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  1. OVERVIEW The Doki to End All Dokis edit copy.jpg

    Welcome to a big ole' Mary Sue fest! (Marty Stus are welcome, too.) Here, Mary Sues will be forced to team up and fight against a common foe: the Alliance of Dastardly Evil ~Desu, an organization of icky, sticky goblins, vampires, werewolves, robots, demons and similar such that want nothing more than to see the total annihilation of the Sue/Stu population. What haters!

    The Alliance has been attacking fandoms all across the world, from Naruto to Kingdom Hearts, to carry out their malicious deeds. In order to fight them, Sues/Stus have been banding together in different factions and taking the enemies head on.

    FACTIONS Due to the incoming threat of complete annihilation from not-so-kawaii foes, Sues and Stus have been banning together into factions in order to fight more effectively. While most Sues/Stus are cut from the same cloth, they don't all get along. As the factions fight against the common enemy, they are also fighting against themselves. Will they be able to defeat the enemy or will they be defeated by their own insatiable need to prove they are the perfect group of OCs?

    The Dark Angel Outcasts
    The Dark Angel Outcasts.jpg

    By far the saddest bunch of Sues/Stus around. These OCs have back-stories that could make even the toughest Sue/Stu cry for days. Were they abused as a youth? Probably. Did their loved ones all die in a horrible accident? More likely than not. Is black or "crimson" red their favorite color of all time? 9/10 would say yes. (The other 1/10 would probably claim that color is too happy of a concept for them to have a formed opinion on.) Typically they are half-angel, half-demon, feed off of apathy, and knew a vampire once.

    Government (open)
    They are united under The Master. They don't feel like they fit in any other faction and The Master has the resources to keep them protected from the desu, a powerful kawaii force they all loathe with a deep, burning passion, like chlamydia of the soul. They don't really have any other linking factors other than staying alive and fighting the evil that wishes to deliver their destruction. The Master sends them to do things in return for protection. Whether or not he has hidden intentions is unknown. But they don't really care. They figure the worst that can happen is all the other Sue factions will be wiped out. Not that they would care much for that, either.

    Headquarters (open)
    The Outcasts host their headquarters at an old abandoned church one of them found. They thought it spoke to their twisted souls and torturing self-being. The members of this faction may travel to the HQ via portal. Everyone else must walk by foot, battle a ten-story leviathan, and find the Cave of Forever or Whatever. It's a very tedious process.

    The Perfectly Royal Princesses of the League of Heart
    The Perfectly Royal Princesses of the League of Heart.jpg

    These darling Sues/Stus are typically princesses/princes from their respective fandoms. They enjoy being caring, compassionate, and really super attractive. They are insanely sweet, too-good-to-be-true OCs with only one true weakness: everyone loves them too much. Seriously. Like, no joke. This is not funny. Even the villains can't resist these Sues/Stus. It's becoming a problem.

    Government (open)
    The Royals function with a group of thirteen princesses and princes from lands far and wide with one single Queen whom remains in charge of it all. Because they are royalty, they don't pay taxes, but are required to follow out commands given by their Queen. In the event that the Queen were to die, there would be a great Sue/Stu war to determine her replacement.

    Headquarters (open)
    The Royals have lived in this castle for years. It exists in the sky, so the only way to access it a very expensive sky train that only runs on Thursdays, Fridays, and every other Saturday. That is, of course, unless you're a Royal. Then you may arrive at the castle via Pegasus-drawn carriage that travels via Rainbow Road. It cost taxpayers trillions.

    Kawaii no Kawaii Desu
    Kawaii no Kawaii Desu.jpg

    Kawaii no Kawaii Desu are the foulest of creatures that feed on desu, a hyper-active kawaii substance that offers abundant energy to its consumers. These Sues/Stus are 100% of the time happy, energetic, and kawaii-nyan. The are, more or less, half of every single animal on the surface of earth and come in a wide array of vibrant hair colors. Many would call them annoying, but their creators treasure their "carefree" nature.

    Government (open)
    The Overseer is by far the most serious of all the Sues in the faction. She runs a tight ship, banishing Sues that don't supply her with enough desu to keep her satiated and rewarding those who do with promotions. One can be promoted to the council, a pink-robed tribunal of Sues/Stus that have much say within the government.

    Headquarters (open)
    The Desu found this petty tower when they were searching for sugar mines to keep them hyper. Once they found this gem, they decided to make it their home away from home. The inside is nothing more than a pillow fort, however. The architect must be rolling in his grave. In order to get to their headquarters, Desu and others alike must cross over the Sugar Ocean, dubbed so when the Desu accidentally split too much sugar into the sea.

    The Allies of Ebony
    Allies of Ebony.jpg

    These Sues/Stus are evil to the core. They kick puppies, step on daisies, and snark diabolically at children during their free time. Le gasp! And worst of all, they don't realize they are Sues/Stus. This factions works alongside the Alliance of Dastardly Evil Desu ~ because they, too, want to see Sues/Stus fall to their demise. Lo, the irony. Even still, they want nothing more than to kill, kill, kill their enemies and watch the world go up in flames. -insert maniacal laughter at your own free will-

    Government (open)
    The government runs around King Kail of Evilton, the most devious of all the Allies of Ebony. King Kail lives in an overlook near Allies' HQ. Here, he plans with his most loyal of minions - the vampire Battinstein, the robot Beep Boop, and the tentacle lord Blargishmar - in the war room, planning out attacks on each faction.

    Headquarters (open)
    The Allies built this temple out of the world finest of metals, alloys, and stone. Here, they produce vampires, robots, and other creepy crawlies that act as members of the Alliance of Dastardly Evil Desu. They all alternate on who gets to sit in the throne next, because they might be evil, but they still believe that sharing is caring. Only Allies' members know how to access the elusive temple.

