The street kid

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  1. Helen ran as fast as her small body could, she was so tired but she had to run away from the cops. Cops were always after street kids because they were thevies, kids without parents, trouble makers,ect. that's what everyone always thought but hear a street kid's story and you'd think differently. Helen or Snow as everyone else called her because of her white hair which right now was matted up with blood. Helen was a small girl for her age, she was defiantly skinny to the point her collar bone jutted out, she also had light blue eyes that looked dull. She's 14 now but her life wasn't the easiest; She'd been sent to an orphange at birth and stayed there until she was twelves. She'd broken out with a group of kids and searched for her parents that didn't even remember her so she left them behind and ended up going back to the orphange but she left after she couldn't stand not being adopted. She's been on the streets for a year now, mostly doing things on her own but once in a while hanging out with 2morrow and Stone.

    Helen turned a sharp corner into an ally and went through a broken gate. The cops lost her and she took a breath as she began to walk. It was colder out now and all she had were some old convers, ripped jeans, a white t-shirt, and a Black Parade Hoodie which had been through a lot already. Praticlly worn thin and barely keeping her warm now. Helen realized she was in the better part of town, where the "rich folk" lived and where street kids weren't accepted. She flicked her hoodie up as she started to jog, knowing she had to leave now.
  2. Lequan,or known on the street as Knight. A 17 year old young man that stays in an abandoned house which he calls his own. Scars covering his arms,and chest...memories of his drug addict parents that left him to die on the streets years ago. Despite that,he manages to put on a smile,and welcomes homeless kids a place to stay over night,and keep them out of harms way.

    Lequan was busy tidying up the old home,which suprisingly had room to spare. "Man...I can't believe it's been almost two years since all of this. Made a name for myself on the streets,and all but helping these mischevious street kids give me some hint of joy." He walk across the creaky living room floor,and looked out the window as he heard sirens. "I wonder what's up?.." Lequan left his home,put on his beat up purple hood,and began to look around.
  3. Helen stopped as she was to tired to run and wished someone to help. She hadn't done anything to anger the cops, Demeter a.k.a Crow had done it all. He'd shot the lawyer and she'd been there to witness and now they were mostly chasing her and a few others. She slunk close to another alley and slipped down the wall to sit down. She didn't care if she got caught, she didn't have anything to lose so what? Helen panted hard as her stomach twisted in pain from hunger and her lungs burned.

    She began to hear footsteps and peeked out, she could see the cop's cars as well as someone walking. Who was it? She could easily tell it was a street kid like her but she'd never seen him. "What happened to him? she wondered to herself as she bit her lip. Trusting people wasn't her thing and knew most kids disappeared by being picked up. No one cared about them and they'd just be another unmarked grave. She scooted away a little.
  4. As Lequan continued to walk down the alley he came upon a girl exhausted. From the sound of the sirens he put two,and two together,but in the end he really didn't care. His first priority was helping this girl. Lequan crouched in front of her,and removed his hood. A tad scruffy with black hair. He smiled then spoke.

    "Seems like your in a bit of a pickle no? Can you stand? Oh,it's natural not to trust random strangers,but I can tell your a street kid...just like I. Names Lequan,but everyone call's me Knight, come on...I know a place you can lay-low until the cops leave. Wether you choose to believe me or not is up to you,'s best to get whatever help you can find. I know how difficult it is out on the streets." Lequan got up,and reached out his hand which was covered in tons of scars.
  5. Red was her street name. She had been called that for so long that she had forgotten her real one. It all started because of her auburn red hair. Red had been a street kid for about a year and a half now. She ran away from abusive parents that did nothing but get drunk and beat her half to death. She the scars on her torso to prove it.

