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  1. We all have those things that aren't exactly a big deal, but you make it one because you want add something or whatever. So what struggles do you people go through?

    As for me, it's generally forum related. Some people deserve a like, some deserve love, but some... Some people aren't necessarily wrong, but you don't exactly agree either. So what do you do? You can't really like it because you don't agree, you can't love it because you don't. You can't rate it useful or anything because you don't think it's useful.

    There's people, even here who are in such a grey area that there's not technically a wrong or right answer, and although the answer they have is amazing, it's not exactly right in your opinion XP

    Or even those people that have a 90% amazing post, would read again. But then they throw in that ONE thing you disagree with all your heart. Sure you can like it for the 90% amazingness, but that also indirectly likes the thing you can't stand.

    Also, those moments you're right, but you can't explain why. No examples come to mind, so lets have fun with an extreme example.

    Random ass bigot- Gays need to die! D:<
    Me ^^- Ehhhh, nope. It's all right :D
    Random ass bigot- Why is it right?
    Me ^^- Ohhhh.. Uhhh... It's not hurting anyone, and it's making them feel good so yeah :D
    Random ass bigot- It's hurting me though, and logically it's harmful to the species as a whole D:<
    Me ^^- Yeeeaaahhhhh... But we are heavily overpopulated, so for the time, all is good. For hurting you though, well too bad XD
    Random ass bigot- That logic is flawed D:<
    Me ^^- I know D: I'm sure there's an amazing reason beyond what I can explain, you just gotta trust me DX
    Random ass bigot- I will not trust you D:<
    Me ^^- WELL you lost anyway regardless of who's right or wrong. Soooooo... Get the fuck out XD

    (Those are super fun to me XD)

    So yeah, what are your struggles of life?
  2. Issues with mental health.

    Family members that have cancer.
  3. Mostly college stress, as well as social anxiety. It's been a while since I had a panic attack, though, so that's good, although I nearly did have one today.
  4. Heh... I was kinda hoping it would take a more petty turn. Like first world problems XD Not necessarily legit problems or things you have to struggle with. Like when people say "the struggle is real" It's normally something super petty.
  5. The endless despair of a godless world in which the innocent are churned upon the meat-grinder of human sorrow.
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  6. Ditto plus poverty. :ferret:
  7. Normally when it comes the end of a semester and stuff like Exams and Placement evaluation nears an end.
  8. Having to wait until the spring to go back to school due to financial aid trouble

    My great-aunt on the verge of death due to stomach cancer. I'm pissed off at her because it's her fault she's suffering like that and because she has a tendency to be......belligerent.

    Feelings of depression and hopelessness.
  9. Shouldn't have used serious things as your example, now thread is serious! O____O


    Like, I want to kill everyone. I would kill you for a donut. Everyone for a donut. I NEED A DONUT RIGHT NOW.
  10. The plight of albino children in Tanzania, where strong traditions of folklore and superstition engender a denial or services and community integration.
  11. She took my mustache comb.
  12. I'm too awesome and charismatic for my own good. I'm an introvert but I keep drawing people to me with my natural charm and then they want to like talk to me and be friends and hang out and stuff. Ugh.

    The struggle is real.
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  13. My struggle is the opposite of joricks. I haven't made a friend in about six years now and its kind of pathetic. All my high school friends abandoned me after graduation, so I am pretty friendless in IRL. Now I'm desperate to make friends in my college classes. :T

    And not having a job sucks.

  14. Want to go grab a couple beers in town but got work tomorrow. #thestruggle
  15. College stress and social anxiety seem like mostly first world problems to me, as you're not likely to find anyone struggling with either of those in developing countries.
    At least I'm fairly certain that's the case, but admittedly my knowledge of such regions are extremely limited, so I wouldn't be too surprised to be proven wrong.

    Also, I know that's not exactly what you meant, but I just felt like pointing that out.
  16. I meant the other meaning of first world problems DX the newer one that's like
    "My parents didn't buy me the newest IPhone and now I'm stuck with the IPhone 6 plus. Worst parents ever."
  17. I know what you meant, I was just being literal about it.

    But here, just to get in the spirit of the topic:





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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. [​IMG]
  20. I would think the second to last picture would actually be a very serious problem. Insomnia ain't no joke, and its been proven that not getting enough sleep is dangerous to both your physical and mental health. All the rest though are super fuckin funny. XD
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