The Sumidagawa Hanabi Taikai (Haikyuu!!-Asanoya)

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(( Hey there! I have a Haikyuu!! prompt below from this scenario I've been dying to roleplay for ages. I really just need someone to play Asahi for me. Anyone! No applications required or anything. I would prefer if you just responded through PM, so I may play this with multiple people. I love seeing how plots differ by the people roleplaying it. Just hoping for some angsty, cute asanoya with jealous nishinoya. You can either have the girl be Asahi's date, or maybe a cousin that he's just bringing along, or really anything! Hit me with anything! Honestly, anything! ))​

He had waited all year for this.

The Sumidagawa Hanabi Taikai was only a few hours away. The last Saturday in July—today—is when it starts. The festival is a large event, held annually in Asakusa, over Sumidagawa. In more recent years, it tends to be over-crowded and less traditional. Still, the majority of people who go are dressed in the traditional yukatas and they serve the same foods as many years ago. Takoyaki, dango, yakisoba, okonomiyaki, oobanyaki, and other sweet or savory delectables are always there in multiple food stands lined up. And of course, after all of that, everyone sits around and stares at the sky at the dazzling patterns.

And this was supposed to be the best day in a long while. Supposed to be is the key word here. It was a day just for Nishinoya and his best friend, Asahi, but that apparently changed when the least expected turn of events happened.

Noya, emblazoned with a stylish yukata, had waited under the arch at Asakusa. There was a large red lantern that hung above, where many tourists took pictures. Maybe it was because of the way he stared out to the crowd as he waited for Asahi, but he found himself being invited to sit with some girls. They probably assumed he was looking for someone to date. And normally, Nishinoya wouldn't hesitate to say yes, but this was an important day for him and Asahi.

He politely declined, and grew excited as he saw Asahi come through the crowd in front of the Asakusa gate.

"Asahi!" He called, waving his hands up so he may actually be seen in this wave of people piling in. Of course, even though he was.. Vertically challenged... He had a loud voice, which attracted Asahi's attention. "Over heeeeere!" He called, jumping up a bit, just so Asahi could pinpoint the top of his head as he leaped and waved.

Asahi wasn't the kind to shove through a crowd, so Noya was alright that it took him a minute to get over. The only thing that was NOT alright was the fact that Asahi was walking with a girl, clutched to his arm. Nishinoya paused and got a small flare of anger. This was supposed to be their day. Just the two of them. In spite of the sinking feeling he got, he maintained his big grin as Asahi finally met with him.

"Took you long enough! Ah, who's this? I always knew you were a ladies man, Asahi, but bringing a girl when we're supposed to be hanging out?" He joked lightly, though there was a tone of passive aggression. "I even turned down a date with some really cute girls for you." Nishinoya was grinning, and he crossed his arms over his chest.
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