The Stranger; Lost in the Woods

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  1. Halwende 'Adiv' Bleidd silently trekked across the rarely-used trail in the woods. He had left his jacket at the cave, his black t-shirt covered in dirt and grass stains, torn in several places. His jeans were dirty and torn as well, and he wore no shoes. His hair was wet, two white ears lying flat to hide in the messy white hair. If one looked closely, they would see the white belt he had was actually a tail! Stopping, Adiv's hear flicked as he heard footsteps. He darted to the nearest tree, scaling it and hiding in the branches. Who could be coming?
  2. America looked around quietly with her bow strapped across her back and a quiver of arrows crossing it. She leaned down and pet Luna, her pet wolf, and smiled softly as she made her way around. Luna suddenly stopped and her ears pricked up as she looked through the bushes, sensing something America couldn't see. With a single bark, Luna took off at a run towards the object though it wasn't to attack, it was to play. America quickly ran after her in slight panic. "Luna!" She called just as her foot snagged a root protruding from the ground, spraining her ankle and causing her to roll roughly down the hill, hitting her head on a rock before she finally came to a rest, unconscious at Luna's paws as she looked up at a white haired stranger.
  3. Adiv gasped softly, biting his lip. "H-hello?" He asked softly, his accent strange. He didn't know much English, but he knew enough to get his point across. He dropped from the tree, landing beside the girl. "No good... She hurt..." He frowned, gently touching the unconscious girl's forehead. He looked at the wolf. "You call Luna... Come. We help her." He said, picking the girl up in his arms. She didn't feel much different from a stack of firewood. He slowly walked towards his cave, hesitant. He didn't want her to wake up and discover him... but he couldn't leave her!
  4. Luna looked down at America when the stranger jumped down and began whining as she pawed at her. Upon hearing her name, she looked up and quickly followed the boy, curiously sniffing at his feet and occasionally jumping up in an effort to get to her owner. She finally gave up and grew silent as she walked alongside the boy, occasionally looking around for any signs of danger as her ears stayed perked up.
  5. Adiv stopped at the edge of a large lake. The water was crystal clear, revealing the deep drop-off that took over most of the lake. He looked at Luna. "Luna... Can swim?" He asked as he set the girl down. Taking his shirt off, he picked up the pretty girl and moved her so she was on his back. Using the t-shirt as a rope to tie her to him, he stepped into the water, walking the few feet to the edge of the drop-off. "Come, Luna. Can swim?" He patted the water, afraid the dog couldn't swim. Then he'd have to leave the girl in the cave to get Luna... Many problems can come from that.
  6. Luna barked and wagged her tail happily before running into the water an splashing a bit just before the drop off. She picked her paws off the bottom and began paddling around happily. She let out another bark and looked at America, licking her face once before paddling faster.
  7. Adiv relaxed a little. "Good Luna." He said, taking a deep breath before swimming towards the waterfall. He avoided the waterfall itself, but swam around to a rock formation like a staircase. Adiv climbed up, slipping across the little passage and into the dark cave behind the waterfall. He set the girl down, starting a fire. "I wish I have things help her..." He sighed, watching as the fire started.
  8. Luna remained at his side and cautiously climbed the stair-like rocks as well. She looked around the cave as she went straight to her owner's side, licking amwrica's face continuously. The girl slowly began to stir as she registered the saliva from the wolf and slowly opened her eyes. She slowly looked around the dark cave and bolted up into a sitting position as her eyes landed on the boy. "Who are you and why am I here?" She said defensively just before a throbbing pain shot through her ankle, causing her to scream.
  9. Adiv yelped slightly as the girl woke, scrambling backwards. His ears were flat on his head, his tail still like a belt. His shirt lay by the fire fire to dry. He winced as she yelled. "Ankle hurt... Not good to make it worse..." He said quietly, his voice shaking a little. Her scream hurt his ears.
  10. America looked up at the boy silently as she went still. Hearing his voice shaking instantly made her feel bad for yelling and she slowly sat back. "I'm sorry," she wgispered in a soothing tone. She scratched Luna gently and kissed her head gently.
  11. Adiv nodded weakly. "I Halwende Bleidd... I like Adiv. You call wolf Luna. What you call?" He asked quietly.
  12. America sat back against the wall as she watched him. "America," she said as she studied him. "You don't speak very much English do you?"
  13. "Not know words much." He said quietly. "You call nice." Adiv said, rubbing his ear. It itched, but he couldn't give himself away now! "America bad or no?" He said, fearful.
  14. "Don't worry...I'm good," she said with a small smile. She looked at him carefully, noticing his belt. "I like your belt," America said with a small smile.
  15. "Why America use old path? It danger... Sign say that." Adiv said, crawling over and adding a few sticks to the fire before crawling back to his spot. He hugged his knees, resting his head on his knees.
  16. "I've taken the path before. Luna never runs off like that and I got scared because she's my best friend. I was too worried about catching her and I tripped over a root... that's the last thing I remember before waking up here," she said with a small shrug as she looked at him carefully.
  17. Adiv nodded. "Luna see me in tree." He said with a shrug. "I sorry America get hurt by Luna see me in tree." He said, looking down at the ground. He felt bad... If he had taken his normal route, she wouldn't have been hurt. "Do America hungry?" He looked back up at her.
  18. "Don't feel's okay I promise," she said with a smile before nodding. "Actually Im starving," she said with a small smile as she looked over ar him. She knew something was off about him but she couldn't quite place it.
  19. Adiv grabbed his small bag, pulling it towards him. He opened it, biting his lip gently as he searched through the unseen contents. His teeth were a little more pointed than most people, but not too unusual. He pulled out a leaf, in which sat a bunch of berries. He carefully moved beside her, setting them down before quickly returning to his place. He set the bag down, hugging his knees again.