    She was walking down a street when she noticed two people standing in an alley. She was about to go ask what was going on because the snow-haired girl looked scared. Right before she turned Red sae police running towards her. When they stopped they asked if she had seen a skinny girl with white hair. Red pointed them in another direction opposite that of the girl in the alley.
  6. Helen stared at him for a few moments as he weighed his words carefully. She had her own scars but they were on her back and stomach. She stared at him for another few minutes before taking the scarred up hand and standing up. He was right, she needed the help and the others were on their own now. "My names Snow" she just said her street name, it didn't matter since she'd probably leave him soon enough. "And how are you planning to help me? And what's the cost for the help?" she narrowed her dull blue eyes on. One thing she learned on the streets that help came with a price no matter how small or needed.

    She turned her gaze to another girl and instantly stiffened up as she took a step back. Why was she here? And the cops? She wanted to run but was to tired to do so and was frozen in the spot.
  7. Once the cops were gone Red walked into the alley. She didn't get close enough for them to be able to reach her. She learned her lesson the last time. Getting too close could cause scars. She looked towards the girl and the guy and smiled hoping that it would make it seem more friendly.

    "Don't worry i sent the cops practically half-way around the city. You're safe from them...for now at least." she said.
  8. "Cost? No no,I ask for nothing. My names Knight for many reasons. I protect those that need to be protected,and I shelter street kids,and other homeless childeren during the night to keep them out of harms way. It's who I am,and it's how I got my name. I live in an anondoned house not too far from here,it's fairly big,the outside isn't much to look at,but I keep inside nice,and clean. Anyone who's willing,can stay as long as they like." Lequan shrugged
    "And yes...there's food."
  9. "Thank you....." Helen said to Red as her shoulders relaxed but her legs shook from exsuation and fear. She studied Red for a few minutes wondering why she was here but was thankful she was or she could be dead by now. She turned her gaze back to Lequan as she again weigh his words again then finally gave out her own gentle smile. "Then I'll take your help..... I need a night to stay then I'll be out of your way" she promised him, she still wanted to search for 2morrow and Stone but that could wait until morning. Right now it was too cold out and she hadn't gotten the chance to get a new cost from the church. The church lays out coats and puts out food for the homeless so they could live for another day, wasn't much but it held to her just fine.
  10. "Your welcome." Lequan turned,and faced Red. "Pleased to meet you,Are you...coming along?" He asked before taking a few steps away from them. "C'mon,I'll show you were I I can get right to trying to cook for who's hungry." he chuckled softly.
  11. Red nodded but doubted that he saw her. She followed along behind him at a safe distance. She looked back at the girl with the snow hair to see if she was going to follow along as well. It had been months since Red had slept on an actual bed and had a hot meal. She wouldn't miss this for anything in the world.
  12. " home of sorts isn't much to the eye,but it beats sleeping in an alley..cold. There aren't any lights,but I have candles. I've..gathered quite a lot of household things by snooping around,abd scrounging what i could find. One mans trash is another mans salvation I guess." Lequan laughed before standing in front of the place he calls home. A fairly large brown house,a porch with a creaky rocking chair,with quite a few windows.

    "Here it is,it's got four bedrooms,including the master bedroom. Don't worry though,I'm not a peeper." He laughed softly. "It suprised me that someone abandoned this house,I've made good use of her at least. No one pays much attention to this house,so it's safe to loiter about here."
  13. Red listened intently to all of the information that Lequan was telling them about his house. When they finally arrived Red looked up at it in awe. It may have been just some old abandoned house but to her it looked like a 5 star hotel. When you're a street kid you learn to appreciate what you can get.

    Red was nervous about sleeping in total darkness. The dark always scared her. "Are there enough candles for me to have one all night? If not thats alright." she asked nervously.
  14. "You don't have to worry,there are a lot of candles I go around. It seems that whomever left this house left a good amount behind in a cardboard box,aside from a few I already have." Lequan smiled "It's not too dark at night,when the moon shows,it shines light into the hallways. I guard this home at night frequently,so if something's up don't hesitate to ask okay?"

