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  1. ((Not all ticks apply. May just happen.))

    The second they stepped into the human city, they knew it wouldn't be the best time of their life. It was beautiful, with parks and nightclubs and gyms and libraries, but it wasn't the happiest of places. Dirty looks were the only gift the elfin family got, and by the time they had finished unpacking, the twins, Aella and Atlas, were confused. "Why do they not like us?" Aella asked her mother, Iris. "Where are the other elves?" Atlas asked his father, Eldwin. "Where are our friends?" they both asked their sister, Echo. They got a shrug each time.

    "Can I go explore?" Echo asked her mother. "Sure, but be back for eight, okay?" Echo nodded. She would listen to her mother because she knew that she would be upset and worried if not.

    The teenage elf stepped outside and smiled as she noticed a skate park across the street. Soon she came back to get her skateboard before going again. She crossed the road before getting on her skateboard. There was only two days left of Summer, but two days was enough.
  2. ((What did you mean by "Not all ticks apply. May just happen" ?))

    Chad sat with some friends, all being human and only one or two knowing of his actual race, he normally kept his ears hidden under his dreads when he was out in public.
    A friend of his nudged him to get his attention, he looked over just in time to see a girl that they had not seen before entering the park. Chad noticed distinct elf ears peaking out of her hair and kind of scrammbled up.

    "Im going to go introduce myself" he said trying to act nonchalent about it as he approached the girl.

    "Hello there, My name is Chad, You new?" He asked trying to start a conversation, he liked to get to know all of the people within his age group in town. He also wanted to make sure she knew of what kind of stuff could happen if she wandered around sporting her ears.
  3. ((There may not be Mild/Explicit language for example))

    "Umm...hi. Yeah, we just moved in across the street. I'm Echo..." She was caught a little off guard and was slightly nervous. This was the family's first time in a human area and Echo had heard many things though she hoped they were wrong. "Nice to meet you," she added politely.

    "Aww...she's made a friend already!" Iris said from the window as the twins sighed. "So, big deal," Aella shrugged.

    " something wrong?" Echo noticed his voice was somewhere between giddy and terrified.
  4. ((I mean if somethings takes some of my characters off guard they can cuss like a sailor haha))

    "Oh, no no, I was just you know introducing myself" He said momentarily puling his dreads aside for her to see his pointed ears. He smiled and looked down trying not to sound so nervous.
    "I was just, I guess going to let you know to watch out, a lot of elves that live in this community tend to hide it, you can get kicked out of stores and Ive seen some kids get beaten up over it, Just, one misfit to another be safe and welcome to the neighborhood" He gave sarcastic happy go lucky attitude to the last part.
    He felt weird just openly warning someone like that but he had seen people get hurt and he always regretted not saying something when he had the chance

    A group of guys from the far corner were already shooting them dirty looks.
  5. Echo wasn't one for hiding who she was, "Oh, okay. Well, thanks. I guess I should tell my family, but personally, I am who I am. If people don't like it that's their problem." She grinned, as if she couldn't see the looks through the corner of her eye. She could see them, and feel them, and they made her want to go inside but she didn't want to seem a coward.

    "What are they doing?" Iris asked as she peeked through the window. "I don't know but can we go out?" Aella asked, and before waiting for an answer, pulled her twin brother out with her. Her ears were covered but Atlas' were not as much. "Well, we have pocket money. We could go to the supermarket? Sweets?" he suggested to a nod from his sister. The neighbourhood was not the biggest so it was fairly easy to find.
  6. "I completely understand, So you skate?" he said seeming more relaxed as he got onto a subject that he enjoyed. He looked over at the house that she had originally came from and saw a lot of movement in the windows. He smiled and tried to keep himself friendly looking.
  7. "Well, I used my skateboard to help me do chores so I'm pretty good. You?" Echo shrugged. Skating was one of the many hobbies Echo had. It was an unlimited possibility, and she classed it as an art.

    When they arrived at the supermarket, many people began to stare.

    "Well, we are home alone. I think we should see what's in town, see if there's a swimming pool or something that we can take the kids to," Eldwin suggested.
  8. "Awesoe awesome, I just kinda do it on those boring days ya know?" He said looking over to his group of friends that were sitting around a bench just blankly staring at them. They were practically the only people left in the park, there wasn't many to begin with but the largest group had left when Echo had showed up.
    "Wanna show me what you can do?" Chad said giving her a friendly smile. He got a good vibe from her.

    Many people stared rudely or decided to look away and pretend as if the weren't there. One older woman, Miss Hansley was the oldest woman in town. She stood behind a small flower stand. She practically felt the energy change as everyone started to grow quiet. She adjusted her glasses and squinted her eyes to see that they were a family of elves.
    "Oh my" She whispered to herself.
    She gave them a big friendly, toothless grin and waved them over, hoping to speak with them
  9. "Why is nobody selling anything anymore?" Atlas whispered to his sister. "I don't think they like us very much," Aella replied. "Why not?" Atlas did not get an answer. He noticed Aella had walked over to a woman smiling and waving, "Um...I like your flowers," Aella said. Atlas shrugged because he wasn't good with the stairs, they made the hairs on his neck stand up. He was elbowed by his twin, "Oh, yeah, so do I," he said.

