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    The Streets.

    Unwanted. Runaways. Renegades.
    Young people that left their home for various reasons. They sneak through the corners of Miami, Florida. Behind the curtain where they are not disturbed. There are hundreds of them. Some of them get around better than the other. Some of them earned names, fear and respect. Groups formed. And another one is to be.

    I've been eyeing you for some time now. I could use your talents. If you want someone to have your back be at the old ''Westeros'' hotel tomorrow at sunset.

    You find this note somewhere in your belongings. On the back of it, a signature from the sender and more details about where the place is. A hotel that closed three years ago. The beach next to it became too filled with junk and the hotel closed down. Being away from the city didn't do it justice. But maybe it could do some to you.
    Will you accept the offer?
  2. [​IMG]Travis stood on the roof of a old rusty building contemplating the jump from where he was to the next spot. Extending his fingers he parted his lips and took a deep breath before backing up a few and running in full speed. One his feet felt the tip he jump feeling the rush as he was in the air. The probability of making it or failing was 50/50 but he had been doing this for years and once he landed Travis looked back at the distance and smiled to himself. Hmm getting better. He opened the roof door and jogged down the flight of stairs. Once reaching the bottom he walked over to the pile of boxes and retrieved his backpack and jacket.

    No one noticed him walk out the building and Travis made sure of that. After walking for about fifteen minutes he walked down towards the beach area and sat down on the steps watching people talk to family and friends, even loved ones. He frowned slightly remembering his own parents, especially his father. To everyone else it was almost like he was invisible, too wrapped up in conversations or actions of their own but to Travis he saw endless opportunities to get exactly what he wanted and that was money.

    Travis stood up and ran his hand through his hair as his eyes darted back and forth to find his targets. The first was a middle aged guy who was trying to flirt wit a woman much younger than him which from Travis's perception the guy was trying way to hard but hey, it wasn't him. He casually began walking over and when he got close enough he stumbled somewhat brushing into the man who glanced over. Travis put a hand up, " Aye sorry man". The guy looked away turning his attention back to the woman who was gradually loosing interest.

    He made sure not to linger too long before the man reached into his pocket and realized his wallet had gone missing. Once out of the mans sight Travis pulled out the wallet and took the cash out shoving it into his pocket and then placing the wallet down on a nearby bench. After pocketing three more wallets and a necklace he started back to the building when he heard someone shouting after him. " Hey you there" Travis turned but kept his distance eyeing the guy. He knew he could take him but he didn't want to with people watching. " Yeah what do you want?" " I saw the necklace on you and I liked it, so how about you hand it over"

    Travis was about to open his mouth and say something smart when two more guys showed up behind the guy. Heh a thief getting robbed? No way. He turned and booked it in full sprint cutting through the alley ways. he lost the fist guy once he jumped over the fence and around the corner the other two stayed on him and Travis rolled his eyes. Damn can't a guy get a break? All this for a necklace?. He cut through the abandon buildings and up to the roof before jumping down to the next. The two guys who were once tailing him stopped and glared at him. " Whatever we know your face". Travis turned and simply flicked them off before jumping again and diapering out of sight.

    After he knew the guys had stopped following him Travis opened his bag to shove his jacket in when he noticed a letter in his bag. Travis reached down and grabbed the letter and began to read it: I've been eyeing you for some time now. I could use your talents. If you want someone to have your back be at the old ''Westeros'' hotel tomorrow at sunset. Someone had been watching him all this time? He was so sure that nobody had been paying him any attention but clearly he was wrong. He stared at the letter for a moment and then sighed. If someone was watching him he assumed that whoever it was wasn't going to leave him alone. Guess I'm heading to Westeros Hotel.
  3. Alistair Josesph Smith
    It was a shit life.
    It had always been that way. It was almost as if his life had been planned that way. Though, for most people, it seemed that way, too.
    There were always going to be people who drew the short stick when it came to privaledges and the comfy, luxurious life. They would always be the underdogs of the planet, but the only difference was, nobody was rooting for them.

    Alistair. He wasn't anything special. However, he loved to see the world through different eyes. The people who seemed weak, were strong in their own advances. Those who were born with specialties, were free in their own brain. The world, however, saw things in only black and white. You had the poor, the rich. The gifted, and the stupid. Alistair had seen these people. Those were different, and belonged to something else. Something bigger than them. Somewhere they could belong.

    It wasn't easy. Picking out the certain people among the thousands who seemed perfect. It was hard, and tedious, but he found them. The perfect people to live among. Those who could relate and understand. The perfect master's of the Streets.