    THE ENEMY You will be fighting the Alliance of Dastardly Evil Desu ~. They include all kinds of evil creepy crawlies, from vampires to tentacle monsters. They're supreme leader is no other than King Kail of Evilton, who wishes nothing more than to rid the world of the "plague" known as Sues/Stus. They can appear in any fandom and can attack at any time due to their abnormally large fleets.

    The Alliance is assisted by none other than the Allies of Ebony, an anti-Sue/Stu faction, ironically comprised of Sues/Stus. Go figure.

    LOCATIONS Sues/Stus come from all over the world from different fandoms. Because of this there is no set location that Sues/Stus can visit. That said, each faction has a set HQ (which can be found and described in the FACTIONS section).


    1. You are allowed to have at maximum two Sues/Stus given that you meet one or both of the following conditions:
      • The new Sue/Stu is of a different sex
      • The new Sue/Stu is part of a different faction
    2. You are only allowed to kill off Sues/Stus if you have their creator's permission; This does not include post-absence deaths
    3. If you remain inactive for TWO WEEKS you are considered absent from the RP; After two weeks of absence you will be notified and asked to post; If you do not post your Sue/Stu will experience a post-absence death in which other Sues/Stus may send your character off in a hella rad death scene
      • You can return from a post-absence death by preforming a revival ritual or creating a new Sue/Stu
    4. Restrict OOC posts in the SIGN-UP PAGE to reduce clutter on the RP page; There, you may post any questions or discuss current arcs; DO NOT use the forum to be nasty, rude, or to create drama; We no likey
    5. While this is an 18+ RP, trigger warnings and labels must be applied if your post is a) sexually explicit, b) excessively/graphically violent, or c) is trigger material (rape, cutting, suicide, etc.)
      • If you feel like a post applies to these categories but has no appropriate label to the content, contact me and I will contact the player
      • Failure to comply to a content warning notice will lead to the banning of the player and the reporting of their post
      • Content labels should explain to the reader why and how the content is explicit
    6. Large posts are okay, but excessive, consecutive large posts are not; Please do not post in length
    7. Short posts are not encouraged; Do not post something less than one paragraph
    8. Do not post consecutive to a previous post; Allow another player to make a post before continuing with your story; Don't be greedy
      • Anyone who violates this rule will be asked to edit their post

    Purple: Dark Angel Outcasts
    Yellow: Perfectly Royal Princesses of the League of Heart
    Pink: Kawaii no Kawaii Desu
    Red: Allies of Ebony

    Raine and Zuli brutalize some vampires who were lurking within the forests of the Realm of Naruto. They fought valiantly desu. They decide to head back to Royal headquarters in order to warn of future possible attacks.

    Kokoro is given a letter by the Overseer to *le gasp* infiltrate the Royal's Castle. She arrives and is bombarded by Zuli-chan who challenges her to a game.

    Lord Zaminn receives orders from the Kawaii no Kawaii leader to go to Juban and save Sailor Moon. During the process, Zaminn is captured and awaits the help of a close ally: Raine.

    Raine goes to help Zaminn but gets captured by him during a sabotage. Her precious Kakashi no Kawaii is held as bait as Zaminn pines for Raine's love. In order to free them both, Raine is forced to use forbidden drunken magic jutsu, causing Raine to question her perfection.

    So like there's this guy named Ang-er or whatever and he rescues Zaminn. And that's really all we know. Like, I'm not lying. Ask anyone. Everything in that arc is confusing. We kinda want to forget it ever happened. Anyways, Zaminn is free now.

    Kokoro battles Zuli in a game of tag. It was fierce.

    MAJOR CONTENT WARNING: This arc contains graphic sexual content.

    After discovering a preemptive notice letter foretelling a future attack by the evil tentacle monsters, Raine rushes back to Royal HQ to warn the Queen. However, her jealousy-sama kicked in and she forgot to tell her, leading to an all-out brawl between tentacles and princesses/princes. This lead to the death of the Queen. Oh my. Very sad. Much cry.

    Sailor Makura-chan is told to go Hogwarts. After being brutalized by some owl friends, she runs into Cole, an Ally of Ebony. Cue hilarity.

    Ang-er [INACTIVE: Post-absence death yet to occur]

    Cassandra [INACTIVE: Post-absence death has occurred. Good-bye fair Sue!!]



    CHARACTER SIGN-UP To sign up for the RP, the character sheet should include:
    • Picture (very optional)
    • Name
    • Fandom (i.e. Harry Potter)
    • Faction (see above)
    • Character Bio (should include back story, personality, facts about Sue/Stu, etc.)
    • Strengths/Powers
    • Weaknesses (while you are a Sue/Stu, you must be weak to something; can be comical weakness, i.e. being loved too much)
    Go here to sign-up.


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  2. Raine perched on top of a tree. The wind blew super hard, but that was cool because it made her luscious pink locks go swoosh and look really beautiful. She had her one green, one brown eyes on the target at hand. It was the same vampire baddie that had been stalking her for the past couple of hours. Thankful, being half-ram demon, she was much swifter than her adversary. She aimed her kunai at the fiend.

    "Rainbow Kunai Magic!" she shouted in a soft whisper. To her enemy's suprise, he was easily thwarted by her powerful magic and even died instantly. Raine leaped from her branch with so much elegance, Mochi and Moshi couldn't help but squeal in delight.

    "My friends," she whispered much embarrassed. "You embarrass me muchly." Raine blushed a deep red, which brought out her glistening eyes, the same ones that so lovingly gazed at Kakashi just a couple of days ago. However, she had no time to dwell on lost love. She had to return to the Perfectly Royal Princesses of the League of Heart headquarters to inform them of the vampire fiend.