    He opened the door to the house,the interior was suprisingly clean,in the living room were a few old couches,still soft enough for comfort, a small table with a potted plant,and an old chandelier.
    "Make yourselves at home while I make something for you all to eat. It won't take too long. I know you must be wondering how a 17 year old runs this operation...well..I just try to do,and succeed in things my parents failed to do when I was still living with em." He fell silent then walked into the kitchen.
  15. Helen followed as she listened intently and looked at Red, "Who are you?" she finally asked. She snorted at the parent's comment, she barely believed they even existed since her own parents didn't want her. She stared after Lequan, it was just strange taking help. She hadn't tooken much help since the first time she ran away from the orphanage, with those group of kids. Most likely dead unless they were like her now and she doubted that. She looked down to the floor and looked at her old convers, the most question she was asking right now was; Am I going to survive winter this year?
  16. As Lequan entered the slightly old kitchen,he looked around at what ingredients he had at his disposal. "Though I'm not for stealing,a bit of electricity to power this fridge is a godsend. I just hope those people don't notice a long orange cable stretching out from they're back yard."

    He turned on the refurbished gas powered stove,and put a pot filled with water on it. "Need to get more food soon, I've got enough ingredients for a stew though." Lequan whispered as he started to prepare. Chopping up vegetables,and seasoning what was left of the meat he owned. "I hope they like it." The smell began to waft out of the kitchen as it began to cook.
  17. Hiita sat intently on her bed, watching the bottom of her door for the final light to go out. After a minute or so, the murmuring around the house died down and the light turned out. She quickly jumped from her bed, pulling off her silk night-gown and getting into some old jeans and a red t-shirt that she had hidden away. She pulled a bag from under her bed as she put up her long dark brown hair into a high ponytail, though it still reached her lower back. Her hazel eyes searched through the bag for the last time before pulling out the rugged tennis shoes, closing it, and pulling it onto her back. She pulled on socks and then slipped into the shoes, tapping her feet lightly on the ground before going to the window. She looked up at the moon, her pale skin almost shining in the moonlight.

    She tossed a rope out of the window, her room being on the second floor, and climbed down to the ground. She tossed some treats to the guard dogs to keep them quiet and darted to the garden. She passed through some thick vines into a short tunnel, walking through the gate that let out of the estate. She let out a small sigh and looked back at the mansion she lived in. "Sorry, Mom... I just want to know what it's like..." She then turned and took a skateboard off of the wall, taking off down the street. Due to the fact that it was downhill, she got to the less rich part of town easily. She attached it to her bag and began slowly walking down the street, looking around carefully.
  18. Red stayed quiet for awhile when Snow asked who she was. She wanted to be able to say something courageous just like Knight. When she finally settled on the truth they were sitting in the kitchen with the delicious scent of stew all around them. She faced Snow, "My name is Red. I'm not sure what my real is because people have been calling me Red almost all of my life on account of my hair." she said pointing at it. "As for who I am? I'm a street kid just like you. Been out there for about a year and half now. That's really all that's important. So what about you?"
  19. Snow looked at the food as her stomach grumbled and twisted for the food. Her eyes were set on the pot until Red began to speak then her dull blue eyes turned to her. "My names Snow on account of my own hair" she answered as she took a strand of her white hair, it was still matted up with blood and dirt. "I ran away from an orphanage and have lived on the streets for a year now......" she looked away. Thunder cracked as small droplets of rain began to fall, the sirens and shouting was gone now thanfully but it wouldn't last long. She just hoped 2morrow and Stone were safe without her. What had made Crow snap? Had it been that he'd actually ran away from a mental hospital?" she was pondering on the subject pretty much spacing out.
  20. After a bit of simmering the stew was finished. Knight rested three bowls filled with stew atop the table in the dining room along with spoons,and a loaf of bread. "Okay,eat up. It's the best of what I had left,and there's enough to go around so don't hesitate in asking,I don't bite."

    Knight chuckled before sitting down,and waiting for the two to taste his food. The smell was mouth watering.