The Streets.

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  1. This is an rp I was supposed to be a part of on another page, not sure why the rp died, but yeah. So now I decided to start something like it again.
    I hope if the real creator recognizes it she won't be mad. I mean no harm, just really liked the idea.


    The Streets.

    Unwanted. Runaways. Renegades.
    Young people that left their home for various reasons. They sneak through the corners of Miami, Florida. Behind the curtain where they are not disturbed. There are hundreds of them. Some of them get around better than the other. Some of them earned names, fear and respect. Groups formed. And another one is to be.

    I've been eyeing you for some time now. I could use your talents. If you want someone to have your back be at the old ''Westeros'' hotel tomorrow at sunset.

    You find this note somewhere in your belongings. On the back of it, a signature from the sender and more details about where the place is. A hotel that closed three years ago. The beach next to it became too filled with junk and the hotel closed down. Being away from the city didn't do it justice. But maybe it could do some to you.
    Will you accept the offer?


    So yeah, this is a Slice of Life rp.
    I would like to have around 6-8 people. 10 would be the limit. Half males, half females.
    Everyone will have a role. Gender doesn't matter.

    1.) The Leader. (Ayla.)
    Should be tough and strict. A very good talker and a cool-head. The Leader sent the messages and created the group. Should also be kind of protective of the group and try to hold it together. This person would already be sort of well known around the streets. The other people in the group should have some respect for The Leader, otherwise they wouldn't join the group.

    2.) The Negotiator. (Myself.)
    Can get its hands on almost anything for the right price. Knows people and has connections. A good talker. But stays in the shadows.
    (I myself will be taking this role and will be playing a female.)

    3.) The Muscle. (KayKay.)
    Okay, this isn't really a role but you get it. Strong. The hotel is abandoned after all. Someone will need to move those heavy things around!

    4.) The Mechanic. (WhoopDau.)
    Handy with tools. Again, the hotel could be at a pretty bad shape. Can fix various things.

    5.) The ''Doctor.'' (ZeldaFeb.)
    Should know how to mend small injuries if not something bigger. The streets are not a very safe place, and this is an important role.

    6.) The Cook. (Cats.)
    The name itself explains it. Also knows the best food places and markets in Miami.

    -The roles don't have to be who you are. You can have other interests and dislikes. Maybe even jobs.
    -About the jobs, it would be preferred if they are something not common, if not illegal. Going to school is a rare option, but we can talk about it. Maybe it would be best for The ''Doctor'' to go to some kind of a school.
    -Don't be afraid to add special traits. Like the cook, he could also be a knife expert. Why not? He uses knives anyway.
    -I would like the characters to create family-like bonds. That is the goal of this rp. Different people connecting in bad times.
    -In OOC we can discuss more roles you'd like to play and problems we will deal with in the rp. Among other things of course.
    -The characters have to be from 18-25 years old.
    -Please make sure you at least have understandable grammar.
    -At least two paragraphs per post.
    -Should be able to post every three days. The posting order will be made. Please message me if you're going to miss your turn so we can pass you until your next post.
    -Make sure you're able to follow the amount of people we will have. It wouldn't be good if you forget to react/respond to something.
    -Sexual themes are allowed, just be sure your ''partner'' is okay with it. Take a hint!
    -I will post the character sheets when we gather enough people.
    -Realistic pictures only please. Or very realistic digital art.
    -Try to make up decent backgrounds that explain your talents. Important!
    -No op characters please or godmodding. I understand this is a setting for bad-ass characters but leave something for others. If you're The Muscle leave it to The Negotiator to talk to hard reachable people. If you're The Doctor leave it to The Muscle to fight. Etc.
    -No controlling other person's character.
    -The males should be all strong-ish and good fighters. Not needed of course. Just if you're not going to play a very strong person don't participate in obvious kick-ass-ings. (New word? Haha.) Tho everyone could be a surprise, right? Same goes for the girls.
    -If you have some other role you'd like to play, say so!

    I hope I didn't forget anything haha.
    Sorry for the spelling mistakes!
    If you have any questions feel free to ask here or PM me!
    A relaxing adventurous rp! Join in! :D
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  2. Interested! Is the doctor open?
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  3. Before bed bump! <3
  4. Interested! Can I be the cook?
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  5. I'm interested in the mechanic.
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  6. I'm interested in leader ;_;
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  7. Perfect! All of those spots are open!
  8. Now we only need The Muscle, and we can add more roles if more people want to join in :D
  9. I'm interested, and can be the muscle.
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  10. Great! I was just about to make the character sheets!

    For anyone else that would like to join, come up with a role and we will discuss it!
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  11. sorry I made a character is it okay for me to join?
  12. So we have 3 girls and 2 boys (assuming @Kronas17 is accepted). @Anowell, @Kaykay, @Cats, and I (@ZeldaFeb) have submitted our CS, and @Ayla and @WhoopDau still have to post their CS, if they are still interested in joining. 5 people have joined in total right now, 7 people in total have showed interest. We need one more boy character to make it even.

    Just trying to get my thoughts in order and also notify the two other people who haven't posted anything yet.
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  13. Will have my CS posted soon :)
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  14. Yes Zelda, one more male spot is open if someone wants to join.

    Welcome Kronas!
  15. Would it be alright if I joined? I would like to make someone who was a sort of spy/pick pocket who's good with computers and such.
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  16. Sure! We didn't start yet to feel free to!
  17. Thanks!
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  18. Is this rp still accepting, cuase I am super interested!
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