    This was the third vampire from the Alliance that had tried to thwart her just within the week alone. Maybe they are catering to vampires more these days, Raine thought brilliantly. Whatever the reason, she needed to inform her fellow faction so that they may prepare themselves for a possible vampire herd.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Zuli trotted through the forest, her mane and tail trailing royally behind her in the rustling wind. Her eyes shone bright blue in the sunlight like limpid tears as she winnied and tossed back her mane. She snorted gracefully as she slid to a halt suddenly, the hairs on the back of her green-striped coat standing on end and her horn and wingtips glowing with a flicker of blue magic. She had heard a movement in the trees. Probably one of those wretched vampires, Zuli thought to herself. She looked around beautifully scanning the glade with her hawk-like vision.
    Zuli shot up into the air like a rocket, climbing to enormous speeds and arced downwards, spinning like a bullet towards the tree where the vampire was hiding.
    "Woooaaahhhhuhh" Zuli shouted as she quickly ground to a stop midair, canceling the enormous energy behind her sonic rainboom effortlessly.
    This wasn't any vampire she had ever seen. This one had pink hair... and horns!
    "HALT TRESPASSER!" She commanded in The Royal Canterlot Voice.
  4. Raine gazed with her wide, gleaming eyes bashfully at her friend from her faction. The two recognized each other and giggled gleefully at the mistake. Raine's giggle was often said to cause the birthing of a ram baby, also known as a baby lamb because rams are technically considered sheep, so the baby name for a sheep is lamb.

    "To think I mistook you for a vampire," Zuli huffed.

    "Indeed," spoke Raine with eloquence. "Actually, I was just on my way to headquarters to inform them of the recent exponential growth in vampire attacks." Raine felt like making a graphical chart to help explain her point better, but then got distracted thinking of Kakashi and how much she loved him. Her eyes sparkled madly in thought.

    She was suddenly snapped back into reality as both her and Zuli heard rustling in the bushes. Raine heard it first, however, because she is half-elf.

    "HALT TRESPASSER!" commanded Zuli. It was in her most demanding Royal Canterlot Voice. "WHO GOES THERE?"
  5. [​IMG]
    "WHO GOES THERE?", questioned Zuli. The rustling continued without answer. Raine looked at the super alicorn questioningly and Zuli dazzlingly returned her unknowing gaze. The super alicorn held up a hoof, intending to count from one to three as the afternoon sunlight bounced off her exquisite mane. Then she realized that she could only count to one on her hoof because she didn't have fingers. "You count." Zuli whispered gracefully to her half-elf companion, giving away their position with astounding elegance.

    Suddenly a horrific creature jumped out of the bush!
    "I PITY THE FOUL CREATURE WHO CHALLENGES THE PERFECTLY ROYAL PRINCESSES OF THE LEAGUE OF HEART!" Zuli huffed commandingly before blasting the vampire to bits with her alicorn magic, imploding the disgusting creature from the inside and killing it instantly. Only a beautiful talented alicorn princess such as herself could do so without spilling a drop of vampire ichor on her magnificent coat.

    "Take that you disgusting peasant.", smirked Zuli. She turned to her friend. "Raine, are you injured?" She asked tentatively, turning to the ninja's adorable companions she added, "I hope your companions are unharmed as well."

    It was never in Kokoro's nature to be social. Most of the members of the Dark Angel Outcasts weren't. But, Kokoro was an outcast among even them, and she knew it. Kokoro was a creature of light who was dragged and branded by the dark. This was the path she was forced into. A path she knew she must walk alone. Though, that didn't bother her because she was apathetic and didn't care.

    This, however, was the one place she found peace, on top of the clocktower in Twilight Town. Her canine tooth grinded into the leftover popsicle stick from her Sea Salt ice cream as she stared into what was now a blood red sunset. Her long black hair swayed broodingly in a lonely breath of wind, her red tips curling out to the nether. She began to think of Riku, wishing he could be there with her. While stuck in her comfortless thoughts, she lowered her eyes, allowing her hair to completely conceal her pale, porcelain face. She knew she couldn't be with him any longer, not while those monsters were after her. Kokoro had already endangered him once, she couldn't bare to do it again. As long as they were together she was putting him in harm's way. The monsters could attack her all they wanted--she didn't care if they killed her, but if they got Riku she would be nothing more than an empty shell. He was all she had left in her life.

    A loud shriek broke her from her thoughts. Below her was a demon, readying an arrow straight for her. Kokoro quickly stood and glided down to a lower platform above the plaza, summoning her keyblade Metalmorph as she glided down. It was a six legged beast with four arms, a human face with seven eyes and a pincher mouth. As she landed, the demon skittered back with it's ant-like legs and refocused it's aim.

    "Crawl back to Hell, damn cockroach!" Kokoro shouted as she leapt off the roof of the building and threw her keyblade at the beast's carapace. Metalmorph sliced into her enemy's side and a foul lime green goo erupted from it's ruptured shell. The keyblade circled back to Kokoro's hand and she walked hauntingly toward the injured half-insect, wiping it's gooey blood across her exposed check with two fingers. The creature tried to get away, but before it could Kokoro thrust her keyblade in it's chest. "You know something?" Kokoro spoke through clenched teeth, "I've been dealing with your kind all day. I know that everyone's got problems, but you," Kokoro twisted her keyblade and the creature let out an ear-piercing screech, "and your kind? You don't know me. You don't know what I've been through. So, whatever I did to piss you off," Kokoro dug her steel heel in it's open wound as she got up close and personal to it's face, "you can get over it."

    With one last shove, she split the beast's heart into two. The final cry it omitted could have shattered bones. "Be glad you can feel something," Kokoro sneered as she backed away, "because your emotion is wasted."

    Kokoro's hands, legs, and keyblade were all covered in slimy goo. She let out an annoyed sigh at the sight of her dirtied armor and opened a dark portal back to headquarters.
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  7. Raine smiled, knowing that it would take more than that to hurt her because she is half-ram. She pet her companions to see if they were all right as well. Because she touched them they instantly felt better, which was not exactly a power of hers but, instead, a testament to their friendship.

    "We need to head back to headquaters," said Zuli.

