The strangest dream you ever had?

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  1. Last night I had a very strange dream where I was Eduard von Bock from Hetalia and I was walking around the grounds of the Braginski estate, trying to find something I couldn't name. It was one of the strangest dreams I've ever had. So now I ask!

    What's the strangest dream you've ever had? What about your character?
  2. Hmm...I was like in a hetalia otome game, and all the nations are just plain perverts. I bumped into Prussia while running away from Japan because he saw my bikini loosen and it started his ecchi mode or something. Then I woke up and it took me like, a few mins registering what I just dreamt.
  3. Yeah, that was kind of similar to the other Eduard von Bock dream I had.
    ... Not elaborating there.
  4. So last night, the crew of the Psych TV show had to go into a virtual reality video game to save someone who had gotten lost in there. Only somehow their powers from the video game were bleeding into the real world. And something sinister was going on to change the physics of the world.

    And that was just what I remember from last night's dream. I keep dreaming strange things.
  5. I had a dream that I got in a fight with Roseanne era John Goodman. He was drunk and running his mouth so I swung on him. I always hated that show.

    It was freaking weird, man.
  6. Once dreamed about a chain-saw wielding clown in a post-apocalyptic terrorscape meticulously slaughtering me and my closest friends, with the whole dream in what I'm pretty sure was Chinese with Russian subtitles.

    I'd like to be able to say I made all that up for shock value, if only because the alternative is evidence of a psychotic subconscious (which is fluent in Chinese), but I don't make a habit of presenting anything but the disturbing, bilingual truth.

    Weirdest part was, of course, I'm not at all fluent in Chinese.
  7. This seems tame to all of yours but I once dreamed I was dating my younger sister's boyfriend, which is weird enough. We didn't do anything in the dream it was just oh hey, we're going out, and then I woke up like what the hell. He is so not my type. Ew. :P
  8. ... I had that one dream where I was a detective. I was investigating some murder in a medieval castle, but suspect turned himself in before I could solve the case. Here comes the promised weird part; he mashed the body of victim in a giant meat grinder and threw the bloody remains at my feet. I did nothing.

    What does that say about my subconscious? I don't want to know, really. It was pretty disgusting even for my standards.
  9. I had a dream about a friend who was dreaming that me and a bunch of other friends were stranded in a bus out in the middle of nowhere.
    ... I've been watching too much South Park.
  10. I was dreaming that I was at the local mall with my best friend. He and I planned to go fishing later so while we waited we went to this lobby area where a girl I know from school started doing this weird boob dance in a bikini top. It was like a contest of boob dancing or whatever the fuck. Then me and my friend finally go out to the beach, and while I'm casting my line out I see the boob dancing girl on a pirate ship through my binoculars. Except she was like an evil pirate and she had a beard. I shot her in the head and she didn't die, then proceeded to murderme and my friend. We both came back as evil cannibalistic merpeople.

    All my dreams are like this. o~o
  11. So I pulled into the school parking lot, earlier than anyone and this guy hops in the driver's seat (of a Bumblebee-yellow Charger). Not sure why I went along with it. We end up at this party, where a buddy of mine is surrounded by fluzies. Another friend of mine just pees himself with excitement and somehow everyone welcomes me like the life of the party. I'm handed a fistful of pills, and was just confused as sin...uncomfortable, and stressing out about missing my night class. Party gets loud, cops show up. I throw the pills (which are apparently drenched in PCP) and pretend to sleep on the couch.

    In the dream I woke up in the passenger seat of a much crappier car, get out, and walk the f*k home.

    Who knows.
  12. I have another one to beat my first. In this dream, I lived in a village in the middle of the forest. We were having a photography contest on who could "shoot" the most animals before the dawn of the next day. By the end of day one, I had none. So I was walking around the forest, trying to take pictures of animals in the dark, when this bear led me to a mansion full of animals. At dawn we paraded through the village and I was like "I won bitches!" The contest MC gave me the million dollars in prize money, and I went to live in an art museum. my friend lived in my backyard in a tree. Then, one day I came back inside, and it was the zombie apocalypse. Totally beats my first one.
  13. Mine was actually a nightmare (a very wierd one), I was in a mall with a strnage person who was supposedly my friend. We're pacing through the mall which is actually empty when suddenly a zombie horde comes running at us. We both turn and run full sprint with them right on our heels. We end up running into a two story food court that was setup like a bazaar with merchants selling guns, clothing, food and various other gear. I shout at the top of my lungs that they're coming and everyone bolts out the back to a fenced off parking lot in the black. On the way their a grab some random keys and luckily they have a lock remote on them so we find which car it is, a suburban stocked with supplies. (Hang on the wierd part will be here soon enough) We get to the car and lock the doors behind us and peel out through the gate running a few poeple over on the way. This is were a gap comes in one moment we're speeding off to god knows where the next we're in an alley way making our way up a fire escape being led by some wierdo. We get back to his place and he tells us to go through some door we go through and find ourselves back in the very mall we had run from. Only this time its bustling with people and when we ask what happened to the zombies they look at us like WTF. So we some how went to another world with no zombies and everyone is happy as can be, we turn around to the door we came through....instead we see a freakin 72' TV which was broadcasting a zombie movie. So as it turns out my entire apocalyptic life which seemed like years to me was actually just a crappy two hours scifi movie. Non of it was real not even in my dream.....
  14. that or jeepers creepers 2
  15. [okay I saw this in the newsletter for May and I know I'm several days late but oh well.]
    I had a dream that death seduced. I don't know how, but death just did.