The Strange Lives of the Ordinary

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  1. Everyone's life isn't the same and we all go through obstacles that change our ideals in life. Whether your a waitress, a teacher, a business man or woman, if your a beggar, a struggling musician, policeman or even just a mother or father, life is life and it is never just "ordinary". Many lives with different backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles, are somewhat strange, however; it does not change that we are still human. Our repressed secrets, our hidden desires, our physical and emotional pain, our unexplained thirst for happiness, and our neverending search for love in the most unique places; creates our strange lives.
  2. Name: Kayla Ayato

    Gender: Female ♀

    Age: 26

    Occupation/School/Grade: Personal Assistant/ IT

    Strengths: helping people, respectful, her smile and her body, ability to get what she wants.

    Weaknesses: unique people, poets and writers.


    Current Goal/Purpose: become a wife and start a family or become the supervisor of the company.

    Talents: Artist, Organizer, Fixing computers

    Inabilities: To speak her mind and be honest about herself.

    Fears: Taken advantage of, being touched or someone flirting with her but knowing deep down. She loves the attention. Her secret being exposed.

    General Personality: Heartbreaker, Cold, alcoholic, ignores anyone that isn't interesting or have no personality. Despises creeps and wimps.

    Inner Personality: She was a shy, sweet, creative, clever, helpful, polite and charismatic girl. Passionate about art, fancies guys and sometimes girls, focuses on important things.

    Secret: Filmed in pornography


    General History: Fresh out of high school, 18 years old and beginning her new life with her family in the big city. Her mother, an elementary school teacher and her father, a Neurologist at the local hospital, Kayla was often pushed to be the best. Her parents were very loving, hardworking people. Due to their busy schedules they never really had time for her. Feeling abandoned, lonely and starting college, she found an unexpected outlet that was most shameful to her family... pornography. Feeling ashamed for what she had did, she began to be distant with her family and friends afraid of being found out. Fresh out of college and graduating with a Masters degree in Technology, Kayla looks forward to have a better future and life.

    Present Life: She was a full-time worker at Global Inc. and was a personal assistant for the prestigious John Hanson CEO of Global Inc. She always was on top of her work and never was late. Many of her colleagues considered her as " A Kiss Ass" or "sleeping her way to the top.." Even though the harsh rumors and mean comments, she persevered and tuned out the negativity. As a single woman in the big city, she never really makes time for others. She always dreamed of a life with someone and having a future. With her work life interfering with everything she personally wanted, she would often find herself staring down at the bottom of abottle and having one night stands. Due to her unhappiness, she was a cold woman and never let anyone in but over the years, she's learned to be sweet and generous towards others. images.jpeg
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  4. I don't know.. A lot of people haven't responded. I was the last one to post. I'm really glad you like it ;) jump in if you'd like to, I just posted a little bit about my Character but growing her throughout the story ! :)
  5. @Anna_Bellee

    Name: Lilly (Name she gave to herself)

    Gender: Female ♀

    Age: 10

    Occupation/School/Grade: Homeless

    Strengths: Creative, Hiding, Fighting, Animal Whisperer

    Weaknesses: Starves and dehidrates from lack of food or water.


    Current Goal/Purpose: Survive in the city

    Talents: Taming Animals, Surviving

    Inabilities: (Things kids cant do when they are 10) Rob

    Fears: If she is taken away, People finding out her dragon

    General Personality: Quiet, Beggar, Sweet,

    Inner Personality: Lover, Gentle, Creative, Nice, Serious, Jokey

    Secret: Has a secret pet Dragon.


    General History: She doesn't remeber much, but she thinks she used to have parents.. She trys to gather food for her dragon and herself.

    Present Life: Exploring the streets, and sitting down, waiting for somebody to give money. After she gets money, she is going to go buy some real food, if she can afford it. Her home is a quiet alyway. The only way you can get in is to crawl in a crack and the minimum is a teen size can get in, adults can't. Or you could just fly in. Anyways, her home has a large dirty quilt she found in a dumpster, her dragon, and some toys she found to play with that were also found in a dumpster. She has a pet mouse too, a male one that got discarded in Pet-Cos trash. She also has a medium sized cage that was also discarded, along with food, water, and some hidey huts.

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