    First, you needed somebody to sweet-talk the people who turned their head. This was a woman hard to find, but he found her. She was always different, from the day he started watching her. It seemed a little creepy, but it was only way to determine if she was the right one. She was beautiful, elegant, but with something much darker beneath it all. He assumed it was one of those things that she saw, and others didnt.
    Giving Alice the note was more difficult than he thought possible. He job gave him the skills to slip in and out unnoticed, but she had the insight of a hawk. He managed to give it to her, sutbly slipping it into the back pocket of her opened bag without being noticed. It was simple, bumping into her and pretending his hand never slipped inside of her bag.

    Next, you needed the brawn, the Muscle. Somebody to assert themselves and not be afraid. She was poor, but unafraid. She could charge into a den full of Lions, and the big cats would tremble in fear. She was the truely the bulk of the party. What surprised him more, was the fact that she was a woman. Alistair had been afraid to give her the note, for fear that she would beat the shit out of him if she found him. Kaylee was somebody he needed on his side, because if he didnt, things could possibly get ugly.
    He did it, however, slipping it into her bag when she turned away. He hoped more than anything that she would find it, and that it didnt fall out into the streets, and some poor soul would stuble upon it. It seemed to cliche, putting it into their bags, but it was the only thing they carried. They didnt have homes where he could slip it under the door, or a place he could rest it so they might stumble upon it. Doing this was a major risk, but he figured these people were worth it.

    People need to eat, right? You needed a fun-loving, outspoken man who could handle the stress of real life, but also deliver a goof beef strogenoff... Right? However, when Alistair saw Manny on the streets, there seemed to be a burden bigger than the world on his shoulders. The man was large and beefy, but he carried something so much larger than himself. Alistair felt for him. He wished to be there for him, and the rest of his 'Crew'.
    Again, the simple 'letter-in-the-bag' trick. It was a knife case, but it was better than nothing. Atleast Alistair knew he could find it. However, Alistair was never that good at gambling. These were run-aways, people who saw the backend of life and laughed. Or cried. These people scoffed and gave it the middle finger, begging it to take another shit on their daily lives. How much worse could it get?

    With every group, comes gang rivalries and injuries. You needed somebody to tend to those, right? Something more than slapping peroxide and a band-aid on it. Sewing up a wound, setting a broken bone, something that requires more than the TV-dinner knowledge. Avila. Simple, stunningly beautiful. She had a brain full of cures, but a heart heavy with sorrow. He knew her life was heavy, she bore it like a battle scar. Ugly, but permanent. She did, however, have something that Alistair wanted. Her knowledge.
    This time, however, was different, and much to his own shame, embarassing. He couldnt get into her bag. It was closed down with something, and he couldnt nudge the paper inside. Instead, he ran into the back of her, pretending he was a careless teenager on the run and wasnt watching here he was going. He stealthily put it into her back pocket, and left. The paper left an odd imprint on the back of her pants, and he had to stifle a laugh and hope she didnt notice.

    Now, you have the stealth. Pickpocket, combat, everything you want in a street-fighter. If he hadn't been watching, Alistair would have missed his perfect execution of a simple pickpocket. You get in, grab the money, and get out. You get caught, and you've never been heard of. He was quiet, and held a passive air around himself. There was something about him Alistair couldnt let go of, and he had to have him.
    Travis was a model fighter. He'd seen it. A simple fight broke out between another gang member and him, and the other man didnt stand a chance. Travis left with barely a scratch, and had hardly broken a sweat. It was truely a marvel, but there was another thing. A weight so have that it seemed to slouch his entire body, and his face was sunken in as if he had aged so much more than the rest of them. They were all old and practically alone in the world, but there was a hidden secret, dark and afraid, nestling itself on his shoulders.
    Getting the letter to him proved difficult, since he was a master pickpocket. Alistair just bumped into him, dropped the note into the little mesh, and turned away without another word.

    In this day and age, technology was huge. There were ways to get what you wanted by a simple click of a button, and if you could access that specific network of information, you could have the world at your fingertips. It was a dream that little people could think of, but with this woman, it was possible. He'd seen her hack into a simple ATM, and managed to go home with the prize. She hadnt even been detected. She was the pickpocket of the internet world, Annalise. Alistair had personally swooned over her. She had bright red hair, like autumn leaves, and an air about herself that could scare away a pack of bandits. However, that might have just been her dog. He didnt know it's name, but it proved extremely hard to get the note to her. However, instead of trying to worm his message into her pocket or some other descreet area, he pretended to love her dog. He bent down, pushed the little note into its collar, and left, hoping he didnt shake it off.