    "We do, but with all of the vampires we've encountered in the area, I'm inclined to scout out the rest and cleanse these lands," Raine stated with much leadership. "After all, I am princess of these lands." Raine tried not to dwell on her dark and brooding past, so she thought of Kakashi and thus her heart got happier.

    "Lets purify the area, then," said Zuli, agreeing fully with Raine's brilliantly ingenious idea.

    "Okay. Then we need to split up." Raine drew out a diagram of their attack plan that looked so good it was almost like it was real. Many would call such artistry a magnum opus, but this was something Raine did all the time so it was nothing special. "I'll go to the north of the woods. You can head to the south. When we're done, we'll meet back up here and then head over to HQ." Raine was a genius.

    "You're a genius," proclaimed Zuli loudly. The two split up, unknowing of what was to come.

    When Kokoro arrived to the Dark Castle it was as deserted as her purpose in life. This came as no surprise to Kokoro, of course. United wasn't the word to describe the outcasts. It was more like a group of people who acknowledge each other more than they acknowledge most other people. Kokoro strutted through the foyer, the click of her metal heels reverberating off the stone walls creating an empty echo. The halls were haunting, even to her, but, somehow, it felt fitting. Cold and empty, just like her heart.

    Kokoro promptly took herself to her bathroom and bathed in dried-rose water. It took a full hour to get the disgusting goo out her her hair. After drying Kokoro put on her most comfortable blood-red corset, black mini, and fishnets. After putting on her pajamas, Kokoro sighed and fell onto her bed, ready for a good nightmare. Curling into her black silk sheets, she opened her eyes one last time to see a note addressed to her on her bedside table. She sat up and stared incredulously at the note, thinking how stupid her name looked in those fancy, twirly letters. She ripped the note from the table and angrily murmured to herself as she read the letter aloud.


    Upon returning I need you to take the documents on my desk to the home base of the The Perfectly Royal Princess of the League of Heart. It is of the utmost importance that these particular papers are delivered as soon as possible. Please do not waste a moment.

    With spite,
    The Master
    Kokoro gritted her teeth and looked up into her floor length mirror across the room. Her hair neatly parted where you could see both her sparkling eyes, the red tips of her hair curled gently to the curves of her body, her cheeks still a sweet pink color, from the warmth of the bath, which glowed against the smooth pale skin of the moonlight face--needless to say, she looked awful, as always. Kokoro quickly brushed her hair back over her right purple eye and put on a leather jacket over her pajama-corset. Irritated, she left for the lands of preps.
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  9. Raine sashayed away with the elegance of a mirthful kitty cat. She was half-ram demon, after all. She scouted the north of the woods, an area she knew all too well. (Aside: it was the same area that her and Kakashi-sama kissed and knew immediately they loved each other.) She set up a couple of magic traps to catch some wandering vampires if they came brooding by. Needless to say it would probably kill them posthaste because vampires are allergic to rainbows. (Another aside: in the world of Naruto, vampires are allergic to rainbows. FYI.)

    Raine then decided to settle down on a branch on her favorite tree. While passing the time till some vicious vampires arrived, Raine took out her iPod and listened to her favorite song, Rolling in the Deep by Adel-chan. Birds quickly fluttered by as Raine sung the song with great allure. A peacefully frolicking doe even stopped by. It was almost like it was a Disney film or whatever.

    The moment was completely ruined when an icky vampire popped out of no where.

    "No way!" cried Raine, who felt completely shattered by the fact her solo was completely ruined. "How dare you!" Raine pulled out the kunai Kakashi gave her for her birthday and effortlessly tossed it at the creepazoid.

    The vampire turned into tiny little bats just before her kunai hit him. "OMG!" Raine was shocked by the vampire's actions. No one had ever dodged her kunai rage before. Not even Kakashi. No one has ever dodged my kunai rage before, thought Raine. Not even Kakashi. It was at that point Raine knew this fight wasn't going to be an easy one.

    The vampire reassembled itself as Raine glided off her perch. Rainbow magic filled the air as Raine charged her Super Rainbow Smiley Magic attack. The vampire didn't even flinch, not even one time. As Raine completed her charge, another vampire ran in head-first, throwing her off guard.

    Knocked back, Raine rolled on the ground, getting a scrape on her knee. It was a mild discomfort, like when her family and village was destroyed when she was really young. "H-how did I not sense your presence?" Raine questioned inquisitively. "OMG, but seriously, how?" Raine was now cornered by not two, but ten vampires. Things looked like they were about to get bloody.
  10. [​IMG]
    Zuli flew dazzlingly through the air over the south part of the woods, looking at the wooded area below with masterful alertness. As she soared through the air she hummed the chorus of PONPONPON by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, since that was her favorite song that day. Her green striped coat sparkled in the sunlight and her beautiful blonde and blue mane danced in the breeze as she suddenly had a SPECTACULAR idea! She angled her wings downward and descended into a clearing in the woods below. She wondered how this amazing idea had evaded her previously.
    "How could this idea have evaded me previously?", Zuli wondered aloud. She could make a trinket that would detect any vampires in a really large area with her super alicorn magic and zebra potion mastery! She trotted along the glade looking for the ingredients she needed to make the super complicated trinket.
    Finally she spotted what she was looking for! A daisy!

