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"Come one, come all. Ye scurvy mongrels!" The bartender called as he posted the newest listing on the bounty board.

Every no good, two tongued creature and human in the joint bolted for the board. They knew if they wanted stay and some good grub they'd get a job or two. At this establishment, you needn't pay with gold but with work.

This inn was a gift Veda had received from her long past uncle. Good ol' chap he was, but dumber than an ass. He let all his friends and any ol'stranger off the street stay free and only charged a penance for a large plate o'food and a pint of brew. Once the place was put in her hands, she put some good business thoughts to work. And thus the Strumpet's Inn was created, as everyone knew prostitution was the oldest profession in the books.

The idea was that each job was done in the name of the inn. The job money would go to the inn itself, no matter who from the inn did the job. Because of this, the inn was able to support such a large group of people. It's occupants amassed many different types of species and religions. However, in some miraculous way they made it work.

The board was almost a wall in size and contained many jobs of different origins. Some were assassination requests. Some were gathering requests. And some were strange, for example: Can ye get ma gram some sweets, but they musn't be red or orange. Also, I'd like a hat. The random requests were often the most entertaining and easy. So they were gone quick.

Those who couldn't find a job that week were left with chore duty. Veda would assign anything that needed to be done around the inn. Floor cleaning, dish washing, tidying of rooms, etc. Often people would dread such mundane chores as the inn seemed to bring in adventurers and trained killers from all around. If someone did not find a job within a month they were booted from the inn.

You as a character are an occupant of the inn. This roleplay does not need to stay focused inside the inn. It may follow people on their adventures and also through their troubles. The inn is just.. a "home screen" of sorts for people to meet and create plot. As the roleplay goes along, myself, as Veda will throw curve balls and issues into the mix to create problems that need to be solved.

Now that backstory is cleared up, the rules are as follows:

1)Please follow all the rules of Iwaku, I am not your mommy so I trust you know them.

2)You have 3 days to post, after that time period is up we will continue without you. I feel this is a fair amount of time. If you need to
be put up to speed, PM me!

4)Please don't GOD MOD, everyone is capable of keeping fights to injuries and allowing the other person to decide what occurs to them.

5) Violence and course language are allowed, so keep in mind this is not PG-13. However, any sexual advances are to be continued over PM, NOT in the roleplay itself.

BlytheChi's Character Sheet

Name: Veda Thyis
Age: Unknown by even herself.
Gender: Female
Race: Dark Elf
Occupation: Inn Keep, Weaponsmith

Personality: Veda is rather harsh, but underneath her rough exterior is a big softie. She has a rather big personality. Constantly being obnoxious and loud, making jokes, sarcastic comments and always pointing out other's misfortunes. You could say she can be pretty annoying. She doesn't do this intentionally though.

Bio: At a young age Veda was orphaned. Eventually she wound up with her uncle who was unkind and often drunk. He never hurt her, but he definitely used the tough love tactic. Since she was raised with her uncle she grew up at the inn. It was her home, until she became a foolish teen and ran away. During this escape she had learned how to craft weapons, hunt, and even hone a good sense of spatial awareness. Even though she had learnt many skills on this adventure she eventually wound up in a tough spot. She had been robbed and left to die by a travelling gang. They had knocked her senseless and since then she only remembered her name and the inn.

Upon returning to the inn, she was left with a surprise. Her uncle had passed due to illness and left the inn to her. She didn't know who this man was, but by proxy she had a roof under her head. Eventually she met Macgruff the bartender and Sid the cook in the local village of Norr. They had said they were her childhood friends, however, she did not remember this at all. She took their word for it and since then, the three has lived at the inn. Eventually she reopened and was greeted by many people of Norr. Whom she did not remember at all. They did not care and joyously hugged and entertained her.

After two years of the inn being reopened, Veda had desperately tried to keep it afloat. With the very small economy of Norr, she was hardly able to ask the guests for more than she needed to keep the inn prosperous. She realized a new plan needed to come into action. And eventually the Strumpet's Inn came to be what it is today. Bringing in many a colourful character and gold from requests.

What’s in your bag:​
  • Two ivory daggers, handcrafted
  • A fire starting kit
  • Fillet knife
Extra: Her idea of a personal bubble does not exist.
Veda strolled casually out to the bar, her demeanor that of a sour old woman. She had just been talking with a potential request client, when they started an argument about how she ran the inn. Customers would do this every once and a while because they thought her inn brought in too many hooligans. It constantly drove her up the wall. She's need a few drinks after that.

"MacGruff, something hard please." He gave her a look and then nodded his head before starting on her drink.