    "Well..." Echo said, before putting it on the floor and jumping as the board flipped, "That's my only cool trick really." She believed the rest were normal balance. She looked at what he was looking at. It was weird people were leaving as if she carried a disease. It was hurtful, almost.
  10. "Alright cool." He said watching her do the little flip.
    "Yeah you know more than me at least, I just kind of know how to go forward" He said laughing a little bit he noticed that she glanced over to the people leaving.

    "Dont let em get to ya, they are just hateful is all" He said looking back at his friends then back to her.
    "If you look hard enough though there are plenty that aren't so hateful, if you keep looking you just might see a few. Would you like to meet my friends?" He asked before just waving the guys over. He didn't want to make her uncomfortable.
  11. When he said he could only go foward, she giggled. "I'm not," Echo insisted. When he asked if she wanted to meet his friends she shrugged, "Okay. Are you all from the local high school?" It would be helpful if she had some friends before school started, especially if the majority of the school were like the people who had left before.

    "There's a country club with horse riding and stuff like that. Maybe we should see if we can be members," Iris told her husband.

    "Where are your teeth?" Atlas asked curiously to Miss Hansley. "Are they invisible?"
  12. ((something weird happened and half of my reply last time didn't post, not sure why but yeah so Im just going to continue and not worry about it lol Sorry))

    "Alright cool cool" Chad looked over at his friends, they watched carefully, eyes locked and focused, just waiting for it. Chad smiled thinking about how they looked like hungry wolves waiting for their prey.
    He grinned knowing that his good friend Rin was practically a wolf everynight but the rest of the group was unaware of this little fact. He looked back at them for a few moments and finally gave them a little head nod and they all quickly stood up and wandered over trying to act nonchalent about the whole situation.
    "Hey whats up" said one of the first boys that wallked up, he was talk with toned arms and a sharp jawline. He had black hair peaking out from under a beanie and appeared to be Asian of some sort. "Im Rin" He said extending his hand.

    The old woman grinned as the two young ones wandered over. She reached up and looked around carefully at her flowers, trying to find the perfect one. Soon she saw a medium sized pink flower that was hidden in one of her arrangements and plucked it out. Her wrinkly hands reached forward and placed it delicately in the girls hair right above her ear. She smiled to herself and laughed some at Atlas' question.
    "No sweetheart, Having no teeth is just part of being old like me" She said in a scratchy sweet voice.

    One woman who stood nearby at a flowerstand looked over to the new couple when she heard the words "country club" She grinned and decided that she might wait a few minutes before walking over to them. She wanted to see where the conversation would lead to
  13. ((Okay))

    "Be polite, Atlas. Lots of people lose their teeth," Eldwin ruffled his son's hair, 'I'm sorry." The family smiled at the kind and normal woman, "Nice to meet you. I'm Eldwin," the father stretched out a pale hand for her to shake. "It's very pretty," Aella said as her brother admired her flower. She liked it, and the whole family seemed to.

    As his wife spoke, Eldwin nodded, "I bet Aella would like to do horse riding," until he saw his daughter's nose wrinkle. Atlas smiled at his father as if to say I would.

    As Rin introduced himself, Echo shook his darker hand, "Hi, I'm Echo, nice to meet you." She couldn't notice anything different between him and the humans, so she just acted natural, giving him a small smile. She was allowing her thoughts to wander, thinking whether they were all human or not. "And the sky's up," she said, pulling what they called an 'Atlas' as her brother didn't understand many expressions.
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  14. He smiled politely understanding that she didnt get the expression. "So you going to be going to the local public or private school?" Rin asked grinning.

    Miss Hansley smiled at the family
    She shook the mans hand and held it gently as she leaned in and spoke.
    "I admire your family's courage, Welcome to our...Lovely little town" She said letting go of the mans hand and picked up a small flower pot with a few small tulips sitting in it.
  15. Echo shrugged, "The local one," though she honestly didn't know. It was kind of a trick question to her. She could be going to either. Echo didn't even know there were different schools in the town.

    "We're happy to be here," Eldwin murmured. "Why do we need courage?" Atlas asked Aella. "Let's just say humans are a bit like Pokémon. You'll fight them, and some will join you and some will fight you more," she whispered back. Iris looked around as the woman spoke. She didn't want her family to get hurt while they were here and Miss Hansley had used a strange choice of wording.
  16. The woman smiled kindly to them as some customers wandered up and she greeted them as well and started speaking with them about some gardeners club that a chunk of the local women were in.
    There was a blonde woman in a dark black dress and black sunhat, wearing huge sunglasses that stood nearby and kept a silent and nonchalent eye and ear on what was going on with the new family, the woman was curious to know more about the creatures but was unsure because they had children and she was never ever good with small ones.

