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  1. Game Masters: fillysteps AKA ME!
    Accepting New Characters: YES
    Posting: I expect at least intermediate level.
    This could go kinda everywhere so prepare for anything from action based fun to 18+ scenes.
    I put nothing in the content rating cause this story could go anywhere, brace your butt!
    Genre: Modern Fantasy / misc
    Atmosphere/Mood: Mostly random since this plot could go anywhere then could be horror or just anime happiness.
    Plot Flow: Non linear up the butt.
    Timeline: All i can say 20XX
    Basic Plot: The story revolves around Maria, a girl with the strange power to create dimentions, her latest creation the "Phase World" is a universe she created when she learned she could make the rules of universes, so she made this universe have no rules, pretty much everyone who enters are gods, they can do anything make anything and have anything they want, they only thing they can't do is defy Maria, since there are no rules the plot is based on what Maria(the master of this realm aka the character/mod character i will be playing btw) and the players do, so feel free to join here is the format i want you guys to use.

    Character Traits:
    Bio+How you made it to the Phase World:

    (notes, anything is allowed here, including just incase your wondering in look+outfit: no outfit is allowed, and in how you get to the Phase World, no explanation is allowed, it is optional, but encouraged)

    So there have fun!
    Also feel free to post any questions about the plot too.​
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