    With every group of people, you have the one who enjoys expressing himself, and leaving the mark of his pride Clan. Alistair just watched him draw on the walls, running when he was told to get lost. He was an out-cast, like the rest of them, but with a different outlook of the world. Artists always did. They always saw things in a different light, and Alistair would never understand it. Leo was a cheery man, and wanted somebody like him on his side. He wanted the world to know these people existed, that they werent some pack of rats living under bridges and avoiding the stray headlights of police cars.
    Alistair simply taped the note onto one of his spray-paint cans. It was a pretty cliche, and he wasnt even sure if Leo would even take that can with him, but it had been worth a shot. If anything he would just track him down again and find another way to deliver his message.

    With every group of people, there will always be complications. And like everybody else, there would be many questions, and many answers. Alistair had no idea if any of them would show up. The world was different now. It didnt recognize those who struggled, and the more he thought about it, they never did. Unless you changed the outlook of something, you were brushed away as one of the commons. Alistair didnt want to be another face on the street. Didnt want to not be remembered.
    He wanted to be strong for these people, for each and every individual he watched had faced something the world threw at them, and they're still living.

    It was their turn to reclaim what was truely theirs.

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  4. Alice typed in a code into the building's security code. It was one of those usual codes buildings had so not everyone could walk in. The building was nice-looking, in blue and yellow tones. It could be seen it was nicely maintained. Alice proceeded up the stairs towards the third floor and there she stopped in front of the 34B apartment. The girl took a look around, but no one but her was here. Quietly, she took out a small key from the back of her jeans, if anyone tried to take it she would have felt it, and unlocked the wooden doors. Quietly. The moment she was in she locked the doors, leaving the small key in. Alice took a look around.

    Huh. Not bad.

    She thought as she started to walk around. This was the first time she has been in this apartment, just like many others places before.
    This is how Alice lives. Finds out when people go away for a time, and then lives in their homes until they come back, never knowing she was there.
    This place looked to belong to a single woman, judging by the pictures along the hallways and the apartment itself. Only one bed.
    After around twenty minutes later when Alice was sure to remember where everything was, to put it back when she leaves, she finally got comfortable. Putting her backpack near the tub and opening her small suitcase that carried most of her belongings, she dumped almost every piece of clothing she had into the washing machine. Including what she was wearing. And with no more waiting she made herself a bath. She didn't really need one, she took a shower yesterday at the beache's free showers but a bath was something luxurious to her, and it made her happy.

    When she was starting to get bored she reached towards her backpack to count the money she had at the time. Later she will roam this place and try to find some money here. She never took everything, just a few dollars to get by. Her soft fingers found something that didn't belong there. She carefully took it out and saw it was a note. A bit scared at first how it got there, how did she let her guard down letting anyone put it there, she finally opened it and read it. A small smirk decorated her pale face.

    The next day at sunset she was in front of the Westeros hotel.
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  5. Kaylee was sitting down in an alleyway. She had made a small amount of money moving some stuff around for the day and bought herself a meal to celebrate. No stealing necessary today. As she finished it up, she heard a number of footsteps steadily making their way towards her. She put her drink in her bag, slung it over her shoulder, and took off running. The speed of the footsteps increased, they were chasing her down. She repositioned a crate and hid behind it, watching a man run by. Before he got too far, she came out, hooked his neck in the crease of her elbow, and choked him unconscious. He was out cold with a quiet thud as his body slumped to the floor. Hiding her bag underneath the man's body, she turned to face the other one who had followed her. A middle-aged man with a long, unkempt beard and trashed clothes was standing about 20 feet away. By the looks of things, these two probably noticed her when she bought food and planned to steal her money.

    The man smirked. "Never thought a woman would be the first to come out swinging."
    Kaylee laughed. That was a pretty common reaction. "You're right, a woman shouldn't be swinging," she replied before shoving her hands into the pockets of her blue hoodie. "So I'll beat you, without swinging," she smirked.
    "That confidence is gonna get you killed, brat!'

    The middle-aged man dashed in and threw a punch, which Kaylee weaved around, not taking her hands out of her hoodie's pockets.
    She smiled. "It's gonna take a lot more than that if you wanna kill me, man," she mocked. Angered, the man swung wide with his right. The younger girl smiled, and slammed her forehead into his fist, shattering his hand.
    He screamed in pain, bones having broken the skin. Her forehead ached a bit, but she figured it was worth the small amount of pain.
    "I'm not confident, I just know that you're weak."
    "I'm gonna murder you, bitch!"
    He pulled out a switchblade and lunged at her. She turned her body slightly, causing the knife to miss her by half an inch. As she launched her elbow into his chin, she took her hands out and grabbed the knife from the assailant.
    "Sorry about that, but I'm not gonna risk my life over some dumb taunt." He collapsed to the floor, knocked out by the elbow.
    She walked over to the man she had choked out, still holding the knife. She figured she might as well keep it and put it into her pocket. She withdrew her bag from under the man and opened it to pull out her drink, only to find a note on top of everything else.
    "What's this...?"
    Reading over it, she figured she had no better place to stay, and not much else to be doing.
    "I'll go check it out, at least."

