The strange new girl.

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    Also! here are the characters.

    Tay (open)
    Name: Tanisha Yantio. Nickname: Tay.
    Age: 16
    Grade: 10
    Appearance (open)
    She generally wears only black, gray, and white. Her hair is also white, and her skin is generally very pale. Her eyes are an icy blue/teal color. She normally wears jackets & long sleeves, casual jeans and shoes. The occasional tang top while at home.She's actually albino[​IMG]

    Outer personality:Tay will often act as if she just doesn't care, showing little to no emotion. Prefers to keep to the dark, and stay away from other people.
    Inner personality:In truth, Tay is very shy, very scared, and a very insecure girl, hiding inside of her emotional cage in public. She just wants to be accepted by someone, and has tried multiple times to just end it. This explains the reason for hiding her arms, due to faint scars scattered about, and is worried she might be made fun of. She's completely honest with the people she trusts, only hiding her most deepest secrets.
    Likes: Huge animal lover, nature, and music. Cherries and strawberries.
    Dislikes: Lies and cheats. Large crowds. Speaking out.
    History (open)
    Tay had used to be the crowd star, always fooling about, mischievous, loved by everyone. But when she was the age of fourteen, her mother just disappeared. It was sudden and had no warning at all, she left for work for one morning and just didn't come back. Tay however, was frantic, searching almost every night with almost thirty people.
    Grace's body was found in a dumpster. And Tay, simply rejected the world after that day. She almost never spoke a full sentence to anyone. Through the next year, Tay's friends grew away from her, and professionals gave up on trying to help, figuring she will "heal on her own."
    Starting the ninth grade, and passing her fifteenth birthday. Tay completely changed how she looked over the summer, and became the Gothic figure today. Only the school staff knew who she was, but Tay had written a note to the school administer and asked if they could keep it private, and simply call her "Tay". Through for some reason, they did.
    Tay had moved away one day, without telling anyone. And is now living in an apartment near the High Hill school. She owns it because someone had taken pity on her, and offered her a "job" in exchange for the apartment. She works at a computer after school, copying paperwork, sending emails, ect In the apartment, and is funded enough to get by.

    Lucifer (open)
    Name: Jared Koninzkie, but goes by Lucifer.
    Age: Looks about eighteen or nineteen or so, though his real age is unknown to everyone but himself.
    Gender: Undefined; being what he is he has no set gender, though he prefers to take on the appearance of a human male.
    Sexuality: Undefined/Unneeded; Again being what he is he really has no need for romance and it's not very often on his mind.
    Species: Angel of hell is his official title but he is more commonly known as a fallen angel.
    Other Information: Lucifer is currently attending the high school purely to continue trying to 'blend in' with the people on earth. Being absolutely clueless about anything anyone would have learned in school is definitely not a good way to blend in.
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  2. Lucifer grumbled faintly to himself as he was pushed once again nearly to the floor. "It's great to be back." He muttered faintly to himself before pushing himself away from the wall he had caught himself on.

    Rather quickly finding the locker he had been assigned the boy fiddled with the lock for a few long moments. Finally able to get it open he shoved his book bag into the small space; just pocketing a pencil and shoving the paper with his schedule in his pocket as well. He hated this place, it was like a hell hole for him. Which was kind of funny if he actually thought about it. Considering who he was he actually knew what hell was like, and it was ten times better this this place the humans called high school.

    Cracking a small faint smile the hell angel shook his head; messing with his lip ring as he pushed some hair away from his face just managing to dodge an 'accidental' shove from someone that was passing by. Shooting the human boy a small glare Lucifer quickly started heading down the hall way towards class, trying his best to keep out of site from the few particular humans he knew could be most aggressive towards him.
  3. Tay quietly closed her locker, and keeping her eyes on the ground, began to walk to her first class. She only had a couple of pens, notepads, just to get by for the first day. She already knew her way around the building, having explored it a few weeks before the semester started. Yet again, no one knew her name, having applied to the school with only "Tay" filled in the name blank. But she was certain the schools principle knew it, they always got the files from students of different schools who were changing over.

    Keeping close to the wall, and out of the majority of the traffic, she was only shoved into twice. Thankfully by people who were too much in a panic to get to their class. And after of what seemed like an hour of walking, finally reached the door she was looking for. She glanced at the piece of paper in her hand, then back up at the door number. R#234. Health.

    'Really? Health? Figures..." And with an exasperated sigh, she opened the door and quickly made her way to the back of the room, thankful that she was one of the first people there. Collapsing in a desk, she hoped she wouldn't die in the next two hours. She buried her head in her hood, and her hood in her arms, which were crossed on top of the desk.
  4. Despite having left his locker rather early, at lest compared to most of the students, Lucifer was one of the last students to arrive to class. He had taken a much longer route around the school to avoid those few students. Walking into the class room Lucifer ducked his head down slightly. Health. The most awkward class to every have in high school, and to have it right in the morning was even worse.

    Taking a quick seat in one of the last seats in the back the boy ducked his head down, his his face with his hair, and leaned back against the chair he was in. Now to prepare for the awkward name introductions... What fun.
  5. Tay didn't give a damn if she passed health, she already took it back in her old school. What much is there to learn? Two people do their 'business', and not long after the baby comes. But they always had to add the small, unimportant details. Little bit of that, little bit of this, just to keep you in the class.

    She figured it was probably their way of torturing the students in a legal way... And just to confirm that, she began hearing the students introducing their names, which sometimes was followed by a witty comment and laughter.

    "You there young lady, in the black." Came a scruffy, male, and slightly squeaky voice of the teacher. It wasn't very descriptive, but she knew she was the only "lady in the black" To avoid speaking, she held up a blue scrap of paper with the word "Tay" scribbled onto it. It was neat, but in a slang style, the period at the end of it a small red heart, while the words had a series of swirls at the ends.

    As Tay expected the room followed in laughter, and an disapproving sigh of the teacher, who went onto the next student. She let the arm drop back where to was, and ignored the red haired freshman next to her, who clearly thought asking questing after question was a way to pickup girls.

    'Just shut up...' She wished he could actually read her thoughts, but she knew better than to speak. It would only encourage him more.
  6. The unusual amount of laughter made Lucifer look up from his desk. Seeing everyone laughing at something, or more like someONE, he looked over in that persons direction. Spotting a girl sitting not to far away from him he tilted his head to the side... Tay... That was her name...

    His attention was taken away from the strange new girl by the teachers words, "What about you young man?" Letting out a small sigh Lucifer leaned his elbows against the desk. "Lucifer." Was the only word he said, catching a majority of the students attention and causing an odd look to form on their teachers face. "Excuse me?"

    Looking in the teachers direction he spoke again, just a little bit louder. "My name is Lucifer. You know, like the devil?" He wasn't new to the school so he was confused as to why his name seemed to be a bit of a problem. That was intel he realized just who the teacher was and Lucifer chuckled softly.
  7. 'Like the Devil... Funny.' Throughout most of the class she didn't move, once to put in her ear buds, and another to give the kid next to her the finger. She never met someone so persistent with their questions, someone who wasn't a cop that is.

    She only had three classes this year, having been left in the tenth grade she had nothing else to complete. Giving her an extra four hours to do as she pleased. Health, Math, and Literature. Thankfully though, Math and Literature were only half an hour. So she really only had two hours of school for the entire year. But math... She hated it.

    'Just ten more minutes, class will finally be over... Getting tired of hearing about gonads.'
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