The Strumpet Inn (Fantasy Tavern)

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    "Come one, come all. Ye scurvy mongrels!" The bartender called as he posted the newest listing on the bounty board.

    Every no good, two tongued creature and human in the joint bolted for the board. They knew if they wanted stay and some good grub they'd get a job or two. At this establishment, you needn't pay with gold but with work.

    This inn was a gift Veda had received from her long past uncle. Good ol' chap he was, but dumber than an ass. He let all his friends and any ol'stranger off the street stay free and only charged a penance for a large plate o'food and a pint of brew. Once the place was put in her hands, she put some good business thoughts to work. And thus the Strumpet's Inn was created, as everyone knew prostitution was the oldest profession in the books.

    The idea was that each job was done in the name of the inn. The job money would go to the inn itself, no matter who from the inn did the job. Because of this, the inn was able to support such a large group of people. It's occupants amassed many different types of species and religions. However, in some miraculous way they made it work.

    The board was almost a wall in size and contained many jobs of different origins. Some were assassination requests. Some were gathering requests. And some were strange, for example: Can ye get ma gram some sweets, but they musn't be red or orange. Also, I'd like a hat. The random requests were often the most entertaining and easy. So they were gone quick.

    Those who couldn't find a job that week were left with chore duty. Veda would assign anything that needed to be done around the inn. Floor cleaning, dish washing, tidying of rooms, etc. Often people would dread such mundane chores as the inn seemed to bring in adventurers and trained killers from all around. If someone did not find a job within a month they were booted from the inn.


    You as a character are an occupant of the inn. This roleplay does not need to stay focused inside the inn. It may follow people on their adventures and also through their troubles. The inn is just.. a "home screen" of sorts for people to meet and create plot. As the roleplay goes along, myself, as Veda will throw curve balls and issues into the mix to create problems that need to be solved.

    I'm looking for at minimum SIX people to start with. It will be an open RP, so people can join us as we go along.

    If interested, the OOC is here:
    The Strumpet's Inn OOC

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  3. This sounds like fun C:
  4. You guys seem really excited! That's good, I'm glad. :cheerful:
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  5. I'll throw my interest in. This seems like it could go places.
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  6. Thanks for the interest! At least two more people and we'll be golden to get an OOC thread going!
  7. I'm in! This looks awesome :)
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  8. Yay, one more person!
  9. k new bunny lets see whacha gots^^!!
  10. You're interested than?!? :)
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  11. This looks cool.
    I'd be interested
  12. So, since I'm new, do I allow CS here, or is there another thread area I put those in?
  13. There is the Chat Roleplay & Signups Forum area
    That's where you can post you signup thread

  14. It has been made!~
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  15. Ok :)
    I'll PM you now so we can go over them
  16. If you're all still interested, the OOC is linked in my initial post and you can go ahead and put a CS up.

    Thanks! Hoping to start this tomorrow.
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