Veda sat down next to a lizard humanoid. "Hey Vedaaaaa..." He hissed. She nodded toward him and then put her head in her hands. Sometimes she didn't know what to do, but so many people depended on her for shelter and food. The weight of the world was constantly on her back. On top of that she was still figuring out things about herself from before her accident. All the time people would come up to her and mention a memory from before she left. She'd just have to nod and smile as if she remembered. But she didn't and it was draining.

Tomorrow they'd be putting up the new requests, she'd also have to boot out about two members of the inn for inactivity. Which was her least favourite job as the Innkeeper. One of them would be giving her a hard time about it, she knew that. That's when she'd have to ask Sid and MacGruff for some assistance.

Veda sighed as Mac put the drink in front of her. "Your fav'rite m'lady. Chin up eh?" She set a raw smile and began chugging the drink.
Lydia walked through the forest that was just on the outskirts of town. The forest held plenty of prey for the huntress, the small river that ran towards the west was great for fishing. While the forest itself provided deer, rabbits and sometimes even turkeys. Lydia was walking through and collecting the small game that had been caught in her traps through out the night. There were a few rabbits and even a raccoon. "Hmm now I wonder if i should keep you for myself or just sell you." Lydia said as she reached for the trapped Raccoon, she was quick to snap it's neck before she threw it in the back that she had already threw the rabbits in.

A growl broke through the air from behind Lydia. Turning she watched as a red wolf came out of the bushes dragging a doe and two fawns by the legs. The fawns had to at least be from last spring so they were a decent size. "Nice job Lucian." She said as she watched the wolf drop the deer. Lucian Crescent was Lydia's older twin brother and fellow werewolf. The two of them had come across the small town about six months ago and had made temporary home at the Strumpet Inn. Like any resident at the Strumpet Inn they worked for Veda the inn keeper when needed but other then that they hunted and sold their catches for their own pocket money.

Lydia quickly rebated and set the trap, she had just retrieved the raccoon from. Turning, she made her way over to the wagon that was parked over by a patch of grass so that Lydia's horse Reneigh could graze for a bit. She threw the bag or small animals in the back of the wagon before she grabbed a bag that contained Lucian's clothes. "Here you go Luc." She said as she tossed her bag towards her brother. With a snap of his jaws he caught the bag and tuned and padded back into the bushes. Knowing once Lucian was changed and dressed he would return. Lydia flipped her red hair behind her before she bent over to pick up one of the fawns and hauling it into the back of the wagon. She had got the second fawn in the wagon when Lucian walked out of the bushes and picked up the doe. Lydia moved out of his way and gave her brother a sweet smile as he dropped the doe in the back of the wagon with the rest of their catches. "I pick up for rabbits an a raccoon." She informed him as they made their way to the front of wagon.

Once seated, Lydia grabbed the reins and urged the horse forward. "We should make a decent amount at market. We could even take something back to the Inn. I'm sure Sid would be happy to get his hands on some fresh meat. I was even to pick a few fresh herbs for him as well" Lydia knew the Inn cook enjoyed his job especially when they were able to get their hands on something new for him. Lucian had given Lydia nod indicating he agreed. Lydia was accustom to her brother's silent and it didn't bother her. She knew that when he did talk it was best to listen though cause he wasn't one to waste his words on unimportant things.

Once in town Lucian and Lydia made their way to the local butcher bought up the doe and one of the fawns. They then made there way to the market where Lydia easily sold three of the rabbits and the Raccoon. Lucian had to give it to Lydia all the woman had to do was flash a smile and people were drawn to her. Then her playfulness would drop the moment she started talking prices. He pity the people who were unlucky to walk into her trap. Once the she-wolf wanted something she didn't stop till she got it. Lucian smirked as he watched Lydia smile as she counted through today's profit. They had made about 80 gold and still had one fawn and a rabbit left.

Lucian couldn't help but smirk when he watched his sister swindle a man out of ten gold for one of the rabbits. She had told him some intricate story about how the rabbit was a rare breed. Now anyone could see the rabbit have been completely normal. But with Lydia pushed chest to chest against the man and giving him a sickly sweet smile. Lucian was sure the man couldn't care less what she was selling. Now the two was making there way back to the Inn. They made sure to go through the back that way they could drop the fawn and herbs off in the kitchen.

Lucian watched Lydia as she grabbed the bag that had the last rabbit in it. He wondered why she had kept it, it had been the biggest and could of went for a good price. Lucian tilled his head to Lydia before looking toward the bag. Lydia noticed Lucian's silent question and smiled. "It's for Veda. I think the woman's got a soft spot for some rabbit...Plus she always seems to be stress around the time the list get's posted." Lucian just nodded before they made there way towards the bar area. He watched as Lydia made her way towards the bar. "Two ale's my good sir." Lydia smirked at MacGruff before she dropped the bag in front of Veda. "Here, you can have it. It's a left over...Too scrawny to sell."