    As promised, she showed up. Westeros at sunset.
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  6. Manny woke up to the sound of a moving train. Manny lived in a trash apartment, right across a rail road track. He threw off the covers and sat up. He let a big yawn and stretched. His apartment wasn't the cleanest of apartments either. It was like living at the local dump. The carpet was torn up. The walls had all sorts of stuff on it, and there was always a type of bug wondering around. Manny looked around his room. Living the dream.. Manny said sarcastically, as he got off his bed. After Manny got off his bed he headed to the restroom to groom himself. Once he got in the restroom Manny took a shower, brushed his teeth, and other stuff normal people do in the mornings. After he was grooming himself, Manny got ready for work at his uncles restaurant. When Manny was done getting ready, he walked out of his apartment.

    Manny thought to himself on his way to work. I wondering what awaits me today at my uncle's restaurant. Manny thought to himself, with his knife case at his side. Manny only used the knifes in the knife case, because the knifes were his mother's. At least that what his uncle told him. The knife case looked like a briefcase. The case only had three knifes in it. One big one, one medium one, and one small one.

    It took Manny about Twenty minutes to get to his uncle's restaurant. After he went inside the restaurant he went straight to the kitchen. Heyyy looks whose here....It's the Mexican Paula Deen. Manny's cousin said jokingly. Whatever man. Many said as he pushed his cousin. Manny then put on a black apron. After he got his apron on, he placed his knife kit aside. He then opened up his knife kit, and saw a note. What the? Manny said as he picked up the note. He opened up the letter, and began to read it: I've been eying you for some time now. I could use your talents. If you want someone to have your back be at the old "Westeros" hotel tomorrow at sunset. Manny said to himself quietly. AYE! Manny quickly turned around and saw his uncle. Are you going to work, or are you going to lolly gag all day? Manny's uncle said. Sorry uncle....I was just reading something. Manny said as he put the note in his pocket.

    eight hours pass by, and Manny's is finally done working. He hung up his black apron, and started to walk out of the store. Bye Manny. his uncle said. Manny then stopped walking. Oh uncle....I um need to take a personal day off tomorrow. Manny said as he turned around, to look at his uncle. Why? You got a date tomorrow, or something? His uncle said. No....I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.. [COLOR=#ffffff]Manny said. He had to come up with a lie, because his uncle wouldn't let him take a day off for no reason. [COLOR=#339966]Fine.[COLOR=#ffffff] His uncle said. [COLOR=#993300]Alright, bye uncle. [COLOR=#ffffff]Manny said as he left the restaurant.[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]

    After Manny left the restaurant he went straight home. When Manny got home went straight to sleep. The next day Manny slept in. He woke up about One o'clock. What time is it? Manny said as he looked at his clock. After he saw that it was one o'clock he got out of bed and got dressed. After he got dressed, and groomed himself, Manny spent the rest of his time thinking if he should go to the hotel.

    A few hours pass by, and Manny decides to go. He gets up and walks out of his apartment, and heads for the hotel. After a few minutes of walking, Manny finally made it. I'm surprised I found this damn place. Manny said as he stood in front of the hotel. Manny then walked inside.
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  7. Avila was on her knees with her face just inches away from a plant that could possibly be poison ivy - or scientifically known as toxicodendron radicans, as she had perfectly remembered it. She moved her head in all sorts of different ways, trying to identify it. Okay, three leaves coming from one stem, pointed tip, wide leaves... She paused to look down at her tattered book, "Medicinal Plants: The Good, The Bad, The Healers", that she casually stole from a dumpster in the back of a college library.

    Of course, people were staring oddly at her from the park she was in. Some parents were looking confused, children looking scared, and college kids wondering if she was the rumored person who was seen on the college's security cameras near the dumpster.

    Why was she trying to identify poison ivy? Well, to test it's effects. She was planning on trying it on herself, then trying to heal it herself. She had all of her precautions made: stolen calamine lotion, list of treating instructions, informational books, 50 cents in case she needed to call up the nearest emergency center, etc. Besides, poison ivy should be no problem considering she got into a tussle with a water hemlock before - otherwise classified as America's most poisonous plant - which she was able to save herself from. However, that was back when her brother was still alive, and she was young with no type of precautions at all. She still remembered how she found the plant, plucked it out of the ground, and ran back to her brother who was curled up in blankets underneath an abandoned house's garage because of another illness he had. She excitedly and happily explained the symptoms of what could happen upon digestion of the plant, including seizures, nausea, vomiting, tremors, confusion, dizziness, weakness, retrograde memory loss, and more. Her brother was yelling and pleading for her to put it in a nearby river and never touch it again, but of course, her young curiosity got the best of her and she bit off half of the white flowers from the stem. It was even 10 minutes later until she started vomiting and losing consciousness, to which she still remained calm enough to force herself to through it up, drink half a gallon of water, throw up again, and repeat for the next 2 hours. Thankfully, the only problem that remained for the next two days was some muscle weakness and twitching, while her brother became worried and anxious about her for the next 2 months following that. Oh, how she wished that she could've taken better care of her brother, and saved him during his illness. Nowadays, she completely blames herself, still reminding herself of her faults everyday in order to punish herself.

