The Strife of Ostaria | Fire Emblem-based [18+] [Adept]

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  1. Strife of Ostaria (based off of Fire Emblem)

    This roleplay will take place in a large continent called Ostaria. All types of mythical creatures inhabit the skies, seas, and earth of this beautiful stretch of land. Dragons make their homes within deep caverns and griffons soar the skies. Wraiths and banshees cry and wail in haunted wells and houses.

    Instead of being run by kings and royalty, each country of Ostaria is run by a major family, or House. The Houses are not made up of noble blood, but instead of well-respected men and women that protect their country and people with all of their might. The King (much unlike the fancy-robed kings of other continents) rules over the House himself and guides his people through dark times.

    The two Houses of Sariwon, a feudal nation to the south of Ostaria, have been fighting for power over the country for ages. House Kurosawa and House Aokai struggle for a firm grip on their land, both uttering different ideals that come straight from the mouths of their Kings. They clash on the streets and spread dirty rumors and threats, leaving the people of Sariwon in the middle of their vicious feud.

    A strange plague rises from the depths of the earth in the beginning of spring. It is said to convert the afflicted to hideous, demonic monsters after they perish, leaving no room for rest after suffering. The plague starts within the very heart of Sariwon, which means that House Kurosawa and House Aokai must find the source of the plague and demonic creatures themselves.

    This roleplay will be made once people help me worldbuild! This means that the players will decide which creatures are most common or more rare, the name and number of the other countries, etc. Everyone will be able to flesh out the plot as well.

    Of course, since this is based mostly off of Fire Emblem, I expect anime pictures for appearances. The players must also be 18+.

    Who's interested?
  2. Fire Emblem-based? Do I require much game knowledge?

    I've been procrastinating on getting my 3DS and I'm a little too loafy to grab that emulator and be Marth/Ike/something.

    EDIT: Hmmm... if it's more directly based off Fire Emblem I can consider a Manakete as my character...
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  3. Since this is getting more interest in the other forum, I'm putting it over there.

    And there won't be any manaketes in this RP. ^^
  4. You mean RP Guild? Guess I'll boop my head there.
  5. I'm trying to find it via your forum name, but oddly, I cannot locate it. A link, perhaps?
  6. Whatever did happen to Twilight?
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