Lucian sighed and shook his head as Lydia fake indifference towards Veda. Lucian was knew his sister had a kind heart yet when it came to others she refused to show it. "Liar, you were worried." Lucian deep voice rumble out towards his sister. He watched as Lydia's cheeks heated from embarrassment before she looked over to Lucian and crossed her arms. "You know sometimes you should just stay quiet." Lucian couldn't help but chuckle at his twins pout. Lucian was glad to see Lydia was warming up to the other residents of the Strumpet Inn.
Another performance is over.

On stage, she was only known as the Masked Echo. Her throat burned from another attempt to sing with tears in her eyes. Salt stung the cracks in her lips, yet her voice persevered, sending out a silky tone throughout the bar. "Thank you, all of you. May good fortune shine upon you." her voice cracked. She gave a fleeting bow, her back flat as a board, before rising up again. The silent crowd watched blankly as she walked off stage.

The curious whispers that questioned her status, her species, even her existence had been silenced the moment the first note hit. In a trance, they could only watch this black cloak reaching from the hood on her head to the tips of her toes perform music they'd never heard of. Some wondered if there was even a person underneath.

"Wonderful performance!" the man behind the bar gave a quick applause despite not hearing a single note. He removed his earmuffs to finally hear her once again. Cautioned by her the first day she arrived, he was told to never hear such sad songs. Seeing how lifeless the patrons became, he'd quickly taken her advice. He could only read the lyrics, some in his language, some not, on her music notes. Even those often times brought him to tears.

She took her seat at the bar and held out her hand. As usual, the barkeep placed a lightweight sack of coins in her palm. He watched as it disappeared in her sleeve and the sack shape vanished when reaching her chest; never to be seen again.

"Thank you, thank you. I just wish more people had come." her hopeless gaze reached the far corners of the room. Another night of only twelve patrons, majority of whom she saw walk out during her first song. Those who stayed, however, always seemed to be lured in only to be left in a quiet unresponsive daze. No such praise came from them, to her slight annoyance, and any money given was solely based on how much alcohol they blindly purchased during the performance.

"I think it's the sad music." he suggested with a half smile, quickly cringing as she removed her mask. Even now he couldn't decide if the scars along her face were painful or not. "Ah, maybe if you sang a happier tune maybe more people would come! And--"

"You know I can't." without her mask, the Masked Echo was simply called Lady by most. Though he wished she went by a proper name, Lady was the only thing she would respond to. "My sisters will not come if they hear a happy song."

The bartender wiped the same circular pattern over and over again as she threw down her hood, distracted by the part of her face untouched by injury. Soft tan skin, dark freckles, and a bright blue eye. He'd given up being a good man ages ago--accepting her beauty for what it was was never an option. Yet convincing her to wear the mask full time as to hide the deformities had never dared to pass his lips either.

"Ah right, I remember." his voice became hushed as others came to sit and have a drink. Still under a sorrowful spell, they appeared in a trance, following only their basic instincts: to drink. "Ahem... how long did you say you were trying this method?"

"Oh... I can't keep track. It's too sad to count the days... As time is different here, I don't think I could tell you either way. Things move so... fast!" in a whimsical motion, she threw her arms to the side with a whoosh noise, laughing as the bartender jumped from her sudden playful mood.

"Ah I see! Very fast! You're a strange one, Lady... Maybe someday you'll tell me exactly what happened to your face." he flinched, unsure if that was the phrase he meant to say, but he knew it'd be his last chance to ask. The traveling singer never stayed long in a town, perhaps a month maybe two, or as she called it "a blink of an eye." Unless something compelled her to stay, she was there and gone without more than a two day warning. But in a town of rowdy men and busty women, bounty hunters and snake oil salesmen, nothing seemed to promote her permanent residence.

Not even him.

"Hm... It is rather sad you know. Very sad story."

"Yea so is everything else you tell me. What else is new? But... That's why I want to know. Maybe if you stayed around, talked about it, you wouldn't have to be so... hopeless." he leaned on the counter, sighing at the same faraway gaze in her eyes. Another day, another sad excuse, and another missed opportunity to claim her as his own.

"I'll forever be this way, hideous and sad, it is what fuels my music and calls to my sisters! If I am not sad, I cannot sing, and if I cannot sing then I cannot go home. If I cannot go home I'll forever be sad."