    Aliva was snapped out of her sad, nostalgic memories by an Australian college student snapping at her, "What the fuck are you doin'? That's poison ivy, ya' dipstick!"

    Instantly getting defensive, Avila yelled back, "Well it's none of your focking business about what I'm doin', now is it, mate?!" She mocked his accent, stubbornly shutting the book, shoving it into her dark green messenger bag, and standing up to walk away.

    "Hold up, it that the book from the fucking trashcan out from the college? Are you actually that homeless person whose been stealin' from all those dumpsters?!" He laughed at her.

    What is his deal? He doesn't even know me! Avila ignored him, picking up her pace as she walked away from him, ignoring his laughter, until she turned the corner and he was no where in sight. So much for testing poison ivy...

    A short while later, she walked into the alleyway where she normally stays in, throwing her bag on top of the old mattress that she also stole from the back of a dumpster from an apartment. She sat against the brick wall, taking a deep breath and relaxing her body, causing the mattress to move and crinkling a paper in her back pocket. At first, she thought someone else was in the alleyway with her, which would be odd because she had never seen anyone else back here within the 6 months that she's been here. She sat up defensively, causing the paper to crinkle again. This time, she could hear it closer to her, and feel it in her back pocket. She stood all the way up off the mattress and reached curiously into her jean pockets, pulling out the paper and reading it: I've been eyeing you for some time now. I could use your talents. If you want someone to have your back be at the old ''Westeros'' hotel tomorrow at sunset.

    Eyeing me? Who the hell has been 'eyeing me'?! She started to worry, wondering if this note was a legitimate offer or a chance to get murdered. Who would be trying to contact a weak, medical-obsessed, regret-filled girl anyways? She read the note carefully, looking for any secret message within it or seeing any wording that could suggest an intention of malice. Tomorrow at sunset... The time was going to mess up her carefully planned daily routine, but maybe it would be worth it. She put the note into the front pocket of her messenger bag, deciding to sleep on it. She was just as excited as well as she was nervous about it.

    The next day, the mainly spent her time studying. She bought some food at a small restaurant nearby, got a some water, exercised just for the heck of it, and organized the make-shift first aid kit that she had in her bag.

    Twenty minutes before sunset, she decided to head out towards the hotel and leave her bag near her mattress. Soon enough, she got to the hotel and hesitantly opened the door, not knowing what to except on the other side.
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  8. Leo loved the night, t was teh time when the city felt alive. The lights turned on in the streets as people tried to fight against nature and in its own weird way it was kinda beautiful. Only kind of though because when you really look the city, you always feel like something is out of place, something is missing. The answer is color, this city is dull and gray, and it sucks at the soul of everyone who lives inside it.

    Now Leo is the real kind of starving artist. The other ones who sell their work to get by, they are sellouts who give their art to the highest bidder. Their imagination is bottled up and hung up on a wall inside one of those fucking McMansions never to be seen. How can that be art? How can that be expressing yourself, if make art, don't you think the world deserves to see it if they wanted? That's why Leo is a man of the people, an artist who paints where everyone can see his work. Now some people might find it illegal or wrong what Leo does, and to be fair, Leo is a petty thief who steels to survive, but its all part of the fun when the cops think they can stop him. If only they could catch him.

    This night was like most others, Leo dressed in dark ripped jeans, and a navy blue hoodie. A bandanna tied around his neck, his bright blue hair tied back in a ponytail hidden by the hood and a stolen pair of Beats thumping to the beat of some music around his neck. Like usual he was tagging a wall, this particular one had a bunch of gang tags on it, but Leo had sprayed a yellow base coat however covering these gangbangers attempt at art. All they were really were 6 year old scribbling on walls and Leo was happy to paint over them. However unlike most nights, Leos mind was on something other then the canvas in front of him.

