The Strange World Of Maria Crouche

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  1. This is the strange world of Maria Crouche.
    In this world pretty much everyone are gods
    , there are no rules in this world, so everyone is super powerful not only in physical ways but in mental and social ways.

    This world was created by the one and only Maria Crouche, a almost 18 girl with the powerful ability to create universes, this roleplay takes place in Barevila City, one of the many zones of Maria's world, since there are no rules then everyone is whatever they want, at least the ones who entered this universe many people call the "Phase World"

    There is alot of info so here is the fast version,
    Read the ooc!
    then make a character if your interested and such.

    So there after you do.......

    Please wait for me to approve it then we can start!
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