The Supernatural Academy

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  1. Trick or Love?

    Name - Kendra
    Supernatural Race - Witch
    Personality - Shy and tends to keep to herself, yet strong willed. Will do anything for the ones she cares about.

    Kendra stared down at the invitation in her hands, her face masked by the hood on her head. Biting her lips she turned her attention back to the iron gates in front of her. They looked huge compared to her small height of 5 3". Reaching out a pale slim hand she pushed the gate open and walked inside. She kept the hood up and her dress gliding over the ground as she walked towards the building. Occasionally she would glance up and stare at the other students, her pitch black eyes scanning them over. There were wizards, werewolves, angels, fallen angels, vampires, and a few witches. There tended to be fewer witches then the rest of the supernatural races and even fewer of the kind she was. Most tended to be dark and evil, while she had followed the lighter path. She was what one could call a white witch.

    Reaching the office she pushed the door open and stepped inside. Going over to the front desk she felt the eyes of the elderly werewolf that stood behind the desk on her. Bending her head shyly she held out the slip of paper. "Here is my invitation to attend the academy." Her voice was like the sweetest melody as she spoke.
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    Name - Dark
    Supernatural Race - Vampire
    Personality - Dark and Jerkish in some way. always gets in trouble.

    "Hey Dark" someone called out to a man that was siting down and had back hair. "have you heard theirs a new student that just came in they say she hot" the guy smirked. "and I care why" he asked real not caring for what the guy had to say. "Well because she a witch and maybe she can change you into a human" the guy said to him. 'As if that would ever happen' he said and raised the glass to his lip and crush it in his hand when he finished. "Ill take a look. maybe" he said then told the other guy to leave him alone and he did. he sighed and thought about the girl the guy was talking about. he stood up and straighten up his jacket and walked out of his room and walked to his class room just to be stopped by a teacher telling him to go to the office. he sighed again and looked at the teacher. "whatever" he said and walked off to the office.

    once he made it to the office he say a girl in a hood. "miss your not allowed hoods" he said then someone for behind him said "well where not allowed jackasses but that rule is broken by you" he turned to see Jessie. his ex. he sighed for the third time that day. "what do you want slut" he asked her with a smirk. "I'm her to report you Ass hole" she said then he was pissed off. "what did I do this time" he asked anger was hinted in his voice.
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    The elderly werewolf smiled reassuring at Kendra and gently took the slip of paper from her. She smiled shyly back but still kept the hood covering most of her face. "I'll be back in a minute dear. Just wait here while I get your schedule and dorm information." Nodding her head Kendra patiently waited, at hearing someone talking to her she squeaked slightly in surprise. She hadn't heard anyone come into the office and at suddenly hearing the voice behind her she couldn't help but be startled.

    Thankfully the old werewolf returned and gave her what she needed. With a quick thank you she turned to leave but make to a stop. She stared at the two people talking as they stood in front of her. Well they were more like yelling at each other than actually talking. Another thing they were standing in front of was the door, they were blocking the only exit. So instead of leaving as fast as she could she was stuck standing there, staring at them with her hood still covering most of her face.