    In the right back pocket of his jeans was that stupid note he found earlier that day. It was safe to say that when Leo had first found it, he was scared out of his skin. Leo never tagged his work with his name and anytime the police even come close to finding him, he would dye his hair a different color and cut it. He almost didn't even read the stupid thing. Eventually he did open up the scrap of paper, and now he is more confused then anything. Leo sighed sadly thinking about it. Wiping his brow he took a step back from his work. It was almost done but it had a couple places were it could be touched up. The sun wasn't due for a couple more hours regardless Leo stenciled out his signature on the bottom left. Others would come by and add their own signatures, take the credit of his work. It use to bother Leo but after a few years of doing this all that matters in his mind that people see the piece.

    He stepped away once again, a small smile on his lips. Finally done with the piece, he went to work with packing all his cans away into the ratty black backpack he kept with him. He dissipated into the streets like a ghost, going to his secret place to nap and find something to eat. At sunset, Leo was on the other side of the street, his beats over his ears waiting for something to happen at the hotel.
  9. The rest of the day Travis laid back on his small mattress and stared at the letter inviting him to the old hotel. There was a split chance that it was a set up and once he arrived whoever sent him the note would be waiting and something would go down. The more Travis thought about it though the more it seemed very unlikely. I mean who would want anything really to do with him? The note said that they could use his talents so someone must have had talents of there own if they noticed him doing what he needed to survive and especially being able to get close enough to slip the note into his bag without him noticing. A small smirk formed on Travis's lips and he shook his head wondering who the mystery person was. Were they a man or woman? Tall or short? What exactly was this persons plan once he arrived at the run down hotel?.

    There was just too many questions that Travis found himself wondering and he couldn't even answer a single one. Since he couldn't get the answers he needed Travis figured it would be better answered when he showed up tomorrow. The next morning Travis woke up early and listened to the sounds of cars driving around and light footsteps of early morning people most likely on there way to work. Even though he was up there was no rush in getting up and out of the bed. Travis was staying in one of the rooms in a decent building using the money that he stole to pay the rent and such. Eventually Travis had plans on finding a better place to stay, one with much more people to pocket but hey beggars can't be choosers.

    After finally getting out of bed Travis ran himself a hot shower and relaxed under the warm water. Once he was down he threw on a grey long sleeved shirt and some faded blue jeans and sneakers. He made sure to throw in an outfit or two in his bag just in case he didn't get back and he had no idea what was going to happen when he got there, it was best to be prepared. He finally left the apartment after eating a light breakfast and double checking to make sure that he had everything he needed.

    Getting to the abandoned hotel wasn't that hard all he needed to do was catch the bus and walk a block. Travis managed to catch a quick bus. After about seven minutes the bus pulled up to his stop and he got off walking down the block to the hotel. Travis ran his hand through his hair and stopped dead in front of Westeros Hotel. The place definitely looked abandoned for the most part but usually places like this became homes to squatters and a few druggies. Travis looked around to see if there was anyone else and then he looked down at the note that he had brought along. I guess its a now or never type of thing. He noticed someone across the street and he looked over not giving much of a readable expression. So someone else is here..doesn't look like some squatter to me. He bit his lip suddenly getting the feeling he wasn't the only one.

    He walked up the steps and then pushed the door open and stepped inside. The inside however didn't look as bad as he had thought being as how the hotel had been run down for some time and construction had never gotten to it, Travis would have thought the place would be falling apart and yet there were some things that were intact. He quickly however was brought back to reality when he saw the people in front of him with the same expression on their face. Curious as to why they were here. Travis looked at each of them before a small smile formed on his lips. " Sup" That was all he said and that was all that needed to be said at the moment. Whoever wanted them here would show themselves and tell him why he was really here.
  10. Alistair Joseph Smith

    There are things that people can't see.

    Society is blind. Ignorant. Selfish. They turned their head to the suffering, and focus themselves on those who are better off. If you think about it, the world has always been like that. Survival of the fittest. But does it have to be? There will hardly be a time when you see somebody turn their head to a homeless man sitting on the streetcorner. In fact, they do everything but give them a second-glance. It's a sad world, always has been, and probably always will.
    In every place you travel too, it's almost always a human system. You have the heart, the brains, the parts that get things done. But do you ever hear about the viens, arteries? It sounds silly, but believe it. We are those people. The hidden lifelines that nobody really understands how important they are. Without crime, what jobs do police have? With theivery, murder, what do those people do all day? Because of these people, a lot of the system has jobs. We are the brains, the brawn, but everybody fails to actually realize it. It really is sad, isnt it?