    "Probably the public one to be honest," One boy in the back whispered to another, remembering that the private school was normally reserved for humans only, the only exceptions were the few that belonged to some of the richest in town.
    "Anyways, this is Jack and Alex" Chad said motioning to two twin boys that stepped forward and gave a small bow. They appeared to be some sort of Asian but not fully, perhaps a mix of races or species. Rin, chad and the twins were the only ones that stuck around as a few of the boys didn't seem too interested in the new girl and left.
    'Nice to meet you" The twins said at the same time in perfect unison.
  17. "Can't we go and get food?" Atlas asked. "You were the one that came here, cheeky," Iris replied. "Oh, so, can we?" Aella continued for her brother. "Yes, sure," Iris said, giving the two some money. "Don't get lost. Stick together!" Eldwin said as they left.

    "I like this. It's like the farmers market," Aella said.

    "Twins can look the same? That's so cool. My little brother and sister are twins and they...well, you wouldn't think they were twins," Echo grinned, a little shocked about the fact they were identical. "But it's nice to meet you guys." She knew most people had left. Did they do that because of her species or her gender? Chad was an elf, did they not know that?
  18. Some people watched and rolled their eyes and began to whisper about how they two parents just allowed their children run around unattended, ofcourse they did this without taking into account that they do the same thing with their children. Some people did not seem to be as rude as the others but they still kept a close eye on the elves as they moved through the farmers market. There were many tales and rumors about some of the "awful" things that species outside of humans can do, many of these tales involved humans being eaten or magic.

    "We look the same but we are, kinda different" Jack said smirking a little. Alex looked over and elbowed him in the side. Alex was more cautious when it came to talking about their abilities in public, plus Alex was very afraid of how his parents would react if they found out that they were not being more secretive about their private matters. Jack on the other hand was very open and kind of liked bragging to others about his abilities, especially to humans, this made the twins bicker between each other a lot and is one of the main things that the two disagreed on.
    The two were different in many ways, on the surface they are pretty much identical, the only physical differences is that Alex likes to wear his hair a little bit shaggy while Jack likes it a little short. Alex also has a few burn scars on his right arm. The two share matching necklaces. It is a simple black cord with a jewel hanging from in, Jacks is red while Alex's is white.

    Chad looked over to his human friends that had wandered back to their bench, not really interested in the girl but he eventually looked back to Echo.
    'Hey there is kind of a, party thing going on tonight. Would you like to go?" Chad asked, interested in finding out more about her but scared to do it in a public setting, he also figured that she would be a little more comfortable around people that had more incommon with her than humans. Someplace where they could all openly be themselves.
  19. Iris looked around. She had heard many tales that humans kidnapped children of another human, and hoped that didn't apply to elves. She hadn't really thought about that when she'd let them go. "Do you think they'll be alright?" she whispered to Eldwin as the twins wondered off into the distance. "Yeah, Atlas learns his way easily, and Aella sticks up for herself. There won't be any problems," he assured.

    Unlike the human's thoughts, Aella and Atlas were sensible, looking around the market in interest. They stopped at a sweet stall, but didn't recognise any of the sweets, as their mother didn't make human sweets. Aella eventually bought some sweets for them to share, and Atlas quite liked them, eating them in the market, they were both sat at a table at a café. "Hey, I could get used to this food," Aella said. "You're right, mum will still make us stuff."

    "You mean, me? Sure, I'd love to I'd have to ask my parents first, but they'd let me as long as they know what time I'll be back, and...yeah, thanks," Echo was excited. The first party ever in a human city. She was slightly nervous as well, for the same reason. Her parents would be pleased that she was fitting in. She turned to look at the twins a moment, trying to work out how they were different in the way Jack had described. "You're right, you've got different colour gems on your necklace." She hadn't really caught up.
  20. "Well yeah that's a start isnt it brother?" Jack said, already preparing himself for another elbow in his side, which he definitely received.
    "We wont keep you out too terribly late" Chad assured her. Hoping that her parents wouldn't be to strict and not let her go.

    The blonde continued to watch the couple, she watched the kids run off into the distance and smiled to herself, if she ever confronted them at least the children would not be around. She would continue to follow them, stalking them carefully, making sure she was not acting suspicious, she had some experience in this field. She would follow until something peaked her interest enough to speak to them or until she became bored.

    The woman running the candy stall was shocked to see little pointed ears as she sold them their candy, she didn't say much, unsure of what they would do. A woman and her child walked by, the little girl seemed like she was maybe just a year or so younger than the twins. She looked over to her mom in confusion and asked. "Why do they have pointy ears?" The girl asked, not realizing how loud she was being. He mom whispered something int he girls ear and decided to just leave the area quickly.
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