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Fantasy, Romance, A bit of horror, magical, and almost everything.
They had been trapped in the other world for millennia, slowly becoming monsters. Their previous forms, completely forgotten to the world. Even the strongest had eventually succumbed, becoming nothing but the worst creatures. There seemed to be no escape from the world. There was nothing to hope for, at least that was what Character A had thought. After losing his daughter when she was just a babe, he had been transported to this world, this horrible place before becoming a shadow, a creature tall and shrouded in black cloths. Unlike most, he had not lost his mind. He retained his memories of his daughter, and remained peaceful. However, one day a piece of fresh meat entered the world. If this human lasted long enough, she would become a monster like the rest of them. The other monsters were not patient. They immediately were drawn to the new presence and got ready to devour her. Character A also noticed this new presence, but stopped dead at seeing Character B. This girl reminded the man so much of his lost daughter, so he took her away to try and find an escape and return her to her home.

"Meat." A nose stuck into the air as a lizard man stuck his tongue out. "Fresh meat." Others looking like him followed suit, sniffing at the air. A pig-like snout sniffed as other monsters poked out from the craggy surroundings. Choruses of meat and fresh meat filled the normally silent air as they all marched toward the new presence. Dust rose with each huge step the group made, some moving faster than others. The sudden new presence rushed through the world like a breath of fresh air. They followed each other until they surrounded the new presence, the fresh meat.

A human girl sat in the middle of the circle, blinking as she tried to figure out just where she was. Black hair fell in front of her face, prompting her to brush it back. Her brown eyes looked over the monsters with fear. The girl looked no older than thirteen, curling away from the claws and sharp eyes that were starting to get near her. She was shaking, flinching at each growl and roar sent her way. None of the monsters had yet to make their move, simply observing the girl with her torn jeans and blue long sleeved shirt. A small squeak escaped the girl when a clawed hand got a bit too close for her liking.

The monsters watched their prey, taking in the familiar scent of fear that permeated the air with smiles. The sounds paused. Silence permeated the air. Nothing moved. Suddenly, a large wolf struck. The monsters started for the girl, smashing and pushing against each other to try and get her first. They hadn't had food in so long.
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