    Alistair rolled his shoulders, nervously chewing the inside of his lip. Not only did he invite five totally random strangers out here with no means of defending himself, but he brough them to his home. This hotel really was his home. He lived here after all the shit went down in his own life. And in this case, if they didnt fall for his impressive speech he worked hours on the night prior, then one or more of them might come back and kill him. Worth the risk, wasn't it? There was more of a slight possibility that at least one of them would join, but there was also the chance none of them would go for it. These were the rejected, after all. They were spit out by Life and thrown into a world so much bigger than them. However, they still managed to keep going. It took guts to do such a thing.
    Alistair had tried to dress for the occasion, but it was hard when you had no money. He chose his most un-dirty looking and un-holy pair of jeans, a leather belt that had seen better days, and a button up dress shirt that was missing a few buttons from the bottom. It actually gave it a nice touch, flaring out at the bottom. It gave away more skin than he was comfortable with, but he could hardly focus on that.

    He could hear them. They were all hidden from sight, but he was almost positive each one could sense the others. More than to his surprise, they all showed up. It made him excited, but it also made his heart slam against his ribcage. He swallowed, and stepped into the little beam of light that was cast by the slowly dying streetlamp. The shadows were thick, and he almost thought they were choking him. He cleared his throat. He couldnt see them, but he knew damn well they could see them.

    "I know this must look shady, and crafy, and probably a joke. But I promise you, its not. The person behind that note is yours truely."
    Alistair gestured to all of himself. He had to clear his throat again, and speak a little louder, in case they were too far away to hear them.
    "My name, is Alistair Joseph Smith. Believe it or not, I'm like all of you. Abandoned and left to die. No family left to run too, and no place to call my home except this place."
    He gestured back to the hotel behind him. Most of it was in ruins, but a large portion remained more than in tact.
    "This may sound corny, but I need you. I dont know if you need me or not, but Im willing to do so. I can't pretend to now what each and every one of you has been through, or what you had to face, but I can say that I have been through something similar. I know it can be a hard and lonely life, but if you come with me, I can promise you that it doesnt have to be. I've been watching all of you, and however creepy that may sound, its true. I can see the pain you've been carrying on your shoulders, and I called you here because im afraid its going to crush you into oblivion. You aren't forgotten."
    Alistair paused again to let that part sink in. It was true. He really did care about each of them. He didnt want to see them suffer anymore, it was becoming painful for him even to watch. Once he gave a beat to pause and swallow the lump in in throat, he continued.
    "This place, isnt your home, and its never going to be. I can understand that. But if you come with me, we can make it into our home. I also cant say for sure that I could make your lives better, or keep you safe all of the time. Its dangerous out here. There will always be people out there wanting to kill us because they think we're the Street rats of the world. But we're not. We're the life and soul, the people who arent afraid to look Death in the face and smile. We're stronger than them. This isnt a gang, or a violent group. Simply people wanting to surivive."
    He clenched his fists. The speech was going exactly the way he planned it, if not better. He hoped, however, that it persuaded them enough.
    "I dont know any of you besides what I've seen. But I plan to do exactly that. I want to know each of you like I knew my own miserable life. I want to carry your burdens so you dont have too. I can help you. What makes you laugh, cry, angry, sad, happy. We can make this into the family we never had."
    Alistair choked at those last words, and it took him a moment to compose himself. It was difficult, to realize that the family you once had will never be again, but it also made the mistery of a new one all the more interesting.
    "I cant expect you to trust me, not now. But I trust each and every one of you. If you dont believe me, then fine. But im going to turn my back to you and walk back into this hotel. You can harm me, walk away, or follow me. I wont make you do anything. Its your choice or not."
    Alistair rolled his shoulders again and smiled, turning his back to them. It took almost everything not to visibly tremble. He didnt want to be hurt, but he had to get them to see that he really did trust them. He breathed in and started walking back to the Hotel, and into the black that surrounded it. ​
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  11. Ten. For ten minutes Alice stared at the huge building in front of her. Must have been a glorious hotel once. Tho it didn't look so bad now either. If some rich person was to invest in it, it could be a pretty hot place. And if all the junk in the beach in front of the hotel was cleared.
    The blonde girl didn't enter the building right away. She wanted to be sure it isn't a trap. Who knows what awaits in there.
    The thing that made her finally enter was other people. Some of them entered, some of them stayed away the hotel but Alice knew all of them were here for the same reason. In the end, everyone entered the old building.

    Alice knew that streets groups existed. It seemed like a good thing, having someone to have your back. The groups seemed to live better too, than just one individual person. And groups seemed to have an important status around the streets. But Alice never entirely agreed with that kind of life. Something could always go wrong. Get stolen. Badly hurt.
    But this could turn into a good thing. No need to be negative. The hotel itself looks like a nice place to live in too. Well, a nice place for a poor person.

    Finally entering ''The Westeros'' she joined the others. Some entered after her. Alice already knew all of their names. It was needed for what she did for a living. They were all standing in a small group. But everyone was keeping to themselves. It was like emotional walls were separating them. No one seemed to talk too much. Some greeted. Like Travis Vega. Alice chuckled in her mind how casual he was. Like all of them were close friends. But they were far from that.