"I see you have the logic of most women around here: nonsensical."

Lady let out a smile, nodding with certainty as if she'd heard her dinner bell ringing. "I believe my time here is up. Thank you for allowing me to perform here, Flint."

"Ha... that's the first time you've called me something other than Sir. Caught me off guard a bit... H-Hey, at least tell me where you're going--in case you forgot something!"

"Hm... I'm headed to Stumplef Inn... I think." her arms sucked into her sleeves, patting around in search of something, before yanking out a map she'd found a few towns over. "Um... oh, my mistake, Strumpet's Inn. Yes, that is where I'm headed."

"I've heard of there, bunch of rowdy customers. You may not even be safe there. And not to mention the crap pay. Not like what I shell out for you let me tell ya..." his words were based on nothing but the truth as he wanted to believe it--and the truth from rumors spewed by the drunk patrons. Lady still smiled at his frustration however, and prepared her aching feet for the journey.

"Thank you for your time! I promise some day I'll repay your kindness. Try to stay happy, Flint! I'd feel burdened if I only left you with sad thoughts." with all of her belongings somewhere on her person, she didn't even go to clean out her room or give him an excuse to make her stay.

"Tsk, yea that's what all the girls say." Flint gave a final laugh and waved her off, sighing as another patron quickly took her place at the bar, and life continued on so easily without her. In time he would forget the hopeless woman, eye new singers and flirt with the dancers, maybe even come to get married some day. But for now, his heart felt heavy, seeing his entertainment leave without hesitation.

"Strumpet's Inn..." she mumbled to herself, hood up and belongings in tact, taking the map and following a quick path out of town on bandaged feet. The sight was welcoming, leaving to a new city, seeing it in view at the horizon.
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Phagora finished up her morning duties, tending to the little herb garden she had set up in the back of the inn. The anise was growing in at a bumper crop pace, but the rest were struggling. The tiefling groaned. "Looks like anise chicken again tonight." Thanks to her father's blood, she had encyclopedic knowledge of every recipe ever created, but one was limited by the ingredients one had on hand.

Phagora beckoned the inn's back door open with a wave of her hand, and saw Lucian and Lydia sitting at the bar. "Hello there, you two. Mind if I join you?"


Fully cloaked, bright eyed and cheeks fully pink, the little thing scampered in through the backdoor leading to the kitchen. And so past the main cook she bounded, nodding politely as possible, smiling and trying to keep the bulge of her drawn closed cloak at her belly as inconspicuous as possible. The tattoo headed lass was now a common face here at the Strump' and now a common nuisance. Well meaning and even overly considerate kind of a nuisance, but a nuisance nonetheless.


And out the service door she went, scampering at a decent pace. She would try to sneak across the hall using her shadow-blending power, (the "shady-way" as she put it) and then race up the stairs to her quarters where she would be safe and none would be the wiser. But instead the package at her belly held other ideas.

And a cold, wet, mushy thing.

"Wahoooo! Oh, no no no no! Not in me skivvies will ya go! Ooooh ho ho ho Mother's Milk! But is that a bit frosty then, eh? Oh but, I oughta-- whhhooooaaaa--!!"

And with her hands digging into her trousers to remove said offending thing from her underpants, into the main dining area did the lass trip and stumble. As she successfully dislodged the cold, wet, mushy thing from her crotch region, she stumbled some more. The lass' arms started flailing a bit and in a very-not-agile-like-motion, unlike her normally dextrous and cat-like movements, she came to a skidding halt.

And so like wind gusting through long dark drapes, her cloak flew wide and the package she had kept clutched at her belly spilled away from her. And so onto the floor and sliding all the way to near Veda's chair did it go.

"Well, then hail to ya, Miss 'Gora, The Twins Crescent, Miss Veda, everyone...! First I can explain. Well... y'see. I um. No. It did. Well actually yes. It. Aye. It followed me home. Aye, did. And soooooo... being the kind and sweet lass that Rodent is, wellll, had to rescue it. CuzIdidNotStealIt. Nay. And we could name it a strong name... a powerful one like... Oh! Like Veda, amiright? Well, not because it has a loud mouth, not saying that our Miss Veda is like that but.. um, aye! A powerful name. Tis. And oh please oh please, oh please! Can we keep 'im? Cold, wet, mushy nose and all? I mean, both the Miss of the House and the wee fella gots the same name afterall, aye?

And but ooooooohhh! How can you just say no to--

Big greens shone pleadingly, all 5 foot of Rodent rising on her tippy-toes, hands clasped together at her breast, hope swelling within.

"So whadya say then, everyone? Please? And a pretty-please too..? Please may we keep him?"

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