The Superior Race

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  1. [] I kill to survive.. To live... And live to Kill.. It's a simple answer. []


    [] What the hell's going on? Can someone tell me please? The troubling fear is more then I can take..[]


    Static. Silence. Agony. Fear. Stress. Dread. That was all anyone felt now. Ever since 'they' attacked, that is. It was an uneventful day that caused the entire city to fall into evacuation before collapsing into a tragic story. How did this happen you ask? Well. Let's take a trip down memory lane.


    D A Y:: M A Y 19th - 3:21p.m*

    *L O C A T I O N:: L A B 43 - EASTERN BEND

    The day went on as it was supposed to. It was an awfully wet, soppy day with slight rain that would be considerably heavy as time passed. Scentists scuffled about and went from room to room; just as they were supposed to. Everything seemed.. Normal for the most part. Today, though, it would be different. There would be 'surprises' that would be more than lethal in terms of attack. One young man was the cause of it all.

    Screaming came from a single room; 4A. Several people were running in and out of the dorm in frantic motions. It seemed though something had gone wrong. Their subject had been undergoing termination during this incident. Funny. He'd only been here for three days.

    "Subject is slightly unstable, sir. Whatever is happening, he isn't going down without.."

    "A fight. Kill him; before it's too late." A man was spectating the event before him. By the looks of it, things weren't at all going well. Within the room in front of them was a young man who was upon his knees on the hard ground, hands clutched to his head and body bent forward slightly. He was yelling.

    "Get out of my god damn head!! I'm going to kill you!! All of you!!"

    [] Revelation 's(Known as Rev) point of view []

    Funny to say.. A brief moment after that statement, thats just what I did. Whatever was going on through my mind, I wasn't going to let them take what was rightfully mine; my life and memory. I took things to a much more.. Drastic measure. Idiots.. Humes (humans) don't deserve to live... As of I? They might just say the same thing to my kind.. I'm sure of it.."

    Glass shattered, a few women screemed, flesh tore, blood splattered. It was as if someone had taken a bucket of paint and threw it out onto several hard surfaces. Then the smell.. For the young man, it was all the more pleasureable. Like a child in a candy store, it seemed more like a feast much rather than a massacre. Rev remained over the body of a dead hume, his sharp teeth tearing into her throat. There was silence. All but the sounds of the tearing of flesh and spark of electricity remained. Splendid. When he stood, his crimson gaze scanned the room; death everywhere. It amused him so. Such lifeless bodies made him crave more of what seemed to be nothing more but a game. How many left? Well, he would just have to find out.

    The young man licked his lips and laughed to himself, his crimson hues altering and shifting to eyes of that of a serpent. Step after heavy step, he began making his way to the exit.

    "Now it's my turn... You Humes will come to learn the true meaning of being an inferior race.. All of you.. The Wyverns shall rise once more.. But this time, there will be none of you left."


    That's how this city, right beneath our feet, lay at ruins. It seemed though one young man alone was able to start the end to the Human race. Then there was you. You were different as well. Who were you? My, you were just like him; a killer, a bloodthirsty creature, a Wyvern out for blood. Thing was; a mass killing this big was something truly new to you. In a way, you pitied these people; almost felt bad as a matter of fact.

    You were walking along the ruined streets of the broken down city, eyes checking for any signs of life. glass crunched beneath the soles of your shoes every once in a while. Was there even anyone else alive? No one. Nothing. Perhaps there was nothing left to inspect; to speak to possibly. A sigh slipped past your mouth but at that split second, something was seen just within the corner of your eye. Even through the darkness of the night, the light of the moon was enough to lend a hand. Something was actually alive.

    Upon closer inspection, an unexpected scene came into play before you. Crimson pooled beneath two specific bodies; one was a freshly killed hume and the other; a figure of a young man. You immediately assumed attacking position. With the rip and tear of a final lustfull bite, the figure slowly stood to his feet. It was silent again.. Then, his head slowly turned to you.

    "Funny I'd find another Wyvern out here.." Deep crimson hues with pupils appearing as slits stared at you, as if it were looking through your figure. Blood stained his face from spot to spot and a small smile pulled at his lips. It couldn't get any more natural than this. There might've been no reason to fear him but when thought through, there was plenty to stay far from Rev. The Wyvern race ranked in strength and dominance. With the reputation he had, it'd probably been months since he's last been approached by one of his own kind. It was only necessary to mark his place as a dominant figure.

    Rev eyed you intently, examining your every movement. The deep crimson stare seemed to never leave eyes of your own. In a way, it seemed though he were being protective over his kill. Rev took an attacking stance as well and tilted his head ever so slightly.

    "I didn't expect to even run into one until I hit the next city... What's your business here? Were you looking to have some fun or just lie there and die?" _*Ah, he was coming off rude. It was just instinct. Rev didn't have anything against you; he was just far too mind set about his kill to even assume proper introductions. Word about this guy had given him big talk. Most avoided his intentions. Others seemed to join his rise to power. What were you going to do? Attack him or attempt to befriend him? It could go either way.

    []*•*•*• Rules *•*•*•[]

    //genre:: action, gore, romance, adventure.

    •Good grammar.
    •Romance can be inputted within the romeplay
    •gore will be a constant within this story just thought I'd give you a heads up.
    •No godmodding
    •And have fun~
    •Thread or pm? And shall we do character sheets?
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