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  1. Is there a specific style of fighting (in a combat scene) that suits your character preferences better? Why?
  2. Strange question. Not sure what is meant by "style."

    If style means the way a character fights: Then it changes based on the character's nature and level of training with whatever narrative devices are available for them to use. Therefore, there is no "specific" style of combat, rather just whatever best suits each character for that particular moment in time.

    If style means the flow of combat: Action-reaction action-reaction action-reaction.
  3. Idont do a lot of physical combat in my usual Roleplays, so the majority of my active characters use 'running away' style :P
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  4. When I say style, I do mean the way a character fights. ^.^ That's very interesting, Brovo, thank you!
    Hahaha, I understand! Would you say, your characters prefer to stay out of conflict, Mini?
  5. It kind of depends on my character. On one hand, I have remorseless fantasy characters who have bloodlust and a love for fighting, on the other I have sci-fi mercenaries who fight and kill with technology but don't particularly have a taste for it, or other fantasy characters who have a code against killing and are forced to find non-lethal solutions to combat, while other characters are quite capable and comfortable with fighting but it's a racial stereotype so they try to distance themselves from it.

    It's just super broad!
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  6. Basically! Pretty much all my current RPs happen in civilization in some form of 'slice of life' style. There's not a lot of story reason to have attacks or brawls going on, and no real reason any of my characters would know how to conduct themselves in a real fight, so if any of them found themselves getting physically attacked they'd probably either flee or try to talk the attacker down / negotiate with them.
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  7. That's awesome! Thank you guys for your answers.
    For me, I prefer most of my characters to use their body as weapons. (fists, claws, fangs, etc) I don't usually like to use weapons really. Unless the roleplay calls for it, of course.
  8. My characters use a mix of psychological warfare through brutality and adaptive fighting styles with either a magic or tech based multi-form weapon/a pair of multi-form weapons. Or if high tech/magic weapons are out, your average weapons of the time period and their own body.
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  9. Plenty of times, I have used my characters own body as the weapon because it as a sort of physical strength element to your character, I think. :D Thanks for sharing!
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