the stupid child in me makes me cry

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  1. Ok so i want to ask you a question but first a story

    Ok so today me and my mom where looking in my old school chest ((its a chest that has all my old school stuff from report cards to essays)) and we found one of my first ever written homework. She didnt tell me about this ever until today. Ok here is how stupid of a child i was, the question was simple "what do you want to be when you grow up?" and i made my life hell from that day on by writing "when i grow up i want to be a black model." now why is this wrong well because i make mayo look tan that is how white i am. My mom was laughing and telling me how they had to spend weeks telling me that i cannot change my color and how everyday after school i would come home in tears because i wanted to be a black model. Why a black model i dont know but i wanted what i wanted.

    Now my question is have you ever been told something you did as a child and wonder how the hell you made it this long.
  2. I'll share my story with you since I can't say yes to your question.

    I was devastated to learn in second grade that all the presidents where white men (thank goodness that changed a little finally). I just couldn't fathom there were no women, or blacks, or Asians, or damn it Natives, that were president. How I found out was when I tried coloring Abe Lincoln as a black man. I honestly thought he was because of the poor quality of photos from the time, because he was tall (like a basketball player and all the cool ones in the early 80s were black) and the "freed" the slaves. That was a very hard day.... The teacher also threw out my coloring and made me do it again. She wasn't a nice teacher.
  3. My childhood goal was about as realistic as yours.
    Apparently, until I was in the first grade, my goal in life was to be a daddy.
    Don't judge me.
    There were almost no adult male figures in my life growing up except my best friend's father, whom I adored and who treated me like his own kid. This leads in to why you can sort of understand my goal. I didn't understand gender that well and from what I told my mother, I thought that daddies must be a rare and valuable vocation. Thus, I wanted to be a daddy.
  4. my dad is mean so will you be my daddy? i promise i wont have a daddy complex and start stripping because i want your love ^_^
    and i agree about the presidents...i went so far ((i remember this)) as to write a report on the presidents ((for homework)) and make it not about any of the males but the woman in their lives and titled it "who really was the president."
    i got a good grade actually because my teacher was actually a femanist and he gave me a B XD