    "Snack time!", the super alicorn half zebra squee~ed. As she munched on her lunch, she happened across a small dark hut. What a mysterious place to build a house; all alone in the middle of vampire-infested woods... Someone must HATE to have company!
    Naturally Zuli came to the conclusion that she should knock on the door and befriend the resident of the small abode.
    *BAMBAMBAM* "IS ANYONE HOOOOOOOOME??" Zuli demanded, beating the door with both of her pristinely polished hooves.
    No one answered. The door stared at her mockingly.
    This door frustrated her. She decided to destroy it with her super alicorn magic.
    The door disintegrated instantly. With a toss of her brilliant mane Zuli entered the small hut.
    It was damp, dark, and abandoned inside. No wonder the supposed pony inside didn't succumb immediately to her complete prettiness and utter beauty and let her inside posthaste. What WAS inside, conveniently enough, was every ingredient she needed to make the vampire trinket! What great news!
    "What great news!" Zuli exclaimed loudly, "Now I can make the Vampire Trinket!"
    She took the potion ingredients down from the meticulously organized, but dusty shelves.
    "A tooth from a newt, the tail of a cockatrice, a fang from the jabberwocky, a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff, an eye of the basilisk from the Chamber of Secrets, and pocket sand! What a opportune assortment of ridiculously rare ingredients!" proclaimed the verdant mare. Zuli was unabashed at her extraordinary luck, seeing as she was always this fortuitous when it came to everything. She began her work on the extremely complicated trinket.
    Moments later she held her finished product in an azure pocket of magic protruding from her horn. She concentrated briefly and conjured an enormous magical field by channeling her super alicorn magic through the trinket. She closed her eyes smarmily and brought up the vision spell in her mind's eye.

    "Oh no..." Zuli whispered ominously. There were over 200 blinking red lights in the south woods alone! This was maximum terribleness! Every red light represented a vampire! There were over 200 vampires in the area!
    Zuli knew that though her magic was all-powerful she couldn't beat that many vampires alone. She would have to return to The Perfectly Royal Princess of the League of Heart headquarters first and get backup. Before she could dash into action, however, the half zebra super alicorn had a thought: If there are this many vampires in the south woods there would be even more in the north where Raine-chan sempai was!
    The north woods were even further away from the The Perfectly Royal Princess of the League of Heart Headquarters, meaning there could very well be an innumerable amount of vampires!
    "Desu!" Zuli cursed out loud, making a >_< face and stamping the ground with her hoof.

    Her friend and in turn her friend's two fluffy friends who were also by extension Zuli's friends might be in possible danger maybe! In payment for the super rare ingredients she had used for the trinket, Zuli tossed all of two bits onto the table in the middle of the hut. She was such a generous pony. Unfortunately the by product of trinket-making was a mutinous goo which quickly consumed and melted the bits, fuzing them to the table permanently. It was the thought that counted.
    Zuli dashed out of the hut and took to the skies to save her friend before she could even be bothered to wonder what happened to the previous inhabitant of the hut and why they mysteriously abandoned their rare ingredients and meticulously organized home.
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  11. KOKORO

    The Darkangel Outcasts was not the only faction Kokoro has dealt with. Long ago, Kokoro's adopted mother, Queen Elsa, had recommended her to the The Perfectly Royal Princesses of the League of Heart, but the very sight of the sugary sweet castle made Kokoro gag. Even the train she rode on the way there burned her eyes with pink. And when the train attendant asked her if she would like the speciality super loli strawberry love-love blast funtime sugar tea, she could feel herself physically start to decay. As she left the station, Kokoro pulled her leather jacket tight around her, not because it was cold, but just because she didn't want to catch whatever doki-doki love disease the members of the faction seemed to carry. Not to mention that it seemed like every time she came back here it always seemed to be in the middle of a beautiful, warm, sunny day--disgusting. And why were there always so many people? Everywhere she looked there were angel wings, diamond studded tiaras, and marshmallowy dresses as big as Pluto. Kokoro began to wonder how there could be so many supreme princesses without them slaughtering each other. Isn't that what royalty is about? Then she began to wonder if there were any Game of Thrones Sues in the faction.

    "Excuse me, peasant! Are you lost? I, the most kind and beautiful princess of The League of Heart, shall help you!" Kokoro was bombarded by a rainbow pigtailed, pink-eyed, royal monstrosity. As the young girl spoke she gestured wildly in all directions, pointing constantly back at herself and at the sky. The thing is, however, she just kept talking. She didn't ask any questions. The little creature acted as if she knew Kokoro better than Kokoro knew Kokoro. "Of course, if you're here to apply for the job as the stable hand, you'll want to go the opposite direction. But, I have to tell you, the maids tend to have much more benefits." This went on for about four minutes until Kokoro realized she didn't know how to make it stop.

    Finally, Kokoro had had enough and gave into the first idea that came to mind. In the middle of the princess' sentence Kokoro reached out and grabbed her face. Not like a tender stroke of the cheek or and forceful clenching that would bruise the skin--no. Just a handful of sparkly, pink eyed, rainbowed hair supreme princess. When the Sue realized her face had been apprehended her arms limply fell by her side and she stopped talking.

    "Um, excuse-"
    "Shh," Kokoro shushed her quickly.
    "You hand is-"

    After a while the Sue decided to accept her fate and stopped trying to protest. After about twenty seconds of silence Kokoro was sated. She removed her hand and started to walk away, but realized she forgot something.
    "This is for your service," Kokoro handed the princess 200 munney and left her paralyzed once again.

    This, Kokoro decided, would be the last trip to the sugar castle she ever made.
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  12. Seated in his throne, Darth Master Zaminn gazed into the unending void as if a dramatic and flashy battle was about to take place. Machinery hummed and lights flickered on the nearby console. A sharply dressed Sith officer danced across the court before he snapped to attention. Confidently he pronounced, “Darth Zaminn we have an incoming transmission.” Still gazing in to the void, he spoke, “thank-you, you can go Admiral Tremarkt.” The officer obeyed diligently as a hologram flickered to life. A female hooded figure appeared, the light gleamed off of Darth Zaminn’s armor, and she began to speak with a voice that was obviously auto tuned, “everything is going according to plan, and your assistance and resources have been ample thus far. We must ask for further assistance as there appears to be enemy forces massing and our current forces are too involved to resolve the issue.”

