damned flamethrowers."

    (Haven't RPed in awhile, sorry for any...suck.)
  4. mat rolled onto his side. His head was hazy, he was had no idea where he was. He opened his eyes slightly. The light hurt, and it took some time before his eyes adjusted. He propped himself up on one arm. Where the hell was he? He shook his head. There were others here. They were all on the ground as well. The announcer began, mat couldn't believe what he was hearing, this couldn't be real. He almost fell down as he tried to stand. The others seemed more coherent than he did. Mat watched as two of the others took everything out of the crate. Mat wasn't a psychologist but he knew how people were. They were going to hold on to those things, as if they could save them. "bastards" He thought as he realized that the two had removed everything.

    Mat stood up and checked himself over. Amazingly he still had his things. His phone had been crushed, and his cash was gone, but the rest of his stuff was still on him. He stopped. he hurriedly checked the inside pocket of his jacket. It was still there. The knife he had bought recently was still there.. They had obviously searched him, the knife he kept on his belt was gone, so how did they miss this. It was a sheath knife, and had a good deal of weight to it. Mat stopped, it didn't matter how they missed it, it only mattered that they did.

    Mat took his first step when the machines rose from the ground. Mat's instincts took over. He fled into the tree line, a line of fire followed him there. He ran deep into the woods, and only stopped when he realized he could hardly breath. It was now that he first observed his surroundings. " Okay, I'm in a forest with a bunch of other people most likely trying to kill me." he thought out loud. This couldn't be happening. Did some psycho really kidnap him and release him into the wilderness to entertain a bunch of other psychos? That didn't matter right now. Mat had been lost in the mountains before with less than he had now. He had to act.

    Mat heard running water in the distance. He followed the sound to a small stream. The first thing he had to do was make himself less obvious. He removed his jacked and began moving the rocks on the bank away, until he reached the wet dirt underneath. He began rubbing the mud onto his face and clothes. Most colors were easily spotted in a forest like this. After his clothes and skin were covered in mud he pulled a couple of pine saplings out of the ground. He bent then and wove them into circles. one he wore around his shoulder, the other his waist. The human profile was quite unique, anything to break it up would make him much harder to see. Finally he put the knife on his belt, and thanked God that whoever had taken him had missed it.
  5. I'm talking to you, say something!


    How pathetic...

    "...darkness hits..."

    You're a waste of space. Why were you even born?

    "'re going to need them."

    At that last sentence, Heather shocked herself awake. 'Huh?...Going to need what?...' was all she could think of while she struggled to steady her vision. She felt the ground shake and heard foot steps fading out into the distance. It was then that she noticed these strange contraptions coming from the ground, and quickly forced herself to stand up. Before she could even come up with a conclusion on what they may be, they pointed right in her direction. She was confused. She had no idea where she was, or what was going on. But what she did know was that she needed to get as far away from those things as possible. Remembering in her mind that she had heard the word "packages", she squinted her eyes a bit in front of her and noticed a crate. Without hesitation, she took all that remained in the crate and ran off in the opposite direction of the machines.


    She was still so close that she could feel the heat on her back, but didn't dare to turn around.

    She ran for what seemed like hours, until finally she reached a small clearing. She collapsed against a small stump of a tree, and did her best to catch her breath. Was she was able to calm down and collect herself, she looked down at what was in her hand, and saw a bit of food, gauze and a large backpack. "Why would you need this huge thing for such a small amount of supplies?...", she thought allowed. But quickly disregarded the thought when she realized she was fortunate enough to just be alive. She looked around. She was alone, not that it was any different from how she normally was. But the air was cool, and felt clear. It also seemed quieter than normal. 'What a good place this would read...' was all she could think of, before she drifted off to sleep.
  6. A dark shape on the very outskirts of the enclosed game space, grunted as it awoke. It pulled itself up from the ground, lumbering on all fours to maneuver itself in this unfamiliar territory. While it was getting dark, his nose could still smell. Nothing about this place seemed at all like home. Yes there were trees and there was dirt, but it had a weird scent. He could smell death underneath it as well. Not that he wasn't familiar with death, he had to be a killer to eat. But this scent was overwhelming, like more than just one thing had died. How odd...

    No matter. He was out in the open, and it was getting dark. And cold. He didn't mind the cold; he had thick fur afterall. But "not minding" the cold was very different from being "comfortable" in the cold. It was time to find some sort of shelter...

    "And They're Off!"

    Even though the contestants were in the forest, they could somehow still hear the Announcer. However there weren't any speakers hooked into the trees that they could see.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, look at our contestants run! My, they could almost compete against the Olympic champions at the pace that they're going. Oh but it seems like two of them have separated from the main group. Well, we can only hope that they will end up finding the others because what Suspenseful Entertainment™ has in store for them can only be stopped by working together. But we'll leave them with their thoughts, supplies, and any dangers that are lurking in the forests. Good luck contestants!"
  7. After a good deal of running, Dyne slowed to a stop and leaned against a nearby tree to catch his breath. He looked around, and noticed that only one of the others had managed to keep up with him. Or perhaps they purposely separated themselves from him. Whatever the reason, there was little he could do about it. He had a partner at least, and a fair bit of supplies, which was better than nothing.

    After his breath started to catch up with him, he spoke to the kid with him, still a bit winded from the running.

    "Alright. So you got the flint and tinder, and some food right? Well that's a start... I got the weapons, so we should be able to hunt some food if we need to. Rather save the ammo for extreme situations though, so we'll have to get close to whatever we want to kill. Or, i guess we might be able to make some kind of trap... Not one of my specialties..."

    He looked up and noticed that the sun was going down already.

    "Figures they would wait until almost dusk to let us go out here. Guess we should gather some wood and get a fire going before it gets to dark to see. Guess we can look for the others in the morning."

    Dyne started to walk around, picking up any fallen branches and twigs he could find on the ground. He managed to find a decent spot to make camp not far away, near a small river bank. He dumped the wood onto the ground and put some of it into a pile.

    "Alright kid, do your thing."
  8. Will felt as if his heart had been pounding to his feet to him temples, and his body began to shake as he could only listen and nod to the man before him. It seemed as if an instant had passed before he heard
    "Alright kid, do your thing."

    "Wait, wha?" He groaned out as he looked to Dyne, then it clicked in his head. Fire maker. Sticks. Sun is going away. Need to make fire. He nodded quickly and with a small fumbling he got to stick pile, snatching up leaves and small sticks on the way. Working with the flint and Tinder, sparkes amassed on the small bundle of leaves, which is worked with haste to place at the base of the pile. Without thought he began to gently blow on the fire once it flared and consumed the bundle of leaves as a whole.

    "Come on...come onnnn. Got it!" The base of the sticks began to catch, and the fire slowly crept up and engulfed it all. Will sat back with an air of accomplish ment. "So...uhm, I'm Will. And not to sound rude, I guess, but, any idea just what in the goddamn hell is going on?"
  9. Dyne sat down on the ground a few feet from the fire, sticking the end of the machete into the ground next to him.

    "No idea. Looks like some kind of physco game show involving survival. Never heard of it being on TV before, but then again, it's more than likely no at all legal, so i guess that explains why."
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