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  1. (( @The Best Damn Burrito In The Universe I sure hope I did this right, the thread stuff on here is super confusing! But here you go, I hope it's not too bad :D ))

    The night was cold, the breeze trailing its fingertips down the spines of those who braved the temperature. It was enough to draw out a shiver, even through a couple extra layers. However, a figure made his way down the winding sidewalk with nothing more than a light jacket over his tee shirt, seeming completely unaffected. In fact, he seemed to not notice at all, continuing with his stride long and confident, and with his eyes glittering.

    Romero let his gaze slide in all directions, as if he quickly grew bored of whatever sights lie to his left or right. He was keeping watch for anything that...interested him. A new human to toy with. But the streets were rather empty, leaving him to wander without a destination. He raised his eyes to the sky again, distracting himself as he quickly turned a corner...

    ...and crashed right into another person's body.
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  2. {No, you're fine! :D 'Twas a good intro~}
    Dorian, as usual, was out on one of his nightly walks. And, as usual, he wore a large hoodie, his hood up, with a dark blue sports bag strapped to his back. It contained simple 'night walk' supplies-- virtually the same thing every time. A few water bottles, an umbrella in case it rained, a small lunch box with a meal inside in case he got hungry, and then a few snacks just in case he got even more hungry, a flashlight for when he got to the woodland part of his walk, and a spare cell phone.

    In his pockets, he carried his regular cell phone, his wallet, and a knife in his right pocket. For protection, of course.

    It seemed that tonight was a little darker than usual... as if there weren't as many stars as there normally were. But then again, it was a new moon, and it was pretty cloudy. Nothing truly strange.

    He kept his eyes ahead of him, focused on the ground, but a few paces away from his own feet. He wasn't dumb enough to keep his eyes to the ground directly near his feet, it was night, and sometimes this city wasn't the safest place. Especially since his father was the police chief of the place. But he didn't know about his little nightly routine, since it always took place in the AMs, when everyone else was asleep.

    Everything was fine so far, though, so he really didn't worry about much. Plus, he was eighteen now- he could handle himself just fine.

    And not many people really took the walking route that he did, anyway, so the chances of seeing someone else on his walks was very rare.

    But, as was evident when he turned the corner, it wasn't impossible.

    "Oh gosh, I'm so sorry! Please excuse me, Sir..." He said after crashing into someone. He didn't get a good look at them, for he moved on pretty quickly, but he didn't want to risk someone recognizing him as the chief's son anyway.

    He continued as normal, reaching behind him to take out his flashlight once he entered the forest, and even slowed his steps. The forest around here was beautiful at night- so full of life. And since it was a little away from the city, it was nice and quiet even in the day time. Truly a gift of a place.
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  3. Romero did little more than blink at the sudden harshness of his contact with the stranger, but silently studied him as the apology reached his ears. He could only give the boy's face a once-over, however, as he was quickly stepped around and left alone on the sidewalk.

    He turned his head and watched the other walk away into the night, his silhouette illuminated periodically by streetlights as they were passed. Romero reflected on the brief encounter. The boy had seemed a bit jumpy, and his quick stutter of an apology led the demon to believe he could be quite...submissive.

    Romero had not seen another living soul that night, and his boredom was beginning to seep through his brain. He decided that this boy had the potential to be rather fun for him.

    If not, he could always kill him.

    He kept watching as, much farther down the path, the boy shone the ray of a flashlight into an entrance of dense forest. His lips curled into a thin smile--this was already proving to be easy; the boy was leading himself into a place where nobody could hear him call for help.

    He waited until the human had disappeared into the cover of trees before beginning to trail him. He made his way swiftly down the sidewalk, and soon entered the same forest trail he had seen the boy enter. It was pitch dark, the canopy blocking out the glow of the stars, and if he were human, he would not have been able to see a foot in front of his face. He continued along the path, making certain to keep every one of his movements silent. He could hear the boy trudge along somewhere in front of him, noisy, unknowing prey that he was, though he was too far off to be visible.

    Romero began to feel the thrill of the chase as he closed in the distance between them.
  4. Dorian felt a sense of calm wash over him as he entered the darkness of the forest. It was strange for him to have felt that way when most people would be terrified for their lives. But he wasn't afraid of the darkness. He was aware of his surroundings, but not afraid.

    The small LED flashlight was enough to illuminate the forest at least forty feet ahead of him, so he really wasn't all too worried about any encounters. There was a clearing about a quarter mile into the forest where he usually laid and watched the stars for a while, snacking on some chips or something.

    It was nice to be alone in the chirping of crickets and the occasional hoot of an owl. He couldn't hear cars in the distance, but he could hear the slight breeze rustling the leaves of the trees along with his footsteps on the dirt path.

    After a short time of walking, he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up, feeling as if somebody was watching him.

    Now, he was pretty deep into the forest- nobody would be able to hear him call for help unless they were close to him, as it was a fairly dense forest. And he never got this feeling when he was out here... He was always perfectly fine. But he couldn't shake the feeling that somebody was staring at him, maybe even following him.

    Dorian started to feel uncomfortable and even slowed his steps after a while until he came to a full stop. With his left hand, he reached into his pocket, gripping the handle of his switchblade, making sure his thumb was on the switch. He slowly turned around, his flashlight pointed at the ground, and the second they illuminated a pair of feet, his heart began to pound.

    His eyes were wide and his hands started to shake a little bit. There was good reason for him to be scared- nobody ever came out here this late at night besides him. And judging by how close to him the other person was, he had to have been following him. He had to have followed behind him into the forest...

    He slowly worked the flashlight upwards until it just barely lit up the stranger's face. "Ca-Can I help you, Sir?" He asked in a small voice, tightly gripping his knife.
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