    There was a long pause be before she burst out, “are you playing some massive space war MMO?” fluster he replied,” umm… no, I was doing calibrations.” He hit had a button on his suit shutting the window he had pulled up on his armor's visor. The hooded figures delicate hands strike out in accusation and she stammered, “…and don’t you lie to me again,” her hands moved out of the display, “I’m up loading the coordinates now –Kawaii command out.” Zaminn opened a new com-channel and dictates, “prepare the prototype, I leaving on business. There is a disturbance in the Desu” And a sharp and worried response came over the comm., “but sir the prototype isn’t stable it could….” A choking sound is heard as Darth Zaminn clenched his fist. Another voice quickly replaced the first, “yes, Darth Master Mundthu Zaminn, It will be ready and waiting.”

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  13. Raine was in deep doody, a place she did not like to be in whatsoever. She could not allow herself to die without being in the arms of Kakashi, which gave her enough mental strength to fight off and just completely slaughter two out of the now fifty adversaries she was facing, but not enough physical strength to annihilate them all.

    "Drats," Raine swore, very unprincess-y of her. She knew that, for the first time ever, she would be defeated. This prompted her to take out a pen and paper and start writing her last will and testament. The birds, who were watching the fray from the nests, shed tears of depression as the helplessly watched the few minutes before Raine-hime would get the most brutal ass-kicking of her life. Raine kissed the will, which gave Kakashi all of her kunais and love, and stood up for the final confrontation.

    "If I must die," she cried, "then I shall do so standing. Because sitting and dying is so not cool."

    The vampires rushed towards her, fangs in the ready. Most of them were neigh but inches away from Raine's face, when suddenly she smiled a coy yet very attractive smile.

    "Psyche! lols" Raine preformed a mystical transformation jutsu which turned the will into a kunai, known only as the Sacred Rainbow Kunai Ultimate Rainbow Unltimate Kunai Ultra Attack Nyan. Within milliseconds - or perhaps sooner - the vampire plague had been irradiated in the north, quickly overtaken by their tragically ironic allergy to rainbows. Raine struck a victory pose that made her butt look awesome.

    From a distance she heard her friend Zuli arrive.
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  14. Sparks flew as welding generated a fearsome shadow against the elevator door to the hanger bay of the base star. The door opened and the compressed and humid air generated a fog as Darth Zaminn stepped out. The Foreman of the Dry Dock stepped forward and saluted the Sith Lord,

    “Sir the welders are checking the welds and the paint has dried.”

    “Is the command console to specifications?”

    “Are you certain? it’s a highly unusual configuration.”


    “Yes sir, all to spec.”

    “I Will have a brief inspection before takeoff.”

    The metallic sheen off of the rounded shape of the vessel created an intimidating glare. As his visor adjusted to the lighting the full form of the ship came into view. Two paw like landing skids stuck out like the majestic sphinx of Egypt. The black and white panda scheme was only enhanced by the simple jaw and the triangular teeth of the panda’s mouth which opened to release the tongue like landing platform. The forward viewing window formed the intimidating glare of the feisty panda. Entering the craft the bear theme continued covering even the most basic of objects. Darth Zaminn approached the cockpit looking over the controls. He stopped at the control wheel, the fierce grizzly themed wheels. He paused here for a moment before turning about.

    Walking down the landing platform he commanded, “Bring me the Foreman!” they dragged the Foreman before Darth Master Zaminn. Clenching his fist as the Foreman choked, Darth Zaminn stated in his infamous manner, “YOU HAVE FAILED ME FOR THE LAST TIME, YOU FORGOT THE TASSELS.” It had been made clear, no one questioned Darth Master of the Sith Mundthu Zaminn’s taste in accessories. Darth Zaminn entered his ship with a contingent of his infamous Ursa Bezerkers. He settled into the main hold, the on board computer beeped as a hologram came to life. A declaimer flashed stating that the message is pre-recorded.

    Sailor moon appeared and began,

    “Is this thing on, oh, well I don’t know how to work computers very well don’t ask me. Oh it’s on, well here it goes: Years ago you served in the Stu Wars. Now we beg you to help us in our struggle against the Alliance. I regret that I am unable to convey my request to you in person, but we have fallen under attack, and I'm afraid my mission has failed. I have placed information vital to the Kawaii No Kawaii Desu in a secure location. This is our most desperate hour. Help me. You're my only hope. … and send.”

    Darth Zaminn stood-up and commanded to the pilot, “To the Sol system we are need at Juuban, at maximum Desu."
  15. KOKORO

    Kokoro, deeply embarrassed by her run in with princess Sue, put her hood over her head to conceal her eyes and began to walk swiftly towards the main hall. One of the faction members greeted her as she passed, but Kokoro didn't have any interest in associating with anymore people in this faction than she absolutely had too. Kokoro was exhausted; she hadn't eaten, had a good sleep, or been able to polish Metalmorph in what seemed like forever. She was determined to deliver the documents and get off of the faction's grounds as fast as her body would allow her.

    Not far in front of her Kokoro spotted one of the official guards of the faction's main queen. "Excuse me," Kokoro called out to the official looking personal, "I have some documents that need to be taken to the Queen. Do you think you could deliver this for me?"

    "I'm sorry, madam. I do not have the jurisdiction to do that," the guard stated officially.

    "You don't have-? Look, who do I need to give this to that has the... jurisdiction?" Kokoro mocked the guard.

    The guard straightened his posture, puffing out his chest to Kokoro's rebuttal. "I'm afraid anyone with that kind of authority wouldn't be here at the moment. They would be out dealing with the increase of vampires threatening the region." Kokoro's eyes grew wide and the blood left her face. "You'd have better luck going out and trying to find them yourself if you want that delivered so badly."

    Kokoro gritted her teeth, giving him a glare that could freeze molten lava. The guard turned to casually walk away, but Kokoro forcefully turned him by his shoulder and gripped him by his gold encrusted collar, lifting him into the air. Behind her she heard a series of girly gasps, but she could care less what some glitter-farts thought of her. "Let me tell you what. How about you go take care of the vampires and I'll wait here for you to bring the Queen back to me? Because from this angle," Kokoro shook him to reestablish that she was in the dominant position, "that seems to be the best idea to come out of this castle yet. So, how about you do your job so that I can get on with mine."
    Sweat started to bead down his face as he gasped for air, trying to speak between breaths, "I..I can't leave the castle...I have to protect incase invasion."

