The Subway Girl

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    Name: Bethany Hectia
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Calm and distant. She speaks almost emotionless. Has moments of confusion
    where she can't tell if she is angry or neutral. [Emotionally confused.]
    (Optional)History: Bethany was raised by very messed up parents. Her dad loved to drink and have "special nights" as her mom was mentally ill and tried to corrupt her own daughter mentally. Sadly succeeding. At the age of 17 she moved out of the house but the
    stay at another house did not last long as she was unable to hold a job. She now stays in a subway alone.
    **This is my first jump-in roleplay so I hope this works out. Mildly nervous. But to make things interesting; Anything goes except mature.

    Bethany walked down the streets of Tokyo with her patchy cat hood up and her silver hair dangled. It seemed all she had left of importance was the music she listened to during her day to keep her moving as HardStyle Techno Mixes blasted through her headphones. Bethany was tired from walking most of her morning so she decided to rest near a fence the shielded a new project building that wasn't suppose to be finished for another three years. She loved to people watch to see all the new fashion statements and new rave looks. She was big into raves if only she could afford to go to one, though she didn't loose sight in one or any of her dreams. Hours passed as she seen a wide rang of people but it started to rain so she decided to leave, but as soon as she got up a piece of the wiring of the fence ripped the arm of her hoodie.
    "Awe Man... I don't have anymore patches."
    Bethany mourned on her favorite hoodie for a moment and then headed to Oktuma Subway as the rain began to become heavy and thunder roared in the skies. Upon reaching it, she headed down the stairs and found a comfortable bench to sit on while she fiddled with her hoodie. Her feline hoodie was a darker grey with red that was filled with patches and pins holding it together since she didn't have anything else to wear. People who walked by her probably thought she was a bum, but she never thought of herself to be that way. She was just going through a tough time.
  2. The bruises on Devin's seem to ache a lot more than usual. He wondered if he slacked off too much. It was only five guys barely younger than him, but it seems he was reaching his limit. It didn't help that he was caught off guard this time. He sighed as he continued on the street. Devin just came from his job at a convenience store and the damn guys just pounced him. It didn't help that he looked kind of like a delinquent. He was just taller than average with narrowed blue eyes like snakes. These fights seem to be following him all throughout the city. Its as if all the men he had beaten in Tokyo just put a large bounty poster on him. It would have probably said, "Blue eyed menace. Beat up on sight." He held the bridge of his nose between his fingers in aggravation. This was his second job. The first one fired him immediately when a group got too rowdy and he put them down. He looked up at the darkening skies and water began pouring down on him.

    "Damn... I must have left my umbrella when they attacked me"

    With a dejected slump of his shoulders, he headed towards anything that would shelter him from the rain. Devin descended down the subway stairs and felt a sharp pain in his sides. "That fourth one got me good right there." He decided to sit down on a nearby bench to rest. Devin tried to shake the wetness from his unkempt black hair only to see someone beside him. He flinched in surprise. "Sorry didn't see you there. Did I get any on you?"
  3. Bethany was shocked to see a man sit next to her but at the same time she wasn't surprised he didn't realize her presence. The man was wet from the rain up above the subway and as he tried to shake his hair from the rain she was flicked with pellets of water. Just what she needed was a stranger to get her wet again but then he reallt surprised her by apologizing and asking if he got any water on her. It was the first in awhile anyone was polite let alone acknowledging her. "You're fine."Bethany said lowly as she wiped the water off her face.

    She shrugged her shoulder into a more comfortable position and turned her head to get a look at the stranger. Her grey eyes brightened as she examined his bruises and his body that showed signs of him being in pain. The bruises were clearly fresh as she went to go touch his face. Then she stopped herself half way, she felt bad but then again he was just a stranger as she was a bum. Bethany tightened up in her hoodie has the rip in the sleeve flexed, then looked down. "Are you ok?" It couldn't hurt to ask she thought.
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    Name: Kael Simmons
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Personality: An extremely bright and giddy type. Constantly smiling and looking like he is having fun. Extremely sarcastic at times, dense and blunt. Depends on the situation and who's around. Extremely serious for work and or school.
    Kael had been walking around his new home, curious of everything. He had just recently moved into the city of Tokyo for work and school. It didn't bother him that it was raining, nor that he had no jacket. A simple smile covered his face, looking like a completely giddy fool. Every sight was new to this country raised boy who had yearned to live in the city for the longest time. Now he was finally there.

    Walking to the subway, he knew he had to get to work rather quickly. He had a meeting with the studio advisor that morning, telling him to come back later. He had been hired as a technician and mixer, for a temporary basis. He jogged down the stairs, taking them two at a time. He barely noticed the two people in front of him when he stopped. He kept his smile on, looking down to them. "Excuse me, can I get passed?" Kael asked kindly.