The Struggle

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  1. "So, what are you in for?" The Officer said as he was driving along 4-36, one of the main highways in Florida.
    Jane, a young babysitter looked up slowly "I walked home, and my parents were on the ground dead...their throats ripped out."
    "Geeze," the officer said, "i'm so sorry for your loss..."
    Silence filled the car, all except for the occasional crunching sound of small concrete rocks as the car drove over them. Being sorry was one thing, but was it ever going to bring her mom and dad back? All anyone ever did was say sorry, all except for an investigator that walked up to her claiming that they were going to find out who did this, and that they needed her help by going down to the FPD to answer some questions.
    Jane was only 16 but as the system goes family members are the first suspects of any murder case, including her. You'd have to wonder what awful things girls her age...or any family at least... have done in the past to make out this kind of "family's are suspects first" system.
    "The names Officer Charles, but my friends call me Charlie," The driver said.
    Jane gave him a small polite smile, trying not to think about her parents right now might not be a bad thing.
    "Hello," the young girl smiled, sort of shy.
    "You know, when you were first brought into my car I was confused" Charles gave a slight chuckle before continuing, "your too young, sweet and a pretty young thing to be in anyone's police car."
    Jana looked down at herself, she was wearing a dark red sweater with a green jacket over it. It dosen't really get that cold in Florida, compared to other places but if Floridians aren't used to one thing, its the cold.
    The young girl had dark green eyes and long brown hair, straight and dark framing her baby doll face.
    She recently went outside, and she tanned easily so today her skin had a slight golden color to them.
    Charles was in the middle of telling another story now, with Jana paying attention here and there.
    Suddenly though from the corner of her eye she spotted a dark figure, she looked to see Charles paying attention to her and not the road as he was talking. He was about to hit someone who was walking along the highway for some odd reason.
    "Look out!" Jane called and the officer jolted his head, paying attention to the road again, with a swerve of the steering wheel, the car they came crashing down a long hill. The two screamed as the car continued flipping upside down, then right side up again. Everything happened in a flash, then darkness.
    In what seemed like hours, Jana slowly woke up seeing cracked glass. Adjusting her eyes she noticed that the car was upside down, and yet...she wasn't dead.
    In an effort to try and move she decided to call for help.
    "Charles? Officer Charles are you there?" the girl shouted. Eerie silence was all that answered her back, fearing for the worst the girl tried sitting up, taking it slow. Adrenaline was probably rushing through her body without her knowing. She most likely wont be able to feel any pain until it stopped rushing through her veins.
    Thanking God for having her seat belt on she slowly unbuckled herself and looked around. Charles was in the front seat, but he wasn't moving.
    "Charles? Oh gosh, Charles!"
    She placed two fingers on the officers neck and waited briefly...there was no pulse, he was dead.
    The girl yanked her hand away gasping and trying not to panic. The cracked glass of course was still in front of her and she needed to get out, with a grunt she kicked the glass with her right foot. The glass cracked a little more, but didn't break. Another kick and still it was no use...Jana paused for a moment then took a deep breath and kicked a third time, which was harder than the previous ones. The glass shattered, most of it falling away on the ground.
    Gargling sounds filled the silence, making Jane jump and gasp. Quickly getting out, she noticed Charles was squirming, he was alive!
    "Charles!" she said taking a breath of relief, "im so glad your alright...Charles?"
    The body squirmed more and the officer made a chilling moaning noise, his eyes were milky and souless as he took one look at Jane and tried crawling after her.
    Suddenly the girl heard some twigs and leaves snap and looked up. What looked like people were everywhere, only they were trudging along towards her.
    What was going on? Looking closer at one of them she gasped, one had no arm and another one had some skin ripped off from its leg, showing only bone.
    "This is not happening..." she whispered to herself and ran through the forest, trying not to scream.
    The government always said that the T virus didn't bring the dead back to life, that it was just a rumor to scare people and that they were working on a cure.
    However, the rumor was true, they lied so they wouldn't cause a panic throughout the city. The horrible side to the lie was that people like Jane weren't prepared. If the rumors were true though, one bite would turn you into one of them no matter what.

    ((You can join this just so you know that you cannot be the cure to this disease))