    Kokoro shut her eyes and hung her head, dropping him with complete neglect as he landed with a groan on the stone marble floor. "Excuses. How useless. You can't even protect the queen you're sworn to serve."

    Kokoro turned around to her accumulated glittering audience, some of which were turning their heads as if they'd not seen anything in the first place, some rushing the help the fallen patrolman, but most not paying any attention to the scene. They were just walking by as if it had nothing to do with them. "You're all useless. Your very queen is out there fighting and you live your lives in ignorance. What is truly most important to you?" Kokoro spoke under her breathe. Disgruntled, Kokoro skulked back to the courtyard.
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  16. Darth Zaminn and his contingent prepared for the coming battle by performing rituals known to the Sith for fortifying their minds against their greatest foes, other than the Jedi. A berserker slowly removed a box covered in only the most foul of Sith writings from the storage. Even as the master of the Sith language that Darth Zaminn was, the full meaning of the text still eluded him. There was one phrase that was clearly labeled, “one bag for one liter of boiled water, wait five Imperial minutes.” Many had tried to take the substance raw, but those who did found themselves in a state of Otaku that none could return from. The condiments were laid out; some chose honey, others chose ginger. With great delicacy, Darth Zaminn served his contingent, many of whom were his apprentices. Only with the great power of his Imperial Sith training could he resist the Otaku call. He poured them tea. His solders mentally prepared, he typed in the final approach vector.

    The ship lurched forward as the planet gravity took hold. The free fall shook the loose cargo and the heat of the air friction was visible through the windows. The ship slowed as it reached a cruising altitude of 9001 ft. Darth Zaminn looked over the Berserkers: armor shined and weapons ready. An ensign scurried into the hold saluted and reported, “The HK-F-7d droids are ready for deployment and awaiting your order.” Zaminn ominously replied, “deploy the droids during our initial reconnoiter.” The ship was moving fast enough that the ocean below stirred as the craft passed. Land was fast approaching as the engines whirring slowed. The panda shaped ship proved even more fearsome as its shadow was cast across Juuban thanks to the setting sun. Small orbs appeared out of the craft as it encircled the city and took position over the masses of faceless, horned and clawed hordes. Small explosions of rainbows, flowers, and beams of light could be seen through the city.

    The panda gently landed at Arisugawa Park and the berserkers quickly formed their battle line while Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter approached. Makoto (Sailor Jupiter) spoke up first saying, “Meatball head has really done it this time. She is in over her head. The fiends have captured tuxedo mask and she all willy-nilly ran after him.” Zaminn replied “I see well…” he was interrupted by Sailor Mars slapping a seal on his Armor and beginning a purification ritual. Being a Sith Lord, Zaminn does not always give off the best aura in the other worlds. Zaminn cleared his throat, “I brought the 7ds with me and are ready to deploy my battle plan, but I could use your help.” Sailor Mars asked skeptically, “For what?” Zaminn grinned then announced, “For some Intergalactic Funk.” The Orbs began spewing multi colored lasers as Disco music played in the background. The Berserkers charged in what appeared to be a mad frenzy in every direction. Zaminn then asked, “Which way has Sailor Moon gone?”

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  17. [​IMG]
    Zuli descend below the cloud curtain just in time to see a huge flash of light that could never be mistaken for anything but the Sacred Rainbow Kunai Ultimate Rainbow Unltimate Kunai Ultra Attack Nyan. Raine-hime WAS fighting a lot of vampires!
    The Zebra-Alicorn hybrid cried a million tears of despair inside her pony brain at the fact that she did not arrive in time to help her friend fend off the bloodlusting jerkwads. But this was no time to succumb to the depressions because that attack was super brilliant!
    "That attack was super brilliant!" Zuli declared as she fluttered her wings, landing softly on the ground next to her princess friend.

    Raine blushed bright red, probably thinking of her soulmate lover Kakashi-san for some reason.
    "Thank you muchly. It required little effort." Raine replied as her fluffy ram companions cooed adorably in the background.
    "It reminded me of Supernatural by Katy Perry only 20% cooler!" The verdant mare exclaimed, dancing around on her back hooves, standing up straight like her half-elf bestie. "Kiss me k-k-KISS me! Infect me with YOUR love and fill me with YOUR poisON"
    "Take me t-t-TAKE me! Wanna be YOUR victim ready FOR abduction" Raine replied gleefully, filling the air with her most beautiful singing like the call of a siren except she wasn't a mermaid she was a half-ram. The pair continued their glorious duet to completion and when they finished they noticed that they were surrounded by a herd of creatures of all kinds that had ventured out of the forrest to hear their beautiful song. All of the creatures applauded their impromptu concert. Raine and Zuli bowed and graciously accepted the applause of their subjects, It was a pretty awesome concert after all.

    "Oh yeah!" Zuli exclaimed, perking up suddenly, "I had meant to tell you there was a super huge gaggle of vampires heading toward the Perfectly Royal Princess of the League of Heart headquarters! We should probably go back and notify the queen and get backup before fighting any more on our own."
    "Oh no! What such terribleness! We should totally go back to headquarters right away lol." Raine-hime agreed.
    "Perfect!" Zuli replied, petting Moshi's soft wool with her hoof. "Anybutts I need to get out of these grungy scouting clothes. I am much too fabulous for this attire!" Raine nodded her head with fervor in agreement. Princesses should always look their best. For the sake of their subjects, of course.

    So in agreement the two friends trotted/skipped into the glimmering sunset towards their faction's headquarters. Little did they know what they would find when they got there.
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  18. Zuli and Raine found their faithful Pegasus-toted carriage. Zuli clopped in. To avoid being rude, Raine got on all fours and did the same. It had been a few days since they had been back to HQ, the sweet scent of Bath & Body Works's Warm Vanilla Sugar had faded into a more subtle scent, like Sephora's Roses De Chloe by Chloe. It made her sad, but then happy. And it wasn't because Kakashi's favorite fragrance was Roses De Chloe by Chloe, but, instead, because she doesn't stay sad for long.