    Soon someone else appeared. Someone who didn't have the same stance as the people around Alice, standing in a group. Alistair Smith. Alice smirked. So hes the one behind all of this. Alistair began talking at once, and Alice listened.

    Well then, he certainly started the speech very cheerfully.

    A part of Alice was angry. She didn't want to be taken care of. She can do that herself.
    But she understood what Alistair was trying to say, and she was starting to be interested in his plan. His whole speech was too mushy for her liking, but it seemed he had good intentions.

    The old backpack and small suitcase Alice carried her things in hit the floor with a thump. She was done being alone. ''I'll stay.'' Her tone was firm and straight.
    She was the first to speak.
  12. Kaylee had just barged right in. If it was a trap, she'd beat down whoever was trying to attack her. But the note didn't give her that kind of feeling, anyway. Once in, she saw a few other people, and a few came in after her, too. She didn't know anyone there, so she was a little bit wary. Some guy spoke up, though Kaylee didn't respond. If wasn't gonna introduce himself, she wasn't going to either. She looked around, scanning the place. Run down and trashy, as expected. A lot better than being a vagrant though.

    Before she could think much else, a taller man came out from the back of the hotel, lit by some crappy street light or something. He had an...interesting speech. He'd been watching them? Hell yeah that was creepy. Did he think that'd actually make them want to help him out? He shoulda left that out. Well, at least he knew it was creepy, she guessed.

    By the time he finished, she was a bit pissed. She didn't need to be taken care of. In fact, she'd run away so that nobody would have to be burdened with taking care of her. But something did ring with her. He wanted to make some sort of family. If they had to take her burden, she'd have to take theirs as well. She recalled what was written on the note.

    I could use your talents.

    Yeah, it wasn't just one-sided care-taking. They needed her, too. There was a thump. Some blond chick had let her stuff fall to the floor. "I'll stay," she said.
    Looked like at least some of the others felt like it'd be a good idea. Kaylee figured it was time for her to speak up then, too.

    "If you want me here, you can count me in."
  13. Travis had questions. Questions as to why exactly he was here and what would become of him from this moment forward. He wasn't the only person who had showed up but judging from the small group they were all selected for their " Talents" as he recalled what was on the paper. The group remained quiet and cautions as to be expected. Travis simply shoved his hands into his pockets and rocked his body back and forth slowly. It wasn't long before he heard a voice of a man and seconds later the man appeared from the shadows catching Travis's attention.

    The man looked no older than Travis as far as he could make out and the one thing he held onto when the guy started speaking was his name. Alistair Smith. He listened to the speak with interest. The man sounded serious and yet heartfelt about the situation and needing them if they chose to do so. "I don't know any of you besides what I've seen. But I plan to do exactly that. I want to know each of you like I knew my own miserable life. I want to carry your burdens so you don't have too. I can help you. What makes you laugh, cry, angry, sad, happy. We can make this into the family we never had." Hmm family huh? Travis didn't know what Alistair wanted to do exactly once they decided if they wanted to stay but somehow he wanted to know and if that were to happen he needed to stick around.

    I could use your talents. There was that saying again with " talents" and it made Travis wonder what exactly everyone else's talents were. Once the man stopped speaking there was a minute or two of silence before a young woman stepped forward speaking up that she'd stay and soon after the second girl spoke of stating that she'd stay as well. It indeed was an opportunity for something good to happen or some bullshit but Travis didn't have anything better and he was willing to give this whole thing a shot. Travis let out a breath before stepping forward and ruffling his hair he spoke, " I'm all in man".
  14. Manny stared at the hotel for a good 10 minutes. Well here goes nothing. Manny said as he walked in the building. When Manny entered the building, he saw that there was more people that was called here. Well glad to know that I'm not the only one to be invited here. Manny said as he crossed his arms. All of a sudden a man appeared out of no where. Manny quickly turned his head to look at the man. The man was still young. The strange man then spoke up. "I don't know any of you besides what I've seen. But I plan to do exactly that. I want to know each of you like I knew my own miserable life. I want to carry your burdens so you don't have too. I can help you. What makes you laugh, cry, angry, sad, happy. We can make this into the family we never had." Hm? A family? Manny didn't know what to think about this man's plan. Manny looked around the room, and saw all the people that were in it. ~Could I really trust these strangers~ Manny thought to himself. Once the man stopped speaking there was a minute or two of silence before a young woman stepped forward speaking up that she'd stay and soon after the second girl spoke of stating that she'd stay as well. Then another man said that he was in. Manny sighed What the hell? I'm in. Manny said as he uncrossed his arms.
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