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  1. High Hill Central School has just started a new year. Though there was only one new student this semester. Tanisha Yantio, and if anything is one of the most 'unique' people enlisted at the school.


    As with generally every roleplay, this one has rules
    • You can make your character anything you want, as long as they fit the term 'human'.Thing such as vampires, werewolves, anything of the sort is allowed.
    • Don't be shy with your character sheets, you can put everything, and anything onto it.
    • Romance is allowed, but Mature contest is best left Out!

    Character Skeleton.
    This is only an example. So if you're stuck on your character sheet feel free to use/build off this one!​

    Appearance:Descriptions are good, but pictures are always better.
    Outer personality:​
    Inner personality:​
    Popular rating: Examples: 1_10 The new kid, no one knows where to put you.​
    8_10 Mr/Miss. Popular, everybody wants to know you.​
    5_10 Average Joe.​
    3_10 The group nobody but the nobody's care about.​

    If needed more rules will be added AS necessary! Feel free to post down responses, character sheets, ect. Private messages can be used for contact as well. And this post will stay up, because I'm always happy to have more than one going on at once. Maybe even turn this into a group.​
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  4. Name: Tanisha Yantio. Nickname: Tay.
    Age: 16
    Grade: 10
    Appearance (open)
    She generally wears only black, gray, and white. Her hair is also white, and her skin is generally very pale. Her eyes are an icy blue/teal color. She normally wears jackets & long sleeves, casual jeans and shoes. The occasional tang top while at home.She's actually albino[​IMG]

    Outer personality:Tay will often act as if she just doesn't care, showing little to no emotion. Prefers to keep to the dark, and stay away from other people.
    Inner personality:In truth, Tay is very shy, very scared, and a very insecure girl, hiding inside of her emotional cage in public. She just wants to be accepted by someone, and has tried multiple times to just end it. This explains the reason for hiding her arms, due to faint scars scattered about, and is worried she might be made fun of. She's completely honest with the people she trusts, only hiding her most deepest secrets.
    Likes: Huge animal lover, nature, and music. Cherries and strawberries.
    Dislikes: Lies and cheats. Large crowds. Speaking out.
    History (open)
    Tay had used to be the crowd star, always fooling about, mischievous, loved by everyone. But when she was the age of fourteen, her mother just disappeared. It was sudden and had no warning at all, she left for work for one morning and just didn't come back. Tay however, was frantic, searching almost every night with almost thirty people.
    Grace's body was found in a dumpster. And Tay, simply rejected the world after that day. She almost never spoke a full sentence to anyone. Through the next year, Tay's friends grew away from her, and professionals gave up on trying to help, figuring she will "heal on her own."
    Starting the ninth grade, and passing her fifteenth birthday. Tay completely changed how she looked over the summer, and became the Gothic figure today. Only the school staff knew who she was, but Tay had written a note to the school administer and asked if they could keep it private, and simply call her "Tay". Through for some reason, they did.
    Tay had moved away one day, without telling anyone. And is now living in an apartment near the High Hill school. She owns it because someone had taken pity on her, and offered her a "job" in exchange for the apartment. She works at a computer after school, copying paperwork, sending emails, ect In the apartment, and is funded enough to get by.
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  5. *hope you don't mind me posting*

    I'd be open to it if your not looking for to much 'dating romance'. The guy I'm looking to play for this is more of an older brother type character rather then 'boyfriend material'.
  6. I'm not exactly 'looking for' a romance thing. But it's just up there to be safe. And no, I don't mind.
  7. Okay (: Sorry just had to make sure since a lot of people I know are only and all ways looking for just romance and that's it. I'd be completely open to doing a role play like this with you if you would like!
  8. Of course! >w< Working on my character sheet now.
  9. [​IMG]
    Name: Jared Koninzkie, but goes by Lucifer.
    Age: Looks about eighteen or nineteen or so, though his real age is unknown to everyone but himself.
    Gender: Undefined; being what he is he has no set gender, though he prefers to take on the appearance of a human male.
    Sexuality: Undefined/Unneeded; Again being what he is he really has no need for romance and it's not very often on his mind.
    Species: Angel of hell is his official title but he is more commonly known as a fallen angel.
    Other Information: Lucifer is currently attending the high school purely to continue trying to 'blend in' with the people on earth. Being absolutely clueless about anything anyone would have learned in school is definitely not a good way to blend in.
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  10. ^ Its up there.
  11. Yep I saw it. They'll get along just fine XD hahaha. Would you like me to start?
  12. Go ahead, lil busy so it might be for the best.
  13. Now that I think if it I'll make a quick thread for you to start in.
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