    "Yay, I'm happy!" Raine exclaimed. Zuli glanced up from filing her glorious hoof, puzzled by the outburst. Raine giggled in a way that made her not care anymore, so Zuli returned to her hoof-cleaning.

    The clouds separated to reveal that the two were closing in on their beloved castle in the sky. Raine felt a surge all too familiar to her. A rare scowl crossed her face. She was still pretty hot, though, no lie.

    "One of the Outcasts are here," Raine said coolly.

    "Are you forizzle my nizzle?" asked Zuli. Raine confirmed it by pointing through the carriage's window at a gorgeous woman draped in a coat, wearing fishnets and a corset. Zuli honked in astonishment.
  19. Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars lead Darth Zaminn toward an unrecognizable Tokyo Tower where the assaulting forces had made it into a fortress. The Party took cover behind what can be assumed to have once been a cotton candy stand. Zaminn brushed off a Kawaii no Kawaii Duse Approval logo and was intently staring at the scarring done to the stand. The metal had been melted rather than burned, like lasers or bent, like bullets. He only knew one race that like to use this kind of weapon the Yuuzhan. He sat there puzzled, Sailor Mars flustered came out, “well, what is it? what has you so puzzled?” Zaminn Explained, “The Yuuzhan can’t be detected by the force, they are really twisted and Reaver like. They don’t have EM signatures so we need to rely on motion sensors and thermal vision…” Zaminn trailed off. Sailor Mars spoke quietly to herself, “I wish Ami (Sailor Mercury) was here *sigh*.”

    “Alright here’s the plan,” spoke Zaminn, “I go running strait up and ask if we can pass.” Both of the girls are dumfounded. “I bet meatball head could come up with a better plan,” said Sailor Mars attentively. He got about half way before a beam of light glanced his Armor. He quickly took cover as his suit beeped telling him his shield had been drained. Spot lights turned on dramatically to reveal a shadowy figure of a Girl with mouse ears and a tail. An Evil Loli laughter Boomed, aided by well hidden speakers, “oh, how perfect the Kawaii Duse send the one member to a world filled with anime girls and Loli, ha ha ha.” Zaminn pulled out his rifle and fired a few shot. He managed to take out the spot lights, but a rainbow shield stopped his plasma bolts from hitting her. “What have you done to my friends,” demanded Zaminn. “Sailor Moon I presume, well she is going to have her star seed taken turning her into a parody scout or heartless as some call them,” Sailor Iron Mouse Mocked. “Well if I’m not a Sithspit (“SOB”), oh wait I AM,” muttered Zaminn.

    Yuuzhan signatures lined the buildings, he counted fifty or so. It was the most dastardly trap he could think of Yuuzhan to Ghost him and a Loli to keep him pinned, he smirked as any tactical genius would in his position. He had the best plan he could ever come up with. He confidently jumped his cover and… threw his arms up in surrender. No one could see what was going on under his helmet, but no assumptions could not be made.

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  20. [​IMG]
    Zuli stared out the carriage window at the Outcast on her faction's sacred property. "Well we'll have to do something about THAT" remarked Zuli cooly. She stopped filing her hooves, they were already perfect anyways, and stood up. She trotted over to the window between the pagasi drawing the carriage and levitated 1 bit out of her saddlebags with her magic. She dropped it in midair and spun around and in a totally astonishing hackey-sack-esque fashion kicked the bit into the stallions' collection jar. Zuli was such a generous pony.

    "I LEAVE YOU NOW, PLEBEIAN PEGESAI. YOUR PRINCESS THANKS YOU FOR YOUR DELIVERY TO HER FACTION HEADQUARTERS!" The Zebracorn kicked the door to the carriage open midair and skydived out and down to the castle below, paying no attention to the sign inside the carriage that said: taxi fee, 11 bits. The two pegasi looked at each other in confusion, how could they split a single bit between them? Why did the alicorn leave her friend? Why could they communicate telepathically all of a sudden? The world may never know.

    Zuli gathered up an enormous burst of energy at the speed of light and performed a sonic rainboom at world record breaking speeds. No biggie. She decided to have a little fun with their guest. She used her super alicorn magic to turn invisible and landed to the ground with a graceful (yet QUIET) honk behind the Outcast Sue.

    Raine burst through the doors of the carriage after paying the pegasi the remaining 21 bits of the friends' taxi fee. Zuli was such a silly pony. She was alerted to something strange occurring to her awesome ninja-elf-ram senses. She spotted Zuli across the courtyard.

    Zuli suddenly appeared in front of the Elf, making her jump a yard. "AAAAAH!" she exclaimed darkly with much mirth.
    When she had regained her breath the Elf appeared really pissed off. Kokoro huffed and stomped her foot and gave the pony a look that could freeze a penguin in solid ice. An arctic penguin. Penguins like the cold. It is cold in the arctic. A even colder cold than penguins normally exist in would be needed to freeze a penguin so this is a good simile. Yay.

    Zuli focused her gaze on Kokoro as she ascended into the air cackling maniacally at the Kayblade master's reaction. The alicorn noticed the outcast was holding a packet that appeared to contain some forms stamped with the Outcast's Master's sign. IDEEEAAAAAA!
    The verdant mare shot like a bullet towards Kokoro and snatched the papers from her hands that may as well be cloven hooves as fiery as she looked. "Let's play a game, outcast!" Zuli teased. Immediately a dark scowl crossed the elf's features. It was scarier than that girl from the ring. Super spooky. Zuli rushed up and grabbed the papers in a pocket of azure magic. "Catch me if you can!" she teased with a little wink as she shot up into the sky like a speeding bullet. Little did she know what the wrath of Kokoro Darkheart would bring her.
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